45 Shades of Grey: Silver and White Highlights for Eternal Youth

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Silver highlights are glamorous, fashionable and a must-have for a funky, cool and trendier you! Up to now it has been kept as one of Mother Nature’s top secrets but you can showcase its powerful effects, what have you got to lose?

Silver and Grey Highlights

When you sport a striking color, you tell the world that ’you’ are the designer of your world and why not? Men have got away with grey for years and relish in the term ‘distinguished’. Now ladies, it is your turn to create the hottest fashion statement. Ask your hairdresser to jazz up your hair with some gray highlights and show off your beautiful crowning glory. Celebrities, models and teenagers are sporting the silver look, so whether you are 16 or 90 take a look at just how transforming and liberating some silver streaks can be.

#1: Brownish Grey Enchantment

Want to have a bit more pizzazz to your natural hair color? Forget the golden streaks and try some grey pieces instead. You do not need to have a lot, and they do not need to be thick. A minimal amount does make a difference. If you want more, you can always go back to your stylist

#2: Multi-Toned Sleek Bob

The micro ribbons of color blend shades of silver, cayenne pepper, cocoa and grey onto naturally black hair to transform this blunt bob. Lowlights captivate a unique blend of hues which marry the shades from the fall with cool wintery crispness. The overall effect is a soft voluminous style with a free-flowing finish for admiring glances wherever you go!

#3: Grey Highlights for Light Brown Hair

Upgrade your two-tone brown hair with gray streaks. The mix of golden and silver ribbons is sophisticated and fresh. You get a beautiful style and you don’t have to worry about root growth.

Long Brown Hair With Gray Highlights

Instagram/ @habitsalon

#4: Silver and Brown Waves

A solid grey silver hair color is a bold choice not everyone is ready to make. Meanwhile, grey brown hair is a pretty and easy thing on its own, and it only improves when you divide the two shades as the main color and highlights. When your tresses are in need of a refresh, you can add thin white highlights for brightness.

#5: Black and Grey Straight Lob

If you prefer to stick with a classic haircut, you can be more experimental with your color. Try enhancing your ‘do with a unique dye job such as this grey balayage. The mix of light and dark grays adds a new dimension to the cut. The blend and distribution of the colors also make it clear that you haven’t gone white prematurely.

#6: Brown to Grey Babylights

Grey highlights are absolutely fabulous on dark brown hair. With black hair the contrast is stark, but with brown layers like these, you can achieve a very soft, blurred look.

#7: Silver and Grey Highlights on Black Hair

Black and white may be as different as night and day, but that doesn’t mean you should keep them apart when it comes to your hair color. Far from it. Her dye job makes the contrasting shades work because of the addition of silver and medium grey.

#8: Titaium Pearl Dimension

Just admire the way all of these shades mix together. Chocolate brown and grey initially look like totally different colors, but they create an unusual and appealing color combo. We love the bluish tint of the grey in particular.

#9: Long Ash Brown Hair

Slightly muted shades of silver work best with light brown hair. Check out the glow of these grey highlights. They look awesome when seamlessly weaved into long curly locks.

#10: Grey Hair with Brown Underlayer

With the gray hair trend you don’t have to change your hair color completely. Have fun with grey sprinkled through the top layers with your natural shade on the bottom. It will look beautiful when you wear your tresses down, but it will also create a striking effect in updos.

Bluish Gray Highlights For Brown Hair

Instagram/ @dawnbradleyhair

#11: Ash Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Grey pairs well with ashy blonde and medium brown. This combination will work for those who are hesitant to take a hair color jump to grey—it’s subtle and it will only be seen in certain lighting.

Brown Hair With Gray Highlights

Instagram / @maeipaint

#12: Violet Grey Hairstyle

Brown hair with silver highlights that have a violet tint suits brunettes and Asian women in particular. Start highlights subtly a few inches away from the roots of your hair for minimal maintenance plus an effortless effect.

Dark Brown Hair With Silver Balayage

Instagram / @beauty_supreme

#13: Angled Silver Lob

Why be subtle when you can go full silver? A grey silver lob makes a statement and is a braver option for risk takers and fashion killers. For more dimension, add highlights that are pure white.

Choppy Gray Balayage Bob

Instagram / @bescene

#14: Brown Hair with Silver Babylights

Babylights, a cousin of highlights and balayage, are thin hand painted streaks of color. This technique on brown hair achieves natural looking dimension appealing for those who dye their hair for the first time or those who don’t want to fuss with color maintenance.

Brown Hair With Subtle Silver Highlights

Instagram / @venalove

#15: Grey Silver Balayage

Balayage has so many benefits, it’s no wonder women everywhere are participating in the trend. Grey dye fades relatively quickly; if you don’t want to commit to root upkeep, a balayage with silver highlights focused towards the ends is the way to go.

Choppy Brown And Gray Balayage Lob

Instagram / @che.r.mariano

#16: Dimensional Streaks

Thick streaks that are several levels above your base color give a bold contrast. Multi-tones like these offer a 3D effect and will bring a fuller appearance to thin hair that lacks volume.

Brown And Silver Balayage Hair

Instagram / @hairby.ashleypac

#17: Blonde Hair with Silver Hints

The biggest advantage of grey silver hair is that it pairs beautifully with both warm and cool base colors. Also the juxtaposition of highlights and lowlights or highlights and a darker natural color gives so much life to your hair!

Silver Balayage For Light Brown Hair

Instagram / @constancerobbins

#18: Smokey Charcoal Balayage

Calling all grunge queens! Black or dark brown hair with grey highlights in an ombré style is the epitome of smokey charcoal goals. This style will look mesmerizing on ladies with darker skin and deep brown eyes.

Black Hair With Soft Gray Balayage

Instagram / @susan.aw

#19: Almost Grey Ash Blonde

For paler skin, an ash blonde base is fitting when you’re in the market for adding some grey to your hair, not your life. An understated way to incorporate silver tints, try out this ‘do if you normally stick with a cool blonde shade when you get your tresses done.

Ash Bronde Choppy Lob

Instagram / @pixie_glamstudio

#20: Traditional Highlights

Tradition exists for a reason—it’s a safe bet to achieve what you’re looking for when in doubt. Spice up customary highlights on dark hair and get bonus style points for getting an extraordinary color!

Dark Brown Hair With Ash Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @glamiris

#21: Bob with Grey Highlights

Does your wardrobe consist of mostly black clothes? Do you have nightmares about color? Minimalistic ladies, meet your new hairstyle. Sparse grey highlights are a great touch for your nonchalant uniform.

Brown And Gray Choppy Bob

Instagram / @salsalhair

#22: Long Silver Hair

Unicorn and mermaid hair has been popular for quite some time, but if you aren’t one for pastel hues, here is your version! Long silver hair is majestic and is well worth the more demanding styling required for upkeep.

Dark Brown Hair With Silver Balayage

Instagram / @ms_robinita

#23: Smokey Grey with Silver Tips

A grey balayage with more pronounced silver tips is a beautiful way to upgrade your long hair. Both darker and lighter roots will look great when your natural color shows up. Pro tip — flatter hair that lacks luster will benefit from a multi-toned style like this one.

Long Silver Balayage Brown Hair

Instagram / @beauty_supreme

#24: Icy Platinum Bob Haircut

This icey platinum shade looks grey silver and blonde in varied lighting. For cuts without layers, implementing balayage colors gives more intrigue, as well as brightens up your whole look – just in time for warmer weather.

Dark Brown Bob With Ash Blonde Balayage

Instagram / @hairbymai

#25: Long Ash Brown Balayage Hair

Medium browns, whether warm or cool, make interesting combos with muted grey. This hairstyle has very subtle hints of silver while the overall look remains discreet and sophisticated. The highlights gradually lighten the base color and illuminate the face.

Long Ash Brown Balayage Hair

Instagram / @hairbyedwin

#26: White Grey with Red

Who says grey is only for brunettes and blondes? Red hair with silver highlights that are close to white are original and distinct. A gorgeous layered cut pairs well with this color combination as it shows off the professional styling.

#27: Blonde Grey Lob

A mixture of ashy and bright platinum balayage highlights makes for a stylish look! Strategically place the lighter color around your face and blend it into the tips of your hair for a cohesive coiffure.

Brown Layered Hair With Silver Balayage

Instagram / @josievilay

#28: Silver Bob with Root Fade

Blonde hair with silver highlights is extra chic. A complex color job that goes from brown at the roots to grey, almost white, at tips suits any hair length and texture.

#29: Golden Blonde Waves and Gray Highlights

The warm blonde hair with grey highlights embraces a beautiful contrast of warmer and cooler metallics that looks fresh and unusual.

Long Gray Hair With Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @hairbyjoebae

#30: Black Hair with Silver Blonde Balayage

Silver, and blonde, and brown, oh my! The cool medium brown is diluted with light silver streaks. The lightness of shades you choose for balayage depends on how much contrast you desire. When the shades blend smoothly and the amount of the brightest shade is minimal, you get the most sophisticated looks.

Black Hair With Silver Blonde And Gray Balayage

Instagram / @saloncamaj

#31: Striking Silver Curls

The warm chocolate hair transcends into the masses of sterling silver waves to emanate a frosty lift. A movie star image with big dazzling hair that not only sweeps to one side, it sweeps people off their feet too!

#32: Medium Brown Blonde Waves

The subtle silver highlights provide nuances of sophistication and blend blonde tresses with dark hair to come up with a whole new dimension. Such a clever use of color enhances the texture, as a waterfall of layers delivers volume to the tousled waves. Bring out the “Me Tarzon, You Jane” for a wild and carefree spirit.

#33: Salt and Pepper Hairstyle

Besides the length, color is the main attraction of this hairstyle. The vibrant blonde and gray highlights create streaks which are thinning and melting towards the ends. The perfect blend of dark and light provides a powerful statement.

#34: Medium Shag with Higlights

Silver highlights can be a part of a sophisticated mix of colors where warm and cool hues mingle to create a mane of a sultry sex-kitten. The ruffled layers dance sweetly below the shoulders and nestle into a purr-fect blend of modesty and radiance.

#35: Black and White Combo

Here’s how you make your color work with your ‘do. Try a fauxhawk (that is meant to be defined with color) in the trendy silver hue. The black cropped sides contrast the fluffy silver feathers on top. Be brave and try it out.

#36: Dirty Blonde with White Streaks

Chunky highlights look beautiful in long hair. Their placement should be considered, but appear rather random, like a few thick face-framing pieces and a bit smaller streaks here and there.

#37: Shiny White Highlights

This wavy hairstyle features shaggy ends and bright white highlights. The dark brown at the roots gradually gets lighter with the inclusion of grey, silver and white along the length. The result is dazzling waves you want to look at again and again.

#38: Platinum Blonde Lowlights

These streaks of silver and ash blond start right at the roots which is not typical for most of modern dye jobs with darkened roots. The colors still perfectly blend together down the length of the hair finishing off with soft ash blonde ends.

Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

Instagram/ @maxwellmathson

#39: Chic Bouncy Curls

The shoulder length hair cascade into soft, touchable ringlets for a head full of silver tinged bling to create a rare tropical look. This is a romantic, floaty and feminine style with curly side bangs. Hair is symmetrical with plenty of body to keep you at the forefront of fashion.

medium-length curly ash blonde hairstyle

Instagram/ @saythelees

#40: Long Silver Layers

Want a cute hairstyle idea for gray hair? Here we pay homage to the centre parting which paves the way for long layers to gently settle around the shoulders. Love the way that luscious layers provide the flow and all-round volume. This is a prime example of a hairstyle where simplicity meets elegance.

So there you have it… Whether you opt for subtle grey highlights or a surge of silver, aesthetically you will create a fashion statement that makes you stand out from the crowd. Silver highlights tell the world that you are sassy, slightly wild, flamboyant and great to be around. We will all go grey eventually, so why not embrace this color now and guess what? You will never see yourself grow old!

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