20 Awesome White Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2022

So, you’ve decided you’d like to try white blonde hair? First off, let me start by saying that white blonde is not for the faint of heart. It requires some financial investment and a good amount of time to get there safely.

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Still, white blonde hair color is a head-turner and looks amazing on a lot of people once it’s done correctly. So, if you consider going all “Khaleesi” white, read on for tips and inspiration.

How Do You Get Your Hair White Blonde?

Contrary to popular belief, white blonde hair color is not “dyed” that way, it’s actually bleached until it becomes white, or “de-colored.” White blonde hair is actually the result of all pigment making your natural color being removed from the locks. The process is likely to leave your hair bleach-damaged, which is why you will have to take up regular treatments and quality shampoo and conditioner.

Also, white blonde hair requires regular up-keep of monthly or bi-monthly salon visits, to keep the hair looking fresh and not brassy. Since white blonde hair is more susceptible to splitting and damage, you will also have to think about the types of hair brushes, hair dryers, curling irons, and hair accessories you might need so as to not inflict further damage on the hair.


Does getting white blonde hair sounds like a risky endeavor? Well, going blonde always is. The following images featuring some stunning white blonde hair color shades can still convince you to put all concerns to rest.

#1: Bombshell White Blonde Waves

This is a rooted white blonde look, with neutral-icy tones, best achieved with a full head bleach tip-out, shadow root, and icy toner.

White Blonde Balayage

Instagram / @chrisweberhair

#2: Sexy Volume

This soft white blonde hair with pearl tones is what blonde dreams are made of! This hair has been styled with a 1.5-inch barrel to achieve big, soft volume. Don’t forget the heat protectant, and some dry texture spray at the roots for added oompf!

White Blonde Highlights Root Stretch

Instagram / @maggiemh

#3: Chic Cropped Curls

This is a full head bleach and tone – a bold move for natural hair that has a stunning effect. The white blonde color is achieved by stripping hair color, until reaching the palest yellow hair color and then dyeing it with a pearl tone.


#4: Beautiful Platinum Blonde Bob

This is a global white blonde with beige tones. This color suits most skin tones as it sits between warm and cool on the color wheel.

Light Blonde Hair for Every Skin Tone

Instagram / @stebunovhair

#5: Fashionably Stylish

This white blonde hair in a short cropped style is the ultimate fashion chic. This look would not only require regular color regrowth sessions, but also regular trims every 4-6 weeks. But it is right at home on the streets of Paris, can be styled in a multitude of ways and is very versatile.

Short Platinum White Blonde Hair

Instagram / @yukistylist

#6: Chic Platinum White Shade

To achieve this platinum blonde look, the colorist would tip out and apply highlights through the top section of the hair. Long thick hair like this requires extra maintenance to keep it healthy and strong and easily becomes brassy if the correct products aren’t used.

Blonde Hair with White Highlights

Instagram / @bangmyhair

#7: Shag It Up

This white blonde shag look is so modern and is also the perfect style for someone growing out a short pixie haircut. Hair is styled by blowing it out with a medium-size round brush, flicking away from the face to create flips.

Modern Shaggy Bob Dyed White Platinum Blonde

Instagram / @sydniiee

#8: Boxy Ash Blonde Bob

Can’t decide between ashy blonde and white blonde hair? Bleaching the entire hair at the first visit and applying an all-over ash toner afterward is a good compromise!

Ashy White Hair

Instagram / @nat_doeshair

#9: Bright Boho Beach Wave

White blonde hair reflects the light in photographs nicely, and waves like these are a fun way to show off depth and dimension in the style. This would make a lovely bridal style for a beach wedding.

Metallic Pearl White Hair Shade

Instagram / @mattrazook

#10: White Blonde Hair with Lived In Roots

Relaxed beach waves show off natural brown roots and platinum blonde highlights in a stunning manner. The dimension created by leaving some of the natural hair color out between the foils allows for more time between salon visits.

White Blonde Hair with Brown Lived In Roots

Instagram / @nataliarok

#11: The 80’s and 90’s Are Back

Cap streaks are back! This white blonde “frosted” look can be achieved by using a good old-fashioned streaking cap. This requires regular visits to your colorist every 4 to 6 weeks to lighten the new growth.

Pixie with Dark Roots and White Blonde Frosting

Instagram / @sacaumut

#12: Chic White Blonde Shade

White blonde hair looks great with waves, as seen in this picture. Whatever curling tool and technique you use, better leave the ends straight for a modern look.

Shoulder-Length Light Blonde Hair

Instagram / @hairbylindal

#13: High-Contrast Blonde Hair

This is a striking bleach and tone with blended-out dark roots. Blending out roots allows for more time to pass between salon visits. Regular toners and purple shampoo should be used to keep this hair as white blonde as possible.

Snow Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Instagram / @seolahair

#14: Style It Up

When you color your hair white blonde, you won’t be able to wash it so often, as this dries out the hair. In order to camouflage two or three-day-old hair, you can experiment with a deep side part and waves to avoid flat limp style.

#15: Perfect Pearl Princess

Just look at this icy white blonde perfection! This tone of white blonde requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep, which means monthly toners and highlights refreshed every 2 months. But it is well worth it!


#16: Effortlessly Stylish

This white blonde hair shade is stunning, and the subtle root stretch allows for a more lived-in look. This long bob has been styled with a soft beach wave texture to spice things up.

Baby Blonde Hair Color

Instagram / @hairbykimtran

#17: Pop of Pearl

Cool skin tones pair exceptionally well with cool white blonde shades. This style uses a pearl tone to add shine and dimension to the hair.

#18: Show Your Grays

Mature women with white or gray hair can go white blonde to blend out their regrowth and achieve an edgy look. Ultimately this look wouldn’t need much maintenance so long as you use silver shampoo every second wash at home to keep the color vibrant.

Blending Gray Regrowth by Dyeing Hair White Blonde

Instagram / @romeufelipe

#19: No Split Ends Allowed!

Keep your white blonde hair healthy and looking full by avoiding split ends and getting regular haircuts. Blunt cuts like this keep white blonde hair looking thick and healthy.

Icy Blonde Hair

Instagram / @haargenau_catwalk

#20: Smudge that Root

Pretty platinum waves with a soft live in root allow extra time between salon visits. The dark roots not only blend and soften the regrowth but also add depth and make the hair look thicker than it is.

Very Light Blonde Color with Darkened Roots

Instagram / @hairbyjazzmine

So if all this has inspired you to go white blonde, then 2022 is the year for you to go ahead and finally do it! Don’t forget to do your research, select a colorist that specializes in platinum and white blondes, and plan to visit the salon every 4-6 weeks if you have chosen a global bleach and tone, or once every 2-3 months for a more lived in, natural look.

Please feel free to head over to my Instagram @hairshionista and see some of the transformations I do in the salon.

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