Is the 2022 Butterfly Hair Trend Really That New?

Butterfly Haircut Trend

If you have heard anything about the hottest hair trends for 2022, you must already know that the butterfly haircut is a trending new cut to try. Gorgeous as it is, if the cut makes you feel like it is not really new, you are not alone. It doesn’t prevent celebrities and fashionistas from saying a huge yes to the butterfly hair trend, though!

What Is the Butterfly Haircut Like?

The butterfly haircut is all about long soft layers that frame the face and gives an illusion of a shorter yet voluminous haircut. The cut has two main layers: the shorter upper layer that gives an impression of a short haircut and a lower layer, which is responsible for the length of the cut.

Long Hair Heavily Layered at the Front

Instagram / @savinabuendiahair

You may wonder how the butterfly haircut is different from the octopus hairstyle, which is another hair trend hitting the headlines. While the two cuts are hot this year, they have some differences, including the softness of the curls and the length of the layers. The butterfly hairstyle looks and feels super soft and feathery compared to the sharp, shag-like octopus cut.

Many people compare the butterfly haircut with the iconic Farrah Faucett hairstyle, which was popular back then in the 70s. At the time, this fantastic model and actress, one of the Charlie’s Angel girls, was a source of inspiration for everyone who loved textured hair with floaty layers. So, there’s nothing weird in today’s popularity of the butterfly cut, as numerous modern trends come from the 70s and 80s.

Butterfly Haircut with Soft Layers

Instagram / @twiggsalon

This haircut perfectly fits into the curtain bangs and soft layers trend, which a celebrity stylist Drea Jaclyn has already mentioned as the most sought-after elements of the modern hairstyle. Another celebrity hairstylist, Sam McKnight, supports this idea, giving a perfect hair transformation to the ‘Killing Eve’ star Jodie Comer who has recently surprised her fans with a new ‘do.

Sam McKnight New Haircut

Instagram / @sammcknight1

How to Style a Butterfly Haircut

A lot of hairstylists note that the cut is super versatile and fits most hair types and face shapes. Moreover, flicks and a curtain fringe help make the women fake a salon blow-out and look more like a ‘cool girl.’

Weight Long Layered Hairstyle

Instagram / @sammcknight1

To make the butterfly hair more stunning, use a light salt spray as a finisher and blow dry each layer separately. Thanks to this trick, you enhance hair texture while letting hair remain feminine and soft.