10 Excellent Ideas for Growing Out Gray Hair

While more and more women are ready to rock their natural gray hair color, the idea of growing out gray hair and wearing the nasty grown-out roots for several months makes many shiver.

Although the transition to gray does take time and dedication, you can definitely look your best in the process. Check out 10 ways to go gray with grace and choose one or several to map out your own journey.

How to Go Gray

Growing out gray hair is often taken as a necessary evil needed to get benefits like ditching the die, enjoying healthier hair, and wearing a trendy gray color. But let’s face it, letting your hair go gray takes more than deciding to do so.

As soon as you have a few inches of regrowth, you might face some “useful recommendations” from people, whose opinions you don’t ask. More distressing, you may not like what you see in the mirror.

Thus, if you embark on the journey, there are a few basic rules to stick to:

  • Find support and inspiration: Instagram has many gray hair communities and bloggers to follow for inspiration, many of whom shared their tips and experience on The Right Hairstyles too! Keep them in focus and share photos of your own transition to get support from like-minded people.
  • Hairstylist is your ally, not an enemy: Some women go too far when going natural and ditch not only the dye but going to the salon as such. That’s a huge mistake, as your hair needs a great trim and professional advice more than ever!
  • Get ready to change: There is so much buzz about the beauty of gray hair and so many stunning images of silver foxes that you may wrongly believe it will look great on you the day one. The reality is that you might have to make some changes in the overall style and makeup to bring out the beauty of your gray mane. You will also have to change your hair routine to make gray hair soft and shiny.

Ready to commit to growing out your highlights of wisdom? Consider these 10 ideas for a smooth transition full of confidence and self-love.

#1: Dye Your Hair Gray

Dyeing your hair into one of the shades of gray, ashy, silver, or platinum color before starting a transition might do you a great favor. First, you will give yourself a chance to get accustomed to a new hue. Secondly, your natural salt and pepper hair will not make such a great contrast and will not attract so much attention when growing in.

A good idea is to see what color prevails in your graying roots and opt for a matching tone. Just see what a great job this ashy brown does for a beautiful and gradual transition. When gray hair grows in, you may keep dyeing the face-framing layers to maintain a more intentional look until you have a full head of gray hair.

Ashy Brown Wavy Lob for Growing Out Gray Hair

Instagram / @kristin.carstens

#2: Go for a Big Chop

Cutting long hair short is the easiest way to transition to white hair. However, changing color and hair length at the same time is quite a stress. If you are used to experimenting with your hairstyles, feel free to opt in. If you have not tried any drastic changes before, better choose among the options for a gradual transition.

Short Gray Pixie with Razored Edges

Instagram / @silver_is_sexy

Edgie, textured pixies are perfect short hairstyles for transitioning to gray hair. You may get a bit longer hairstyle by keeping the edges that still have your natural or dyed color. This often results in a stunning ombre effect.

#3: Grombre All the Way

Grombre hair trend presupposes letting your dyed hair gradually grow out. Such gray & ombre hair combination looks best in a sassy lob, where the dyed hair part is already 2 or 3 inches wide.

Before you are ready to rock this ideal grombre proportion, consider using other transition ideas mentioned later, such as wearing a headband and braided updos.

Lob Hairstyle for Going Gray

Instagram / @myselfija

#4: Transition to Gray Hair with Highlights and Lowlights

Transitioning to gray hair with highlights is an excellent option for women longing to maintain a well-maintained look and longer hair length throughout the process. What is more, getting icy highlights will help you get closer to a new, gray hairstyle overnight.

Highlights and Lowlights to Facilitate Transition to Gray Hair

Instagram / @rubannhaircolor

To facilitate the transition, color correction should aim at getting cooler hues and blending the line of demarcation. Hair smudging is a great technique to achieve a seamless look.

Hair Smudging for Growing Out Gray Hair

Instagram / @salon_b3

Ashy blonde balayage is another natural-looking coloring technique that lets you grow gray hair and wear a head-turning hair color at the same time. Just be sure to find a good specialist for the job!

Ashy Blonde Balayage for Transitioning to Gray Hair

Instagram / @kimmberlinaahair

#5: Enhance Your Salt and Pepper

Going gray from black or dark brown color seems the most difficult; thus, dyeing your hair black to transition to gray seems totally counterintuitive. However, if your salt and pepper hair has many dark patches, adding a black ombre can be a life-changing idea.

#6: Ace Root Cover Up

Root cover-ups are designed to mask the regrowth before the next dye. Why would you use them to transition to gray hair then?

If roots’ regrowth makes you really stressed, you may mask it until your gray hair is long enough for a nice pixie cut. Anyway, it is good to know that you have this backup plan for important events like giving a presentation at work or attending a wedding party.

#7: Tone with a Temporary Color

Another option is to tone hair with temporary dyes. Choosing a purple hue like this one is a great way to shake things up and add more color to your life.

The purple tone will wash away after approximately 4 shampoo days and change into a combination of silver, light brown and golden hues, which look fantastic with gray hair growing in. The best part – the color is temporary, and you can simply stop applying it once your natural gray hair color grows out.

Growing Out Gray Hair Using a Temporary Color

Instagram / @norma_blaque

#8: Blend the Demarcation Line in Messy Buns and Braids

Another option for going gray without cutting your hair short is centered around blending the demarcation line with the help of messy updos and braids. A messy bun like this one does not only blend the difference of colors but also adds a playful, youthful touch to your do!

Gray Hair Put into a High Messy Bun

Instagram / @myselfija

A proven go-to hairstyle for growing out gray hair is also one or two French braids. It will accentuate the gray base and seamlessly blend the demarcation line.

Two Dutch Braids Blending a Gray and Dyed Hair Demarcation Line

Instagram / @brizzolando

At the same time, box braids seem to be the best hairstyle for black women growing out gray hair. It will completely do away with the sharp contrast between black and white. What’s more, ashy or white braiding hair will allow enjoying your new look before the end of the transition already.

#9: Rock Head Scarves

At the very beginning of root regrowth, headbands and scarves can make a big difference. First, it is better to brush your hair back to leave the front highlighted with grays rather than part it in the middle and have root regrowth rest on the sides.

Second, a bright trendy accessory will always be a plus! Not only will it hide the demarcation line, but it will also make your look more interesting and intended.

Headband Hairstyle to Transition to Gray Hair Graciously

Instagram / @silvermoonchild81

#10: Curl Your Hair

Stylists know that the best way to hind the imperfect balayage is to throw in some beach waves. Curling individual strands will break up the demarcation line and add dimension to hair color. Besides, sporting a trendy, sexy hairstyle will give you a much-needed boost of confidence.

Feel free to use various ideas at different stages of your regrowth journey. For example, you may camouflage the grown-out roots and then cut a long pixie with a grombre effect. Or, use a headband for growing out gray roots, then alternate curly and braided hairstyles to blend the demarcation line, and finally rock the grombre style chopping an alluring lob. Alternatively, opt for a perfect balayage to go gray.

Have these tips been helpful? Share your way to go gray on Instagram and tag @therighthairstyles so that we can enjoy your transition progress!