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Updated on March 21, 2023
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Blonde hair color is so versatile, dthat you might not even know there is a specific name for this or that shade of blonde hair color.

Honey, caramel, strawberry, butter, champagne blonde – most shades sound so tasty that you cannot deny your hair a treat. Not to mention platinum and golden blonde hues suggesting that your hair can be your most precious jewelry. More than that, balayage and ombre color techniques allow some of the best blonde hair colors in one hairstyle.

The gallery below is full of sassy blonde hair ideas to help you know which type of blonde you want to be this season.

1. Buttery Blonde Hair

Here is an inviting buttery shade of blonde that seems to have come from under the California sun. It looks dimensional and very attractive to the eye, simply because it instantly awakes associations of blissful hours by the ocean.

2. Pearl Blonde

Healthy and natural-looking flaxen hair with pearl blonde highlights is a beautiful solution for girls who want to brighten up their dishwater blonde locks and get a new sophisticated hair color that won’t be too outlandish or yelling.

beige blonde balayage lob

Instagram / @uptownhairstudio

3. Brown Blonde Balayage Lob

Today’s hair ideas are endless because of the richest variety of hair shades you can mix in different proportions and get new looks even with your basic haircuts and hairstyles. Dimensional ribbons of brown blonde hair are always impressive whether your locks are long or just grazing your shoulders.

dark brown bob with blonde balayage

Instagram / @southmarksouth

4. Medium Blonde Balayage

This medium shade of blonde will be a good choice for brunettes who do not want to stick to very light blonde hair but would rather prefer a low maintenance balayage that still offers the look and all the perks of blonde locks.

5. Brown Blonde Layers

As stated earlier, one of the main things to remember when rocking blonde is to be mindful of your complexion and what hues complement it. For olive tones, dark blonde hair with streaks of light brown and lighter blonde will work great and won’t be hard to update when the roots grow out.

medium brown hair with blonde highlights

Instagram / @styleelin

6. Caramel Blonde Hair

Caramel blonde is the sweetest and warmest reddish blonde hair color. It will make a beautiful frame for a face with the lightest skin tone and blue or green eyes. Very subtle blonde babylights and a few richer red streaks add to the complexity and uniqueness of the final result.

light copper wavy hairstyle

Instagram / @amandaintohair

7. Bouncy Caramel Blonde Bob

Dirty blonde hair is a complex color that is not dark enough to be considered brown, though it’s not an average blonde either. Some of the most popular celebrities that have embraced this shade are Jennifer Aniston and Lauren Conrad. Because it’s a low maintenance color, it is best paired with a low-key style like casual messy curls.

bob with golden blonde ombre highlights

Instagram / @susiehairhero

8. Straight Sandy Blonde Layers

In contrast, pale blonde hair color is particularly flattering on women with fair or cool-toned complexions because of the beige hues in the color. It is important to avoid being washed out with such light colors, so make sure to help your facial features pop with a rich-colored lipstick and mascara.

light brown blonde hair color

Instagram / @tarareich

9. Rosewood Blonde Waves

What a gorgeous and sophisticated hue we knew nothing some 5-10 years ago! Is it blonde or brown? Is there a hint on pink or it’s just the lighting? The most amazing hues can’t be described in a few words. They create a unique look for you and make you feel special.

light rosewood hair color

Instagram / @cariepetersbeauty

10. Beige Balayage for Light Brown Hair

With such beige blonde highlights brushed on the sides of your angled ash brown lob you’ll rather look like a blonde, not a brunette. A stunning idea for a lady who wants to soften her look, but still appear pulled together thanks to the geometric silhouette of her cut.

Ash brown bob with blonde balayage

Instagram /

11. Rooty Long Bob with Platinum Blonde

Good fashion is like barbecue: a little sweet and a little spicy. In the image below, platinum blonde and razored ends create a light breezy feeling. Dark roots and undone texture add just the right balance of grit. A glossy finish ties it all together.

12. Shoulder-Length Peachy Blonde Ombre

Instead of choosing a mid-range tone, deconstruct the bronde trend with this high-contrast mix of blonde and brown. Warm peachy hues soften the juxtaposition. The blonde color of the ends isn’t solid, it rather alternates strips of two different shades: light honey and silver blonde.

Brown To Blonde Medium Ombre Hair

Instagram / @kaleybess

13. Cool Blonde with Dark Roots

Retaining dark hair at the roots makes your mane appear thicker and keeps you from having to get it colored every 4-6 weeks. The wavy texture creates diffused edges and shows off the nuances of color. Keep the length moderate to maintain the ends thick and healthy after bleaching.

Blonde Hair with Highlighted Ends

Instagram / @kaansayar1

14. Warm Blonde Curls

Blonde doesn’t have to be homogenous. A blend of honey blonde and brown is anything but boring. Styling in loose coils reveals interior layers of hair, showing off the interwoven hues. Long layers add classic shaping that de-bulks ends and adds swing.

Blonde Hair With Brown Lowlights

Instagram / @southmarksouth

15. Long Bob with Vanilla Blonde Babylights

For an au courant take on pale strands, try this color solution that reminds us of sun-kissed child’s hair. Ultra-thin wispy vanilla blonde strands give a sun-brightened effect that’s vivid at the edges and barely-there in the roots. The long tousled bob enhances the youthful appeal while staying on-trend.

Shaggy Blonde Balayage Lob

Instagram / @corynneylon_hair

16. Dishwater Blonde Waves

Because most people naturally have cool-toned manes, keeping your color in the ash blonde range gives off a hip, didn’t-try-too-hard vibe. The beachy wave are just as unfussy. Get them by twisting hair into a loose bun and air-drying.

Shoulder Length Choppy Bronde Hairstyle

Instagram / @hairby.ashleypac

17. Sunflower Blonde

Warm blonde tones have a fresh, cute appeal. Here, bright blonde is woven through a sandy base in thin ribbons. Highlights are great for fine hair which may be too fragile for the full-head light blonde. The dimension also makes the hair appear fuller.

Caramel Blonde Bob with Money Pieces

Instagram / @yukistylist

18. Brown and Blonde Hair

Natural brunettes can achieve dramatic results by using a butter blonde gradient. Applying pale colors in stripes flaring towards the ends and your face focuses brightness around the edges. This technique skillfully replicates the way strands respond to the sun, making your look bright yet natural. Remember to use purple shampoo to maintain the cool tones in bleached brown hair.

White Highlights on Dirty Blonde Hair

Instagram / @_hairbypaula

19. Tortoiseshell Curls

Different shades of blondes mingle and entwine with browns in this pretty carapace-inspired blend. Using a greater density of warm brown underneath with lighter colors condensing toward the surface achieves a beautiful dimensional effect. Winding strands vertically around a curling iron produces lovely elongated mid-shaft coils.

20. Cream Blonde Colored Bob

Treat yourself with a dessert-inspired color. Fluffy texture and vivid brightness create a scrumptious look redolent of velvety mousse. Although at first glance this appears to be a solid shade, it’s actually a very dense highlight with pieces of sandy blonde scattered through the platinum.

Wavy Blonde Balayage Bob

Instagram / @chrisweberhair

21. Blonde Bob for Pale Skin

Blonde hair has so many facets, that any woman can pull it off no matter what her natural shade or complexion is. A smooth, seamless fade from dark blonde to creamy blonde looks great against fair skin tones and makes you stare at this mane and melt inside.

Beige Blonde Hair for Blue Eyes

Instagram / @thximenes

22. Butterscotch Blonde

Caramel and sandy blonde shades flatter a wide range of skin tones both cool and warm ones, making them a perfect choice for first-time blondes. The one-length cut provides an unbroken surface. Warm colors maximize reflection of light for a shiny finish.

Caramel Bronde Balayage Hair

Instagram / @prettylittleombre

23. Warm Tones Blonde Balayage

Make your skin glow and your eye color pop with golden blonde hair. Warm blonde hair colors feel sun-kissed without tanning. The key to keeping them from feeling brassy is to add a bit of beige, which cuts yellow tones.

Caramel Blonde Mane with White Facial Framing

Instagram / @_hairbypaula

24. Ash Blonde Hairstyle

This flirty look features dark blonde hair color enhanced with a soft balayage. The technique allows the light hair to play peekaboo, flashing out when styled away from the face. The flowy Hollywood waves finish off the elegant look.

Toasted Blonde with Silver Underlayer

Instagram / @can.ipeksaran

25. Soft Ash Blonde Lob

One-length cuts feel crisp and polished, but sometimes they can seem a bit bulky. Break up the blunt edge visually, dappling dirty blonde hair with streaks of beige and platinum. Bring your stylist pictures to make sure you achieve your desired blend.

Ash Blonde Lob With Lowlights

Instagram / @hairbymikaylaz

26. Maple Bronde

Warm hues mingle in this gorgeous cascade made from a syrupy dark blonde swirled with creamy accents. Many fair-haired ladies tend to go lighter over time, but deeper flaxen hues are just as pretty and require much less maintenance.

Brown Hair With Beige And Platinum Highlights

Instagram / @cristen_smith

27. Neutral Blonde Hair Color

A perfect classic blonde seen in this balayage color fading from dark to light is perfect for every skin tone, as it is neither warm nor cool. Worn in soft waves, this look is fashionable and softly feminine. An understated aesthetics like this enhances the wearer instead of taking center stage.

Beautiful California Blonde Balayage

Instagram / @_hairbypaula

28. Bronde Beach Waves

To achieve a sun-bleached effect, hair should be colored in tapered strips of white blonde. The whitish crests flow across the surface of the hair like the ocean waves. The rounded outline of the cut also feels organic.

Bronde Beach Waves Hairstyle

Instagram / @brendakamt

29. Beeline Honey Blonde

Central blonde tone of the look is beeline honey blonde, but there is a gradient in it too. When you think of sombre, you probably picture a brunette with caramel colored ends, but subtle ombre is also great for blondes. Progressive color techniques are ideal for adding interest to long lengths. Here, fawn-colored roots seamlessly melt into oatmeal ends.

Subtle Brown Blonde Ombre Hair

Instagram / @jaywesleyolson

30. Wheat Grain Blonde Hair Color

The gradient blonde emerging from dark roots evokes the hues of a field of grain. The wispy, soft layers support the visual flow. Nature is a great source of color ideas. The pale hues of cereals provide a bounty of blonde inspiration.

Brightening Metallic Blonde Blend

Instagram / @rodrigocintra

31. Sandy Blonde Hair

Just like sea sand with particles of lighter and darker hues, sandy blonde hair color aptly offers an effortless sunny hairstyle that will look gorgeous with tanned skin.

medium layered sandy blonde hairstyle

Instagram / @cariepetersbeauty

32. Honey Blonde Hair with White Blonde and Green Highlights

Want to get a fresh take on honey blonde hair? Choose lighter and darker shades of blonde, those nearly approximating to golden brown, and throw a sprinkling of light pastel green highlights into the mix. That’s an unexpected touch that also reveals your awareness of the current trends.

33. Copper Blonde

Copper blonde is cute warm shade of blonde with a reddish tint. In this hairstyle, it has almost stepped outside the blonde palette, but golden blonde highlights along the sides took it back. Fair hair color ideas are endless, and the most interesting solutions always come from a combination of sophisticated hues.

light caramel blonde hair

Instagram / @hiphopkids

34. Ash Blonde Half Up Style

A solid cool-toned blonde looks rather flat, that’s why all modern fair hair color solutions involve darkened roots and sometimes a whole dark underlayer with lightened ends. Such hair color ideas unfold beautifully in all sorts of half up hairstyles, updos and braided styles.

ash blonde hairstyle with bangs

Instagram / @romeufelipe

35. Dirty Blonde Hair

Dark blonde hair sometimes looks dull, but being brightened with lighter ends, it turns into a gorgeous mane. The secret is in the smooth fade that offers a beautiful rim for long layered hair. Tousled curls are, definitely, the best texture to present this color.

light brown to blonde ombre

Instagram / @bluebirdsalon301

36. Cherry, Golden and White Blonde Shades in Balayage

Flattering for tan complexion, this reddish golden blonde hairstyle created due to a dark blonde cherry hue breathes with the freedom of the ocean and passion of the sun. Hair cut in layers and styled tousled is all the rage today. It gives you a charming “don’t care” look of a happy woman.

brown blonde balayage hair

Instagram / @sunkissed_megan

37. Natural Blonde Hair with Light Blonde Streaks

A natural blonde hair color is a real stunner, but it still is a darker shade of blonde you might want to enhance with lighter shade highlights. Even a few strokes of baby blonde around your face will make a huge difference!

38. Light Chocolate and Vanilla Blonde

To look sexually appealing a woman should wear delicious hues next to her face. This suggestion works very good in outfits, but even better in hair colors. The solution on this photo was inspired by chocolate and vanilla ice cream, and you literally want to eat it with your eyes!

light brown layered hair with blonde highlights

Instagram / @hilightssalon

39. Silver and Platinum Blonde

Silver-blonde shade is ideal for women who dream of platinum blonde hair color. If you are not ready for the all-over hair color, go for hand painting that allows for both a blended gradient and a high contrast of hues that provides maximum brightness.

Silver Highlights and Caramel Blonde Lowlights

Instagram / @envied.ends

40. Brown Sugar Blonde

Noticed that muted colors flatter you much more than bold hues? Experiment with dirty blonde hair and get a soft brown blonde base that can be brightened with lighter balayage for spice and special accents.

brown blonde wavy hairstyle

Instagram / @foxandjane

41. Browned Blonde Peek-a-Boo

This blonde was browned just a little bit through the length, while the roots were left deliberately much darker. The eye compares the lightness and darkness of the hues at different parts of the strands creating an image of gorgeous dimensional locks.

long blonde bob with bangs

Instagram / @lupayyy

42. Chamomile Blonde Lob

A very light solid blonde color shows up more rarely today than before. With thick hair and a textured hairstyle it looks lovely – clean and angelic. But if your hair is fine or you prefer sleek hairstyles, you should better opt for a dimensional blonde color like one of the balayage examples listed above.

platinum blonde layered hair

Instagram / @beaute_bybrooke

43. Sandy and Ash Blonde Gradient

Loose curls are perfect for virtually any hair color and texture, but they look particularly pretty with light blonde and ash blonde gradient because you can see the variations in blonde color. This is a downdo that can take you to different events and make you feel beautiful.

brown blonde balayage

Instagram / @tarareich

44. Dark Blonde Layers

Many women choose to complement dark brown strands with hues like caramel or copper because they are from adjacent color families. But, blonde hair color ideas offer even more variants: for an edgier look, mix in a sandy blonde hair hue, and go for cool dark blonde like this for a natural, soft gradient.

brown hair with golden blonde balayage

Instagram / @modernsalon

45. Golden Blonde

Adding a subtle gradient of varied shades to the golden blonde base, you get an effortless dye job that looks natural and full of marvelous depth.

honey blonde hair with brown lowlights

Instagram / @tatydoeshair

46. Bodacious Blonde Waves

You know how the saying goes: “if you got it, flaunt it.” Which is exactly what can be said about these thick, flowing waves; the curls in the gorgeous light blonde hair hue are brimming with radiance that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

blonde ombre hair

Instagram / @ashley_does_hair

47. Light-Beige Blonde with Lowlights

Inspiration for your next hair color can come from anywhere. For instance, the lovely bob here could be a direct nod to the trees found in nature. The unique mix of light beige blonde and dark woodsy hues would make a perfect option if you are seeking new hair ideas.

low blonde bob with golden brown lowlights

Instagram / @modernsalon

48. Blonde with Lavender Tint

Platinum blonde hair has long been a go-to color solution for women who want to achieve a “bombshell” look. Nowadays, most of the trendiest looks have a hipster twist, and a wash of lavender is a great way to achieve it. The smoky purple grey will instantly modernize your basic bob.

49. Brown to Blonde Ombre Curls

If you want an easy-going look that incorporates blonde hair colors, an ombre style is just the right fit. It lightens your locks for a more radiant appearance, but it doesn’t require as much maintenance and looks the same even when it has grown out for a couple of inches. In this hairstyle, golden blonde gradually transitions into light blonde and pure diamon blonde shades.

brown hair with blonde ombre highlights

Instagram / @fabulouscuts

50. Light Brown and Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry blonde is the lightest shade of red color. Choose something that trully makes you beautiful – brighter and fresher, and don’t ever select a hue only because you’ve liked it on someone else.

medium brown hair with blonde highlights

Instagram / @perpetualbloom__

There’s something special in blonde hair that makes it extremely appealing to both women and men. Finding your own perfect shade of blonde is probably the most important thing. A hair color that makes you look fresh and well-rested is a blessing, indeed.

honey blonde lob beige blonde balayage lob dark brown bob with blonde balayage blonde balayage hair medium brown hair with blonde highlights light copper wavy hairstyle bob with golden blonde ombre highlights light brown blonde hair color light rosewood hair color Ash brown bob with blonde balayage Textured Blonde Balayage Lob Brown To Blonde Medium Ombre Hair Blonde Hair with Highlighted Ends Blonde Hair With Brown Lowlights Shaggy Blonde Balayage Lob Shoulder Length Choppy Bronde Hairstyle Caramel Blonde Bob with Money Pieces White Highlights on Dirty Blonde Hair Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights Wavy Blonde Balayage Bob Beige Blonde Hair for Blue Eyes Caramel Bronde Balayage Hair Caramel Blonde Mane with White Facial Framing Toasted Blonde with Silver Underlayer Ash Blonde Lob With Lowlights Brown Hair With Beige And Platinum Highlights Beautiful California Blonde Balayage Bronde Beach Waves Hairstyle Subtle Brown Blonde Ombre Hair Brightening Metallic Blonde Blend medium layered sandy blonde hairstyle golden blonde wavy bob hairstyle light caramel blonde hair ash blonde hairstyle with bangs light brown to blonde ombre brown blonde balayage hair Yummy Caramel Blonde Money Piece light brown layered hair with blonde highlights Silver Highlights and Caramel Blonde Lowlights brown blonde wavy hairstyle long blonde bob with bangs platinum blonde layered hair brown blonde balayage brown hair with golden blonde balayage honey blonde hair with brown lowlights blonde ombre hair low blonde bob with golden brown lowlights silver blonde bob brown hair with blonde ombre highlights medium brown hair with blonde highlights
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