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Updated on December 21, 2022
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Messy hair is trending pretty hard right now, which is great news for all of us ladies with less-than-perfect hairstyling skills. If your hair tends to incur fly-aways, frizz or rebellious curling on a regular basis, then guess what? You’re currently leading the fashion world! Read on for 40 great messy updos for long hair.

Trendy Updos for Long Hair

Low buns, top knots, twists or simply pinned up curls acquire a unique effortless and relaxed feel when they are messy. Today messy hair is worn not only in casual, but also on the red carpet. So, you simply can’t miss the trend!

1. Rose-Shaped Braided Bun

If you want a soft, romantic updo with an original design, try this elegant plaited bun. Start with a ponytail, make a loose plait, then wrap it into a bun and pull at the parts of the braid to make them look like petals. Secure with bobby pins.

2. Adorable Twisted Low Buns

At the forefront of cute updos are sweet symmetrical styles like this fun twisted bun look. Separate your hair into two sections and twist each side from front to back. Secure the hair at the nape of the neck, then continue to twist the hair into two buns.

Pigtail Buns Updo

Instagram / @taylor_lamb_hair

3. Messy Twisted Chignon Updo

Combine boho messiness with a neat twist for a ‘best of both’ updo. This intricate-looking hairstyle includes two loose twists and a large messy chignon. The butterfly is a charming subtle touch to complement the beautifully highlighted hair. A lovely idea!

4. Volumized Casual Messy Bun

We all know that effortless-looking messy buns are anything but easy. Instead of using one ponytail, try pulling your hair into two or three bobbles on the crown of your head. This will give your bun more volume when you wrap the hair up.

Curly Messy Bun Long Hair

Instagram / @nastty_lisicina

5. Pastel Blue Braid and Low Bun

Updos for long hair can be made both elegant and quirky by using a couple of different techniques. For example, combine a messy loopy bun with a halo plait and you’ve got an entirely new style! Add a unique hair color and it’s anything but your average updo.

Low Curly Bun Updo With A Braid

Instagram / @salon202

6. Asymmetrical French Twist

A classic French twist is a great hairstyle to show off long, thick hair. Make an upgrade of this popular formal go-to by opting for messy texture, balayage color and shifting your twist to the side.

Side Messy French Twist Updo

Instagram / @tonyastylist

7. Easy Twist and Flip Bun

This simple bun is cute and easy to accomplish. Start with a ponytail and loop it through a bobble like you do with a simple knot but leave a longer tail for the wrap. Spread the knot making it wider. Then, wrap the left-over hair around the bobble and secure with bobby pins. This looks especially showy with ombre hair that features lightened ends.

Casual Chignon Updo

Instagram / @jenniekaybeauty

8. Loose Messy Updo for Thick Hair

Updos for long hair are a perfect way to keep disobedient locks out of your face, but that doesn’t mean they have to be neat! This textured updo uses a combination of braids and loosely pinned tousled locks for one of the most unique low updos we’ve ever seen.

Big Bun With A Braid Updo For Long Hair

Instagram / @beautyandtheblush

9. Casual Two Braids and Bun Updo

To make the most of highlights in your updo, embrace braids and twists. This idea can be realized through a cute braids-to-bun updo. The style doesn’t have to be perfectly preened to look gorgeous. Looser braids with no distinct part and a messy bun are a lovely casual solution.

Low Bun With Two Braids Updo

Instagram / @hairby_chrissy

10. Colorful Twisted Fishtail Bun

Colorful highlights or hair chalking are amazing in intricate-looking updos that are actually pretty easy to do. With long hair you can braid only the end of your ponytail and twist it into a bun as you usually do. The high position of this updo also draws attention to the underneath layer of highlights.

Bun Updo For Red Hair With Rainbow Highlights

Instagram / @christinakreitel

11. Easy Girly Braid and Bun

If you’re looking for easy updos for long hair, this one is for you! French plait your hair from the nape of your neck to the crown. Pull the end of the braid and the hair that was left out into an imperfect bun to show off your handy work.

Messy Upside Down Braid And Bun Updo

Instagram / @hairbyjaxx

12. Feminine Braided Chignon Updo

For this style, wrap the length of your hair over a hair band worn over the perimeter of your head. You’ll need plenty of bobby pins to hold everything in place, but it’s easy to hide them with a perfectly-placed braid.

13. Textured Chignon Updo

Keep it classy with a traditional chignon. This is an amazing style for girls with really thick hair as you can literally roll it up and go! Prepare those heatless waves beforehand or start with light backcombing to get that cute texture and make the style more casual.

Chignon For Long Tousled Hair

Instagram / @neon_beauty

14. Bubble Gum Pink Dutch Braid Bun

Long hair updos can look mildly mind-boggling, but this one’s deceptively easy. Create this beautiful Dutch braid hairstyle by braiding the hair along one side of your head and wrapping the end of the braid to shape a loose low bun. Encourage flyaways and even pull a few pieces out of your braid.

Pastel Pink Braided Updo

Instagram / @sadiejcre8s

15. Angelic Fishtail Crown Braid

For ladies with stunning highlights, this updo is ideal. The crown braid has been upgraded by using a fishtail instead of a regular plait, adding more weight to the halo effect. Admittedly, this style can be rather fiddly and takes quite a while.

Fishtail Crown Braid Updo

Instagram / @christinagunnell

16. Messy Chignon with Fishtail Braid

This messy updo is full of personality while still maintaining class. To get the style, keep the simple shape of a low bun but use plenty of backcombing. Throw a fishtail braid into the mix for an accent and added texture.

Messy Low Bun With A Braid

Instagram / @theprettyparlour

17. Gorgeous Messy Updo with Deconstructed Fishtail

Deconstructed updo hairstyles for long hair are very popular because they feature a lower degree of elegance and can be worn casually providing a smart and effortless look. This style boasts all the details of a formal updo (a bouffant, a headband braid and bun) but looks absolutely spontaneous and relaxed.

18. Sultry Low Bun with a Twist

The low bun is as old as time, but it doesn’t have to look that way. Add some modernity to the hairstyle by simply including twisted pieces of hair on either side of your head. Or, keep it casual with a few loose wavy locks.

Casual Messy Low Bun Updo

Instagram / @ellasbridalhair

19. Cute Twist Up with Loose Bangs

Once you get your hair twisted, you’ll want to try wearing it in different styles, including updos. A French twist is a popular go-to, and it has variations. You can leave your bangs loose and ruffled for a casual look. Alternatively, style them back into a quiff or a neat twist for formal occasions.

African American Updo For Twists

Instagram / @loopsalon

20. Knotted Side Bun with Wrap Around

Put a new spin on the updo for long hair with a side bun secured with a thick hair wrap. Separate your hair into two sections, using the top layer for the bun. Then use the underneath layer for the wrap around.

Low Knotted Bun Updo

Instagram / @tonyastylist

21. Low Rolled Bun Messy Updo

The low rolled bun is wonderful because it’s just so simple and also appropriate for literally any occasion. Be it a beach day or formal gala, this hairstyle works on both straight and curly hair, as well as any length of long locks. Finger comb your hair instead of using a brush to achieve that wonderful messy bun look.

22. High Bun for Long Hair

This hairstyle couldn’t be simpler, which is welcome news to those who are used to the daily struggle of maintaining the health and harmony of long hair. For this ‘do, all you need is a strong hair elastic. Pull hair up and secure it into a ponytail on top of your head. Don’t pull that final loop through – let it lay halfway through for this classic warm weather bun.

23. Formal Hairstyle for Long Hair

For more fancy occasions, check out this messy updo for long hair. While chaos can be cute in some styles, this involves a bit more strategy. Straight hair will fare best with this style, and don’t forget those loose hair wisps on the side.

24. Messy Updo with a Center Twist

Enjoy a throwback to childhood when your mom would do those fancy braids on your long hair. This messy updo for long hair involves a twisted braid with a low casual loopy knot for the perfect summer look.

25. Braided Updo for Long Hair

Again, perfection is discouraged for this formal yet messy updo for long hair. Simply French braid one side of your hair and then pull it up into a high ponytail. Hold back on that final look and then twist and pin the flyaway ends in place.

26. Messy Updo with a Bun

This hairstyle is a legitimate mess, but still in a really cute, stylish way. You can pair this messy updo for long hair with casual or formal attire, and if you have thinner, straighter hair, it will look even better. There’s really no rhyme or reason to it, just a simple base style. So use your imagination and go wild.

27. Crimped and Braided Updo

Crimped hair with braids? Who knew combining these hairstyles would look so chic! This is a stunning look for longer hair and showing off multi-dimension highlights. Added bonus: when you undo this updo, you’ll get beautiful loose waves.

28. Metallic Messy Bun

Updos for long hair don’t always have to be fancy, this funky bun is a new way to do an updo! With the mix of metallic hues and multiple braids, this messy bun will be hard to forget, but easy to do.

Messy Braided Bun Updo

Instagram/ @lapomponnee

29. Elegant Updo for Long Hair

If you’re looking for an elegant hairdo, this is it. This hairstyle looks fabulous from any angle, so you will look picture perfect in every photo. It’s a glamorous way to dress up that little black dress or compliment an exquisite wedding gown.

30. Garden Party Updo

Whether you really have a garden party to attend or you’re just going to brunch, this is a simple yet chic look that will be sure to get you noticed. The leaves add a unique spring-ready element that will make others wish they were that imaginative with their styles!

31. Flower Power Updo

Adding white flowers to your hair takes your updo from looking like everyone else’s to making you the stand out! Braiding your hair with the flower’s vine intensifies the texture, making it perfect for any special occasion. This bun is so cute

Curly Braided Updo

Instagram/ @femmeakoi

32. Messy Waterfall of Curls

This messy updo is a charming look for a night on the town. The waterfall of curls on the sides gives this hairstyle a carefree feel that says she is one fun lady. With this look everyone will be dying to hang out with you, so you are going to be the life of the party!

33. Pinned Up Curls

Pinning curls is such an easy way to make your hair ready for any upscale event. You can even add jewels to make the look more glamorous. Pinning curls like this brings a ton of volume and depth, while keeping the rest of your hair smooth makes for a very elegant hairstyle.

34. Romantic Updo

Long hair updos can be whimsical and romantic too. By twisting random pieces on the sides she creates an effortless texture and nice volume with this delightful look. The messy bun is low and loose which gives it a romantic feel, but the messiness keeps it whimsical. You could wear this anywhere. Plus, it’s a hairstyle for long hair that is quick and easy to do!

35. Mohawk Inspiration

An updo is an easy way to get an elegant look, even when it’s as messy as this style. When you keep your pinned curls closer to the centre of the back, your updo gains a Mohawk-like appearance.

36. Sophisticated and Romantic Updo

The simplicity of this hairstyle creates an overall sophisticated feel, like wearing pearls does. You can add a small flower to make this rolled bun a little more youthful or playful. Her solid color looks amazing in this hairdo, but so would multi-color hair.

37. Messy Twists and Braids

Hairdos for long hair can seem complicated, but this messy updo is an easy way to pin your locks up off the neck. It is as simple as braiding a side braid that you further bring around your head to the nape where you loosely pin twisted pieces of hair. As a result, you are getting a sort of a sloppy low bun.

38. Curled Updo

This beautiful bun almost looks like a flower. Curling the hair before putting it up creates the perfect texture for a voluminous bun. This is an easy hairstyle for any special occasion that will keep all eyes on you! Pair it with a beautiful dress or a snazzy pantsuit

39. Circular Twist Updo

Twists and braids are an appealing way to show off chunky highlights. This updo looks like an endless twist rolled into a bun, but you don’t need extremely long hair to recreate it. Just overlap your twists and pin them in semicircles hiding the ends and creating the illusion of an endless twist.

40. Ponytail Gone Right

This is one of the best updos for long hair because you can look done up while still showing off how long your hair is. The ponytail makes this updo young and fun, while the side braided element creates a cool attention-grabbing detail.

When you’re looking for some new styles that are stress-free and still fun to wear, be sure to give these messy updos for long hair a try. With a little practice, you can pull off a look you’ll love for any occasion.

Flower Bun Updo Pigtail Buns Updo Messy Chignon Updo For Long Hair Curly Messy Bun Long Hair Low Curly Bun Updo With A Braid Side Messy French Twist Updo Casual Chignon Updo Big Bun With A Braid Updo For Long Hair Low Bun With Two Braids Updo Bun Updo For Red Hair With Rainbow Highlights Messy Upside Down Braid And Bun Updo Gibson Tuck Updo With A Braid Chignon For Long Tousled Hair Pastel Pink Braided Updo Fishtail Crown Braid Updo Messy Low Bun With A Braid Loose Messy Braided Updo Casual Messy Low Bun Updo African American Updo For Twists Low Knotted Bun Updo low messy bun updo loose messy high bun loose low updo for long hair twisted messy updo for long hair fancy braided updo for long hair with a messy touch messy braided updo for straight hair Chunky Messy Crown Braid Messy Braided Bun Updo Blonde Formal Chignon Updo Low Messy Looped Updo Curly Braided Updo Messy Blonde Bun Updo Curled Formal Updo Low Messy Updo Messy Mohawk Updo Low Roll Updo Messy Updo With A Crown Braid Low Lopped Bun Updo Twisted Updo For Two-Tone Hair Formal Ponytail Hairstyle
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