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What hairstyle suits me? What haircut should I get? Should I cut my hair short or keep it long? What hairstyle will let me look younger? There is so much we would like to ask hairstylists before getting a new hairstyle! Thankfully, there are many stylists ready to share their tips and secrets, as well as support you on the way to getting a haircut your love. Read on for the most helpful hair cutting advice, then get inspiration from thousands of trendy haircuts and hairstyles we have handy on The Right Hairstyles.

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10 New Year’s Hair Resolutions to Start Off 2023 Right

As the New Year 2023 is approaching, it's the perfect time for a fresh start! We all have our own list of resolutions and goals to achieve, but why not add a few hair-related resolutions as well? From heatless hairstyles to scalp exfoliation sessions, let's explore some creative ideas for making sure your crowning glory stays at its prime in the upcoming months.

by The Editors
March 18, 2023
Hair Advice

How Often Should You Get a Haircut, According to the Experts?

How often should you cut your hair? We posed this question to a few Ottawa-based celebrity stylists just to get their expert insight on the topic. Their opinions varied slightly in a few areas, but we were able to make a solid conclusion: the frequency at which you should cut your hair depends on these 5 key factors.

by Emily Agnello
August 18, 2022
Hair Advice

What Is Hair Toner, Anyway?

Magic, also known as a hair toner, helps to take out any unwanted warm or brassy tones after a color or bleach treatment. It is a product that can help personalize a color for each client. They are not meant to change the color of your hair, but to adjust it for a more natural, healthy, and shiny look. How does hair toner work and when to use it? Get all the answers from a professional hair colorist.

by Kourtney Blas
April 28, 2022
Hair Advice

Best Hair Dye for Dark Hair for At Home Coloring

Did you know that you can substantially transform your dark strands without lightening them with bleach and risking dry hair and damage? More so, while lightening dark hair is definitely within a professional realm, changing your current shade, making the color warm or cool, or going a few levels lighter or darker can be actually achieved from home.

by Fallon Fitzgerald
March 08, 2022
Hair Advice

How to Remove Black Hair Dye You Regret Getting

So, you’ve gone and done it, you’ve colored your hair BLACK, and you hate it! Don’t panic just yet, help IS available! Let us assume you colored your hair at home using a black box dye from Sally’s (only because a hairdresser would have probably successfully talked you out of it), and now struggle to remove permanent dye from your locks. Without any further frowns or judgments, let us just tell you your do's and don'ts.

by Fallon Fitzgerald
February 05, 2022
Hair Advice

How to Fix Orange Hair After Bleaching Gone Wrong

Have you found yourself in a rut and wonder why your hair won't bleach past orange? Unfortunately, the orange hair won't just fade on its own because yellow and orange are natural pigments of your hair. So you will have to actually do something to get rid of orange tones. What are the options? You can tone orange away from your hair, bleach your hair again, or just go darker. Here are the stylist's tips on how these ways to fix orange actually work.

by Claudia Janel Molinar
December 14, 2021
Hair Advice

5 Working Ways to Remove Hair Dye at Home

Has your recent DIY hair color ended with a disaster and you need a recipe to remove it from your hair? Sometimes, you need to get rid of a nasty shade urgently, and DIY methods are the only available options. To help you in this tricky situation, we have collated a full list of working solutions to strip the unwanted hair dye from your hair and not ruin your locks in the process.

by The Editors
December 07, 2021
Hair Advice

10 Stylist Tips for Going Blonde the Right Way

Have you been thinking about going blonde? Or, perhaps, you are considering a new look for the coming season, and the captivating "blonde glow" on the social media of your favorite influencer and celebrity seems to be calling your name? Whether you have naturally blonde hair, go from brunette to blonde, or simply need an uplifting transformation, here are a few valuable tips from a professional with 10+ years in the beauty industry you may want to consider before taking the big leap into dyeing hair blonde.

by Lizet Rodriguez
December 14, 2022
Hair Advice

How to Go from Bleached Blonde to Brown Hair Color

A woman is a fickle creature, which is why our hairstyles undergo constant changes, from subtle to the most spectacular ones. One day we want to go blonde, another – we want our dark hair color back. Unfortunately, there is some bad news for you here. Going blonde to brown is not that easy and can result in green or dirty hair shades. Here are some tips on how to get clean and long-lasting hair color and beautiful before and after pictures.

by Anna Zajdler
April 12, 2022
Hair Advice

7 Ways to Lighten or Highlight Your Hair Naturally

Whether our hair is naturally light, or even if it’s darker brown or black, summer is often a time when our natural shade alters subtly, thanks to the sun’s rays. The results can mean anything from slightly lighter roots and tips to sun-kissed highlights. But what can we do to replicate the results without jetting off on vacation every few weeks or resorting to bleach? Read on to try some proven natural ways to lighten your hair at home.

by Sally Underwood
September 23, 2021
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