15 Easy and Pretty Top Knot Hairstyles

There are certain hairstyles that are so easy-going and flattering that they not only stand the test of time, but also turn out to be appropriate for various occasions. One of such hairstyles happens to be the top knot, which is more popular these days than it has ever been. The simplest, quickest and the most creative knots are here.

Top Knot Hairstyles

Being very versatile and immensely pretty, this updo lets you personalize it in a variety of ways to express your individual style. If you’ve been searching for some hair inspiration, check out the following styles to get an idea of how to get creative with this popular chic updo.

#1: Full High Bun

In terms of classic style, this particular version of the top-knotted updo is at the top of the list. It is so full of volume and cute (but not perfect) in shape, that you simply can’t leave it unnoticed if you have long hair. When styling, leave some soft, subtle wisps on the sides and at the nape of the neck.

big high bun for long hair

Instagram/ @jenniekaybeauty

#2: Colorful Back-Braided Top Knot

When you want to make a statement, turn heads and also express your personal style, choosing a colorful, top-knotted style like this is the perfect way to go. The focal point is the back section, which is beautifully braided from the nape of the neck and all the way up to the crown. Once the braid is finished, a messy bun is formed on the top of the head. The pastel colors of pink, blue and green are all the rage now.

turquoise and pastel pink top knot updo

Instagram/ @chitabeseau

#3: Turquoise Blue Top Knot

Colorful top knot styles just keep coming, and this version in a bright and funky turquoise blue shade is an illustrious representative of the class. It’s rather loose and with a slightly messy feel that gives a stylish effortless appearance.

#4: Sleek Top Knot

In professional settings you need an updo that is classy, chic and able to withstand a full day at the office. With its ultra-sleek look and simplistic styling, this top-knotted updo is almost picture perfect. To recreate this, the most important thing you need is a sturdy pomade to achieve a sleek appearance and tame flyaways.

#5: Top Knot Bun for Shorter Hair

Can you believe that this top knot is made from medium hair? Her locks are shoulder-length, and she is not afraid of experimenting with hairstyles. We, girls with shorter hair, should all follow her example… and her blog, of course.

#6: Quick and Messy Bun

The main quality of a top knot is the look of effort-free styling. This version doesn’t feature any frills or intricate touches, but it still seems very lovely and perfect for casual wear.

#7: Fancy Blonde Knotted Bun

For those with long or thick hair, you need an updo that embraces the length and thickness of your strands, like this one. The bun is tucked and pinned in such a way that it looks voluminous yet not heavy. To keep the look interesting, you could also tease the crown for a little bit of height.

#8: Braided Half Up Bun Hairstyle

This half up half down hairstyle with a top knot looks so cute thanks to the braided front. And those effortless waves only improve the look. Easy, pretty and confy, what more do you need?

#9: Braided-Front Top Knot

Finding unique ways to incorporate braids into your top-knotted style is a part of the updo-styling fun. Here, you have three simple plaits braided as cornrows running towards the crown and a whimsical knot that crowns the style.

#10: Red Top Knot with Nape Undercut

It honestly doesn’t get any edgier or in-your-face than this. Deciding on a daring, bright red hair color and funky designs etched into the nape of the neck, opting for a top-knotted style such as this is definitely not for the faint of heart. However, if you like only the style of the knot without any extremes, it’s a good idea for short-to-medium length hair.

#11: High Bun with Tease

This top knot bun is great for those who crave big hair. The front and nape sections are heavily teased, and the sides are featuring escaping wisps for added softness of the look. This styling trick is a good way to create thickness if you have thin hair.

#12: Top Knot for Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks and box braids can also be styled into a top knot bun. These rich, burgundy-colored dreads are formed into a very neat knot with a bang-like section that falls off to one side. The golden accent accessories look wonderful with this color.

dreadlocks in a top knot updo

Instagram/ @kersti.pitre

#13: Elegant Chignon Bun

Long-haired girls, this is the top-knotted style of your dreams. It is beautifully messy with a teased, high crown and a sexy side bang that adds mystery. The bun appears totally smooth and carelessly messy at the same time. So, this look is ideal both for casual and formal occasions.

#14: Braided Top Knot

Introducing a texture into your top-knotted look is a way to add some thickness while also spicing it up a bit. These loosely interwoven sections remind a braided bun, but this style is obviously different and unique.

#15: Top Knot with Peekaboo Bangs

A diagonal part and shaped peekaboo bangs are the attributes for creating a mystery within any hairstyle, including a top knot bun. Ultra-sleek with not a hair out of place, this version is sexy, retro and modern all at once.

Whether you have long, medium or medium to short hair, top knots are a quick and cute way to pull your hair up. Sure, the messy versions of the knots are the most popular today, but perhaps a neat and sleek look is more your speed. So, make sure that you choose a style that flatters and represents your personal style.