Jodie Michalak

Queen of the beauty verse, Jodie Michalak is a hair and beauty consultant, lifestyle writer, and how-to expert with over 10 years professional beauty writing experience and over 2500 published articles. Since obtaining her cosmetology license in 1999, she's collaborated with experts in every niche including other hairdressers, product developers, and cosmetic brands. Jodie's contributions can be found at,, CBS,, Texas Living Magazine, and more. Her passion, curiosity, and penchant for a pen keeps Jodie making waves in the industry.

Brown hair with blonde highlights can be just as head-turning as platinum locks. Blonde streaks in dark hair add contrast and interest without the commitment. Whether you have light brown or dark chocolate brown hair, there’s a pale companion that can liven up even the richest of hues.

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Multidimensional holographic hair color is a growing trend that steals the show in Instagram and Pinterest images. Far from ordinary, panels of metallic hues in varied intensity can be applied in many ways, including foil and balayage, to create fairy-tale locks on blonde and gray tresses. Dreamy? Yes, please! [click to continue…]

What does it take to be a buzz cut girl? It’s more than a pair of clippers. It’s a serious attitude and a way of life. Women’s buzzed haircuts still have variable styling options, especially when combined with interesting hair color or designs. Take a look at the following buzz cut models who prove less can be more. [click to continue…]

Beautiful hair is a never ending quest. We scoured the list of top salon hair treatments that can restore the body, shine and improve the health of your locks instantly. Here’s our list of the best salon hair treatment services that repair damaged hair. [click to continue…]

Pump up the volume on lifeless locks. Our hair expert Jodie Michalak tried and tested Amazon’s best volumizing hair products for fine hair so that your locks don’t fall flat in style. Amp up your tresses with the following product picks and styling recommendations.

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