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Updated on May 16, 2021

What do we know about hair accessories apart from a twisty towel and that couple of ugly home elastics? Well, it’s time to raise this question, because all beauty trendsetters have already stocked up on all kinds of fashionable and extraordinary pieces. Here’s our fresh and exclusive hair jewelry guide, so you can get inspired and wake up your inner hair stylist. Find out how to wear jewelry in hair, turn on the imagination and start creating classy hairstyles for any occasion!

How to Style Hair with Jewelry

1. Party Sequins

If you have run out of hair ideas for the upcoming party night, just be sure to pay attention to this stunning solution. Buy some sticky colorful sequins in any make up or art store and beautify your classic evening hairdo.

Medium Wavy Hairstyle With Sequins


2. Hair Piercing

Just look at these exquisite rings and how they complement the whole hairstyle! If you dream about painless and disposable piercing, choose hair piercing! Attach some small neat rings to your braids and get ready for countless compliments.

Low Knot With Two Braids


3. Elegant Pearls

This hair idea is surely worth your attention, because it’s incredibly gorgeous and really easy to implement at home. There are special hairpins with small fake pearls on top, so you can use them or attach pearls from your necklace to usual black hairpins.

Black Bridal Updo With Pearls


4. Crystal Barrette

You can wear an elegant barrette like a crown, right over your messy fishtails, because why not! This is a very stylish way to look at ordinary hair accessories from a different and unexpected angle. Sometimes we just need to shake things up.

Messy Pastel Blue Updo


5. Shining Hair Clips

This evening hair solution offers wearing sophisticated hair jewelry along the fishtailed mohawk. The neat radiance of these small elegant accessories adds a lot of chic and “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie” oomph to the whole hairdo!

Braided Mohawk With Hair Clips


6. Vintage Looking Headband

The right jewelry for your hair can effortlessly make your locks look glorious and magnificent. Choose heavy colorful headbands for casual or party outfits and wear them with loose hair to emphasize your natural grace and beauty.

Simple Hairstyle With Crown Headband


7. Low Messy Bun’s New Life!

If you have no time to make a creative hairstyle, just wear any sparkling barrette above your low messy bun. This is the easiest way to glam up the classic “woke up like this” hairstyle and one more reason to try on fashionable hair jewelry.

Messy Knot Updo


8. Kitty Ears Headband

This funny and sexy hair jewelry piece was created exclusively for girls with a fine sense of humor and willingness to experiment. You can wear it even with a luxurious evening gown and look incredibly seductive.

Asymmetrical Updo With A Headband


9. Silver Leaf Headband

Want to feel your inner Greek goddess? Wear a silver leaf headband like this with some boho chic waves and watch mere mortals from the top of Olympus. This is how hair jewelry can fresh up any hairstyle and emphasize your unique sense of style.

Boho Waves With A Leaf Headband


10. Cleopatra’s Hair Rings

Kinky twists, as one of the features of your authentic style, can look even more stylish and interesting with these small golden rings. The cute African beads are perfect for special occasions or street style outfits.

Kinky Twists With Beads


11. Luxurious Hair Clips

You can also decorate your voluminous fishtail braid with some vintage golden clips of different shapes. They look so romantic, feminine and stylish! Actually, small elegant details can change everything, especially hairstyles!

Large Braid With Vintage Clips


12. Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to wear a couple of different hair accessories at once, especially if you’ve got some really interesting vintage clips, barrettes and brooches. Eclecticism is very popular this season among fashionistas, fashion designers and top hair stylists.

Updo With Sparkly Brooches


13. Minimalistic Circle

Neat and miniature jewelry in hair is a perfect solution for everyday hairstyles. These small details can complete any outfit, so don’t underestimate them. Just try on some minimalistic pieces and feel the whole power of casual hair jewelry.

Wavy Half Updo With Twisted Crown


14. Golden Hair Sticks

No, it’s not a sushi time. It’s time to try on beautiful hair sticks that can totally glam up your look emphasizing your femininity and exquisite sense of style. If you have never dealt with such sticks, don’t worry and watch a couple of inspiring tutorials.

Updo With Chinese Sticks


15. Oriental Princess Headpiece

Sometimes hair jewelry can look extraordinary and unexpected, but it’s not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure to try on new styles. Chain headpieces with small pendants look especially beautiful in conjunction with high hairstyles and all kinds of braids.

Indian Head Chain Hair Jewelry


16. Suprematist Hair Clips

Futuristic clips of different shapes are super classy and outstanding. They look like secret buttons on the control panel of a spaceship, but we can’t refer to this hairstyle as childish or something. Adult women also need to have some fun through beauty experiments.

Pigtails With Fun Hair Clips


17. Massive Golden Hair Chain

This sexy and elegant hairstyle is nothing but a high ponytail with a golden chain fixed at its base – easy as 1,2,3. If you want to repeat this formula, be sure to fix your hairstyle with firm hold hairspray and carefully attach a chain with the help of invisible hairpins.

How to Wear Hair Chains (Video)

18. Impressive Bun Holder

If a high bun is your favorite hairstyle to wear, try on different massive bun holders to make your casual hairstyle look more elegant and sophisticated. Actually, you can use a large metal bracelet instead of special hair accessories.

High Gray Bun Updo


19. Ponytail Jewelry

Pay attention to various laconic hair jewelry pieces for fans of ponytails and glamourous details. Minimalistic design and excellent functionality will make such rubberbands your favorite accessories for uncertain time.

Low Ponytail Hairstyle


20. Festive Crystals

This season hair jewelry designers recommend to experiment with various materials and textures. And we suggest starting from extremely beautiful crystals and minerals. They can add some romantic vibes and chic to your hairstyle.

Low Braided Updo


If you have no accessories to use, go shopping immediately and remember about tiny vintage shops and various online stores where you can find something really special and memorable. When you begin to wear jewelry in your hair, don’t forget about the most basic rules: there are no rules when it comes to your individual style and creative self-expression through wearing things you like!

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