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Updated on April 06, 2021
Hair color is so much more than just a usual blonde, brunette, red or black, there tons of eye-catching hair colors to choose from to express your individuality. Sure you could opt for severely light or dark strands, but perhaps adopting a soft, feminine color is the right way to go to add some spice to your locks. Pastel hair color is now more popular than it has ever been, thanks, in part, to beautiful and envy-worthy shades such as pastel blue. As with any color, the best thing is that you can rock pastel blue hair anyway you like, including highlights, ombré and two-tone.

Pastel Blue Hairstyles

Extreme hair colors like this are definitely for all of the bravest ones out there, but if you have the guts to give it a try, the reward just may be an abundance of compliments and double-takes. If you are thinking of taking the plunge into the blue hair color waters, you need some style inspiration to help you finalize your decision. Take a look at this round-up of some of the hottest looks below.

1. Turquoise Blue And Black Ombré Waves

There is something so incredibly feminine and effortless about a head full of soft waves, especially when they are punctuated by a standout color. These waves turn heads thanks to the turquoise blue and black ombré hair color that adds depth, dimension and edge to an otherwise understated and easy style.

2. Baby Blue Locks With Black Highlights

Calling all the brave ladies out there, this one is totally for you! If you truly want to send jaws dropping and tongues wagging, try out this pastel blue hair look. These baby blue locks featuring black highlights are accentuated by the sleek and straight layered cut that frames the face.

3. Pastel Blue Soft Waves With Side Braid

Ethereal, sweet and romantic are just a few words that best describe this gorgeous blue and purple hairstyle. Offset by luscious soft waves and a chunky side braid, this half up style features blue color with just a hint of purple at the top, creating a subtle ombré effect.

4. Sky Blue Curls With White Highlights

A great thing about the color blue is that there are many variations to choose from, such as the lovely sky blue seen here. Highlighted with the white hair color on top and at the ends, the centerpiece of this hairstyle is the mountain of voluminous shimmering curls.

5. Purple Blue with White Highlights and Side Bang

Keeping your hair simple and chic is always a stylish option, and just because your hair color is a little out of the box doesn’t mean you can’t still pull it off. Pastel blue hair dye and white highlights make a funky hair color solution for this sleek hairstyle with a long side bang.

6. Ocean Blue Mermaid Braid

Don’t be afraid to inject a touch of fantasy into your hair shade, by channeling your inner mermaid! That’s right, if you already have lovely ocean blue hair, the best way to add a whimsical element is to try this stunning mermaid braid. This style is ideal for all of you – true romantics at heart!

7. Twisted Updo with Blue and Purple Highlights

If you want to rock two-tone hair with pastel blue, you may go two ways: to choose the other color that looks natural or go for a totally funky combo like blue and purple. A stylish updo is always a guaranteed way to add a dash of class to your hair.

8. Ice Blue Soft, Flowing Waves

Somehow this hairstyle looks perfect for the next female superhero, thanks to the gorgeous pastel blue hair hue. The rest of the hair is all about the soft, flowing waves that cascade all the way down the back just begging to be touched.

9. Blue And Brown Ombré Curls

At first glance, you may be a little hesitant to accept the combination of pastel blue and brown ombré color, but it actually works well. What also keeps this style from being overweighted is the simple styling of effortless curls – mid shaft to ends.

10. Blunt Cut Turquoise Blue Bob

Bob haircuts are always in style, however it’s not every day that you see a turquoise blue bob. Well, that’s a non-standard hair color, to say the least. Punctuated by blunt cut bangs and shaggy, layered ends, this cut and style have all the elements of a cute, quirky anime character.

11. Long Flowing Blue Waves

Beautiful beachy hair can definitely be achieved all year round, especially when you add some fun color and an easy style. This gradient from dark blue hair color to light and pastel blue beach waves in long, flowing locks that are totally flattering and fuss-free.

12. Rainbow Ombré Waves

If you love pastel hair colors and simply can’t decide on which hue to choose, make it easy on yourself and give a rainbow-inspired ‘do a try. These rainbow ombré waves blend the shades of brown, light green, pastel blue and purple.

13. Black Bob With Royal Blue Highlights

This edgy, chic bob is perfect for fashion-forward ladies who love to make a splash. The jet black base color with royal blue and teal highlights set this hairstyle apart from the rest and have a fresh say in the world of black and blue hair colors. The shaggy layers and side bang are a bonus.

14. Shaggy Waves With Blue And Purple Ombré

Ombré hair color is a great choice because you can achieve it with practically any color you can think of, including the blue and purple colors seen here. The pastel blue hair is further upgraded with shaggy, free-flowing waves that add tons of volume.

15. Cotton Candy Blue Romance Curls

Cotton candy is a favorite childhood sweet treat, but it also serves as fierce inspiration for adult hair shades as demonstrated by this hairstyle. Chunky, romance curls come to life in the magic cotton candy blue hue with light purple ends.

16. Turquoise and Lavender Waves

If you’ve never thought that an extreme hair color such as pastel blue could be tender, chic and sophisticated, check this hair color idea. These classy turquoise waves with delicate purple highlights are beautiful in both texture and color.

17. Half Pink Half Blue Messy Waves

Today a messy hairstyle often looks better than those we refer to as hair-to hair ‘dos. Here you have a head full of messy waves in an extraordinary hair color solution: pastel pink with a lavender tint fades into washed out turquoise. Pastel blue hair can have so many varieties, and an ombré is a good solution to go if you want to blend a few pastel colors.

18. Long Blonde Locks With Sky Blue Highlights

Perhaps the easiest way to play with an extreme color is to adopt a method of incorporating a few strands of the color. That’s exactly the case, featured here by this long, blonde hairstyle with sky blue highlights scattered through the length.

19. Straight Brown Locks With Blue Underneath

If you love the peekaboo effect of playing with color, then this style is perfect for you. Long and straight light brown hair (which is otherwise underwhelming) is given a pretty pastel surprise thanks to the blue shade that peeks from underneath.

20. Soft Cascading Blue Curls

Ultra feminine hairstyles never go out of style, however, if you want to add them a bit of drama, you should try playing with color. The pastel blue hair color works wonders here – what a pretty color punch to soft curls!

You’ve seen some of the most intriguing, daring, sexy and unforgettable hairstyles you can achieve with pastel blue hair shades. The only thing left to do is to try one, a few or all of them to find out which one works best for your lifestyle and personality. Whichever you choose, just remember to have fun and indulge in this funky color as much or as little as you like.