Top 7 Volumizing Hair Products for Fine Hair

Pump up the volume on lifeless locks. Our hair expert Jodie Michalak tried and tested the best volumizing hair products for fine hair so that your locks don’t fall flat in style. Amp up your tresses with the following product picks and styling recommendations.

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How to Add Weightless Volume to Fine Hair

It’s always quite challenging to add volume to fine hair. Nevertheless, there are efficient tips that can help. First, start with preparing your fine hair for the volume boost. Don’t underestimate the amplifying power of a good volumizing shampoo. Find the best product that doesn’t sacrifice hydration to moisturize your hair and create a fuller look.

Then, use a volumizing mousse on damp hair strands before your blow dry, applying a small amount of product in different sections and to the crown of the head. And, finally, achieve ultimate hair volume with styling products like a volumizing spray or a light mist to give your hair a sassy lift.

7 Best Volumizing Hair Products

Here’s the list of the best volumizing hair products that have been put to the volume test and proved to give limp locks the volume they deserve. Choose by the characteristics of a brand you are already using, and get add fullness and body to your thin, flat hair.

#1: Kenra Volume Spray

This super hold finishing spray is one of the best hair volumizing products currently represented on the market. It doesn’t only withstand humidity but promises to keep even the finest hair in shape for up to 120 hours.

This lightweight root lifter spray is ideal for fine hair. When applied as instructed, hair should get the volume it craves for date night, prom, weddings, or whenever you want a little instant va-voom. Kenra’s finishing spray adds volume and keeps your roots lifted and keeps flyaways at bay at least for one day.

Apply the spray on your roots in short bursts where you need the extra volume. Most people apply the spray on wet hair after washing and then on dry locks to fix the result, but you may also use it on dry hair by evenly distributing the product and massaging it into the scalp.

Volume and Super Hold Hairspray for All Hair Types

Instagram / @kenraprofessional

#2: Bumble and Bumble Thickening Volumizing Spray

Bumble and Bumble’s hair thickener has been a top-selling volumizing hair care product for a long time and still remains one of the best thickening sprays. Ideal for fine hair, this texturizing volume spray does what it says and does it well.

The plastic bottle and pump spray are easy to hold and maneuver so that you can distribute the thickening product evenly throughout the dry hair. The spray doubles as a heat protectant and will add buildable volume without damaging your mane or coating it with an undesirable feel. Pair it with a volumizing conditioner or grooming cream for added moisture and shine.

Bumble and Bumble's Hair Thickener Heat Protectant

Instagram / @bumbleandbumble

#3: Amika Un.Done Volume and Texture Spray

Amika Un.Done Volume and Texture Spray is a perfect solution for those looking for a way to add sexy, undone texture to styled hair. With this lightweight volumizing spray, your tresses will feel thicker, resulting in perfectly-imperfect hair locks.

Volume sprays are used by analogy with dry shampoos. However, while dry shampoo only makes hair fresh, a volumizing spray like this one also gives your hair strands texture and helps boost volume, create definition, and absorb oils. It’s better to apply it on damp hair to have more success with boosting texture.

Amika UnDone Volume and Texture Spray

Instagram / @amika

#4: Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast

Living Proof Dry Volume Blast represents the next generation of volumizing sprays. The product works well on all hair textures and adds volume to your tresses by increasing the space between hair fibers. The Volume Blast is easy to apply and gives a more natural visual effect of voluminous hair without using a curling iron.

Check out this tutorial to learn the secret of adding lift and texture to your locks with the Living Proof Dry Volume Blast.

Living Proof Volumizing Spray for Fine Hair

Instagram / @livingproofinc

#5: Redken Volume Injection Shampoo

For maximum volume and lift in any style, make sure you’re using a quality shampoo that adds body, just like this Redken Volume Injection Sulfate Free Shampoo. However, remember to rinse, rinse, and rinse some more so that no remaining product stays on the root.

Formulated with Redken’s Bodifying Complex with Filloxane, this product helps to add lift and get a long-lasting volume. Also, it creates a polished finish on dry hair, making it look like you’ve just left a beauty salon, the effect that can’t be achieved with a regular dry shampoo. If you have naturally straight and flat hair, you will be impressed with the effect you get after washing your scalp with this product. Definitely the best volumizing shampoo ever!

Best Volumizing Shampoo for Fine Hair

Instagram / @redken

#6: Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray

This Oribe’s Maximista Volume Spray is delightfully scented and feels downright indulgent. It’s perfect for those days when you want a lightweight styling product that’s workable and provides just the right amount of shine without sacrificing or changing the texture of your locks too much. (If at all.)

The volume spray contains a thermal heat protectant, so it will help keep your hair soft and touchable. It’s really good for thin hair that just needs to add some decent texture and little volume. All in all, this product is probably best for fine and damaged hair types that crave a weightless feeling with little to no sticky hold. Apply it right before using a round brush or hot rollers to add volume to your thinning hair strands.

Oribe Thickening Spray for Hair

Instagram / @oribe

#7: Big Sexy Texturizing & Volumizing Powder

Big Sexy Hair is good about creating products that have a lightweight scent and weightless feel. Powder Play is the best volumizing powder that’s versatile and works in a jiffy for instant root lifting results – particularly on fine hair that needs more lift.

The hair powder itself is white and silky and easily breaks down to coat the shaft and root. Yet, be careful not to apply too much product to the hair roots, or you might find your damp hair difficult to comb through. Covering some holes with a finger while applying the powder can help you get more control.

Here’s the tutorial on how to use this volumizing product in your hair routine.

Sexy Hair Powder for Texturize and Volume

Instagram / @sexyhair

Can Volumizing Products Cause Hair Loss?

Volumizing and thickening products can surely give instant volume to your hair, but they may also cause hair and scalp issues if you use them too often. A volumizing shampoo, for instance, has ingredients that get built up onto your scalp and don’t rinse out, causing inflammation and hair roots weakening and suffocating. Thus, remember to clarify your hair every now and then.

If you experience any itching or other reactions when using volumizing hair products, look for a substitute or better refuse from them for a while and just bend at the waist and blow dry your hair upside down for volume. It’s harmless, and it works.

Whether you opt to try a volumizing conditioner, finishing spray, or dry shampoo products or go crazy and use them all at once. Also, remember that a good haircut for fine locks gives texture and movement and makes a lot of change for flat hair, so don’t choose between the volumizing products or a fresh cut – you can have it all!

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