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Updated on May 26, 2021

Every woman wants to see her hair styled easily yet with chic. We are thrilled with elaborate-looking dos that in reality are pretty simple. Fishtail braids are among them. No wonder, fishtail hairstyles are being rocked at weddings, proms, parties, romantic dates, and in everyday life.

Whether you want to try the braid out or find new ways to style it, you’ll find useful braiding tips and interesting ideas of hairstyles with fishtail braids in the gallery below.

Tricks of Fishtail Braiding

A fishtail braid is actually very simple to weave. If you still don’t know how to do it, here is our easy step-by-step fishtail braid tutorial. If you have already tried fishtail braiding, let us remind you that the main principle is working with 2 instead of 3 sections of hair and taking a strand of hair from the outside of one section and bringing it to the inside of the other section. Although the scheme itself is rather uncomplicated, you can link up your creativity and come up with some truly breathtaking braided looks. Here are a couple of braiding tips that may be handy:

  1. Looser and more relaxed fishtails look more interesting and stylish than tight and uniform braids. When weaving a fishtail for a more distinct and elaborate look, you may vary the size of strands, like 1-inch section, 3-inch section, 2-inch section and all over again.
  2. For a side fishtail you should make a low side pony first, securing your hair with an elastic that can be removed afterwards.
  3. If your hair is not very thick, you can gain thickness, adding some texture with a curling iron and further backcombing, for instance.
  4. Messy braided looks are currently extremely popular. You can either try to stretch your braid apart with your fingers to make it look looser or pull out occasional strands, which works great with layered haircuts.
  5. Anyway, if you have never tried weaving a fishtail, just take a minute to practice and have a look at what fantastic dos you may create on its base.

Today’s Most Fabulous Fishtail Braid Hairstyles

Fishtails adjust themselves to your type of hair and may look very versatile accordingly. You can wear them relaxed and sloppy, sleek and tight, wrapped around your head or twisted in a bun, blended with a pony, or left loose on the cushion of luxurious locks. Celebrities have been pleasing us with very memorable and distinct braided looks, and we couldn’t pass them without attention. Let’s see the best fishtail hairstyle examples!

1. Sweet and Soft Half Up Fishtail Braid

This fishtail braid is a little looser than the average plait, with a gentle touch to it, enhanced by the highlights. The ends of the side braids meet below the crown of the head and continue down into one gorgeous braid below. The freely hanging part of the braid is almost lost in the cloud of soft, touchable waves.

half updo with fishtail


2. Milkmaid Fishtail Braid

Perfect for girls with hair that seems to never end! These plaits will have any milkmaid swooning. Here, the hair is braided into one or two fishtail braids that are wrapped around the head and then pinned in place for perfection!

double fishtail braid updo


3. Sleek Side French Fishtail Braid

Modern and tidy, this style is ideal for today’s businesswoman. The gorgeous blonde ombre shades are presented beautifully in this braid, which begins at the very top of the head and cascades all the way down over the shoulder. The difference the French braiding makes is astounding!

side french fishtail for long hair


4. Messy Faux Hawk Fishtail Braid

This look is bold, edgy and trendy! A thick fishtail braid is pulled apart to convey an almost messy quality. The braid is then pulled up and over the crown to fashion a faux hawk which has been aptly pinned in place with an asymmetrical twist. Only a truly confident hottie can pull this off!

messy fishtal updo


5. Seashell French Fishtail Bun

A flawless up-do for any seashells by the seashore! This fishtail french braid begins above the forehead and travels down into a completed plait. The braid is twisted around itself into a tightly pinned swirl, leaving a dainty bun in its wake.

asymmetrical low fishtail bun


6. Braided Fishtail Braids

There is no other word for this hairstyle…other than stunning! As intricate as it may seem, its creation is actually fairly simple. The hair is separated into three sections, each section is fishtailed. In the end, the three braids are woven together to create this breathtaking look.

fishtail downdo for long hair


7. Fishtail Braid Up-Do for Shorter Hair

“Sweet”, “ladylike”, and “dainty” come to mind with this updo. Lightly teased hair is twisted and fishtailed gently from one corner of the neck up and to the opposite side. The ends are twisted and tucked under the braid to create a small, messy chignon-style bun. Few hairstyles are more perfect for day-to-day beauty!

updo with fishtail braid for medium hair


8. Formal Updo with Horizontally Braided Fishtail Braid

This fish tail braid may appear intimidating at first, but never fear! As complicated as it may seem, this style is one continuous braid across the back of the head. The bottom half of the hair is braided as well and twisted to create a simple yet elegant bun at the base of the neck.

fishtail updo with hair flowers


9. Boho Half Up Halo Fishtail Braid

What could be better for an everyday look than this? Straight hair paired with a fishtail is the way to go. It’s as easy as two braids starting at each side of the head and joining to create one seamless braid.

half updo for straight hair with fishtail crown


10. Messy French Fishtail Braid Updo

Wowza! A delectable hairstyle…no doubt! The messy vibe of this look combined with the French method of braiding creates a soft eye-catching style. The French fishtail begins at the hairline on one side and twists to the other side of the head. The bottom strands that haven’t been braided are gathered into a loose low bun. Simply beautiful!

loose messy fishtail and bun updo


11. Voluminous Fishtail Braid Faux Hawk

Of all the fishtail braid hairstyles out there, this one is by far the wildest. With the black and pink color contrast and the sheer amount of messy volume sitting atop the head, this edgy faux hawk is truly ahead of our fashion times!

pink funky mohawk updo with messy fishtail braid


12. Black and White Fishtail Bunch

Who said gray is better than black and white? Certainly not us! The loose messy side fishtail is coiled and pinned, resulting in a large bunch of gorgeous fishtailed hair. The braid pops thanks to the color.

messy fishtail updo for long thick hair


13. Pretty Princess Fishtail Braid

Ever want to feel like royalty on a dim day? Look no further than this stunning crown braid. It will work even for fine hair, as seen here. The braid encircles the head, ending pinned neatly to the beginning of the braid.

fishtail half updo for thin hair


14. Side to Side Fishtail Braid

Looking for a hairstyle that can swing from casual to formal based on the swoop of bangs? This side fishtail braid is your answer! The soft curl of the bangs complements the chunky braid that flows over the shoulder and delicately rests on the same side.

side fishtail for blonde hair


15. Chunky French Fishtail Braid Pigtails

Ooh-la-la! There’s nothing better than a French braid, let alone French braid pigtails done as fishtails! These two braids are super chunky, giving a more other-worldly vibe to the overall look. The pigtails start at the tip top of the head and continue down until they’re tied off into soft curls.

two chunky red fishtails


16. French Double Fishtail Buns

The details of this braided hairstyle really stand out and make a statement. Each side of the head has been fishtailed into pigtails. These astounding braids are twisted around themselves to create two buns that remind us of the Princess of the Galaxies herself!

two fishtails twisted updo for black women


17. Fishtail Faux Hawk Braid

This fish tail braid is one of our most unique styles thanks to the amazing height it provides to look like a new braided Mohawk. The braid begins at the hairline and rolls all the way down to the tie-off.

black braided Mohawk with fishtail braid


18. Ready to be Preppy Fishtail Braid

How about this sweet half-up half-down look? The top section is brushed away and tied off in the back. A fishtail braid cascades down to the next tie off, being gently pulled apart to soften the contrast between the straight hair and the fullness of the braid.

blonde half up fishtail for straight hair


19. Loose Asymmetrical Fishtail Up-do

Those who love fishtails will go ga-ga over this up-do! Without the tightness of a typical fishtail (due to the braids being properly pulled apart and loosened), this style creates a more relaxed braid. Two braids are picked, swirled and pinned up asymmetrically – cute!

messy updo with two fishtail braids


20. Undone Fishtail Braid Updo

The bangs that accompany this fishtail braid give a whole new attitude to this huge fishtail bundle! While the hairline is left alone to let the bangs fly free, the crown of the head, where there’s the beginning of the braid is focused. Neither braiding nor pinning is done tightly, which gives a carefree attitude to the final look!

loose fishtailed updo with bangs


21. Pony Up Dutch Fishtail Braid

Ever seen this “inverted” braid in the fishtail form? The point of a Dutch braid is to create a plait that raises above the surface of the hair and looks pretty impressive, lending a chicer vibe to your hairstyle. Ending in a cute braided ponytail with wispy flyaways, this braid is all the rage!

chunky dutch fishtail braid


22. Pinned Fishtail Braid Buns

This look features three separate fishtail braids woven and twirled into three – yes, THREE – small buns sitting neatly in a row at the back of the head.

three braided flowers updo with fishtail braids


23. Half Up Side Fishtail Bun

Beginning at one corner of your forehead, fishtail a section of hair away from your face. First braid closely to the scalp, and then, once the ear has been reached, braid as a normal fishtail braid to the ends. Then simply twist the free end of the braid into a small knot on the side of the head, and pin into place for a cute side detail.

side fishtail knot half up hairstyle


24. Three Messy Fishtail Braids into Bun

Are you one for organized chaos? If that’s the case, you’ll love this style! Braids come from the sides and top and all join up in a tousled bun with the addition of a slight bouffant at the very front.

messy bun updo with three fishtails


25. Fishtail Wrap-Around Bun

If there was an award for the most detailed and delicate fishtail braid, this look would take the cake! There is a fishtail French braided behind the ear on either side of the head. These braids are continued to their ends, whereupon they are carefully wrapped around in a large circle.

seashell bun with fishtail braid


26. Criss-Cross Fishtail Braid

Here we have at least five different braids all meshed into one unique style! The back of the head is a crossroads of several braids to pave the way for the loose, elegant fishtail braid.

fishtail braid hairstyle for long hair


27. Bows over Beaus Fishtail Braid

Ever been told you’re too old to wear bows in your hair? So not true! Just check out this new style! Two side fishtail braids have been pulled apart for maximum width, brought together to meet at the back of the head and wrapped in the centre with another fishtail to define the centre of the bow.

half updo with fishtailed bow


28. Braided Fishtail Bangs

Wondering how to do a fishtail braid? This is the perfect place to start! Simple, quick, and clean – the fishtail aspect of this braid brings a unique quality that is usually lacking where braided bangs are concerned. Up, following the hairline and continuing down, this braid starts as a fishtail and finishes as an inside out three-strand plait.

simple hairstyle with a side fishtail braid


29. Forest Fairy Fishtail Braid

Now, as hard as it is to believe, this is not an actual forest fairy! This model’s hair is swept up into another inverted fishtail that cascades like a beautiful waterfall. With the purple flowers tucked into her auburn hair, there are few things more perfect than this whimsical hairstyle.

formal fishtail hairstyle with hair flowers


30. Chameleon Fishtail Braid

Don’t let looks deceive you, this braid is actually easier to complete than it appears. The hair is teased a little more than usual and French braided (in a fishtail manner, of course) down the back. In the end, the braid is gently curved and pinned beside the place where it begins. Begin to braid not in the centre of the back, as you normally do, but with a shift to one side to have enough room for pinning up the end of the braid.

asymmetrical blonde fishtail updo


31. The Fishtail Just Won’t Stop

These are fishtails on fishtails on fishtails! The fishtail french braid starts on either side of the head and changes into a normal fishtail at ear level. Every couple of inches the hair is tied off and the braid is continued. The braided sections provide a stark contrast with the poker straight hair beneath.

creative half up hairstyle with fishtail braid


32. Zig-Zagging Fishtail Braid

It doesn’t get much crazier than this! If you’re in the business of standing out, you’ve found the right ‘do! This braid begins at the crown of the head and literally zig-zags from one side of the head to the other, descending to a gorgeous braided flower.

fancy fishtail hairstyle with braided flower


33. Side Hairstyle with Crown Fishtail Braid

For all you, fans of fancy hairstyles, this half updo, half side downdo blends a few styles into one harmonious whole. This is a fishtailed crown braid sitting on the top of the head in addition to another braid peeking out from beneath the crown braid. Paired with the easy waves, this is an absolutely beautiful look!

fishtail crown and side braid hairstyle


34. Let it Go Fishtail Braid

We know, we know, everyone is probably sick of hearing about Queen Elsa and her hair. But this is too good of a reference to pass up. Here we have not one, but two fishtail braids! Loosely curled hair is swooped up and over the top of the head to be gathered into a braid that feeds into another braid for a soft Ice Queen look.

curly blonde hairstyle with two fishtails


35. Rolling into One Fishtail Braid

Ever got in a “twisty” mood? Let us scratch that itch for you! Two sections of hair are twisted back and away from the face to be joined in the back. What’s even more unique is that it’s not the end of this hair journey! Where the ends meet, the twisted sectioned are continued into a short and sassy fishtail braid!

half updo with twists and fishtail braid


36. Fishtail Braid for Curly Hair

Say good-bye to tight and trapping braiding! We guarantee that will not be the case with this loosey-goosey braid! This is another example of a French fishtail that is pulled apart to give more volume and show off some texture of curly hair.

loose chunky fishtail braid hairstyle


37. Fairy Princess Fishtail Updo

This fish tail braid allows you to embrace the woodland royalty we all secretly wish we belonged to. Beginning at the top, the hair is fishtailed along one side of the head and across the nape. This braid then disappears in the mass of curls, topped with a golden leaf tiara.

messy blonde updo with fishtail braid


38. Flowerchild Fishtail Updo

Ever wanted to release your inner flowerchild? Here’s your chance! This braid is also relaxed a bit to create a looser style that is weaved in and out of itself, turning into one huge braid. The delicate sprigs of baby’s breath tucked around the edges of the up-do remind of spring around the corner!

fishtail updo for blonde hair


39. Conch Shell Fishtail Braid Bun

Want to hear the sound of the ocean? That’s okay…all you need to hear is the praise of those who love your hairstyle! This tightly wound fishtail braid resembles a beautiful ocean shell. The “conch shell” bun is a wonderful ending to the soft beginnings of the French fishtail.

fishtailed seashell bun updo


40. Mermaids in Paradise Fishtail Braid

This fishtail braid definitely pops in this gorgeous red hue. A simple fishtail plait is braided from the top sections of the hair to flow down the back of the head, indulging in the large, voluminous curls. Simple yet elegant, this particular half-up half-down hairstyle will leave everyone breathless and searching the sea of your hair secrets!

simple half up fishtail braid hairstyle


Fishtails are irresistibly pretty. They are girly and sexy, intriguing and challenging. We wish you some awesome textured fishtails for super fabulous summer looks!

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