8 Best Volumizing Styling Products for Fine Hair

Best Volumizing Hair Products

Do you struggle with fine hair and maintaining volume? Volumizing hair products, especially the best ones, can change your styling routine forever.

Today we have so many kinds of volumizers such as mousses, sprays, leave-in conditioners, powders, gels and creams, with different ingredients and extra features, that not only add volume, they will also help keep hair looking healthy.

You’re sure to find one that is right for you after scrolling through this article.

The Best Volumizers for Fine Hair

With the right hair volumizing products, you can achieve that big hair look you’ve been dreaming of. If you’re looking for products that actually work and give you more volume without the stickiness, you came to the right place. We break down the best hair products for fine hair and give you all the details you need to choose the one that’s right for you.

ProductHow to UsePrice
Herbal Essences Mousse - Editor’s Choice
Herbal Essences Mousse
As a styling mousse Check Price
Sally Hershberger Plump Up Mist
Sally Hershberger Mist
As a daily leave-in thickening mist Check Price
L'Oreal New Volume Filler
Loreal Densifying Gel
As a styling gel on damp hair Check Price
Oribe Maximista Spray
Oribe Thickening Spray
As a leave-in thickening spray on damp hair Check Price
John Frieda Mousse
John Frieda Luxurious Mousse
As a mousse after the shower and/or before blow-drying Check Price
Kenra Volume Spray
Kenra Volume Spray
As a finishing spray Check Price
Sexy Hair Powder
Sexy Hair Powder Play
As a powder dry shampoo Check Price
Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo
Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo
As a usual shampoo Check Price

#1: Herbal Essences Volumizing Mousse — The Right Hairstyles’ Choice

Herbal Essences’ Body Envy Volumizing Mousse gives your hair a lift by fighting humidity and frizz. The rich mousse claims to give your strands 50% more volume. This weightless, volumizing formula is infused with passion flower to give your hair a fresh, clean feeling. Other than the amazing frizz control feature, the styling mousse also provides great curl definition. This product is considered one of the best volumizing mousses for fine hair. It not only works, it’s also quite affordable.

Overall impression: The 10.6-ounce bottle has a regular big-brand marketing design complete with Herbal Essences’ signature and recognizable floral decals. It has a really nice citrus fragrance that doesn’t overwhelm. The applicator is modern and user-friendly, and the foam feels pleasant on hands, not sticky.

How to use: Start with damp hair. Shake the bottle, dispense some foam into hands and work through hair from roots to ends. Blow dry on low heat. Style hair as usual, or leave it fresh, bouncy, and voluminous.

Bonus tips:

1) Dispense carefully. The mousse starts off small when it first comes out, but it will soon double in size.

2) Use this mousse on damp hair as a blow dry primer to get the perfect bombshell blowout for a special occasion. You will need a good round brush and a hard-working heat protectant product.

  • Great long-lasting volume
  • Anti-humidity and anti-frizz effect
  • Super-affordable
  • Curl definition
  • Easy to use
  • Sometimes it’s hard to control the amount of foam you pump out
  • Works 100% perfectly when using a blow dryer
Herbal Essences’ Volumizing Mousse is our absolute favorite. It makes thin, flat hair bouncy, lifts roots and creates red carpet worthy blowouts. Though it doesn’t work as well when you dry hair naturally, so if you try to avoid using heat, use this volumizing mousse as a secret weapon only for special events.

#2: Sally Hershberger Plump Up Mist — Weightless Volume Mist with Collagen

Sally Hershberger’s Plump Up Collagen Thickening Mist gives your hair extra body and provides sustainable hold. The best part about this product is that it has natural collagen and protein to add texture and improve the condition of your hair without any stickiness. It also protects your hair from heat damage, and is light enough to use with other products. The collagen in this product makes it one of the best volumizers for fine hair.

Overall impression: The cute, pink bottle is 5.6 ounces, which makes this product travel-friendly and comfortable to use on-the-go. The economical applicator helps with precision application, but the tiny transparent cover can be easily lost. Sally Hershberger’s thickening mist has a subtle, floral-fruity smell and weightless texture.

How to use: Spray Sally Hershberger’s thickening mist on damp hair and comb through before blow drying. You can easily pair this mist with other hair care styling products due to its weightless texture.

Bonus tips:

1) We discovered that using this spray on dry hair during the day also feels amazing, adds volume, texture and shine effortlessly, as well as improves the general condition of hair.

2) The mist doubles as a detangler.

  • Makes hair feel and look fuller, adds texture
  • Powerful set of ingredients (including protein, keratin, and collagen)
  • Tames flyaways
  • Weightless texture
  • The transparent cover is too small and can be lost
Sally Hershberger Plump Up Mist lifts up roots and adds sexy texture similar to expensive designer brands. You may fall in love with this hard-working hair styling product from the first use.

#3: L’Oreal Volume Filler Densifying Gel — Best Volumizing Gel for Fine Hair

This light, airy gel formula provides instant volume, is non-greasy and doesn’t weigh your hair down. Apply a bit of the L’Oreal Paris Volume Filler Densifying Gelee to damp hair and the voluminous effect will last all day. The more you use it, the more it will help add volume to each individual strand. The gel contains filloxane, a small molecule that binds to the proteins in each hair strand creating structure for fine and thin hair. That’s why it’s a perfect root volumizer.

Overall impression: L’Oreal Volume Filler Densifying Gel has a nice purple packaging that reminds you of a disco ball and inspires a party mood while preparing for a big night out. It has a pretty, neutral scent, but feels a bit sticky on fingers, though it’s lightweight in hair after blow-drying.

How to use: Start with slightly damp hair after shampooing. Apply gel evenly along the entire length of hair, focusing on roots. Spray with a heat protectant product and blow-dry until your locks are dry and bouncy.

Bonus tips:

1) For better results, lift your roots with a round brush while blow-drying.

2) If you try to avoid hot tools, apply L’Oreal Volume Gel a few times during the process of naturally drying your hair. When hair is almost dry, use your blow-dryer to activate the product.

  • Lifts up even fine and flat hair
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Feels weightless in hair
  • You need heat to activate the product
L’Oreal Volume Filler Densifying Gel lifts hair from roots and feels totally weightless. Also L’Oreal’s volume hair gel leaves your locks looking shiny while it holds during the whole day. The only minus of this product is that you can’t use it properly without blow-drying, but bonus tip #2 is the secret to voluminous locks with less heat.

#4: Oribe Thickening Spray — Multifunctional Leave-In Product

If you’re looking for a volumizing leave-in spray that really works, the Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray is a great choice. The spray has a thermal-protective, body-building formula that provides volume and hold. The Oribe Signature Complex defends your hair from stress and is color- and keratin-treatment safe. It also contains a multilayered UV protection system that protects your hair from the effects of the sun.

Overall impression: The minimalistic design of the brown bottle looks great on your shelf. Unfortunately, this spray doesn’t have Oribe’s signature scent, but smells slightly of alcohol which may disappoint sensitive noses.

How to use: Start with damp hair. Spray product onto roots, from crown to ends. Blow dry hair or let dry naturally. Blow drying works better, but Oribe’s thickening spray will work even if you avoid heat styling. But keep in mind that this product has a heat protectant feature. Check out this simple how-to video by Oribe featuring the beautiful Sonya Esman.

Bonus tips:

1) Blow dry your hair upside down after spraying this product onto roots.

2) If you want even more texture, try Oribe’s Finishing Spray. These two products work perfectly together.

  • Heat and UV protection
  • Color and keratin treatment safe
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Doesn’t have Oribe’s signature scent
  • A bit pricey (but one bottle lasts a really long time)
This Thickening Spray might be a little more expensive than your regular pharmacy brand of volumizing product, however, it not only provides volume and hold, it also strengthens your hair, protects it from heat, and works as a leave-in conditioner. The hold is not strong enough for bombshell blowouts, but this product is a must-have for women with fine hair who use heat styling tools and want to boost volume for everyday, casual styling.

#5: John Frieda Luxurious Volume Mousse — Ultralight Mousse for Perfect Blowout

John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume Perfectly Full Mousse is a great root lifter for all types of fine locks, from straight hair to curly and wavy. It adds lasting fullness without the crunchy feel that often comes with mousse products. Many reviewers say this product makes their hair look and feel much thicker, leaving it soft and shiny. Sounds like a miracle, but British celebrity hairstylist, John Frieda, knows how to deal with flat, lifeless hair and his products are the most affordable of the luxury, salon-quality formulas.

Overall impression: The pretty blue bottle is comfortable to hold and promises “3x more volume!” and “Adds vitality and lift to fine hair”. The scent is neutral and won’t irritate sensitive noses.

How to use: Use right after the shower before blow-drying your hair. Shake the can and dispense a generous amount of mousse. Evenly apply to each strand, focusing on roots to help create a fuller hairstyle.

Bonus tips:

1) You will need a good round brush to get the perfect blowout.

2) Check out this inspiring YouTube tutorial featuring John Frieda Mousse to see how it really works on thin, long, and colored hair types. You can find even more thin hair volume tricks from YouTube beauty gurus.

  • Ultralight formula
  • One of the best volumizing mousses
  • Works great both alone and with other products from this line
  • Leaves hair soft without sticky residue
  • Doesn’t work without a good blow-dry
  • More expensive than other mousses on the market
We’re happy to tell you that John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume Perfectly Full Mousse works perfectly to give thin, flat hair instant volume. You can complete your volumizing kit with a shampoo, special root booster, or hairspray, but the mousse is the most independent and hard-working product from the whole Luxurious Volume line. Pair this product with a good heat protectant, and enjoy voluminous hair every day!

#6: Kenra Volume Spray — Most Volume Boosting Finishing Spray

A finishing spray may become a favorite step in your hair styling routine if you use Kenra Volume Spray. This wind and humidity resistant firm-hold product not only make your curls and style last longer, it adds texture and volume to your hair without the stiffness. This product is unisex as well, so you can share it with your boyfriend — if you can spare it.

Overall impression: Kenra’s minimalistic design has the look of a reliable salon-quality product and it smells like a luxury perfume with no trace of alcohol scent. The 10-ounce bottle will probably last quite a while, though they have smaller 1.5-ounce bottle, perfect to pop into your purse for touch ups on-the-go.

How to use: Start with clean, dry hair. Spray in short bursts from 8 to 10 inches away. If you’d like to add more volume, spray between layers of hair at the root. Let it dry for a couple of seconds. This high-quality formula allows you to comb through your hair and work with this finishing and texturizing spray without the stickiness.

Bonus tips:

1) The nozzle can clog. In order to avoid this, shake well before each application. If it stops working, try running the nozzle under some hot water.

2) In order to get instant volume without backcombing, blow dry your hair upside down and spray Kenra near the roots.

  • Super strong fixative (120 hours)
  • High humidity resistance (20 hours)
  • No residue
  • Over 1700 positive reviews
  • Smells like a luxury perfume
  • The nozzle can clog
  • Not for extremely dry hair
Kenra Volume Spray is one of the most professional and reliable finishing sprays on the market today. Its positive reviews and high rating on Amazon speak for themselves. Try it and see for yourself!

#7: Sexy Hair Powder Play — Instant Volume Plus Dry Shampoo Effect

Sexy Hair Powder Play texturizing powder is the most top-rated and high-quality product on the market today. There are many benefits to adding a volumizing powder to your daily routine. The powder not only adds texture to fine, flat locks, it has a dry shampoo effect and feels 100% weightless in hair. No need for blow-drying with tons of special devices either. This approach to creating volume is a little different than the usual mousses and gels, and we love it!

Overall impression: This pretty, travel-sized bottle is convenient for adding volume to your style on the go. Don’t be fooled by its small size, however, because you only need a few sprinkles to add lots of volume. The powder has a slightly wet texture similar to baby powder, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t feel sticky in hair. And the best part about Sexy Hair Powder Play is that it’s absolutely odorless.

How to use: Lightly sprinkle powder onto roots and massage in with fingertips. Flip sections of hair over to apply powder to different areas for more volume. If you want texture throughout the whole length, sprinkle some powder on your hands and apply to the rest of hair.

Bonus tips:

1) For quick volume on-the-go, sprinkle the powder on the very top layers.

2) If you blow-dry your hair, use this powder aftewards, like in this tutorial video.

3) Remember to apply to your hairline as well.

  • Quick and long lasting volume
  • Invisible in hair (a plus for brunettes)
  • Easy to apply
  • Has a dry shampoo effect
  • Travel-friendly
  • Hard to control sprinkles (you can accidentally apply too much)
Sexy Hair Powder Play is the best product for volume that doesn’t require heat to activate. Perfect for those who want to avoid blow-drying on a daily basis. This magic powder adds texture and has a dry shampoo effect, though the texture is slightly different, it feels slightly damp and absorbs faster.

#8: Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo — The Best Hair Volume Shampoo

If you’re looking for a volumizing shampoo, Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo is definitely worth a try. Made with argan oil, linden bud extract, and other active ingredients to bring damaged hair back to life, the sulfate-, paraben-, and phosphate-free formula is absolutely safe for color-treated hair. A lot of hair volume shampoos may leave an unpleasant heavy residue and stickiness, but not this shampoo. Morrocanoil cleanses hair and leaves it feeling weightless and naturally bouncy.

Overall impression: The aesthetics of Moroccanoil design is awesome, as well as their signature fragrances with subtle herbal notes. The aquamarine bottle will add to the decor of your bathroom and guarantee a lot of aromatherapy sessions. The bottle is only 8.5 ounces, but quality over quantity, right?

How to use: Apply Moroccanoil as your usual shampoo. Repeat as needed. You won’t see a lot of foam, because this product is sulphate-free. It’s hard to lather this shampoo, but even the smallest amount of Moroccanoil Extra Volume will clean each strand and boost volume.

Bonus tips:

1) Massage scalp for 1-2 minutes while shampooing for better effect.

2) Switch to other products from time to time, because your hair can get used to this one, and the volumizing effect won’t be so noticeable after 3 to 4 months of constant use.

3) If your hair is very dry, be sure to use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner.

  • Great for colored hair
  • Sulfate-, paraben-, phosphate-free
  • Feels weightless
  • Delicious smell
  • Not for keratin-treated hair
  • Hard to lather
Moroccanoil Extra Volume is the best volumizing shampoo we’ve ever tried. It doesn’t contain sulfates, parabens, phosphates or other harsh chemicals — perfect for color treated hair, however, it does contain sodium chloride that is not compatible with keratin treatments. This shampoo doesn’t create a lot of foam, but leaves your hair cleansed and with noticeable volume.

Buyer’s Guide to Volumizing Products for Fine Hair

Before choosing the right volumizing hair products, be sure to know all the basics. This short FAQ is here to help you.

How Should I Style My Fine Hair to Add Volume?

Professional hair stylists recommend blow-drying using a volumizing hair mousse, gel, wax or thickening spray. There are also a lot of casual and formal volume-boosting hair styles to choose from.

How to Boost Volume If I Don’t Want to Use Hot Tools?

There are many heatless curl hacks, tips for styling fine hair and other volumizing products available, such as thickening mists and powder texturizers, that don’t require heat to be activated. Sometimes even a simple dry shampoo can give your hair more volume. Experiment with various products until you find the right ones for your hair type and styling routine.

How to Choose Volumizing Products for Fine Hair?

We’ve prepared this guide to hair volumizing products in order to answer this question:

How To Add Volume

Are Volumizing Hair Products Humidity-Proof?

Not all of them. Check the information on the package and if it says “anti-frizz effect”, or “humidity-proof formula”, the product will give some protection against humidity. If the product does not have this extra feature, it should be weightless enough to layer with other professional products that can fight humidity.

Is It Safe to Use Hair Volumizers Every Day?

It really depends on the formula of each product. Avoid harsh chemicals like parabens and sulfates, especially if your hair is damaged and color-treated. And never underestimate the role of a heat protectant.

What Is the Difference Between Thickening and Volumizing Products?

Thickening products create a net around the hair making each strand feel plumper, while volumizing products focus on creating long-lasting hold and lifting the roots. The most effective products for fine hair have both thickening and volumizing properties.

Are Hair Volume Products Unisex?

Yes. Men and women have the same hair structure and similar hair problems, especially when it comes to long-haired guys. Some of brands (like Kenra Volume Spray) market their products as unisex, others don’t. It doesn’t matter.

Sometimes, no matter how much time you spend on on your fine, flat hair, it just won’t look exactly the way you want it to. Change the game with the help of these powerful volumizing products and the art of blow-drying.