The Best Balayage Hair Color Ideas: 90 Flattering Styles

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Balayage is a French hair coloring technique where the color is painted on the hair by hand as opposed to the old school highlighting methods with foils and cap highlighting. The free-hand application allows to achieve a more natural and modern effect with subtle transitions between the chosen hues, whether blonde, brunette, red or unnatural colors, such as popular pastels and even neons.

The Difference Between Ombre and Balayage

Ombre is a darker shade washed to a lighter shade, with no darker pieces at the ends of your hair, whereas balayage is well-blended vertical highlights that let glimpses of a darker shade throughout the length and even at the ends. With ombre the lighter shade is denser and its concentrated mid-shaft to ends. The lighter pieces of balayage are placed strategically, some start higher and closer to the roots, others lower, and some brighten the ends, resulting in a less uniform, less predictable and more natural style.

The Best Balayage Hair Color Ideas

Nothing helps to stay looking current as a modern hair color and a trendy cut. The balayage is deservedly considered the hottest customized hair color solution of today. Our vast gallery embraces the chicest balayage looks of 2018 from celebrities, A-listers and the most popular Instagram accounts associated with hair styling and hair coloring. These won’t leave you uninspired. By no means.

#1: Long Waves with Warm Caramel Balayage

Long Caramel Balayage For Brunettes

Instagram / @cris_cobucci

Long hair, tumbling curls and caramel highlights make for a timeless combination. A variety of beautiful V-cut layers will add movement to locks and emphasize the warm undertones running throughout. Sophisticated and stylish.

#2: Dimensional Waves and Bronde Balayage

The good thing about highlights is that no matter what hair type you have, from pin straight to curly, an optical illusion of movement is created. On textured messy hair particularly, golden blonde balayage gives off a carefree beauty vibe.

#3: Sprinkled Chocolate and Caramel Balayage

Tired of espresso brown hair? Why not try a sprinkle of gorgeous burned caramel highlights? Introduce them slowly, with just a handful of fine streaks placed through the front. It will not only create a beautiful face-framing effect, but also look luxurious and cool simultaneously.

#4: Ash Blonde V-Cut for Fine Hair

One can never go wrong with a staple Cali girl ‘do. Platinum blonde highlights compliment ashy brown hair beautifully and give off a sunkissed girl-next-door vibe. Moreover, this color paired with a V-cut works wonders on fine hair by boosting its body and dimension.

#5: Medium Hair and Multi-Colored Balayage

Thanks to the hand painted technique that balayage brings to the table, hair can truly look like a work of art full of dimension and gorgeous color blends. This collage of shades inspires and leaves us staring at all of the different tones. A wavy finish really shows off this masterpiece.

#6: Dirty Blonde Balayage Lob

This is an exquisite example of subtle balayage. Whether you like your base color or you’re nervous to experiment with heavy highlights, slightly lightening the tips and face framing strands gives enough of a look update.

Choppy Dark Blonde Lob

Instagram / @hairbybrae

#7: Shaggy Lob with Partial Balayage

A smattering of super fine highlights can create a beautiful subtle balayage. Ask your colorist to paint luscious honey hues mostly around the face and a bit through the lengths, focusing on where the light naturally hits. Beautifully understated.

#8: Caramel-Toned Layers for Brunettes

Brunette balayage can be also performed with some delicious caramel tones involved. This hair color choice will be particularly flattering for women with warm complexions. The long luscious waves flow like real caramel. This mane is made to drive someone crazy!

#9: Dark Blonde Hair with Platinum Pieces

Forget the foils and opt for balayage highlights at your next salon visit. This clever contouring technique leaves hair looking sun-bleached. Here’s a cute idea for dishwater blondes: icy streaks breaking up a darker dirty blonde base. Keep your balayage free from brassy tones by using a purple shampoo at least once a week.

#10: Choppy Bob with Soft Blonde Balayage

Say goodbye to flat color with a brunette balayage completed with soft honey and blonde highlights. Upgrading a shorter choppy cut with soft, feminine streaks feels modern and cool. Add in some understated waves and you’re onto a winner.

#11: Bronde Coloring for Medium Hair

Natural brunettes— if you don’t want a completely new hairdo but still wish to change up your look, freshen up your hair by lifting it to the delicious bronde pictured here. This is a risk-free update that is extra modern on medium length hair.

#12: Ombre Inspired

Ombre hair is still beautiful and in style, but it’s gradually phasing out due to its severity. If you want something that looks more God-given than salon-given, go with a more natural balayage ombre that will flatter your features without overpowering them.

#13: Silver Gray Balayage Ombre Hair

Silver hair isn’t going anywhere! Accentuate a millennial grunge wardrobe with gray brunette balayage. There is a high contrast between the two tones, but a skilled colorist is able to hand blend both into each other.

#14: Brown Blonde Balayage Ombre

When you like the idea of lighter ends, but want to wrap it into the most popular today coloring approach, go for balayage ombre. In this particular look the beach waves seem to melt towards the ends – the most relaxed look ever!

#15: Chunky Honey Blonde Balayage

A beautiful balayage starts at the salon. No blocky highlights here! To get a flawlessly blended finish, your stylist will use a hand painting technique, picking up strands strategically and applying bleach and dye to create a gorgeous multi-tonal effect. True hair artistry!

#16: Honey Balayage with Flashes of Blonde

A mix of light brown and blonde pieces is a popular choice when it comes to balayage color combinations. Why? They can be tweaked to suit everyone! Ask a stylist you trust for their expert opinion on which combo you should go for, then take the plunge.

#17: Caramel Balayage for Brown Hair

Brunette balayage can have as many varieties as you can imagine. If you prefer a natural look of sun-faded locks, caramel and blonde tones are a worthy choice. Those shades can breathe new life into your common choppy bob haircut.

#18: Chocolate Brown with Caramel Highlights

Dark brown hair and balayage highlights complement each other beautifully, as evidenced by this gorgeous hair color choice. With the chocolate brown base diluted with caramel highlights, this is absolutely a fuss-free and flattering look. The undone waves placed throughout also keep this look modern and fresh.

#19: Textured Bob with Golden Blonde Highlights

A bob cut is super cute on its own and flatters most face shapes. A mix of dark brown, light brown, and golden blonde shades can really bring out the beauty of this style. Concentrate the lighter shade at the tips for a cool contrasting look.

#20: Dark Brown Hair with Caramel Balayage

How gorgeous is this caramel balayage? If you want to break up very thick brown hair, illuminating streaks will create dimension and volume. Hints of amber and rose gold compliment brown and black hair, and provide a great transition shade if you’re looking to go lighter in the future.

#21: Cool-Toned Blonde Colormelt

Balayage styles aren’t going to step out of the spotlight any time soon, and it’s easy to see why when they look this fantastic. It’s the perfect example of blonde and brown shades melting seamlessly into one another. To recreate the look, ask your stylist to include honey, creamy beige and platinum hues into the mix for a sublime, dimensional finish.

#22: Medium Hair with Copper and Beige Highlights

These tresses boast endless shades to admire. The trick to this ‘do is using shades that suit your skin undertone and blending high contrast colors through transitioning hues like caramel and copper in this example.

Caramel And Ash Blonde Balayage For Brown Hair

Instagram / @sharchang

#23: Tiger Eye Coloring for Long Hair

Thick highlights of a much lighter color have a bad reputation for looking outdated. A trending balayage update, the tiger eye coloring, looks lavish and modern when done correctly!

#24: Brunette Bob with Caramel Highlights

Ladies with short hair, spice up your bob by dyeing tips a caramel or sandy shade. Highlights that have a reddish nuance flatter deep brunettes amazingly. Balayage hair color is a great option for women who are looking to grow out their short manes, too!

#25: Lob with Bronze and Blonde Highlights

For a subtle, sun-kissed take on the balayage color, lighten hair just two to three shades above your base hue. The liquid caramel and silky bronze hues reflect the light for a flattering, super natural finish. In a nutshell; you’ll look like you’ve spent two weeks soaking up the sun in Ibiza, not two hours at a salon.

#26: Medium Hair with Platinum and Golden Ribbons

Another out-of-the-ordinary ‘do blends platinum and golden ribbons. Show off your creative side with a unique mishmash of white grey and copper rose gold strands. It’s sure to inspire and turn heads!

#27: Angled Bob with Blonde Highlights

An angled bob is definitely the trendiest cut of the year – it can be seen on countless fashionistas. It’s popular to pair the cut with a solid hair color, like silver or deep chestnut, but blonde highlights are a perkier, youthful addition.

#28: Tangerine Balayage Bob

Who said balayage hair color had to be blonde? This choppy bob proves you can be playful. Notice the assortment of cinnamon and tangerine hues carefully placed through the lengths, with a higher concentration of color added around the face. Fun, fabulous and alluring.

#29: Brown, Ash Blonde and Platinum Blend

This pretty hair color solution is dazzling, as it reaches the brightest platinum notes at certain points. Brown and blonde blend can give the feeling of warmth or coolness. This is the coolest combination possible.

#30: Delicate Balayage for Medium Length Hair

Most examples of balayage on the Internet feature long hair. But shoulder-length locks also look very beautiful with ombre and with balayage. Brunettes who want to lighten up their hair significantly may go this cute idea with a light brown tone around the face, dark blonde at the ends and a sprinkling of the lightest blonde throughout the length.

#31: Medium Bob with Dimensional Coloring

Ashy brown and blonde hair is a popular choice since it mixes the most flattering colors for cool and neutral complexions. Pro tip—save some money on your next salon trip by asking for a half head of highlights (partial balayage, only on the top layer of your hair). The effect is the same with less work involved!

#32: Subtle Light

Balayage hair doesn’t have to be dramatic or overly noticeable – sometimes it’s as simple as subtly illuminating your hair to light brown with just a pinch of color.

#33: Brunette Hair with a Hint of Caramel

Sometimes deep brunettes become hesitant about trying balayage since highlights are often done with light blonde shades. Having a big tone gap between highlights and base color has a tendency to appear dated. Nowadays, effortless hair is in, so go with a few hints of caramel for a brighter complexion!

#34: Light Brown Balayage Hair

This beauty is giving us extreme hair goals. Her roots are very dark but the beige balayage works well for a subtle yet expressive look. A few warmer strokes of caramel at the midshaft is a great link to merge the dark roots and pale ends.

#35: Balayage Color Streak Fun

You don’t have to stick to a specific color family to achieve balayage-designated locks. In fact, if you want something more edgy and fun, this is the perfect hair color technique for you. Experiment with purple greys, platinum blonde, or whatever else you feel like. The trick to a quality balayage is to paint it on freehand rather that use something more systematic like foils.

#36: Brown Haired Beauty

Any brunette knows that features seem weighed down if they don’t have some sort of hair-incorporated pick-me-up. Go for a highlight shade that’s only a few shades lighter than the bulk of your hair.

#37: Natural Blonde to Supernatural Silver

Gray hair has been trendy among young women for several seasons now, and it shows no sign of slowing down. These balayage highlights start with a classic blonde and descend into a carefree purple gray hue that is as fun as your super hero outlook on life.

#38: Brown, Caramel and Blonde Color Mix

Reddish tones of brown are also a very popular solution in balayage. You may start with chocolate brown or dark burgundy as the darkest base color and then pair it with chunky caramel highlights which of course need a sprinkling of blonde to set off the used colors.

#39: Long Layers with Honey Blonde Balayage

If this coiffure had a soundtrack, it would definitely be Mariah Carey’s “Honey”. Though honey blonde is a very sweet and girly choice, a long layered cut brings sophistication and sexiness to the style.

#40: Two-Tone Hair with Light Layers

Possibly a prime example and true definition of balayage hair, two-tone wavy ‘dos suit everyone! Even with symmetrical and uniform highlights like these, make sure to keep face framing strands one or two shades lighter for brightness in your face.

#41: Fashionable Roots

Showing your roots used to be a total fashion faux pas – but thanks to popular highlighting techniques like today’s balayage styles, brown and blonde hair can co-exist without any shame.

#42: Medium Layers with Nude Hair Color

Standard nude ombre highlights are tried and true, foolproof hair renovations. Go for a medium chop to make the popular color combo a bit more dynamic.

Bronde Balayage For Medium Length Hair

Instagram / @cristen_smith

#43: Ash Blonde Balayage Ombre

Mixed with ombre, balayage highlights focus on lightening up the tips and give leeway for easier color upkeep. Contrast a warm caramel base against a cooler toned blonde for a unique juxtaposition.

#44: Dark Hair with Caramel Babylights

Babylights are a fairly new movement great for a refined appearance. A slightly more mature version of balayage, babylights are a fantastic option for older women or ladies who want understated locks.

#45: Layered Bob with Blonde Balayage

An angled lob is a fabulous cut for all ages! Calling all new mothers who have a desire to chop off their locks—this youthful blonde balayage style is chic and low maintenance!

#46: Delicious Balayage Highlights

Caramel highlights look so lovely on dark haired women, and the balayage technique really ups the beauty. With the ability to place highlights more freely and seemingly randomly, balayage highlights can brighten up any color or style. If your hair is dark, request chocolate, auburn or honey colored streaks to keep things looking natural.

#47: Dramatic Brunette Balayage for Layered Hair

If you want to wear your hair down, a medium-length layered haircut is the best choice. If it’s bold and choppy, support its spirit with a dramatic balayage job. Graze the ends of the layers with a shade much lighter than your base color. Light caramel brown on black is a pretty good idea.

#48: Beige Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

If you’re looking for a color option to lighten your dark brown hair, but don’t want anything too contrasting, consider beige highlights. Beige isn’t a color that may stand out in theory, but it can add a gorgeous softness to naturally dark hair.

#49: A-Line Lob with Highlights

Angled cuts are show-stopping on their own. To really amp up the style, toss in some balayage highlights. Shades of caramel complement brown hair in a natural but impactful way.

#50: Layered V-Cut with Blonde Balayage

A cut with lots of layers can really be shown off with the right highlights. Even subtle changes in color make a big difference. Various shades of blonde blend in seamlessly thanks to the brushed balayage technique.

#51: Gorgeous Caramel Brown Layers

Cinnamon makes for a stunning addition to black hair. The beautiful balayage pieces really help the layers stand out, creating an effortless, feminine style that is modern without appearing too fake. Ask your stylist for highlights that start from the temple and angle backwards to the nape level.

#52: Dark Brown to Caramel Balayage

To see what a drastic change a color can make, look no further than a good “before” and “after” shot. This drab dark brown hair is transformed with the addition of some caramel highlighting. The hair looks fuller and healthier with this cool update.

#53: Espresso with Caramel Blonde Highlights

So pretty! For a trendy balayage look, ask your stylist for thin highlights above the midshaft and thick highlights below. These honey and caramel tones blend so perfectly together—and help tie the dark root and blonde end. To recreate these curls, try a clipless barrel curling iron.

#54: Pearl Blonde Balayage for Brunettes

Find yourself having a hard time committing to light or dark hair? Your conundrum is over. Brown and platinum hair can actually coexist on the same head thanks to our dear friend, balayage. Start with your natural shade at the roots to make maintenance a breeze.

Platinum Blonde Balayage For Brown Hair

Instagram / @simplicitysalon

#55: Beige and Blonde Layered Hairstyle

Beige is a lovely new color trend that pairs perfectly with all shades of blonde. Thanks to celebrities like Julianne Hough, many of us are gravitating towards this neutral hue. While it can work with any skin tone, our fair friends may find it the most flattering.

#56: Complex Medium Brown Hair Color

The medium brown blend with smears of dark honey, streaks of flaxen blonde and occasional chocolate ribbons in between provides the complexity of the color that won’t be so easy to duplicate. You are likely to get something similar, but not exactly the same. This balayage solution is particularly flattering for tanned skin.

#57: Blonde Balayage for Brunettes

Incorporating blonde balayage highlights for brunettes has never been so easy, smart and beautiful. Well, easy for someone who is experienced, because you’ll need to blend the lightest shades of blonde through muted golden brown strands. Use the lightest shades for face-framing.

#58: Subtle Balayage Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

A modern textured bob worn effortlessly in loose tousled waves always wins from subtle touches of color called to enhance the texture and dimension of your medium length hair when you wear it undone.

#59: Deep Brown Hair with Auburn Balayage

Who said balayage has to be blonde? Auburn and brown make a super sultry mixture. Red and green are complementary, so ladies with green eyes, try out auburn to really make your eyes stand out!

#60: Warm Balayage and Side-Swept Bangs

Medium length cuts sometimes get the unfair rep of being the ugly step child between sassy short and lusciously long hair. Embrace your in-between length with some face flattering bangs and a head-turning color. Shades of brown with blonde tips make for a gorgeous palette.

#61: Chocolate and Dark Brown Hair Color

It’s not the common streaking. The major benefit of this dye technique is creating dimension in the hair. If you enjoy being a brunette, opt for medium-toned brown balayage hair, remaining on your natural dark brown base. This color will look beautiful on medium length layered haircuts for wavy hair.

#62: Long Hair, Romantic Color

If you are lucky enough to have long, healthy and soft locks, lighten things up to provide that eye-catching sheen. Your hair will rival the beauties tossing their locks in shampoo commercials – only yours will be real! Brown hair should stick with subtle – a little bit of blonde goes a long way.

#63: Caramel Balayage on Medium Length Hair

This soft caramel shade makes for perfect brunette highlights. Worked into the bottom layers of deep espresso hair, the color creates some pretty glints of light. If you want to try blonde balayage (but don’t want anything too crazy) then ask for hidden highlights like these.

#64: Long Bob with Beige Ombre

Balayage highlights are a stylish way to blend brown and blonde hair. The dark hair from roots to midshaft and the light tips actually make the strands appear longer by drawing the eye downward. This is a great option for those who would like to lengthen a round face shape.

#65: Medium Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Chocolate brown hair, while lovely on its own, may sometimes need a little pick-me up to feel fresh. A sprinkling of blonde babylights can work wonders. Finish with a beachy wave to best display the subtle streaks.

#66: Soft Balayage for Coffee Brown Hair

Need ideas on colors that look great with coffee brown hair? Just think about what works well with your morning coffee. Honey, caramel, and chestnut are all complimentary pairings for your favorite latte as well as your tresses.

#67: Caramel Balayage for Brunettes

Brunette balayage options are endless since brown works as the perfect base color for many highlight tones. Caramel adds just enough brightness for some pizazz without compromising the integrity of the brown.

#68: Mid-Length Layers with Balayage

There are several tricks to making medium length hair look its best. First, start with a killer cut with lots of layers and texture. Then, make sure you throw in some complementary coloring to show off those layers. Lastly, finish with some fun loose curls to set off the cut and color.

#69: Layered Hair with Rose Gold Streaks

Command attention with rose gold swirls! Truly a one-of-a-kind style, this balayage color would complement any natural base – blonde, brunette, black, or red. Pro tip—If you opt for a balayage, it’s a good idea to get a layered cut for added body and volume.

#70: Multi-Tonal Wavy Brown Bob

Balayage hair color options within brown palette are endless. You can go into reddish (caramel and auburn) tones of brown or try golden shades varying from browns to blondes. In case you would like a more neutral solution, it looks like this: dark brown for the under layer, medium browns washed to the lightest ash hues towards the ends and very light thin ribbons of brown blonde throughout the length here and there.

wavy brunette balayage bob

Instagram/ @hairby_chrissy

#71: Chocolate Hair with Rose Gold Highlights

Rose gold is a beautiful shade and highly requested balayage color. It’s a versatile option that can complement blonde tones or lighten dark brown hair as shown here. The unique warm color finished with some feminine curls creates a show-stopping, polished look.

Dark Brown Hair With Caramel Balayage

Instagram / @southmarksouth

#72: High Contrast Balayage for Brunettes

When working with dark brown or black hair, you can create a bold contrast without utilizing any crazy color combos. Simply add in some beige or tan highlights here and there. Remember that less is more as too much of the lighter tone won’t allow the beauty of the darker hair to shine through.

#73: Lightly Textured Balayage Hair

It’s amazing what the right amount of light texture can do for naturally fine hair. This hairstyle is an example of the perfect marriage between fine hair, texture and color. The result is a classy and modern look.

#74: Dark Brown Mixed Balayage Color

This mix of browns looks adorable on the shaggy waves. It’s truly an art to compose a blend that is so natural-looking and, at the same time, sophisticated and exquisite. A woman who doesn’t want to reveal the efforts she puts into looking this gorgeous will love the idea.

#75: A-Line Bob with Face-Framing Highlights

Some cuts stand on their own and don’t need much color to complete the style. Pixie cuts and short a-lines are examples. A hint of balayage hair color just around the face is enough to highlight the great lines and workmanship of the cut itself.

#76: Caramel Beige Ombre Balayage

We are eternally grateful that balayage hair means we can grow out our dark roots and still look gorgeous. If you’ve got long hair, you’re in for a great result, as you’ll be able to achieve an incredible graduation from root to tip. What’s even more exciting is that as the style begins to grow out, the beige hues will become even more flawlessly blended.

#77: Sweet Caramel Balayage

Tanned skin and tousled waves with sun-kissed highlights are the two main attributes of a sexy surfer look. If it flatters you, wear it regardless of season, experimenting with caramel highlights which pair perfectly with medium chocolate hue.

#78: Soft Light Brown Balayage

If you prefer a more natural look, start with a medium shade of brown and add in very subtle beige highlights focused around the face and blurred towards the back. The change is just enough to introduce some interest without looking like you’ve done much to change your hair color. A slightly messy straight-wavy style finishes the effortless vibe.

#79: Shaggy Hair with Arctic Blonde Balayage

Even if you don’t want a full head of bright blonde locks, a few pops of a cool shade can really make a big impact. Going with a light shade on the outer layers helps to add dimension and show off the darker tones underneath. A shaggy cut is a great option to enhance the texture of long or short hair.

#80: Long Bob with Platinum Blonde Balayage

Blonde balayage hair gives you an opportunity to keep your natural hair color and add some ribbons of the blonde shade you prefer. Thanks to an array of light shades from platinum to honey, the combinations are endless making no two blondes alike.

#81: Strawberry Blonde Balayage for Brunettes

Are you interested in going red, but not quite sure if it’s for you? Strawberry blonde may be the perfect transition color. This warm tone brings a gorgeous creamy cinnamon shade you can’t look away!

#82: Dark Color Sheen

If you have very dark hair, you know that brown hair with highlights isn’t always the loveliest. It’s just too easy to reach that overkill territory, and once you go blonde in any form, it can be difficult to return back again. Balayage hair allows dark haired beauties a chance to try some color enhancement without going overboard.

#83: Chamomile Blonde Layered Hair

Everyone will ask your haircolorist`s number after seeing this perfect blend of blonde shades woven skillfully through your mane! Dark blonde roots plus chamomile bottom starting from the midshaft are always a sure fire choice for girls with naturally light locks.

#84: Shaggy Blonde Balayage Bob

In the times when solid colors reigned in hair color trends, brunettes had to do frequent root touch ups. Blonde balayage highlights have become a salvation in this relation. Being a blonde and rocking your natural dark underlayer is not a beauty crime anymore.

#85: Face-Framing Balayage Highlights

Sometimes you don’t want additional colors to distract from the beauty of your healthy flowing locks. In this case subtle balayage highlights, a little bit more intense for the face-framing strands, are exactly what is needed. An exquisite compliment, but not an overshadowing attraction.

#86: Wavy Lob with Skinny Caramel Highlights

These short sexy waves and honey highlights are giving us life! It’s the style du jour for cool girls everywhere, and with practically no upkeep necessary, we’re sold on the idea. If you’ve got straight hair, use a curling wand to achieve those cute relaxed waves. Spray with a medium hold hairspray to keep the curls bouncy through the day.

#87: Ash Brown and Beige Balayage

Fancy a change? A balayage on dark hair is a lovely way to lighten up your look. If you’re blessed with a full, thick mane, consider having some flicky layers chopped into the length. It will complement the varying colors running through the ends, creating a gorgeous ombre-like style.

#88: Wavy Cinnamon Style

You don’t always have to accent your brunette hair with light golden tones; sometimes a medium brown hue is just as effective. The upside is that you can filter thicker strips of color throughout your strands and it still won’t overpower your look.

#89: Light Caramel Balayage

There’s a certain tendency to make long hair rather natural-looking and express more drama through shorter hair. That’s not a rule, just a well-grounded solution, in our opinion. This angled bob needed the maximum definition to enhance the texture and show off the layers, and it succeeded thanks to the highly-contrasting two-tone color.

#90: Very Subtle Balayage

This color job is feminine, subtle and glowing with natural radiance. Bring in photo examples such as this one if you want your stylist to understand what you’re hoping to get out of your salon visit. A picture really does speak a thousand words – especially when it comes to hair colors and styles.

Balayage Against Traditional Highlights

In this fair battle balayage highlights wins 4:0 because it:

  • offers a dimensional, customized look;
  • takes less time than foil highlights;
  • gives less evident regrowth lines and grows out beautifully;
  • turns out cost-efficient in the long run, since you save on regular touch ups.

How to Get a Quality Balayage?

Find a colorist you trust. Google for reputable stylists in your area, check their Instagram accounts and sort out those whose work you really like.

Make balayage inspiration mood board. Save pictures of hair colors that inspire you and may be considered as your future hair color. It’s also useful to pick up pictures with manes that have the same texture as your hair. Balayage works equally great on wavy/curly hair as it does on straight strands, but the placement of highlights and the contrast of hues may vary depending on whether your hair is textured or super straight.

Go for a consultation first. Make sure you are comfortable with your colorist and they understand the result you want to get. Discuss the details of your color, like whether you want a warm, cool or neutral look and where you’d like your lightest highlights. Find out how many sessions you’ll need to achieve the result you want. A reputable colorist will slowly work to your desired color to minimize damage. A good product to use for lightening is Olaplex. It’s mixed with the lightener to reverse the damage that comes from bleaching by repairing the weakened and broken bonds between the hair cells. As a result, the hair looks healthier and feels softer than before bleaching and dyeing. So, you may want to ask whether they use Olaplex and find out about the dyes they work with.

Balayage Maintenance Tips

Once you get your quality balayage, you can either grow it out and cut it off without caring for the color or try to maintain it and enjoy for months, watching as it turns into a beautiful ombre and later into gorgeous sun-kissed tips that are hard to tell from your own unless you were using some unnatural hues. You’d probably go for the latter. So, how to keep the color?

  1. Use a blue shampoo to prevent your hair from developing brassy tones. If you notice your color fading from sun exposure and heat styling, do glossing every 3-6 weeks to restore the intensity of the hues and shine.
  2. Apply a color protecting shampoo and conditioner. Stay away from products with sulfates and silicones.
  3. Try deep conditioning treatments, such as weekly at-home Olaplex Hair Perfector #3.
  4. Don’t neglect heat protection when styling.

Today balayage is our ultimate hair goal. Only with balayage we can achieve the most bespoke hair colors, fine-tune the palette to brighten up our overall looks and express our individuality. A balayage done by a professional colorist is less damaging than a solid hair color, reqires less maintanence and looks more expensive. These benefits are pretty convincing, but what’s even more is the hair color you see on someone and fall in love with. Today it’s definetely a balayage hair color, dimensional, exquisite and exclusive.

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