About TRHs

One popular phrase advises us to take care of our hair, because we wear it every day. Really, it’s amazing how a woman can radically change her image with a new hairstyle. Luckily, today we have a collection of magical beauty tools at our disposal: a variety of new haircuts, marvelous coloristic solutions, no-harm styling tools and gorgeous hair accessories, which allow us to create both casual and formal looks. ‘A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life,’ – these words were said by iconic Coco Chanel, and they are so true! That is why we have a huge section with women’s hairstyles on TRHs. And we are proud that readers choose us to get hairstyle inspiration!

The main goals of our editorial team are:

  1. to show you that you have a far more options than just a simple ponytail and a bun;
  2. to persuade that even with short hair you can change your image daily;
  3. to tell you about the freshest hair trends seen on runways and popular fashion blogs;
  4. to remind that even on the busiest days you have to find at least 5 minutes to take care of your locks;
  5. to reveal all the newest secrets of hair care routine;
  6. to show ideally fitting hairstyles for all face shapes and all hair types;
  7. to be the first to detect new hair color trends and show you their variants;
  8. to provide you with useful hair infographics which you can pin and always keep them around;
  9. to observe the most interesting bloggers and hairstylists from all around the world;
  10. to pick the easiest and the cutest hair tutorials and DIY videos.

Is this all? No, because on therighthairstyles.com you will also find categories full of articles about latest men’s haircuts, teenage hairstyles and a plenty of ideas for the youngest ladies and baby boys. For ladies who are 40+ we prepared a set of useful articles about inspiring women who look great despite their age and show the world that getting older means getting better and happier.

However, we want to warn you: changing your hairstyle can influence all your life… for the better! You will get more confident and positive-thinking, so be ready for new happy events in your life. Continue reading us for more inspiration!