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Updated on February 15, 2023
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Platinum Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Contemporary movies give us grand visions of stunning angels and bright celestial beings, so it’s no wonder so many girls are craving beautiful platinum blonde hair these days. From halos of white to curls of platinum, we’ve hand-selected our 50 favorite styles to fully satisfy your whimsical taste. So, let’s check them out!

Platinum Blonde Hair Trend

Very light hair, practically stripped of color, is an interesting hair color choice for women with cool skin undertones, usually natural blondes who were once fair-haired but, finally, got a dishwater blonde hair hue. The latter is often perceived as a somewhat dull and dirty shade that needs brightening. Platinum and icy blonde are just the right tones for this purpose. They can be used as solid, all-over hair color or applied as highlights, balayage or ombre. Let’s see the examples.

1. Platinum Blonde And Chocolate Skin

Warm Shade of Platinum Blonde Hair

Instagram / @qtran

For women with darker skin tones, the contrast between platinum blonde hair and skin can be quite sharp, although it often creates a stunning and unique look. Usually, choosing a more golden platinum tone will look much better, as proved by Solange and Lavern Cox, who experimented with this shade.

The charming girl in the photo looks fantastic with a golden platinum tone, which only emphasizes her beauty. The easiest way to make it look close to perfection was by choosing a golden platinum color instead of a lighter one.

2. Platinum Blonde For Summer Girls

Platinum blonde hair will be a little more complicated for women with deeper, cooler skin tones, which can sometimes have shades of orange or red. A blue shade of platinum blonde hair color is not the best choice for orange skin, as the hair may look gray. The girl in this picture chose a powdery platinum blonde that amazes us.

Very Light Blonde Bob

Instagram / @maggiemh

3. Vanilla Blonde Hair for Warm Skin Tones

Accentuate your warm skin tone with this flattering rooted balayage in platinum blonde shades. Don’t forget to use purple shampoo to get rid of brassy tones and maintain this beautiful hair color.

White Blonde Hair with Warm Touches

Instagram / @salt_andwaves

4. Icy Blonde Hair Colors

This ultra-light version of the hairstyle on icy blonde hair requires bleaching hair even above the 10th level. The result you get will really be worth the effort. You can also add curls and pearl headbands to make you look even more like a princess.

Platinum Blonde Inverted Bob

Instagram / @bescene

5. Silver Metallic Platinum Blonde

If you lacked radiance in trendy ashy shades, then here it is – the solution. Beware of the effect of a wig when dyeing in one tone, silver metallic shade of platinum blonde is much more harmonious in the form of bright strokes through the hair.

Silver Metallic Highlights

Instagram / @samonpie

6. Mid-Length Blonde Locks with Shadow Roots

Have you ever thought of getting a balayage with warm and cold blonde hues? Believe us, these platinum shades will look gorgeous on hair of any length! With the appropriate hair conditioning treatment, your dyed hair will also remain healthy and moisturized even after bleaching.

Creamy White Blonde Lob with Shadow Roots

Instagram / @brimsandbalayage

7. Platinum Blonde Balayage on Dark Hair

If you want to lighten your hair without traumatizing it, consider trying these sophisticated platinum highlights. Leave your dark roots natural so that you won’t need to color them every month.

Bronde Mane with White and Platinum Highlights

Instagram / @colorbymaddie

8. Soft Beachy Waves

Ultra-cool, platinum blonde hair color often looks fantastic for those who have fair skin, regardless of whether it tends to cool pink, neutral or warm-beige shade.

Dirty Blonde with Platinum Highlights

Instagram / @colorsbycash

9. Icy Blonde Pixie

For the most daring and bright! This short pixie with a stylish shape is emphasized by a trendy color, such as icy blonde with natural dark roots.

Brown Pixie with Platinum Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @anaafavaron

10. Perfect Silver Shades

The powdery accents of icy blonde really look good with curls. In fact, this phenomenal look is achieved through subtle transitions from deep roots to light powdery platinum blonde.

Ice Blonde with Shadow Roots

Instagram / @seolahair

11. Icy Blonde Tones for Wavy Hair

Healthy blondes look truly marvelous! Yet, it is not that easy to maintain platinum blonde hair colors in perfect condition. You should be ready to do hair care treatment at home using special masks and serums to keep the integrity of your bleached hair.

12. Black to Platinum Blonde Hair Transformation

This makeover looks absolutely incredible! With the right haircut and hair color, your mane can become more voluminous and fuller. Of course, bleached hair might be harder to maintain, but with a purple shampoo and bond-building products, you can keep this gorgeous silver shade for longer.

Metallic Gray and White Hair Makeover

Instagram / @isthatpat

13. Dirty Blonde and Platinum Hues

If you wish to become a blondie, it’s not a necessity to go all white, as you can always mix fantastic ashy and golden platinum hair colors. Combining warm and cool tones can help you get multi-dimensional style that will make your thin locks fuller.

Dishwater Blonde Hair with White Highlights

Instagram / @hairbylisamathews

14. Light Waves Of Beauty

Light waves can best show the texture and structure of the new hair color. Natural blonde base with thin platinum hair strands looks fabulous with such a trendy haircut and styling.

15. Bright Platinum Blonde Makeover

Brassy tones may appear when you lighten your brown hair, but it doesn’t have to stop you from getting this mesmerizing platinum blonde hue! Wash the hair with a blue or purple toning shampoo and apply a texture spray on your tousled curls to achieve this inspiring look.

Bronde to Dirty White Makeover

Instagram / @carlybrown9

16. Soft Flaxen Blonde Curls

These white highlights are the spice of the shoulder length waves. It’s one of the best coloristic ideas for contemporary multi-dimensional blonde hair.

Medium Blonde Hair with Platinum Highlights

Instagram / @constancerobbins

17. Platinum Hair For Brown Base

The longer bob pictured here boasts sophisticated blonde mixed with light brown in the back and bleached to white in the front. Add some long angled layers to frame your face and you’ll get a chic medium-length ‘do for straight hair that doesn’t need additional styling to look gorgeous on a regular basis.

Medium Layered Blonde Hair

Instagram / @rubydevine

18. Thin Platinum Blonde Highlights

It’s entirely possible to enjoy the allure and cool beauty of platinum hair without getting an all-over bleach job. A few well-placed platinum blonde highlights do the trick. Here, they brighten up the brown base and melt it towards the ash blonde ends. Add some drama with lowlights, seen here in thin streaks of darker brown.

Brown Hair With Silver Highlights

Instagram / @modernsalon

19. Platinum Blonde Bob With Exposed Roots

This curly bob features layered platinum blonde waves with plenty of dark brown roots. A gorgeously grungy throwback to platinum hairstyles popular in the early ‘00s! Think Gwen Stefani – even today, she knows how to rock a bold platinum ‘do.

Platinum Wavy Bob

Instagram / @sadiejcre8s

20. Long Bob In Silver White

This hairdo is awesome from root to tip. The brown base is beautifully highlighted by platinum blonde that almost seamlessly blends with the darker color. A bob with blunt ends is a great haircut choice with this color if your hair is straight.

Blunt Ash Blonde Lob

Instagram / @beautybyjorge

21. Between Golden And Platinum

When you have darker hair, dyeing it to match the standard platinum blonde hair can sometimes offer varied results. But we love this one, which has a slightly golden overtone at the top, because it embraces the lasting reds of the natural color.

Blonde Curly Hair with Darkened Roots

Instagram / @tressesbytress

22. Snow White Mid-Length Hair

Going from blonde to platinum hair may not seem like much of a change, but it can completely change your whole appearance! Fully platinum blonde hair requires starting from a blank canvas. Whatever unwanted shades and irregularities that exist must be fully washed out before the new shade is applied. Even with this ‘color,’ there is a complicated dye process! But it’s oh-so-worth it…wouldn’t you agree?

Long Platinum Blonde Bob

Instagram / @khovey

23. Platinum Blonde Curls

How cute are these loose platinum blonde waves? This is an ethereal hairstyle – the paleness of the platinum on brown hair is a stunning standout. Upkeep isn’t such a big deal with a subtle ombre or balayage.

Blonde Balayage For Long Thin Hair

Instagram / @igorkhonin

24. Long Platinum Locks

Platinum blonde is gorgeous on long hair. Here, the platinum feathers practically overtake the dark roots, which peek through melting underneath the shiny blonde. The entire effect is both pretty and super dramatic!

Long Platinum Blonde Balayage Hair

Instagram / @rafaelbertolucci1

25. Silver Blonde Straight Hair

Look at this fabulous fall of silver layers. They are like molten silver! Futuristic colors, textures and silhouettes are very in right now, and that means an increasing popularity of metallic hair colors.

Long White Blonde Layered Hair

Instagram / @modernsalon

26. Chic Platinum Lob with Side Parting

A long bob is a trendy and eye-catching haircut you will be happy to get for hot summer days! Dye your whole mane in a platinum blonde shade and touch up the tone of your roots monthly to keep your hair color fresh.

Vivid Platinum Blonde Lob

Instagram /

27. Blonde Ombre Waves

If you are a brunette who wants to try a low-maintenance blonde, try this gorgeous bronde balayage ombre. Get the best from the most popular coloring techniques – soft ribbons of color that start almost at the hair roots and a flawless fade to shiny blonde ends.

Brown To Blonde Wavy Ombre Hair

Instagram / @tressesbytress

28. Fade To White

When dye is applied lower on the length of your strands, leaving a halo of dark roots, you are getting a popular now look that can be rather soft or, on the contrary, very sharp and dramatic like in this example. This look, certainly, requires some staging.

Ash Blonde Hair with Black Roots

Instagram / @modernsalon

29. Grayscale Ombre

This is a stunning example of platinum silver hair, which stands out against black roots. Try an ombre fade on dark hair and experience what it’s like to rock fairytale hair.

Ash Blonde Hair With Black Roots

Instagram / @styleelin

30. Stunning White Kinky Hair Style

That’s probably the most terrific version of a short curly hairstyle for kinky hair we’ve ever seen! The icy white hue makes the hair texture airy and lightweight and contrasts the dark skin tone, making everyone admire this astonishing look!

African American White Natural Hair

Instagram / @hairbyeleven

31. A Dab Of Platinum In Highlights

More sophisticated brown blonde hair colors are achieved either with lowlights on blonde hair or medium blonde and platinum highlights on light brown hair. This is the latter option. Braided hairstyles are often the best to show off the variations of hair color.

32. Platinum Braided Hair Updo

Platinum works beautiful for naturally dark blonde hair, and it will look lovely in all kinds of updos. This may just be the most elegant of all of the styles for platinum blonde hair we have collected for you. When it’s time to impress, this is your style. Getting married? This style may be a great match to a simple, laconic dress!

33. Blonde Hair With Platinum Babylights

Solid platinum blonde hair may look too bright and contradictory with cool and muted skin tones. In this case, sticking to your natural blonde with well-placed platinum babylights would be the best solution.

Platinum Blonde Long Bob

Instagram / @christinagunnell

34. Trendy Icy Platinum Blonde Highlights

The platinum blonde hair color will definitely make you the center of attention, especially paired with romantic bendy waves! Opt for balayage with dark roots to keep your hair low maintenance while gorgeous.

White Balayage Hair with Dark Underlayer

Instagram / @tialambourn_hair

35. Dark Blonde Into White

White will blend well with your natural dark blonde hair. You may choose the transition to begin near the roots or lower in a sort of ombre. Here’s also a cute style for inspiration. Three French surface braids on one side accentuate white blonde hair and reveal the darker roots for extra dimension. Length helps to create an elegantly flowing look in the back. This style is to die for!

Long White Blonde Hair

Instagram / @kylee.pickering

36. Pale Blonde Balayage

Here’s a subtle ombre that’s almost blonde on blonde. Platinum highlights start near the hair roots and run down melting in the ash blonde flow. The layers create lift, bounce, and volume for extra body of thin locks.

Ash Blonde Ombre Highlights

Instagram / @styleelin

37. Posh Bob

Having natural platinum blonde hair is very rare, unless you are specifically from a Nordic or other similar latitude based country where the sun shines less in the sky, lessening the need for pigment in the hair and skin (Think polar bears!). BUT it can definitely happen! For the rest of us, there are salons, kits, and ways around the loophole – and this look does the trick nicely!

Short Platinum Blonde Bob

Instagram / @alexsismae

38. Bob with Platinum Blonde Ombre

Brown hair with platinum highlights is one of the trends loved by all fashionistas! It suits women of all ages, and with the right haircut, just like this elongated bob, blonde balayage can bring more volume and body to your fine hair.

39. White And Dirty Blonde Combo

If you want a less traumatizing hair color solution or if you want a more complex-looking two-tone hair color, try platinum highlights on your natural dark blonde hair base. Long blonde hair is coveted by many because it’s so versatile. It has been an object of fashion’s beauty arsenal for years. Thanks to the first supermodels of the 60’s, we now have an obsession with long hair that can be braided and braided…and braided some more!

Platinum Highlights for Dark Blonde Hair

Instagram / @kylee.pickering

40. Root Fade Into Blonde

Root fade saves on upkeep because there’s no need to touch up the roots every few weeks. It’s also a laid-back technique that’s able to make any woman look gorgeously relaxed and endlessly stylish.

Messy Blonde Lob

Instagram / @singi.vo

41. White Hair With Dark Undercut

Here’s a fabulous asymmetrical crop and a trendy two-tone hair color solution. The platinum blonde hair feathers forward in a stunning side sweep. Try going platinum against a dark undercut for a dramatic, attention-grabbing contrast. Maintain soft, silky hair even after bleaching by investing in a weekly deep-conditioning hair mask.

Two-Tone Asymmetrical Pixie Undercut

Instagram / @modernsalon

42. Platinum Hair With Darkening At The Roots

If you choose a solid platinum hair color, your hair may appear thin, one-dimensional and even lifeless on longer lengths. Darkening the roots and choosing hairstyles with textured hair will prevent this issue. Here’s a cute idea of an appropriate updo. This thick side braid brings a modern aspect to an old look. Reminiscent of a crown, this style is best for any queen or princess! You’re sure to turn some heads!

White Blonde Hair with Darkened Roots

Instagram / @kylee.pickering

43. Bery Light Hair Color on Mid-Length Hair

The platinum blonde hair color palette has so many shades and undertones that you will definitely choose something to complement your skin tone. Pair your platinum blonde balayage with short to medium length locks to ease your hair maintenance routine.

Delicate Wavy White Gold Lob

Instagram / @shmoakin_hair

44. Lush And Curly

Curls add plenty of bounce to any ‘do, and today’s curls should be slightly messy, like these. Note the zigzag of the center part and light frizz that makes this curly hairstyle look perfectly casual.

Long Curly Blonde Hairstyle

Instagram / @vintagerocha

45. Creamy Blonde Loose Waves

For this beautiful icy platinum blonde curly hair, combine cold beige and platinum white tones. It can take you a while to achieve this hue, but the result will definitely be worth the effort!

Long White Blonde Beach Waves

Instagram / @anderrateliehair

46. Dirty Blonde Hair for Fair Skin Tones

Here we have a lovely blonde balayage with platinum money pieces that complement a fair complexion. The blend of highlights and lowlights will look great both in long locks and an updo, so you can style your hair differently, depending on your outfit and occasion.

Delicate White Bronde Waves

Instagram / @brimsandbalayage

47. White Tone for Naturally Straight Hair

If you are a brunette going blonde, platinum blonde will be quite a challenge. Stll, with the right hair care products, you can freely experiment with light shades and go for the cool tones of blonde. The worst thing about coloring your dark hair is grown-out roots, so be sure to schedule all your salon visits in advance.

Polished White Pearl Hair Makeover

Instagram / @jessiereyeshair

48. Voluminous Platinum And Purple Curls

Almost violet, this curly hair in platinum blonde is adorable! Springs dance freely, as the natural curls are defined but incredibly soft and touchable. This can be paired with any look to instantly dress you up, and watch as others are amazed by your locks!

Ash Blonde Hair Color

Instagram / @priigiuliana

49. Long Sleek Platinum Blonde Locks

Straight long hair can also be dimensional if you add numerous cold and warm platinum highlights. This hairstyle suits women of all hair types, but if you have thin hair, we recommend adding darker roots to add deepness to the style.

White Hair with Subtle Bronde Lowlights

Instagram / @aprilscotthair

50. Delightful Platinum Shade for Tanned Skin

Soft beach waves and bold platinum highlights ideally match each other and create a trendy, striking look that is easy to maintain. A perfect option for those who want to highlight a warm or tanned skin tone.

Beige Base with Platinum Balayage

Instagram / @anderrateliehair

Platinum blonde hair dye has a staying power, partly because of the commitment and partly because it brightens your whole appearance! Once we go platinum, most of us never return! Is it time to update your color palette with a new set of blonde, or platinum tones? Then jump aboard…because they’ve proven that they’re here to stay!

Platinum Blonde Hair Color Ideas Warm Shade of Platinum Blonde Hair Very Light Blonde Bob White Blonde Hair with Warm Touches Platinum Blonde Inverted Bob Silver Metallic Highlights Creamy White Blonde Lob with Shadow Roots Bronde Mane with White and Platinum Highlights Dirty Blonde with Platinum Highlights Brown Pixie with Platinum Blonde Highlights Ice Blonde with Shadow Roots White Highlights and Ash Blonde Lowlights Metallic Gray and White Hair Makeover Dishwater Blonde Hair with White Highlights Platinum White Hair Color Bronde to Dirty White Makeover Medium Blonde Hair with Platinum Highlights Medium Layered Blonde Hair Brown Hair With Silver Highlights Platinum Wavy Bob Blunt Ash Blonde Lob Blonde Curly Hair with Darkened Roots Long Platinum Blonde Bob Blonde Balayage For Long Thin Hair Long Platinum Blonde Balayage Hair Long White Blonde Layered Hair Vivid Platinum Blonde Lob Brown To Blonde Wavy Ombre Hair Ash Blonde Hair with Black Roots Ash Blonde Hair With Black Roots African American White Natural Hair Braided Updo for Brown Blonde Hair Flower Wedding Updo for Blonde Ombre Hair Platinum Blonde Long Bob White Balayage Hair with Dark Underlayer Long White Blonde Hair Ash Blonde Ombre Highlights Short Platinum Blonde Bob Platinum Root Fade for Bronde Lob Platinum Highlights for Dark Blonde Hair Messy Blonde Lob Two-Tone Asymmetrical Pixie Undercut White Blonde Hair with Darkened Roots Delicate Wavy White Gold Lob Long Curly Blonde Hairstyle Long White Blonde Beach Waves Delicate White Bronde Waves Polished White Pearl Hair Makeover Ash Blonde Hair Color White Hair with Subtle Bronde Lowlights Beige Base with Platinum Balayage
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