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Updated on February 14, 2021

Hair trends can come from anywhere and the most recent dye obsession is no exception. Galaxy dye is a unique mix of blue and purple hair meant to resemble the starry night sky. There are many coloring ideas with similar hues like mermaid, unicorn and opal hair. From ombre to highlights, this look can be created in a variety of different ways. Just check!

Blue and purple are analogous colors, i.e. adjacent on the 12 part color wheel. This means they look harmonious together and do not create a stark contrast. With analogous colors you can create amazing romantic or mysterious color combos to express your inner self.

1. Opal Braid

Opal is popular because it is a birthstone and looks great in jewelry. But, it also serves as inspiration for a hair color thanks to the blend of pink, blue and purple. This trend usually combines blue and purple with light pastel hues for the overall color that is similar to, but softer than, galaxy dye.

2. Mermaid Mane

Mermaid hair is meant to look like the different colors of the ocean. While many people might gravitate towards bright green, purple and blue hair invokes the image of the moon dancing on water at night. It is dark yet colorful at the same time.

3. Geomertric Undercut

Shine bright like a diamond without dropping the cash necessary for the real thing. Take dark blue and purple strands to the edgier territory with a fun undercut design in the shape of the popular gem. Both the shaved section and big braid will add texture to a short cut.

4. Dizzying Double Braid

It’s amazing how color can instantly change the entire vibe of a hairstyle. On its own this double braid would seem demure or conservative, but with the addition of purple, pink and blue it suddenly seems fresh and radical.

5. Starry Spirals

Blue and purple hair doesn’t have to be one-dimensional or overly saturated. This soft mix of galactic hues seems soft and sweet, especially when paired with loose medium curls.

6. Stained Glass Sides

Is there anything more beautiful than looking through a stained glass window on a sunny day? Maybe this hairstyle takes the cake. It’s a balance of proportions with bold primary and secondary colors on the side paired with the soft pastel spirals on top.

7. Dark Unicorn Waves

Unicorn color does not always have to be a silvery blend of pastel hues. Mixing dark purple and green into a navy blue base creates a dramatic yet subtle combination of shades. This is perfect for women with naturally dark hair so that the new growth looks seamless with the rest of the style.

8. Lisa Frank Rainbow Hair

Childhood memories can serve as the best inspiration at times. Remember Lisa Frank birthday cake? The tasty treat inspires this rainbow tinted purple and blue hair style. It is fun, flirty and an old school nod to the youth of nineties babies.

9. Twilight Layers

Twilight is not just the name of a sexy vampire series; it’s also the beauty of colors in the late evening sky. Purple and pink and blue blend to create an amazing wash of color that looks equally stunning when applied as a hair dye. Layers will really show off the different shades in the style.

10. Chunky Galaxy Highlights

Galaxy hair can also be created with chunky highlights, instead of ombre or multidimensional highlights and lowlights. If you are attempting a new color at home, this would be easier to do with a brush and foil than a more complicated process.

11. Tri-color Fishtail

Instead of dyeing your whole head, try using blue and purple hair as an accent with a bold colored section in the middle of your strands. This can be covered by wearing your hair loose or exposed with a variety of half updos like the braid shown.

12. Punchy Layers

Sometimes attempting your own hair color has its benefits, you can save money and you know exactly what you want, but when it comes to a multidimensional color that creates depth, it really should be left to the professionals. In this case, you really do get what you pay for.

13. Periwinkle Pixie

This is proof that a little imagination can go a long way, as the mix of pastel blue and purple in this fauxhawk almost perfectly matches a Crayola periwinkle crayon. It’s beautiful and fierce at the same time.

14. Pretty Pearl

Adding silver to purple and blue hair creates a pearlescent look meant to mimic the colors shown when light hits a pearl. It looks different at every angle and is anything but basic. A small top knot is a great weekend look for ladies with short cuts.

15. Bright Bob

On its own, this heavily layered bob would seem dated or like a “mom cut.” But with the addition of trendy lilac and cobalt hues, it becomes exciting and new. Pair your colorful hairdo with clothing in soft palettes to let it really stand out.

16. Technicolor Ombre

This blue pink ombre is out of this world! Even though the color is intense, there is something delicate about how the blue melts into the soft magenta at the ends. It’s perfect for an attention-loving woman with a soft side.

17. Rocking Rainbow

If you think rainbow highlights won’t show up on black hair, here is your proof that they will—and they will look awesome. Adding other colors into blue and purple hair creates a shimmering ribbon effect that can’t be missed.

18. Purple Haze

With an extra dose of volume and the two-tone color, this is definitely a style for a woman with a lot of personality and confidence. If you don’t want to spend hours with a hot curler every morning, use flexi-rods overnight to get beautiful bouncy curls by morning.

19. Braided Half-Updo

Long hair with minimal layers tends to lack movement and shape. Adding braids or twists into the style helps to remedy this, and so does blending different colors. It’s a quick way to give your look a makeover in under 15 minutes.

20. Easy and Ecclectic

If you don’t trust yourself when attempting highlights in your purple and blue hair, a two-tone look is a viable alternative. Simply dye the top part of your hair one color and the bottom part another for a fun blended look.

There is no style that cannot be instantly revamped with blue and purple hair dye. It adds a modern touch to even the most basic styles. From long to short, curly to straight, this color combo can work for any woman.

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