Hair Color Changer – Virtually Try On 28 Hair Colors

Dyeing your hair is always a commitment and it’s better to see what shades suit you before taking a plunge. With our free Virtual Hair Color Try On tool, you can try 28 different hair colors in just a few clicks and compare the results side by side to see how the shade changes your appearance and complexion.

Excited to see how you would look like with a different hair color? Get started right away!

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Using our hair color changing filter takes just three easy steps:

  1. Upload your image. Upload a selfie from your device or continue with your Facebook profile image.
  2. Try different hair colors. Choose what shade you want to try on by tapping the color options.
  3. Get results. See and compare the results online, share them on Facebook or Pinterest, or download the images you like for a reference at a salon.

Exploring Ideas with Hair Color Filter

Many people struggle to visualize how they will look with this or that hair color. As a result, they save tons of inspirational images, but never actually dye their hair in a new shade. Trying hair colors online with a free hair color filter is a safe bet, as it takes just a few seconds to see the result. This may either save you from the embarrassing Before and After or inspire you to finally try out the idea you have been tossing.

Are you among the brave ones who sport all the natural and bold hair shades out there? Have fun with our hair color editor, checking the shades you haven’t tried yet, or even trick your friends about your new change. Our hair color simulator automatically detects your hair and makes no changes to the rest of the image, so your virtual hair makeover will be seamless and all natural.

AI Hair Dye Filter and Color Science

When you try on hair color online, please remember that your base tone has a dramatic impact on the required technique and the ends result. When applied to dark unbleached hair, most bright colors will give just a tint to your natural shade. The lighter your hair, the brighter and more prominent the new shade will be. This means that deep brown and black hair needs to be bleached before it’s toned.

While bleach is most often associated with going blonde, you may need to make your hair a few tones lighter to get a vibrant chocolate brown, copper, red or violet shade too. Check out this article on hair tones and levels for a glimpse into hair color science.

Can I Get a Virtual Hair Makeover?

The Virtual Hair Color Try On technology only allows you to change hair color online. If you want to get both hairstyle and hair color transformation ideas, try out our AI Hairstyles Try On tool. With just one selfie, you can generate 30, 60 or 120 images of you with different haircuts, hair shades and hair coloring options.

While hair color editor works more like a filter for your hair, AI virtual hair styler generates new AI images of you with diverse hairstyle and hair color ideas. After all, a hair color may look very different on long straight hair and a playful short bob with beachy waves.