Hair Trends 2017

Even the healthiest and most beautiful hair doesn’t look its best if your hairstyle is dated. Broaden your horizons, finding out about the latest hairstyles seen on the runways and red carpets. Discover new textures, modern exciting hair colors and innovative styling techniques to style your hair like you’ve never done before. Check top haircuts of the year and upgrade your locks with a new length or throw in some mind-blowing layers to refresh your look. Try shower-fresh hair and the no part hair trend for effortless sexy looks that are going to be all the rage in summer and spring. Test new ways to color and accessorize your hair and feel beautiful and fashionable every day of the week!


Super Sleek Hair Trend

We’re heading into the future with this minimalistic trend—it’s sophisticated, polished and has been popularly gracing the locks of celebrities on red carpets. If it hasn’t worked its way into your must-try’s yet, that’s okay. We’ll be showing you all the reasons why it’s time for you to move forward and catch on to the super sleek hair trend before you’re left in the past. [click to continue…]

Do you remember that sweet time, when your mom was forcing you to wear a hat in winter? And, of course, you did not do that kind of stuff. Only now we’ve understood how right our moms were! [click to continue…]

It seems like all high fashion early adopters are obsessed with posh no-part hairstyles. Have you noticed this huge hype around Gigi Hadid’s dazzling appearance at the American Music Awards? Well, millions of likes cannot lie. Let’s discover this fashionable craze from A to Z and learn how to join the no-parting club properly. Hair stylists promise that you’ll become the best version of yourself. [click to continue…]