40 Fun and Flattering Medium Hairstyles for Women

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Medium hairstyles for women are among the most versatile, because “medium” can mean so many things! Not only that, but it’s also the most common hair length. However, the styles a woman with medium length hair can pull off are anything but average. To take advantage of all that potential, a willingness to experiment is a must. Maybe it’s time to snag some style inspo and transform those medium-length locks into a fresh new signature ‘do.

Medium Hairstyles for Women – New and Popular Ideas

In the gallery below you’ll find everyone’s favorites – hairstyles we come across looking through popular hair and beauty blogs. There are also some fresh ideas, you’ll be tempted to try.

#1: Caramel Balayage Bob

Not eager to chop off a lot of inches? Angled bobs like this one fall on the longer side of medium, especially at the longest point of the angle. Furthermore, bobs are universally flattering, ideal for women of any age, with any hair length, or hair type.

#2: Bobbed Volume with Highlights

This is more of a variation of traditional bobs thanks to the layering. It’s almost a shag, except that it’s smooth and softly rounded, not tousled and messy. Basically, this involves just one layer of layers that bobs softly over the bottom.

#3: Choppy Blonde Bob

Medium length hairstyles for women can be edgy – who says they can’t? This choppy bob is on the shorter side of medium. The uneven, deliberately jagged layers are everything, they’re the highlight of the entire hairstyle. Women who are looking for a fun, youthful ‘do may consider copying this cut.

#4: Medium Bedhead Waves

Look at all that texture and body, isn’t it enviable? This ‘do is purposely messy, so its styling is fast but always gorgeous. The layers are subtle and long, but they still add so much movement. The cinnamon highlights are worth stealing!

#5: Medium Length Layered Bob

This bobbed cut is all about the subtle angle and choppy layers. Texture is important to carry off this kind of cut, even if it requires a curling iron or some blow dry magic. Keep the layers razor cut and tousled for a deliberately messy ‘do.

#6: Medium Short Shag

Thanks to the layers and angles, this shaggy bob is both medium and short. There are all sorts of levels within this cut, which gives it plenty of movement and keeps it lightweight. It’s easy to see why this is a sought-after choice for both younger and older women.

#7: Messy Lob with Highlights

This is a fantastic hairdo for women in their 30’s who rock a youthful vibe. The color choice is part of the fun, so it might be worthwhile to at least consider some ombre or balayage color – why not, right?

#8: Blonde Layered Bob with Lowlights

Here’s a ‘do that’s favored by ladies on the go thanks to its effortless upkeep. Styling is a breeze, but have a blow dryer and a round brush close to hand. A spritz of hairspray will keep those feathered layers held back.

#9: Face-Framing Layered Cut

Looking for timeless medium length hairstyles for women over 40? Don’t be afraid to keep it on the longer side of mid-length. Ask for layers that frame the face, just like these. Notice how the cut sharpens the chin and creates some beautiful angles to flatter the face. The soft side-swept layers in front can double as long bangs, too.

#10: Loose Medium Length Waves

A bit of wave or curl will take any medium cut a long way. This hairstyle itself is relatively simple – shoulder length, long side-swept bangs, and a few layers for movement. The waves add dimension and texture, so don’t be afraid to pull out the curling iron or experiment with overnight braids.

#11: Layered Medium Locks with Bangs

Bring volume to your mid-length hairstyle with loose barrel curls. Adding texture is the go-to trick if you want to dial up the dimension of your dark hair. Finish off the layered cut with bangs drawing attention to the eyes.

Medium Tousled Brunette Hairstyle

Instagram / @corrinndoeshair

#12: Long Balayage Bob

Medium haircuts for women are as effortless as they look. Neither too long nor too short length makes them easy to maintain. A beautiful balayage enhances the easy appeal of the lob. Plus, if you want to grow your hair out, you won’t have to worry about touching up your roots.

Mid-Length Layered Bronde Hairstyle

Instagram / @salsalhair

#13: Shoulder-Length Ombre Hairstyle

You don’t need a buzzcut or back skimming locks to make a statement. You can always count on vibrant colors to do that for you. Refresh your lob with warm hues, like mandarin or peach, to add a bold contrast to a basic dark bob.

Brunette And Rose Gold Balayage Bob

Instagram / @chrisweberhair

#14: Wispy Shoulder-Skimming Bob

The beauty of the bob lies in its simplicity. It serves as an ideal base to so many exciting hairstyles. Feathery layers, waves, and natural highlights are all those understated additions that enliven the classic cut. They create a style that is equal parts cool and casual.

Shaggy Blonde Balayage Bob

Instagram / @anhcotran

#15: Elongated Mahogany Bob

Medium hairstyles for women are always in demand because their length is universally flattering for any face shape. A cool mahogany brown is equally versatile, complementing a wide range of skin tones from fair to dark. Make the style yours with a wavy texture and piecey layers through the ends. These will balance the fullness of your shoulder-skimming strands.

Wavy Brown Balayage Lob

Instagram / @taitkieuapril05

#16: Layered Shoulder-Length Cut

Layering lowlights, over highlights, and over lowlights again is a stunning way to bring body and dimension to finer strands. A bold hair color choice often has a payoff worth the risk. It looks particularly stunning with mid-length styles. Any longer, and the look wouldn’t have the same impact. Any shorter, and you wouldn’t take full advantage of all the layers.

#17: Wispy Medium Bob with Bangs

Enliven your shoulder-skimming bob with layers, bangs, and a delicious balayage. All these elements amp up the haircut’s cool-girl vibe. The look is striking, modern and perfect for the female on the go.

Choppy Brunette Bob With Caramel Highlights

Instagram / @anhcotran

#18: Beachy Medium-Length Blonde Balayage

With easy blonde balayage waves, medium length hairstyles for women look beach-ready. Even if you aren’t in warmer climates, with sun kissed hair, you will effortlessly channel those Californian vibes. So, whether you spend your days riding the waves or in a corner office, medium cuts find the perfect balance between casual and sophisticated.

Mid-Length Blonde Layered Cut For Fine Hair

Instagram / @kearybladel

#19: Modern Hairstyle with a Side-Part

If you want to be bold and alluring, go with a solid hue like jet black. Add thin layers to break-up the coif with some texture. Medium hair cuts cut your styling time in half every day because a shorter coif is an easy, low-maintenance, tousle-and-go choice for busy women everywhere.

Black Choppy Side-Parted Bob

Instagram / @richiemiao

#20: Medium Wavy Style

Bring beachy waves with you wherever you go with this effortless mid-length hairstyle. The flirty balayage makes the hair really pop. It’s a stunning shade, especially against paler skin. Get the look at home with a 1½ ” or thicker curling iron. Loosely wrap a few strands around the thick barrel on a medium heat setting. Brush out the curls a little to turn the ringlets into luscious waves.

#21: Bob Cut with Wispy Layers

Medium length haircuts for women pair beautifully with ombre and balayage. Elevate the glamor of your bob with swoopy layers strewn around the coif. If you have naturally straight locks, this is a low maintenance look with a personal touch.

#22: Straight Asymmetrical Bob

Medium hair for women cut at an angle instantly takes on a classy shape. You can even go further with your angled bob and make it asymmetrical. The sharp angles lend themselves to an effortless style. They provide a slimming effect as they frame your face. What’s more, the cut looks sleek on straight hair, but equally good if you have a head full of curls. The angular cut with layers will keep curls from sticking out in a triangle.

Angled Layered Brunette Bob

Instagram / @hairbyedwin

#23: Glamorous Curled Bob

With voluminous swoopy bangs and only the ends of your hair curled, you can channel a modern take on Old Hollywood glamour. The way the curled ends sweep the shoulders gives this bob the appearance of even more volume. Medium hair for women has never looked sexier.

Brown Blonde Lob

Instagram / @ulissessj

#24: Long Bob with Subtle Layers

Women’s medium haircuts for brunettes can be enlivened with a simple addition of light layers and color. You don’t have to go crazy with all the shades of the rainbow, but just a touch of honey highlights will add depth to your dark locks. Play it up even more with subtle layers around the ends of your strands.

Choppy Brunette Bob With Balayage

Instagram / @stephengarrison

#25: Wavy Medium Hair with Highlights

Sometimes, females can’t resist a fun pop of color against their dark manes. Copper highlights, for instance, brighten this hairstyle, while also enhancing the brunette’s warm undertones. Even though the color choice is daring, the way it’s blended with the waves makes it as natural looking as copper highlights can be.

#26: Angled Mid-Length Hairstyle

The longest bob is still ranked as a medium length hairstyle. This is the ideal length to showcase an angular cut that can be worn loose or pulled up into an updo. Elevate its sleek appeal with a platinum balayage.

Long Angled Blonde Balayage Bob

Instagram / @rafaelbertolucci1

#27: Voluminous Shoulder-Length Hairstyle

Shoulder-length hairstyles for women are a good go-to if you have thick hair, little patience for maintaining longer locks, and a fear of a fro from a too-short haircut. Play up your hair’s volume with loose and messy barrel curls, like the model below. Choppy ends further exaggerate the cut’s fullness.

Medium Wavy Red Hairstyle

Instagram / @jordanheidenwith

#28: Choppy Blonde Balayage Bob

Texture. Texture. Texture. That is the key of women’s haircuts that successfully achieve body with thinner tresses. Even frizz looks chic when paired with waves and layers. It creates that fullness you are craving. The shoulder length is ideal because it radiates care-free vibes and encourages movement.

Choppy Blonde Balayage Bob

Instagram / @soraverly

#29: Brown Bob with Pastel Purple Balayage

If you have a penchant for pastels, but are also a professional, try a faint mauve tint over your brunette locks. It is subtle, yet still mesmerizing. Plus, the shorter locks downplay the boldness of the color, making it a safe choice if you want an understated style.

Brown Bob With Pastel Purple Balayage

Instagram / @mizzchoi

#30: Shaggy Silver Bob with Bangs

Women’s mid-length hairstyles get instantly edgy with badass bangs and thin, piecey layers. Fine hair lends itself to being perfectly shaggy. Add subtle waves for a bit of texture. And if you are feeling daring, go for that X-Men, Storm-like platinum shade. It pairs perfectly with tan skin, as the stark temperature contrast lets both your hair color and your complexion pop.

Silver Blonde Layered Bob

Instagram / @salsalhair

#31: Shaggy, Tousled Layers

Quite a few medium length hairstyles for women benefit from layers. They create body, give the hairstyle shape, and open up a wide world of styling options. The layers are on the longer side, which is also helpful with styling, but the shortest still frame the face, making it easy to fake a fringe.

#32: Sleek Auburn Lob with Bangs

This is one of the most flattering medium length hairstyles for women over 50, especially women with thin hair. Upkeep and styling are effortless, the layers framing the face sharpen the jaw line and shape the face, and the bangs soften the look while drawing attention to the eyes.

#33: Long Bob with Balayage Highlights

The really marvelous thing about medium hairstyles for women over 50 is that they disprove the stereotypical idea that after a certain age, women’s hairstyles have to be short, cropped, or bobbed, at the very least. That’s not true at all. Let it grow long and wear it loose, just add waves or soft curls for volume and body.

#34: Tousled Bob with Side Part

Bobs never go out of style and, even better, they’re timeless and ageless, as well. Bobs and lobs are ideal cuts for women over 40 – and for women under 40, for that matter. This one is layered and beautifully tousled. Use a bit of product and either blow-out or go for an air dry.

#35: Medium Length Layers

In general, medium hairstyles for women are perfect for ladies with curly hair. A mid-length cut makes it easier to tame those waves and curls into a flattering ‘do. In this case, lots of long and short layers accomplish that task. Topping it off with bangs, you get a nice transition between the top and the bottom.

#36: Blonde Lob with Side Flip

This is a big, bold, sky-high hairdo indeed. Even women who have fine or thin hair can fake volume and thickness like this. It’s all about the layers and shape, but also styling that definitely involves some root lifter.

#37: Straight Bob with Swoopy Bangs

Bangs and bobs go together beautifully, especially longer bangs like this side-swept fringe. This really is the perfect cut for women with medium hair. It’s classic, classy, and it looks gorgeous no matter what the occasion.

#38: Medium-to-Long Bob for Straight Hair

How chic is this timeless cut? It’s bobbed but still shoulder length, so there’s plenty of hair to play around with. This is different from other medium length ‘dos because it doesn’t rely on many layers – for the most part it’s all one length, except for that gorgeous angle.

#39: Shaggy Wavy Hairstyle

Take a walk on the shorter side of the medium length spectrum with a sassy, sexy, tousled haircut like this one. Plenty of shaggy layers make it easy to style and result in a flattering ‘do for women of all ages.

#40: Sophisticated Side-Swept Style

While most medium length hairstyles for women listed here can be worn by ladies of any ethnicity, this is a cut and style that is particularly recommended for black women with straightened natural hair, weave, extensions, or a wig. African American ladies with thick hair, this is something only you can pull off!

Versatility is the main characteristic of many medium hairstyles for women. Playing around with length, layering, shape, and styling finishes opens up a world of chic creative hairdos. What’s the best medium length look of the bunch?

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