20 Sassy and Chic Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Do you ever look at a female celebrity or a model that decided to shave their head (ahem, Cara Delevingne) and wonder what you would look like if you tried it too? If you are in the market to experiment with a more daring haircut, there are plenty of shaved hairstyles for women to inspire you.

Shaved Hairstyles for Those Who Want to Try

These styles and cuts give you an edgier look without the commitment of completely shaving off your hair. To our working ladies: if you have a stricter workplace dress code, don’t run away yet! There is an alternative for everyone—whether you want a bold or understated look with long or short hair. Here are some ways clippers can spice up your life.

#1: Subtle Side Shave Bob

By keeping a bob and only buzzing away at the side of your head, you can play into this trend while still looking professional. This is the option for a working lady who desires a bolder look but doesn’t want to compromise being taken seriously by co-workers or peers.

#2: Partial Shave with ‘X’ Design

Express your individuality by getting a design in your newly half shaved head! The contrast of brunette hair against the striking x design will make heads turn. To gaze at you. Go for it.

Asymmetrical Half Shaved Short Bob

Instagram / @hugosalon

#3: Long Hair Shaved Underneath

Shaving a part of your hair isn’t restricted to short haired ladies only! For a look that says I’m feminine with a wild side, long hair with a shave underneath is your next request when you visit the salon. For extra spunk, dye your hair an eye-catching hair color like this ice grey, for example.

#4: Straight Bob with Shaved Temple

Keep it simple and chic with a straight, blunt bob that features a side part. A mahogany red color with an undercut is an exciting way to spruce up your hair.

#5: Star Design Undercut

A perfect shaved hairstyle for a youthful girl, this peek-a-boo will make a statement with every up-do! If you’re unsure about committing to shaving the sides, an undercut shaved design at the nape of your neck is a route you can consider. This sneaky cut gives an option of keeping your star a secret when your hair is down.

Long Gray Hair With Nape Undercut

Instagram / @bescene

#6: Swirl Side Shave

For the dangerous ladies who are not to be messed with! If you’re going to do it— go all in! Show off your creativity with an intricate design of your choice.

#7: Nape Undercut Design

Pigtails and space buns are one of the most popular hairstyles of the moment. Take a note from Miley Cyrus and rock two high ponytails (with or without braids) to show off a sick shaved hairstyle. You can make the design anything you want— talk about sassy and sweet!

Pigtails With Nape Undercut

Instagram / @caitlintyczka

#8: Half Mermaid Waves

Everyone seems to be talking about mermaids nowadays. Extra long hair with a short side is a hairstyle for feminine girls who are brave and fearless. If you belong to them, try this half shaved hairstyle! Don’t be afraid to go for a tender pastel hair color, like pink or lavender.

Long Hair With Side Undercut

Instagram / @guy_tang

#9: Layered and Shaved Underneath

Where to begin with this haircut… If subtlety isn’t your thing, choose a complicated style. Shaved underneath, and piecey with overlapping layers on top, the splashes of blue dye are a nice touch.

Pastel Blue Pixie Bob With Undershave

Instagram / @presleypoe

#10: Pink Butterfly Side Shave

This haircut makes us want to join a girl rock band! The butterfly design gives a soft effect to the powerful buzzed hair. If you want to add an adventurous color into the mix, a muted pink complements the style seamlessly.

#11: Bouncy Waves with Shaved Side

Bouncy waves create a soft frame to your face. An asymmetrical look brings out your features, and a shaved style brings out your personality! This shaved hairstyle for women with an independent way of thinking is colorful, flirty and vibrant.

Curly Pixie Bob With Side Undercut

Instagram / @candicemarielv

#12: Peek-a-Boo Shave

If you like to stick to the regular bangs and mid-length hair, next time when you go to the salon why not get a shave underneath? With this occasional visibility, you have nothing to lose, and spontaneity to gain! You’re only young once, right?

#13: Tribal Back Shave

This gives a beautiful contrast between curly hair and angular designs. Washing curly hair is a process that is done once or twice a week, and you can show off your cool hair on those in-between days when you throw it up in a bun or pony. This tribal inspired design will turn heads for sure.

Natural Hairstyle With Shaved Nape Designs

Instagram / @b.k_bescene

#14: Shaved Hairline Front Strip

What makes a shaved side hairstyle more fun? When you shave from side to side of your hair! Like a semi-permanent headband, with a strip section of shaved hair above your forehead your facial features will stand out against a cleaner outline. Bye-bye baby hairs!

Hairline Undercut For Medium Hair

Instagram / @costelloxcult

#15: Voluminous Pixie Cut

Shave all around the sides and back of your head and leave your top hair longer for extra drama! Drawing the eyes upwards, this haircut is perfect to elongate your face shape. This results in a rocker chic pixie cut with loads of va-va-volume.

#16: Spiky Pixie Cut

Shaved along the back of your head from side to side, amp up your edge factor with spiky, piecey layers up top tapered towards the bottom. A twist on the typical pixie cut, feel free to also play with colorful hair choices.

Choppy Taper Fade Pixie

Instagram / @seandanielsen_

#17: No-Fuss Side Shave

A medley of short, sweet, bold and soft, here is a no-fuss side shave. With longer back layers and pieces that asymmetrically frame the face, this style is sure to pop in any environment.

Red Pixie Bob With Side Undercut

Instagram / @roguehairstudio

#18: Undercut Sleek Bob

If you want to show off your jawline, this haircut will definitely complement your face! The sleek, even layers swept to the back with a longer piece brushed along your cheek create a cool contrast against the shaved side/back undercut.

#19: Swept Back Hair with Shaved Sides

For a low maintenance option, shave both sides and brush the front centre of your hair to the back. This gives a cleaner look that won’t take lots of time in the morning to put together, so it’s perfect for the busier, no-fuss girl.

#20: Cut with Short Side Swirls

Shaved hairstyles for black women also work great for those who prefer to keep their hair short! Spice it up by shaving the outlines of your haircut with an artistic design. While the nature of the pixie cut is reserved and simple, add another dimension with a fun swirl!

African American Short Shaved Hairstyle

Instagram / @starlinerz

Remember that hair gives your image so much character; don’t be afraid to let your personality shine with more adventurous haircuts! Shaved hairstyles for women are everywhere, so if it’s something you’ve always thought about rocking, there are many levels (from subtle to extreme shaves) you may try. Whether it’s completely shaving a part of your head with a short shave at the side or a peek-a-boo shave underneath your long hair, there’s an option out there for you!