50 Amazing and Awe-Inspiring Asymmetrical Bobs

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Blunt symmetrical bobs are classic, but can sometimes seem too regular for women who crave an extra dose of style and glam throughout their everyday lives. An asymmetrical bob haircut gives an edgy vibe to the standard look, which you can further customize with curls and colors. Look through our top twenty looks below – they really suit any woman’s desire for self-expression.

Asymmetrical Bobs

To make an impact, asymmetry in bobs should be significant. If one side is practically the same as the other, it will be unnoticeable. The following are the best examples of present-day asymmetric bob cuts.

#1: Sharp Choppy Bob

This short bob could be your ultimate low-maintenance chic style with its mussed-up bedhead look. The cut works perfectly for someone with wavy hair or even fine straight hair and requires almost no daily styling, making for easy upkeep. Falling asleep with wet hair and rolling out of bed has never looked so good.

#2: Lavender A-line Look

Lavender is an equally appealing alternative to gray or silver hair if you crave something with a little extra color. The great thing is that the color complements a variety of different skin tones and hair textures – it’s equally exciting on most of them.

#3: Shaggy Uneven Bob

Romantic and feminine, this angled bob with its delicately tousled waves looks nice in all colors, but especially touching with some honeyed highlights pictured here. A deep side part adds a bit of mysterious flair, and the darker underlayer conveys depth and drama to these adorable beach waves.

#4: Blunt Bob with an Angled Side

Short bangs are still having their moment, but to keep the look fresh, go ahead and turn a blunt bowl cut into an angled bob on one side for the ultimate asymmetrical edge. Angling and layering make this anti-mullet cut extremely fashion-forward and bring to perfection its unique androgynous look.

#5: Deep Red Half Pixie Half Bob

This beautiful maroon hair color creates the perfect base for a short asymmetrical bob. Being sharply angled on one side, it offers the ideal spiky pieces that you can define with some pomade or texturizer. Easy to style, all it takes to perfect this look is running your fingers through your ends to create those funky pieces.

#6: Stacked Haircut for Thick Hair

Having your hair cut from long to short is a major commitment, but it is worth it, especially if your lengthy locks are weighing your face down. Face-framing layers better accentuate smaller face shapes and add structure to a previously uninspiring style.

#7: Fiery Red Angled Bob

This layered and angled cut makes the girl’s unique coloring all the more fun and funky. The artful angling of this attention-grabbing foxy red bob brings out the contrast of the darker roots and the brighter ends, creating depth and easy, playful, movement for a striking look.

#8: Curly Bob with Highlights

Ladies with thin hair should still add layers within their asymmetric style to create fullness. This look also uses highlights with darker roots for dimension and spiral curls to amplify the volume. As with the first style, matching your makeup to your hair color—this time using eye shadow—is a great way to create a fully coordinated look.

#9: Short Layered Bob

Blonde babylights throughout this graduated bob give it a playful look and almost hint at sun-touched beach waves. The sharp angle, choppy layers, and the clean nape line make this bob both masculine and feminine – the ideal yin and yang combo.

#10: Classic Straight Black Bob

This bob is a blend of the two most popular bob lengths – chin length on one side and collar bone on the other. The asymmetric bob echoes the origins of the bob back in the ‘20s with its classic straight look and edges gently turned in to frame your face softly.

#11: Wavy Side-Parted Bob

The beautiful caramel highlights in this style accentuate the loose, natural waves. You can style this long asymmetrical bob using a little mousse and scrunching your locks or making very loose waves with a large-barrel curling iron.

#12: Angled Bob with Very Short Layers

Another example of how to liven up thin, lifeless strands using artful layers. This stacked cut creates volume without the usage of curls by simply adding short, spunky layers throughout the crown. It is a great daily look that will keep its shape with minimal maintenance; a worthy pick for a woman who is always on the run.

#13: Twist on the Inverted Bob

Go all the way through with this edgy color and cut combination, and you’ll be satisfied with the final result. Stacked at the back and angled forward into a chin-length chop, this daring look is topped off with a short straight fringe in a direct contrast to the wildness of the waves and angles. With an emphasis on natural, this look would be great on hair with almost any kind of texture from straight and lightly wavy to more curly.

short red wavy bob with bangs

Instagram/ @janine_ker_hair

#14: Stacked Bob

This beautiful auburn color is complemented by the dramatic angle of the cut. The stacked bob offers low-maintenance upkeep: just add a bit of mousse for texture, tousle your locks and go!

#15: Descending Corner

A fun twist on a classic bob— almost uniform all the way around, but with a touch of that rock-and-roll edge on one side. The back of this cut almost hints at Anna Wintour’s signature perfectly-in-line bob, but definitely strays from the norm in its evident asymmetry.

#16: Lopsided Lob with Diagonal Bangs

Taking asymmetry to the next level, this long bob plays with extremes. An expertly cut lob is basically low maintenance, so you may only need a bit of straightening if you have wavy hair and want a straight style or a quick session with a curling iron to get these easy waves.

#17: Layered A-Line Cut

We love this slightly edgy cut, especially paired with the rich, dark brown hair color. Surface layers benefit thick strands, removing bulk. You can see how the deep side part works well with uneven lengths. If you have lots of straight hair, this is a perfect match.

Layered Asymmetrical Brown Bob

Instagram / @hairbyedwin

#18: Side-Tucked Blonde Bob

If you don’t want a style that’s permanently askew, an asymmetrical bob can be achieved on the base on an angled bob with a simple side sweep and tuck. By wearing one side forward and folding the other back behind the ear you’ll make a sultry—and temporary—asymmetric look. Highlights through the top enhance the disconnection.

Blonde Side-Parted Asymmetrical Bob

Instagram / @anhcotran

#19: Tousled Pink Crop

Here, a gradual fade of fuschia to pastel rose corresponds with the progressive reduction of weight, creating optical harmony. As you can see, this medium bob provides a soft edge that is flattering on strong jawlines. An irregular part enhances the casual vibe.

Pastel Pink Messy Ombre Bob

Instagram / @jaywesleyolson

#20: Classic Chin-Length Bevel

In this image, the hair on the longer side falls below the jawline, grazing the collarbone, and naturally flips in. If you prefer an understated aesthetic, this variation is cute, timeless, and uneven in a flattering way. A panel of lighter color through the front piece draws attention to the elongated side and creates a bright frame for the face.

Asymmetrical Honey Blonde Bob

Instagram / Kelly from @crownbeautybar

#21: Shoulder-Length Ombre Bob

On the dark hair, hand-painted caramel pieces soften the sharp edge of this extremely long asymmetrical bob. Building more length as the shape progresses forward creates a swingy effect. This option is perfect for those who love the trend but don’t want to go too short.

Black To Brown Balayage Asymmetrical Bob

Instagram / @hairbyedwin

#22: Pastel Lob with Waves

The wavy texture and pretty blush hue shown here create an ultra-feminine impression. A textured cut styled in messy undulations makes the most of fine and thin hair. To shape, use a curling wand or iron through the middle portion of the strand, then rake through with fingers.

Choppy Asymmetrical Pastel Pink Bob

Instagram / @shagboston

#23: Bob with Swing Bang

We love the movement created by this flicked eye-grazing fringe. Girly touches include champagne ribbons of brightness, glossy shine, and blurred edges. With bangs and dimensional color, the feel of this cut is flirtier. Choppy ends minimize the strong geometry, while tucking one side creates a contrast to the overall fullness.

Tousled Light Brown Balayage Bob

Instagram / @paintedbeaute

#24: Asymmetrical Plum Shoulder-Duster

You don’t have to chop it all off to stay in vogue. This long asymmetrical bob gives the feeling of a crop while maintaining the ponytail capability. Dark roots add depth, grounding the vivid purple hue. The added length makes a great canvas for the dramatic unevenness.

Long Asymmetrical Purple Bob

Instagram / @hairloungenyc

#25: Beachy Bronze Clavicut

This collarbone dusting shape exudes easygoing confidence. Don’t you love beauty that feels casual? The balayage technique is used to seamlessly blend gradations of color. Loose sea-salt waves are fashioned with a curl-enhancing spray and a diffuser. The matte texture and irregular edges enhance the laid-back appeal.

Asymmetrical Brown Balayage Lob

Instagram / @anhcotran

#26: Rooty Blonde Peekaboo

For girls with an eclectic sense of style, an uneven bob is an inspired selection. There’s an artistic quality to the unusual proportions that are just right if you’re looking for something perfectly imperfect. The flicked tips, and dramatic light-to-dark fade are bespoke touches.

Blonde Balayage Choppy Asymmetrical Bob

Instagram / @singi.vo

#27: Asymmetrical Femme Fatale

Would you like to evoke a powerful female lead or a comic book heroine? Add sharp tips, a sleek surface, and an ebony hue to an asymmetric bob. Straightening with an iron refines the finish; a side split prevents severity. The result is seductive and powerful, sure to boost confidence.

Black Asymmetrical Lob For Straight Hair

Instagram / @off7thsalon

#28: Grungy Side Sweep

This is a real-girl take on Kristen Stewart’s iconic hair design. The cool, grungy effect comes from irregular splashes of warm beige, layered ends, and a low part. The mood is lived-in and a little punk, yet glamorous. This shape can be hard to describe, so make sure to bring pictures to your stylist.

Short Choppy Hairstyle With Swoopy Bangs

Instagram / @joeltorresstyle

#29: Flame-Colored Swoop

Nothing grabs attention like strong contours and bold colors. This fire-inspired fade enhances the flow of the cut with red and gold rainbow of hues. A one-length shape with asymmetry in the front is the perfect base for intricate tonal designs. The tightly cropped nape eliminates heaviness and maximizes the swing.

Orange And Yellow Asymmetrical Bob

Instagram / @patrick.trant

#30: Futuristic Blonde Chop

Stay ahead of the curve with this show-stopping short asymmetrical bob. The contemporary concept uses a micro-fringe and sharp angles for maximum impact. The silvery champagne blonde has a space-age metallic sheen and crystalline sparkle. Keep it glossy and smooth with weightless oils (like argan) and a flat brush.

Asymmetrical Blonde Bob With Cropped Bangs

Instagram / @jazzyydoeshair

#31: Silver Sophisticate

The cool taupe, cloud gray and pewter tones shown here call to mind a stormy sky. Choosing a youthful yet sophisticated palette updates and enlivens the classic shape. It works especially well with blue eyes. The choppy layers customize, reduce heaviness, and add volume for the utmost versatility.

Brown Bob With Silver Blonde Balayage

Instagram / @chrisweberhair

#32: Asymmetrical Golden Girl

What could be lovelier than this long bob with warm blonde tones, loose curves, and tendrils of brightness? Get lift at the roots by flipping your hair to the opposite side of your usual part. Flip upside down and spritz in a workable spray to dishevel.

#33: Textured Chop

For curly hair, varying lengths are key. Layered asymmetrical bob haircuts like this one remove weight, creating piecey curves and swirls. The V-shaped fringe shows off the cheekbones and contrasts the coils. A mix of gel and pomade adds definition; apply when damp, and dry with a diffuser.

Short Razored Bob With Asymmetrical Bangs

Instagram / @mahrithemaven

#34: Angled Asymmetrical Bob

Slanted lines flatter by creating a face-slimming illusion. This must-have trend features a jaw-skimming gradient and a sweeping front that accentuates the cheekbones. Easy to style with fingers or a brush, this ‘do is a dream come true for low maintenance gals.

Brown Asymmetrical Bob With Side Bangs

Instagram / @gurley_styles

#35: Daring Undercut Chop

Like to stay up to the minute? Go progressive and create a lean silhouette by pairing a smooth curtain overlay with sheared lengths underneath. Wearing one side back reveals the daring details. This undercut bob is genius for thick and coarse strands. It also neutralizes unruly hairline cowlicks.

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Undercut

Instagram / @cherilynrachelle

#36: Glossy Ebony Bob

Do you need a look that balances stylishness with professionalism? For working women, this is a classy and elegant go-to. Natural dark brown color shows off the clean contours and keeps it understated. Oiled and pressed strands give asymmetrical bob hairstyles a mirror-like finish.

African American Asymmetrical Bob

Instagram / @360_hairstudio

#37: Edgy Shoulder-Length Cut

With ombréed tips and a deep side part, this long asymmetrical bob redefines what you might consider a ‘bob.’ Longer than your average bob, this one in particular pushes the limits with its angles and the daring dyed tips. Note that it’s also a great option for black women with relaxed hair. If you are looking for something that’s just a touch dramatic, then this is the cut for you.

#38: Sleek Medium Blonde Bob

Looking for something just slightly different but in line with your classic look? This straight, uneven bob might be for you if you want to change up your hairstyle without going too dramatic. Polished with a slightly wet look, this particular style is perfectly asymmetrical and hits just below the chin on one side and at the jaw corner on the other.

#39: Cotton Candy Bob with Shaved Side

Inherently thick, healthy hair makes the ideal base for an asymmetrical bob haircut. Shocking pink is always done best when taken to the absolute extreme, as pictured here. The dramatically swept forward side bangs in combination with the buzzed side revealing the natural color of the model’s hair create a striking contrast.

#40: Wavy Side-Swept Bob

Loose waves combed dramatically to one side give this bob a more modern look with the blond pieces highlighting their uneven choppiness. If you have similar looks as the girl in the photo (a low contrast between your skin tone and eyes), the exposed roots will prevent a washed out look with this style.

side-swept wavy bob with highlights

Instagram/ @karahurston

#41: Precise Angles and Fabulous Highlights

Here’s a truly unhackneyed version! It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful short asymmetrical bob for straight hair. We love the choice of colors for highlights, the sleekness, and the perfect sharp angles of the cut.

#42: Medium Length, Bangs and Side Undercut

Definitely on the extreme side of the spectrum of asymmetrical bob hairstyles, this cut represents an eclectic style. Shaggy bangs add informality that matches the general attitude of nonchalance that the trendy buzzed side brings to the picture.

#43: Fiery Angled Ombre

If you are craving something red-hot, this style is right up your alley. Red hair can be synonymous with the tough girl attitude, and this straight bob skips the layers to focus instead on a variety of reddish browns with a cool tone, ranging from dark brown to bright crimson. Pair with a bold scarlet lip color to fully own the look.

#44: Choppy Layers with Bangs

If you are currently sporting cute bangs and want to try an asymmetrical bob haircut, this is a great option, as it seamlessly blends the bangs into the overall style. With so many different layers in this look, the hairdo would be better suited for women with longer faces, as it could overwhelm smaller face shapes.

#45: Inverted Bob with Dark Roots

Sometimes specific hair colors might not work well with the undertones in certain complexions, but that does not mean you have to avoid them altogether. Breaking up a brighter hue with dark roots allows for a more subtle grown out effect than a full-on color.

#46: Conservative Cut with a Twist

If you are just beginning to test out the waters of an asymmetric bob haircut, this is a perfect entry level style. It uses long layers for an even shoulder-length cut and adds a bit of pizazz with one longer section; a way to upgrade your style without drastically changing your entire look.

#47: Easy and Effortless Chin Length Cut

Sometimes the most uncomplicated hairdos are the best options. This style is perfect for a woman with a busy schedule who wants to look pulled together at all times. Natural waves and light layers ensure that this will look good even if you miss a trim appointment.

#48: Sleek and Shiny Asymmetrical Bob

Show off your glistening strands with a gorgeous angled cut that will complement many different face shapes. As the back view shows, it is slightly shorter in the back to draw attention forward and subtly lengthen the face. It’s a worthy option for the workplace as it is not too over-the-top, but still chic and fashion-forward.

#49: Exaggerated Inverted Cut

This style is for a woman who truly commits to a look—nothing subtle about this haircut! Ranging from closely-cropped in the back to almost shoulder length in the front, this retro style is reminiscent of the mod looks from the sixties. Finish off with white and black eyeliner for a modern nod to Twiggy’s iconic look.

#50: Messy Waves with Babylights

Shorter hairstyles can still sport the popular dye trends as shown by this haircut transformation. The long thin locks did nothing to emphasize and highlight her features as the new look does. The bangs highlight her eyes and the leftover ombre, transformed into babylights, brightens her entire face.

Keep your look modern and fresh with an asymmetric bob hairstyle. With styles ranging from colorful and creative to simple and structured, there is a hairdo for any preference and taste. Make sure to try your favorite cut during your next hair appointment.

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