Olga Markuse
Updated on November 28, 2023

With the warm and welcoming weather, hot holiday season and outdoor restaurant terraces, the summer season is exactly the best time to rock a new hairstyle. Are you looking for some hair inspiration and willing to explore the most recent hair trends? We’ve got you!

From the latest haircuts and hairstyles to some hairstyling tips, we have collated everything you need to make your hair look great this season. Scroll down to see some of the best and seriously sought-after hair trends.

1. Mullet Haircut

Are you bold enough to pull off this latest hair trend? Popular in the 80’, mullets are experiencing their resurgence as the number one female haircut for 2023.

With tons of texture and movement, shorter sides and longer back, this look is a quintessence of rebellion. Even though this haircut is not for everyone, it is undeniably cool and sexy.

Female Mullet Popular in 2023

Instagram / @katiepdxhair

2. Angled Collarbone Bob

Are you debating on going short for a while but lacking confidence for the leap? An angled collarbone bob, one of the looks trending now, is a great option for a “short but not too short hairstyle”.

We love its incomparable versatility: you can wear the collarbone bob straight and sleek for work, wavy and undone for a night out or curly and flirty for a dinner date. At the same time, on a hot day, you still have that safe backup option to throw your hair up.

Trendy Middle Length Bob with Subtle Balayage

Instagram / @gustavomigli

3. Half Up Half Down with a Scrunchie

Everyone seems to be mad about scrunchies this summer – they are so 90s’ and so cool. Velvet or silk, neutral or with a print, matching or contrasting with your hair color – options for a trendy scrunchie hairstyle are numerous.

Put all your hair up in a top knot or, even better, wear it in a half up half down hairstyle to show off the depth of your balayage or any other sassy color for summer.

Trendy Hairstyle for 2023

Instagram / @hairbycharr_

4. Shag Haircut

How divine is this wispy, feathery hairstyle – so effortless and daring, yet feminine and soft. Heavily layered, with plenty of texture and face-framing strands, shag cut is one of the major 2023 fashion trends.

The good news is that it is relatively low maintenance, so you won’t spend hours to style it. In fact, those choppy layers look good even when they dry out naturally which is a rare bonus for a top-notch haircut.

Current Hair Trend

Instagram / @chellsiedanielle

5. Middle Part

Every detail counts when it comes to refining your style, and the way you part your hair is one of those little things that can change the whole picture. While side-swept hair with an ear tuck was huge during the last decade, this parting is now considered “too millennial”.

Even though we believe that the most fashionable hairstyle is the one that suits you, we need to admit, the middle part is currently a big thing. Why not simply try it?

Trendy Middle Parting Haircut

Instagram / @seolahair

6. French Braids

What can be better than keeping your hair away from your face and neck on a hot day? French braids are going strong this summer season and are a great hairstyle for a day on the beach, festival, or picnic.

Before you start braiding, use some gel or hair cream and rub the product between your fingers to tame the flyaways and frizz – this way your braids will be neater and more long-lasting. It won’t hurt to use just a tad of hairspray to finish the look.

Loose French Braid Hairstyle for Summer

Instagram /

7. Summer-Ready Curls

Curls and waves are popular every summer: it’s utterly the best way to style your locks for a dinner date in a park, girls’ night on an open terrace, or just a good hair day.

Often, in other seasons, poor weather conditions can put you off from making an effort to style your hair, as you clearly know – curls are not going to survive wind, rain or snow. On the other hand, warm summer days are virtually made for adding waves to your hair. Just make sure you use the heat protecting spray before curling.

Popular Beach Waves Hairstyle

Instagram / @chrisweberhair

8. Short, Blunt Bob

Bob haircut is a staple for many years since Vidal Sassoon made it popular in the 1960’, but a short and blunt version of this cut is one of the main hairstyles for 2023.

Use some mousse to add body to your hair and blast dry it for a slightly undone, effortless look. While smooth and polished bobs will always be popular, stylists say that a modern bob needs to be slightly tousled and imperfect.

Bob Haircut for 2023

Instagram / @thomastimes

9. Curtain Bangs

Everyone knows that eternal bangs cutting and growing dilemma – we certainly all have been there. However, so popular curtain fringe is a completely different story. Elongated and subtle, it frames your face in the most flattering way, while giving you the freedom to pin it back.

As the curtain bangs blend with the rest of your hair, growing them out won’t be a big deal. Do you even think you’d want to, though?

Newest Bangs Trend

Instagram / @maeipaint

10. Female Crop Cut

Mimicking an outgrown pixie, crop cut is a blunter and bolder version of a women’s short haircut. If you feel ready for an ultimate statement hair crop, this summer hair trend is exactly what you need. Ask your stylist for a slightly heavier and longer line at the nape and around the temple area and go full-on texture at the crown to hit all this summer’s trends.

A cropped cut is one easy to style, but you will have to get used to the regular use of a hairdryer – unfortunately, most of the short haircuts end up looking flat without styling. Use some paste or pomade to finish the look.

We genuinely hope that you have enjoyed scrolling through this selection of the major 2023 hair trends and found some pins for your Pinterest board and pictures to show to your hairstylist. Enjoy this summer and let every day of this season be your good hair day.

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