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Updated on July 14, 2021

Bloggers, stylists, brands and influencers seem to scream from their pictures, “Welcome to the new era of hair accessories!” Take your seats and let’s discover some absolutely adorable hair pieces coming into fashion! Aren’t you excited?

11 Trendy Hair Accessories to Try

Many of these “new” trends came from the ’90s, like almost everything in the contemporary fashion world, including eyesore neon and ugly sneakers. There are also some ’70s vibes, as well as new and unexpectable ways of wearing good old items. Keep scrolling to see the alphabet of trends for the next few seasons!

1. Statement Barrettes

Remember statement T-shirts with powerful and empowering words on them? Well, now the thing is statement hair accessories. More specifically, rhinestone barrettes. If you think they match only Paris Hilton’s style, you’re wrong. Wear these badass items with monochromatic clothes to avoid shining like a fake diamond. Use statement barrettes as an accent to keep balance!

2. Mix ’n’ Match

Mind the subtle line between elegance and kitsch rocking this trend! If you feel like your hair pieces don’t complement each other, try to recreate one of the iconic looks from Instagram because it’s always easier to have a reference. Hairstylists such as Chris Weber and Justine Marjan rock this trend like crazy! But first, of course, buy some cool girl hair items for mixing and matching!

3. Scrunchies

Remember Carrie Bradshaw hating scrunchies in the ’00s? Well, this hair accessory trend isn’t just back, it’s thriving! This season’s most fashionable fabrics include velvet and silk-like something, while the trendiest designs are rather minimalistic than extreme. Of course, you can consider neon colors and animal prints, as well as get a scrunchie accessorized with pearls or beads.

4. Pearl Pieces

This sophisticated trend is very diverse, because you can try so many ways of wearing pearls in your hair! From barrettes and clip claws to subtle bobby pins and braided-in elements, yes, this trend is perfect for brides and Chanel women. But don’t underestimate the power of a pair of simple pearl hair slides that make casual daytime outfits feel so chic!

5. ’90s Baby Clips

Remember little butterflies and multicolored plastic beads on your childish hair accessories? Now you have the legal right to dive into the ’90s and nostalgic memories. Baby clips look extremely cute on adult women with a sense of style. Choose pastel-colored hair items and match them with evening gowns, casual outfits and summer festival looks.

6. Vintage-Looking Hairpieces

The fashion world easily absorbs retro vibes and contemporary demand for sustainability, producing hair clips and barrettes that look perfectly old-fashioned. You can buy a vintage-looking something from H&M or really go thrifting (hunting). Focus on elegant ’70s and dreamy ’90s pieces, digging for fashionable hair items.

7. Leopard

Some experts say, “Don’t buy animal print because, one day, it will go out of fashion!” Maybe, but it doesn’t work with hair accessories. Tiny leopard clips and slides aren’t the same as a kitschy leopard skirt or zebra jacket.You will simply call it “classic” when it gets out of catwalk fashion. Details will always have the right to remain leopard!

8. Transparency & Minimalism

This trend will match your style if you love hair accessories that look like contemporary art (weird, angular and conceptual). Asymmetry, unusual materials and futuristic shapes are welcomed, while transparent clothes and accessories are on the peak of hype. Plus, minimal hair items can legally spice up your dress-code uniform or add mystery to a party look.

Minimalism Inspired Hair Clips

Instagram / @arc_objects, @leletny

9. Chains and Hair Piercing

Grunge and punk vibes from ’90s reincarnated into braided-in chains and edgy hair piercings. Silver and golden chains were spotted even on glamorous celebrities who drink their lemon water instead of being true punks. So, don’t be afraid to try this trend out even if you feel like grunge isn’t your thing (maybe it is!).

Chains And Piercing For Hair

Instagram / @leletny, @keashldn

10. Claw Clips

Jaw, claw, or banana clips (or whatever you called them in the ’90s) are absolutely back! Due to Alexander Wang’s show and early trendsetters on Instagram who first rocked vintage items, you can now buy a claw clip from any brand! Match with mom jeans and white tees or evening gown and heels; create your own fashion rules around your new favorite hair accessory!

11. Bows

For both fancy events and everyday looks, put bows on a range of hairstyles—braids, ponytails, buns, you name it. Velvet and silky bows make the whole outfit feminine and elegant, adding Parisian chic to it. Pair with big blazers, backless dresses or mom jeans to get the most out of this trend!

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