60 Messy Bob Hairstyles for Your Trendy Casual Looks

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Messy bob hairstyles are super chic, convenient, trendy and easy to style. All you need is to get a flattering bob haircut and select the right hair product for your hair type. Naturally wavy hair is the direct indication for a messy bob. But even if your locks are straight, there are ways to achieve the popular messy texture. Here are 60 cool ideas for messy bob enthusiasts!

Messy Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles

The following examples will give you all the clues on messy bobs and lobs for different hair types and textures as well as some styling tips. Get inspired and plan your next chic bob cut or a cute messy bob hairstyle!

#1: Shaggy Medium Length Bob

This shaggy medium length bob with disconnected ends is amazing in its carefree vibe. It looks like the hair you woke up with! Think of an interesting hair color to move your style to the next level. Subtle ombre highlights are a great solution.

#2: Choppy Balayage Bob with Bangs

The choppy layers of this medium-length bob seamlessly blend with the long side bangs, and the metallic copper balayage highlights placed randomly throughout the style assemble the shattered strands into one harmonious whole.

#3: Peachy Hair with Side Bangs

Your trendy bedhead hairstyle can be not so messy, just slightly imperfect but still maintaining its rounded bob shape. A bit of extra backcombing will help to boost the volume and achieve that special effortless feel. Go for a sophisticated hair hue to raise your style score even more.

#4: Shoulder Length Waves

A long messy bob is charming when worn as a free-flowing hairstyle, but with this length you can also pull your locks up and enjoy a variety of creative updos. Balayage is used almost in every modern look, because it really adds a lot to any basic style.

#5: Flipped and Shaggy Cut

This sassy layered bob features both volume and movement. The bottom layers are carved out with a razor to keep the ends wispy, and a round brush is used to achieve those adorable light flips at the ends. Those with thick hair, who struggle to maintain their tresses, should embrace this cut, as it takes the bulk off at the expense of expertly done layers.

#6: Sun-Kissed Wavy Lob

A messy texture always pairs well with light waves. In this case your messy hairstyle looks maximally natural and effortless. Sun-kissed balayage is an optimal hair color for such a texture. And, of course, it’s beautiful when your tousled waves stop right above the shoulders, grazing your collarbone and softly framing your face.

#7: Messy Casual Bob

Short messy hairstyles, like this one, work great for those who like a little chaos in their style. The cut gives volume to fine hair thanks to light layering at the bottom. Use a bit of volumizing mousse and scrunch your hair while blow drying, creating the major portion of volume towards the ends of the hair.

#8: Blunt Chin Length Cut

This trendy bob is perfect for those who don’t mind making a bold statement. The style works best on fine to medium-textured hair, and will make fine hair look thicker than it actually is thanks to its one-length cut. Use a styling putty or hair wax to create the dishevelled, messy texture.

#9: Messy Lob with Lightened Ends

A long messy bob is sometimes better than its shorter counterpart, because you get more freedom to sport different hairstyles, including updos, while a free-flowing hairdo like in the photo is still a very pretty option you’ll enjoy when being short on time or styling inspiration.

#10: Razored Brunette Balayage Bob

When the ends of your bob are maximally thinned out with a razor, you get a super sharp cut that will look awesome in messy hairstyles. Add some delicate balayage for a color variety and interest points. Dark brown and chocolate is always a winning color combo.

#11: Dark Chocolate Waves

A blunt bob doesn’t have to be so prim and proper. Barely-there waves, like the ones in this messy bob, give off a relaxed and casual vibe. Using a flat iron to give your strands a bit of a bend makes it easy to re-create this look.

#12: Medium Hairstyle with Loose Waves

This brown blonde bob is ultra modern and super chic thanks to its texture and color. A medium shaggy cut is the base to start with. And then you just choose a hair color you love and style some loose random waves. Blending ombre and balayage in one style is often a very good idea.

#13: Textured Bob with Bangs

Layers and the right length of your bob haircut are the factors that guarantee beautiful texture, even if you do not spent time on styling on a daily basis. This haircut works equally great for fine and thick hair. Bangs are a harmonious compliment to the cut.

#14: Messy Layered Bob

Thinking of a quality messy bob haircut, keep in mind choppy layers that can be either rough and chunky or delicate and finely chopped. Make your choice depending on your facial features and, certainly, you can’t neglect your hair type.

Messy Layered Bob

Instagram/ @singi.vo

#15: Brunette Bob with Face-Framing Balayage

A long bob with choppy ends is a worthy medium-length haircut option for thick hair. How to style such a cut? Messy, barely-there waves done with a straightener are a wonderful styling solution that flatters the silhouette of the cut and natural texture of thick hair.

#16: Modern Teased Hairstyle

Unlike the flawless teased bobs of the past which were heavily backcombed and then covered with a smoothed out top layer, the modern teased bob has no secrets hidden beneath. It’s pointedly messy and imperfect. Such a texture looks best when you have a shaped haircut, like this cute rounded bob, for instance.

#17: Shag with Highlighted Layers

A messy bob with layers is initially easy to style, since the ends of the layers give you some cute natural flicks. If you want to enhance them and create more depth within your locks, consider caramel, dark blonde or light brown balayage for dark brown hair.

#18: Choppy Chin-Length Bob

A short messy bob is easy to style and maintain with hair care and styling products suitable for your hair type. And although it looks rather destructed in texture with disconnected, uneven ends sticking out in different directions, its silhouette is readable and highly appealing.

#19: Natural-Looking Disheveled Hairstyle

Very soft waves with sticking out ends and very subtle highlights make an absolutely natural hairstyle, as if your locks have been teased with refreshing sea breeze and kissed by the sun. Such looks are usually the most moving and romantic.

#20: Shaggy Mid-Length Cut

Shaggy ends and soft flowing waves are a winning combo, as this hairstyle demonstrates. Style some random loose waves with a curling iron or a straightener, leaving the ends straight for the cute fringy lower edge. A bit of honey-colored balayage highlights will only bring in more charm into your final look.

#21: Blunt Ombre Bob

When it comes to medium length bobs, maintaining texture that doesn’t look constantly frizzy or heavy and blocky can be a challenge. To achieve a slightly tousled – but still clean – appearance, opt for loose curls with a large barrel iron (you could also sleep in large foam rollers) and a spritz of a light hold hairspray.

#22: Raspberry Textured Cut

Thanks to celeb endorsements from Bella Thorne, Kylie Jenner and Rihanna, colored hair (even for us normal people!) has never been trendier––or sexier. Paired with a messy bob cut and loose waves, this look is designed to draw attention. Try donning some eye-catching facial jewelry and a classic black choker to complete the ensemble.

Pastel Red Messy Bob

Instagram / @larisadoll

#23: Beachy Waves with Balayage

This beach-ready long bob style is truly as easy to achieve as it looks. Move a dollop of texturizing gel or mousse through your damp hair, and then proceed to dry it on low heat with a diffuser. Although a balayage bob is pretty in most of its variations, we recommend layers with a gradually lightening color.

Blonde Layered Lob

Instagram / @buddywporter

#24: A-Line with Highlights

Universally flattering for nearly all face shapes and hair textures, angled bob haircuts present the perfect mixture of polished and edgy. To create this style, opt for a volumizing mousse before drying. Next, move piece-by-piece to style 1” sections of hair with a straightening iron, finishing with a light hold hairspray.

Bronde Wavy Bob

Instagram / @hairbynoora

#25: Purple Bob for Brunettes

If an idea of rocking bright, pastel wavy bob hairstyles makes you slightly nervous, but you still want to try something fresh color-wise, dark violet tresses are your best bet. Gentler under natural daytime lighting than lavender hues, this bold color will undoubtedly help you stand out in a slightly understated way.

Brunette Bob With Purple Balayage

Instagram / @nikki_makes_hair

#26: Bold Sideswept Layers

Made infinitely famous by Kylie Jenner, the green layered bob presents a trendy way to assert your individuality and make a serious statement. To make definition throughout your locks more pronounced, try alternating strands of green with your natural color and gradual layers.

#27: Choppy Orange Bob

Similar to green and purple hues, sporting bright orange or red locks is bound to make you stand out from the pack. Instead of opting for a sleek, straight short cut, try a long bob with layers and natural, effortless waves. Curl sections of hair with a large barrel curling iron and spritz with setting spray to finish.

Orange Pink Chopped Bob

Instagram / @caitycaatt

#28: Beachy Grey Medium Cut

When choosing a color for messy bob hairstyles, grey might seem like a stretch––after all, the most typical protocol for grey hair is to cover it. But thanks to countless beauty bloggers and fashion-forward celebs, the color is making a serious entrance. Try mixing blonde and brown shades for a more natural appearance.

Ash Blonde Wavy Bob

Instagram / @kuthaus_claremont

#29: Messy Bob with Blunt Bangs

Sweet yet edgy, this cut offers the best of both worlds: a natural-looking balayage, paired with punk-inspired blunt bangs. Try a messy, graduated cut to juxtapose the bangs, and opt for light blonde highlights in front to brighten your best features.

Brown Lob With Cropped Bangs And Highlights

Instagram / @kccarhart

#30: Tousled Bob with Platinum Highlights

This cut and color are giving us serious #beachhairgoals. To achieve the sexy beach girl appearance, insert gentle highlights throughout, with a lighter concentration in the front. We suggest alternating larger and smaller waves for a natural, slightly undone finish.

Choppy Wavy Blonde Balayage Lob

Instagram / @romeufelipe

#31: Classic Bob with Gentle Waves

Not all short hair comes paired with wild hues and textures. Casual short haircuts, including the one pictured here, provide an effortless, classically understated look that is surprisingly low maintenance. Straighten small sections of your hair piece-by-piece to add gentle waves, and finish with a setting spray.

#32: Angled Violet Bob

As fun as it is sassy and sexy, this a-line lavender hairstyle is surprisingly easy to pull off in any setting. To achieve that just-got-out-of-bed appearance, run a texturizing pomade evenly throughout your strands.

Purple Angled Bob

Instagram / @jamiekeikohair

#33: Short Cut with Natural Curls

One of the biggest myths associated with shorter cuts is that they are contraindicated to women with naturally curly hair, and especially those with bangs. This natural bob easily dispels that assumption offering a chic structured look with a gorgeous texture.

Short Bob For Natural Hair

Instagram / @haircolorkilla

#34: Short Grey and Purple Ombré

Can’t quite decide between grey and violet? This short messy bob has you covered. Moving from a light grey to a deep purple hue, ask your colorist an initial bleaching and toning before taking the multi-color plunge. As for styling, opt for gentle, piece-y waves with a large barrel curling iron.

Gray Bob With Purple Dip Dye

Instagram / @jeffreyrobert_

#35: Graduated Blonde Bob

Barely grazing the shoulders, this fun, light look is the epitome of low maintenance gorgeous. At the salon, request both platinum highlights and hazelnut lowlights from front to back, ensuring the highest concentration of blonde is near the front. The variation in color will help give your hair a boost of movement and life.

Long Choppy Blonde Bob

Instagram / @larisadoll

#36: Cropped Layered Cut

Not all shorter hairstyles have to fall into the category of super-short or super-long, blunt cut or layered. Pair a straight across cut with bangs and wispy V-layers, add a platinum blonde hue and darker roots to achieve a unique, customized look.

Short Blonde Bob With Layers

Instagram / @buddywporter

#37: Edgy Hairstyle with Purple and Grey

Metallic makeup and clothing often flash on runways and red carpets. So, why shouldn’t the trend be applied to short messy haircuts, too? We recommend weaving shades of dark brown, purple and grey throughout.

Gray Bob With Purple Highlights

Instagram / @rebeccataylorhair

#38: Casual Haircut with Highlights

For many women opting to cut their hair short, the main appeal is the maintenance factor (or lack thereof). This cut and color help to limit the need of continual touch-ups, as uneven highlights tend to look increasingly better as it grows out. Once dry, spread a light texturizing pomade throughout your strands evenly.

Brown Layered Bob With Highlights

Instagram / @chiyukihair

#39: Low Maintenance Medium Hair

While not as common as the usual brown-to-blonde or blonde-to-brown balayage you see fairly often, dark red-to-light red balayage colorings are making a big entrance. Depending on the natural darkness of your red, ask your stylist for a darker hue on top and lighter hue on the bottom. For the cut, try opting for a straight, blunt style across the bottom.

#40: Short Cut with Two-Tier Layers

This short messy hair is all about layers and color nuances. Try gentle, sweeping highlights across your crown and through the tips, in addition to wispy layers for extra volume. After drying, finish with a texturizing mist and light hold hair spray to achieve an unkempt (but still sexy) appearance.

Choppy Layered Brown Blonde Bob

Instagram / @kccarhart

#41: Stacked Bob for Round Faces

Non-layered messy bobs often add volume on the sides of the face which is not flattering for round faces. But if you go for an elongated stacked bob, sharply angled to the front you’ll avoid the pitfall. Pair it with light side bangs.

#42: Inverted Layered Bob

Can’t decide between short and medium hair? Have it both ways with this inverted bob hairstyle. The back is just below the hairline and tapered slightly. The cut angles sharply toward the front, and the all over layers give the style body and bounce.

#43: Stiff Blonde Waves

Stiff, disconnected waves within your messy bob give the greatest volume and the look of the least effort – something which is highly appreciated in modern hairstyles. But let’s not forget that every trendy look today also goes with a sophisticated hair color. Balayage is top-ranked.

#44: Short Pastel Pink Style

A funky hair color and a messy hair texture guarantee an edgy hairstyle. This bob is a great inspirational example you can take cue from and come up with your own trendy look. Pastel pink can be substituted with ash blonde or ash brown. Vary the length of your bob, experiment with bangs and, of course, try new hairstyles.

#45: Wavy Brunette Bob with Balayage

The short messy bob still looks pretty neat yet careless and fun at the same time. The stacked version of the cut looks equally flattering in both straight and wavy hairstyles. A sophisticated hair color solution like balayage is called to create a customized look that is entirely yours.

#46: Ash Brown Wispy Bob

Messy waves sometimes look rather rough, but a wispy bob with tousled waves is traditionally feminine and tender. An excellent way to upgrade a traditional style is to pick a trendy hair color, like silver blonde or light ash brown.

#47: Multi-Tonal Wavy Hair

Every girl who hasn’t got long locks or extra short hair, wants a gorgeous wavy brown blonde bob like this. It’s a truly harmonious style with bouncy waves and lovely, smooth transitions of hair hues, close to natural ones and appealing to the eye.

#48: Highlighted Lob for Thin Hair

This long shag will work for fine and medium textured hair. Style with a texturizer and no previous combing to preserve the natural pattern of every lock. The messy has never been so pretty! Want more visual volume? Subtle balayage is the key thing.

#49: Precision Bob with Weightless Waves

A messy bob haircut is not only incredibly cute, it’s also a low-maintenance and practical cut you’ll want to stick to for a while. It can be either angled to the front or straight cut like in the photo. Both have their special charm and can be worn either straight or wavy.

#50: Lively Asymmetrical Bob

The fascination of this bob is in its super cute texture. It not as messy as it’s lively and natural-looking. The asymmetry is an extra quirk that participates to the beauty of the style. As we see, bob in a solid color can also be very interesting.

#51: Dark Bob with a Messy Touch

The highest skill level in styling messy hairstyles is achieving the texture that looks unkempt with silky healthy-looking locks involved. If your hair is dry and damaged, the impression will be completely ruined. So, don’t forget to pamper your mane with regular trims and quality care products.

#52: Easy-to-Style Bob with Textured Ends

This simple-to-style version features effortless strands enhanced with highlights and textured ends. The cut works for both thick and fine hair. You’ll want to use a styling putty or similar product to create the slightly dishevelled layers, avoiding an overly smooth and dated look.

long dishevelled bob with ombre highlights

Instagram/ @tatumraewetzel

#53: Choppy Blonde Combover Bob

Choppiness conveys just the right amount of harshness to your hairstyle that works on the contrast to enhance your inner tenderness and femininity. Backcombing and a bit of hairspray is an easy method to achieve messy texture for straight hair. Try to style your bob in a popular today combover style.

#54: Long Angled Bob

Here is an angled A-line long bob haircut that gives the feel of incredible lightness and depth. Remember that the right cut is the base, but a successful hair color solution and styling are no less crucial. This chic and whimsical hairstyle is achieved with simple backcombing.

#55: Graduated Bob with Sunlights

The biggest threat of bob for thick hair is its unflattering triangular silhouette that can widen your face and look unappealing in general. Serious layering towards the ends is a way out. It removes the bulk and provides the harmonious shape of your cut. Add a sprinkling of sun-kissed highlights and define the angled tips with a product or… just blow dry without anything!

#56: Layered Bob for Thick Hair

Thick hair is rather high-maintenance. To reduce the time and efforts you spend on styling, go for a layered lob, like in the photo. It’s the optimal length for a downdo, half up or updo, and it’s not as demanding as long thick hair.

#57: A-Line Bob with Forehead Bangs

This cut offers beautiful razored layers that you can style in very light messy waves to come up with this lovely romantic look. Forehead or side bangs? The choice is yours!

#58: Tousled Bob with Chunky Highlights

Messy bob hairstyles make the perfect canvass for showing off some bold streaks of color. The length is cut just below the chin, so it works with most face shapes. A hint of layering at the very ends lends a flattering shape to the style without creating too much volume. Use a large-barrelled curling iron to style a few well-placed waves throughout.

#59: Messy Bob for Wavy Hair

Girls with wavy hair, you’ll love this! If your locks tend to light waves, you know that they commonly flip cutely at the ends. You might have disliked this feature in the past and tried to fix it with a curling iron. Forget it and make the best of what was given to you by nature. With some mousse applied to wet uncombed hair you will easily style this ethereal cuteness!

#60: Inverted Pixie Bob

If you are in search of a cool short hairstyle for fine hair, this inverted pixie bob with blonde highlights is a windfall. Thanks to the shorter length, stacked layers and strategically placed highlights, your visual hair thickness is significantly enhanced with this hairstyle. And when you style it messy, you add even more thickness points to your look.

Messy bob is a true hairstyle gift of our time. Quick effortless styling and charming natural looks are something contemporary girls on the go heartily welcome and enjoy. So, let’s take advantage and make the best out of the current hair trend!

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