60 Fabulous Choppy Bob Hairstyles

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Bob ‘dos no longer need any introduction, and neither do their edgier cousins, choppy bob hairstyles. That’s because they’ve been around for long enough to have taken on many creative, versatile guises. The 60 amazing styles below are visual testaments to this style’s staying power, across time and fashion trends.

The Main Attraction of Choppy Bob Hairstyles

Choppiness enhances texture, and a textured cut is the easiest way to add interest points to your hairstyles for a shorter length. Check the following examples, and you’ll see it’s a worthy option for your next cut.

#1: Jaw-Length Shaggy Haircut with Side Bangs

Choppy hairstyles are a breeze with a quality layered haircut and a good texturizer. If you also add a dimensional hair color like this multi-tonal brown blonde, you’ll have a trendy look at your finger tips with minimum effort.

#2: Layered Choppy Bob

Want a cute hairstyle, that’s as easy to maintain as it is to wash, condition, blow dry, and walk out the door with? This is the bob for you – and it’s particularly great, if your hair tends to lack volume. It will create an illusion of mass in the most natural way possible: through layering.

#3: Two-Tiered Brown Blonde Bob

In case looking too shaggy is not your thing, you can still have a trendy bob with chopped layers. This haircut features two tiers with edges cut at different angles. As a result, you get a cut with a special twist – you won’t see it on every other girl.

#4: Wavy Collarbone Lob With Short Bangs

If you have stubborn locks or want to spend less time on styling, a choppy bob haircut is the right solution. Being initially imperfect and somewhat shaggy, it looks wonderful in scrunched hairstyles, like the one on this photo. The caramel highlights make the texture more prominent.

#5: Choppy Bob with Soft Waves

It’s been said time and time again, but there is something so incredibly flattering and sexy about adding soft waves to your hair. As with this choppy cut, the key is to make them look undone or lightly tousled, which gives them a more natural look.

long choppy wavy bob with subtle highlights

Instagram/ @brendakamt

#6: Long Choppy Bob

Longer haired girls can experience the chic of a bob as well. Here, you have almost shoulder length hair that is angled, layered and topped off with a flattering side bang. The cut flows very harmoniously and allows the hair to move effortlessly.

#7: Textured Choppy Blonde Bob

A short choppy bob that’s textured with soft layers is so alluring! What sets this look apart is the wavy texture and pearly blonde shade which make the style less edgy and more feminine.

#8: Choppy Bob with Blunt Ends

A choppy bob haircut doesn’t always have to feature the uber popular layered ends, as the photo shows. This cut is short and wavy, but the standout feature is the blunt cut ends which give the look more personality and set it apart from similar styles.

#9: Choppy Bob with Blonde Highlights

This choppy bob for thick hair is amazingly shaggy and dimensional. Thanks to the sexy yet soft hair color choice of the dark blonde base with light blonde highlights, the style is more than enough to turn heads. The winning touch, however, is the chunky waves that are disconnected at the ends to provide tons of volume.

#10: Ash Brown Wavy Bob for Fine Hair

When it comes to fine hair, chopped cuts look softer – rather wispy than rough and shaggy. The ash brown bob leaves an impression of a delicate style with broken waves framing the face in a weightless cloud.

#11: Short Jagged Bob

A choppy bob with jagged, slightly uneven layers is the height of edgy style. Ask the stylist to use a razor on the layers for a feathered finish. That’s the key to a bob with lots of lift and volume.

#12: Wavy Choppy Bob

A little wave provides a lot of body, not to mention structure, shape, and texture. Whether your waves are subtle or pronounced, a wavy bob is easy to create, and it makes a welcome change, especially for second or third-day hair.

#13: Straight Cut Bob with Layers

Bob cuts can be angled or cut straight across. If you prefer sweet, girl-next-door looks, rather than dramatic hairstyles, opt for the latter. Keep the clean cut but soften those edges with long, tousled layers for volume and shape.

#14: Choppy Bob with Angles

A short choppy bob that looks fantastic when it’s tousled and finger-combed is the go-to for women who crave a stylish wash-and-go hairstyle. A subtle angle makes it more interesting, but since it’s not extreme, it frames the face more softly. This is also ideal for ladies who have naturally wavy hair.

#15: Sleek Cropped Bob Hair

A sleek, shining cap of hair like this is the epitome of haute hairstyling. This is a favorite among the off-duty model set, because it manages to work for formal functions and casual encounters. It’s elegant, personified, and just chic enough to look fresh.

#16: Medium Choppy Bob

Want to avoid a huge crop? Consider bobs that fall on the shorter side of medium-length, like this one. Get layers to create a sexy, shaggy bedhead effect and walk out the door with a fabulous ‘do that owes its success to a bit of finger-combing and product.

#17: Shagged Bob

There’s something adorably retro about this short bob haircut. The difference in lengths of layers and the sassy little flip are reminiscent of Carol Brady, making this more of a shagged bob. Make sure to get it stacked in the back, but not too much. A little goes a long way with this hairstyle.

#18: Stark White and Choppy

It’s hard to say what’s more amazing about this hairdo – the stunning silvery white color or the edgy cut itself. It’s beautifully layered with rough, choppy edges, resulting in an effortless bedhead that’s both sexy and on-point.

#19: Choppy with Curls

Curls add dimension and texture to any hairstyle. They’re the perfect ingredient for cute bobs, too. Loose spiral curls like these tend to work best because they aren’t heavy, they still have movement, and they’re not as likely to get frizzy or lose shape.

#20: Straight Choppy Bob

Short choppy haircuts are jagged by nature, which in combination with a color gradient gives a nice volume boost for fine hair. It’s a good idea to add layers and maybe even bangs to give the classic cut a fresher, more modern edge.

#21: ‘90s-Inspired Choppy Bob

Looking to channel some seriously star-inspired hair? This style is a hot throwback to everyone’s favorite ‘90s ‘do, The Rachel. The tousled layers softly frame the face and the cut itself is long, at least compared to other bobs.

#22: Chic Black Bob

The extreme angle of this bob makes the haircut, although the sleek, shiny blowout definitely doesn’t hurt. Ask for a noticeable angle and think about getting it with bangs — side-swept, of course.

#23: Tousled and Bobbed Curls

Although choppy haircuts often look their best on women with straight or slightly wavy hair, curls (whether natural or styled) soften choppy bob hair and create a more romantic `do, which would be one more facet of your new bob.

#24: Choppy Silver Blonde Layers

This is a perfect, gorgeous example of an A-line bob. Look at the sharpness of that angle, crisp layers, and the way the hair transitions flawlessly from short in the back to long in the front. Stunning!

#25: Choppy Disconnected Ends and Bangs

Everything about this curled bedhead bob is hipster perfection, from the color to the overall style. The bangs are on-point, the angle is keen, and the color is tops. This one’s a winner – who’s up for stealing the look?

#26: Side-Swept Bob

Short choppy hair is capable of so many stunning styles. This softly angled bob has layers and waves for texture. It has the potential to be styled in an edgy, unique way, but it’s also lovely just like this, with a side-sweep and shaggy ends.

#27: Casually Choppy Bob

Everything about this bob is casual, from the tousled texture to the half-formed curls. It works on several levels, creating messy, disconnected ends – the bob is such a classic hairstyle that it’s just as pretty when it’s dressed down. That color is the bee’s knees, too.

#28: Long Choppy Layers

These layers are artfully chopped and enhanced with color. The style is versatile – the shortest layers can double as side-swept bangs.

#29: Chopped Up Layers

Going for a textured bob? Layers are the key. For straight hair, shorter layers with chopped, jagged ends do the trick. The shortest layer can double as a fringe or blend in with the other layers, making this cut particularly versatile.

#30: Stacked with a Bump

This bob has a voluminous bump that nearly reaches the heavens. It’s actually quite easy to copy this style with an angular bob cut — curls and waves help, along with some teasing, back combing, and maybe a few bobby pins.

#31: Short Choppy Bob Styled Messy

The messy, bed head look has been around for quite awhile now with no signs of slowing down, as evidenced by this edgy, punk-inspired short choppy cut. Choppy bob hairstyles are supposed to look amazing from every angle, and this platinum blonde creation totally fits the bill.

Short Choppy Bob Styled Messy

Instagram/ @singi.vo

#32: Short, Stacked, Choppy Bob with Highlights

This cut is rather on the posh side, but its simple upkeep makes it ideal for every day styling. At the same time we can easily imagine this ‘do to go with a sophisticated ensemble. The frayed wisps at the tips add structure and texture to otherwise fine hair.

#33: Layered Blonde Bob

This is one of the most popular choppy bob hairstyles ever – and it probably owes its gigantic appeal to the fact that it can be sported by a wide range of wearers. If you’ve got straight, medium fine hair that goes down to your shoulders, this cut will go a long way to enhance your look.

#34: Choppy Bob with Caramel Highlights

Aside from the success of the actual cut, a choppy bob really shines when it has a lovely hair color to highlight it. Here, you have this softly wavy version that features long, wispy sides and gorgeous caramel brown highlights popping against the rich brown base.

#35: Choppy Inverted Bob

An inverted bob cut in angled layers is a fresh take on the classic stacked bob. Want to make it sharper? A complex silver hue will bring more edge into the look. Style with a lift at the roots and sweep the layers towards the front.

#36: Straight Cut Shaggy Bob with Bangs

This short choppy bob makes you fall in love with it at first sight. The overall choppy texture, finely chopped angled layers and straight cut edge create a wonderful style you can’t look away. The muted copper is a modern go-to hue for redheads.

#37: Tousled Burgundy Lob with Lowlights

Today’s hair beauty has a tendency to more sophisticated hair colors, while the textures are getting messier and more unkempt. This hairstyle is the best illustration. We love the burgundy with lowlights and brighter streaks and, certainly, the effortless-looking cut.

#38: Collarbone Cut with Short and Medium Layers

A long choppy bob rarely includes short layers, but the trick works if you want to create more volume around the crown. Thanks to the sophisticated hair color, the thinner chopped ends do not seem lifeless.

#39: Medium Choppy Hairstyle for Straight Hair

Straight hair needs volume to look chic in chopped cuts. So, go for some heavy backcombing and work in asymmetry into your style with a side part. Touches of balayage highlights here and there add sass to the final look.

#40: Heavily Layered Pixie Bob

One essential element that easily takes your hairstyle from drab to fab, is the presence of layers. Heavily layered (or even angled) hair provides movement, removes bulk and adds a lot of depth and dimension. This blonde cut is topped off with a dramatic side bang and height of the crown section.

#41: Black Textured Choppy Bob

Dark and mysterious are the words that best describe this medium choppy bob. Here, medium length curly hair is scrunched with a product for a perfectly undone look where every lock is doing its own thing.

#42: Choppy Bob with Long Sides

Flirting with length is a very good way to create a great silhouette of your cut that can be further complimented by texture. This medium length choppy cut contains exaggerated, long sides. They are heavily backcombed and slightly waved. The perfect focal point is the bangs flowing off to the side.

#43: Stacked Collarbone Bob

If you love your hair to have some drama, a short choppy bob that’s angled and stacked should definitely do the trick. This blonde bombshell version features a high crown and elongated sides finished with bangs that fall deeply over one eye and add an element of mystery to the style.

#44: Red Choppy Bob

Short, red and filled with soft yet sharply angled waves, this choppy hairstyle is polished enough for any occasion. The great thing about this cut is how fuss-free and low maintenance it is, which is always something to look for when deciding on a new cut.

#45: Long and Wavy Choppy Bob

Shoulder length hair is just as stunning and capable of achieving a choppy cut as shorter lengths. The waves are effortlessly falling around the model’s face, and the combination of varying brown tones provides a lovely play of complimentary shades.

#46: Shaggy Brown Blonde Bob

This would be an ideal haircut for round faces because of the universally flattering length, soft side bang and the way the waves frame the face. However, the real star of this exceptional style is the beach blonde hue that commands our attention.

#47: Finger-Combed Choppy Bob

You don’t always need a host of styling tools to achieve your desired look, in fact, sometimes all you really need is your fingers. With bangs that are purposely piecey and the overall layered cut, the final touch of finger-combing is the perfect way to personalize the look.

#48: Extremely Wavy Choppy Bob

This medium choppy bob features a ton of medium-sized waves placed all over the head for added fullness and depth. The finishing touch is the deeply side-parted bangs swept across the forehead to enhance the messy feel of the look.

#49: Graduated Choppy Bob with Highlights

Perfect for round and square-shaped faces, this type of cut will both elongate your visage, as well as conceal its angles and curves that need to be camouflaged behind perfectly styled hair. To boot, highlights will draw focus to your eyes and wonderfully complement their color.

#50: Messy Choppy Bob

Feeling a bit punk-rock, a bit biker chick chic? Opt for this style that looks great in strong, offbeat colors and is also a great choice for round faces. The devil-may-care look at hand is also very low-maintenance. Simply wash, condition, tousle, and you’re good to go.

#51: Relaxed Brown Blond Bob

Choppy haircuts may look a bit harsh on straight hair. By you can always soften your look with tousled irregular waves and sun-kissed highlights. This cute, highly feminine look, is also one of those that’s great for framing either round or angular faces.

#52: Cute Straight Bob with Bangs For Fine Hair

Note the layers that frame the model’s face with this cut, and how they’re matched by the wispy bangs. The cut and styling of this look, which is ideal for fine hair, will make even the thinnest strands gain the desired texture and volume.

#53: Short Wild Choppy Bob Haircut

It’s thoroughly layered and razored for a super chic shaggy look. It will add an edgy quality to the wearer’s look, without concealing any of their features, as longer, less textured side-parted bobs are prone to do.

#54: Chill and Choppy Bob Haircut with Bangs

In case you had any doubts whatsoever, here’s another proof that a relaxed bob, with unevenly cut strands thrown into the mix, will lend volume to very thin hair. If you’ve got a round face shape, feel free to pair up this style with light side-swept bangs.

#55: Classic Side-Parted Bob

See how far some layering and highlights can take this very well-known style? This choppy bob haircut is not a great departure from the regular A line style, but it’s got all the right details, down to the sophisticated grown-out bangs combed to one side.

#56: Textured Bob with Short Fringe

This particular bob is awesome for thick hair. All it takes is a bit of straightening and backcombing, to get a sexy, feathered look, complemented by a whimsical asymmetric fringe.

#57: Dazzling Blue Wavy Lob

Inspired by the clearest ocean water, this wavy lob features choppy ends, silky texture and an amazing color that doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. If the blue seems too bold for a hair color, try the cut and style in any shade you feel comfortable with.

#58: Electric Blue Choppy Bob

If this was a long choppy bob with this extreme color, it would definitely turn heads, but there is something more refreshing and dramatic about its decidedly short length. Electric blue pairs well with black roots and serves as a cool, daring solution for the angled and layered short bob cut.

#59: Stacked Bob for Curly Hair

Bob for thick hair can be a tricky choice, since it may give you an unflattering triangular silhouette. But if you go for a bob with stacked layers, you’ll get a pretty cute style with a nice shape and a beautiful side view. For round faces go for considerably elongated front pieces.

#60: Long Shaggy Bob

This choppy bob haircut stands somewhere halfway between rock’n’roll and romantic styles. It looks good on women with oblong faces. The asymmetrically swept hair doesn’t elongate your face, even with this longer length. The naturally flowing waves give your style a relaxed vibe, while the nonchalantly sticking out layers make the wearer stand out from the crowd.

There you have it: choppy bob hairstyles are here to stay, no doubt about it. They’ve passed the test of fickle fashions and trends and can lend a dose of sophistication and a relaxed feel even to the most difficult types of hair. What’s your favorite?

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