Gege Uboma

Gege has always loved everything about hair, especially hair care. She started her hair business ten years ago and is now the owner of GlamGorgeoushair, a salon listed as one of The Best Salons in the UK for Afro Hair In 2018 and 2019. She has worked on various productions at the Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester including King Lear and Dollhouse and supports the theatre crew with training and knowledge of afro, curly and mixed hair types. She loves all aspects of hair and worked with different hair types, but has chosen to specialize in curly and afro hair conditions. She works with hair extensions but she is most fascinated by what the hair underneath is like and works hard to keep it safe and healthy. Working in the industry for so many years, she has seen the impact hair can have on self-confidence and internalized trauma when children have grown up without understanding their hair or having tight hairstyles and pain from impatient detangling. Her dedication to understanding the root cause of afro/curly textured hair conditions and build confidence from natural hairstyles made her the go-to person for afro and curly hair in Manchester.

A transition from relaxer to natural hair is not easy, but people have been doing it for ages. The most important thing that you need to understand and accept is that it will take patience, commitment, and consistency. Don’t be afraid to start – the feel and the look of your natural locks are well worth the journey. I have helped many women embrace their true hair texture, and I’m here to give you tips on how to go natural and encourage you along the way.

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⠀Check out our latest YouTube Video!