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Updated on January 13, 2021
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Are you bored with your current haircut? Doesn’t matter how long you have been wearing it, it’s time to introduce something new into your looks. Here I would suggest asymmetry. It works equally well for short, medium-length and long hair. Besides, you may be surprised, but even wavy hair or fine hair can benefit from it, and you’ll see how. I have collected 30 most showy haircuts with asymmetry and present them to your attention in this article.

What Do You Benefit from Asymmetry?

You may decide one day that your favorite pixie or bob is the most flattering haircut for your face shape and life style. I am not going to convince you of the opposite. I’ve just thought that any common haircut looks trendier if it’s featuring asymmetry in bangs, front tresses or throughout the entire haircut contours.

Additionally, did you know that asymmetry is a potent tool to correct your face shape? Actually, any lines on a slant are elongating your face visually, so they are right to the point for round or square faces. As for perfect oval faces, they look awesome with any type of haircuts.

Commonly a short haircut is the best background for any asymmetric detail. Although shoulder-lengths and even longer haircuts are getting much more interesting if they are cut asymmetrically.

Asymmetric Haircuts That Grab Everyone’s Attention

If you want to look fresh, chic and trendy, get inspired by one of the following looks.

1. Mermaid Lovely

Reminiscent of the ocean and all its romance, this gorgeous hairstyle is bright and captivating. Wavy hair looks incredible with asymmetrical styles, and it will definitely always be in style. This cut can actually go to any length you want – copy the look below, or go longer or shorter depending upon your personal preference.

2. Bob with Undercut

Tapering the sides or embracing an undercut can bring more “lift” to hair that feels a bit lifeless. If you are hoping to breathe new life into tired hair, this cut is what you’ve been waiting for. The adorable bed head look is super popular right now, so don’t worry if you don’t get it perfectly coifed.

3. Asymmetrical Layers

Asymmetrical hairstyles are a popular choice for those with medium texture locks. Layers can bring dimension to hair that otherwise feels “weighty.” A solid color is lovely, as is a slightly darker shade on the bottom portion near the nape of the neck.

4. Going Gray

Gray hair is incredibly popular with young women this season, and an asymmetrical cut will really show it off well. Dramatically long front and side bangs will work effectively for round faces that wish to be slimmed, and the gray against the invigorating bursts of bright colors brings forth the stunning final effect.

5. Feeling Blue

Show off the lack of symmetry in your new ‘do by coloring just one side. This will truly define the varied lengths, and you can have a lot of fun picking out the color that best suits your personality. If your hair is particularly thick or curled, use a flat iron to get the sleek definition out of this style.

6. Asymmetrical Bangs

Cropped asymmetrical bangs are bold, but they aren’t hard to pull off – as long as confidence is one of your accessories. These bangs follow the line of the popular today side-swept fringe, and they’re a perfect complement for a punk-inspired, asymmetrical haircut like this one!

7. Asymmetrical Two-Tone Undercut

Undercuts and undershaves are both hugely popular right now. Asymmetrical cuts that are short on one side are interesting, eye-catching, and definitely on-point. To really embrace the wow-factor of asymmetry, steal this style – the blonde locks really pop against the dark cropped hair.

8. Edgy Asymmetrical Bob

The classic, beloved bob looks amazing with an asymmetrical twist! It’s a perfect way to rock both long and short hair, plus it breathes new life into the old cut. Go with an extreme side part over a middle part, as seen here, which adds to the asymmetry.

9. Short Hair, Huge Impact

Short asymmetrical haircuts are experiencing a moment. They’re showing up in magazines, in the media, and even on the catwalk. It’s easy to see why – they’re inherently edgy, they’re an excellent way to show off your killer bone structure, and they’re daring. Go for a pixie cut that’s shorter on one side and capped off with bangs.

10. Long Layered Black Hair with Highlights

Long locks look lovely with an asymmetrical style. This cut is extreme – and extremely stunning. A short bob on one side combines with flowing hair on the other, and it’s all topped off with vivid streaks of color. Talk about a head-turning haircut!

11. Asymmetrical Short Hair with Bangs

Short haircuts practically beg for asymmetry. They offer up a unique style opportunity: the wearer gets all the benefits of short and long hair in one look. Getting the best of both worlds is always worth it, especially with a cut as fabulous as this one.

12. Sleek Bob

While many asymmetrical haircuts make use of extreme edges and purposely ragged layers, an asymmetrical bob is typically sleek, smooth, and glamorous. This is a longer bob – with chin-length hair on one side, and shoulder-length on the other. It’s the best example of what a fab unbalanced bob should look like!

Straight Asymmetrical Purple Bob

Instagram/ @phildoeshair

13. Asymmetrical Haircut with Jagged Layers

This stunning layered look is a nice asymmetrical solution for long hair. It focuses not on asymmetrical bangs but on different lengths of long strands and choppy texture of the cut.

14. Curly Bob

Even curly hair can benefit from an asymmetrical style. The length doesn’t have to differ much (but it still has to be readable) to make a huge visual impact – just keep it flowing a little longer on one side, and always go for a side part. It’s also worthwhile to note that this cut looks good with bangs and without them.

15. Short Hair Except for Right There

Want to rock a unique pixie cut? Go for a short, rounded crop with just a few tendrils of long hair. Asymmetrical hairstyles can be as bold and different as possible because there are so many cuts, and styling finishes to try!

16. Asymmetry in a Bob

Asymmetrical bobs will never go out of style. The cut is based on sharp, clean edges. To add volume and bounce to a straight bob, go for a sleek finish achieved with a straightener and try a root lifter or even some teasing at the crown.

17. Long Haircut with Bangs

Long hair with bangs is a timeless classic style. The old standard gets a little boring sometimes, though, which is why asymmetry is such a lifesaver! These bangs give off some definite Little Mermaid vibes, so remember – never forget the side-sweep. It makes such a huge impact!

18. Curly and Short

A sure-fire way to try a mod asymmetrical haircut is to go for a cut much shorter on one side. The side undercut is dynamic and definitely on trend. The combo with curly hair makes it stand out even more. This undercut will work great for long hair too.

19. Asymmetrical in the Back

Asymmetry is blended into a cut of any length through layers or an undercut. A layered cut with asymmetry is always a softer look for women who are not quite comfortable to go to the undercut extremes. The layers within this cut create the shape and keep the hair bouncy.

20. Silver and Gold Style

This style is a pretty standard asymmetrical bob for long hair – one side is just a bit longer than the other but the difference is obvious. The colors are the real stand-out – shades of gold, gray, silver, and ashy blonde help to really make this look special.

21. Emo and Asymmetrical

This asymmetrical hair cut is a throwback to the emo style of the early ’00s – notice the side-sweep and long layered bangs. It’s made more modern because it’s cropped on one side, plus the ash blonde shade is an update for the dark, dramatic hair colors of yesteryear.

22. Neither Bob nor Crop

What is this, a bob or a crop? It’s a bit of both! Curly, layered, textured, and shorter on one side, it’s a simple and stunning way to play around with asymmetry without doing anything obvious or ostentatious. It’s a perfect starter style. It’s also ideal for round faces thanks to the side sweep and sharp ends of the longer strands.

23. Layered Short Hair

This short, layered cut packs a lot of punch! In addition to the layers and asymmetrical bangs, the color is simply gorgeous. Pro tip: short hair and bold colors go together like nobody’s business!

24. The Curliest Asymmetrical Crop

This look is adorable! It’s not just asymmetrical, but also slightly androgynous – and unisex is definitely having a moment. This cut is short and brown on one side. The longer blonde hair on top is a profusion of curly beauty. Here’s just one example of how asymmetrical hair can get along with the menswear trend.

African American Short Curly Blonde Hairstyle

Instagram/ @angieshairsalon

25. Avant Garde Asymmetry

Here’s another cut that belongs on the catwalk. Sleek, straight, and perfectly arranged, it’s somewhere between a long crop and a short bob, with a longer sweep of bangs. The gray/silver color brings it all together.

26. Barely There Bangs

This 80s-inspired style is definitely a bit rebellious with its uber short bangs and deep marsala hue. Thin hair will look thicker, and you will adore how easy it is to get ready in the morning.

27. Asymmetrical Style for Straight Hair

If your hair is fine and straight, you will love the body and bounce that comes from this long asymmetrical bob. Without going too dramatic, this lob adds volume and some modern enhancement to the otherwise plain hair look.

28. Short Asymmetrical Bob

At any age, asymmetrical styles are beautiful. A medium asymmetrical haircut is one option if you’d like to try the trend of unevenness without going too extreme. If your hair is also of a medium texture, be sure to add in some layers to bring further dimension into your new stylish ‘do.

29. A Little Bit of Punk

Adding in some bold, bright colors can really bring some awesome life into an asymmetrical pixie cut. Especially if you have dark hair, vibrant shades of red and purple will look amazing.

30. Pretty in Pink

Upgraded with dramatic side bangs, this is one of the loveliest asymmetrical haircuts in this review. Soft pink color worked into blonde hair is perfect for spring – or really any season when you’re ready to ramp up your optimistic outlook.

31. A Focal Point

Choppy, uneven bangs were never a good thing in childhood. But now, as a grown woman, you can rock this uneven style complete with a cute cowlick and long side length. Use contrasting colors for an even bolder style. This will look best on straight hair – curly hair will tend to go a bit too wild.

32. Retro Bangs, Modern Color

A very subtle asymmetrical haircut combined with vintage 1950s-style bangs will serve as a winning combo when you’re looking to update your style. Add in a mermaid-inspired color, like turquoise, in an extravagant ombre variation.

33. Cut with Design

Asymmetrical beauty isn’t found just in length – sometimes it’s all about a creative design as well. This cut looks as if it has a wave rolling straight across the nape, providing a sleek illusion that others will admire. Both cute and edgy, this style is totally modern and easy to maintain.

34. Miley Inspired

Oh, Miley Cyrus – she is known for a lot of things these days, but one total positive is definitely the way she confidently rocks very short hair. Go with asymmetrical hair that flatters your features thanks to its feathered top layer and complementary side bangs.

35. Serious Angles

Asymmetrical hair takes on a whole persona when you add in some sharp, severe angles. It may look a little futuristic, but the way it accentuates the shape of your face cannot be beat. When you are looking for a very modern haircut, keep this one in mind.

36. Long Layers with Bangs

Often asymmetrical locks are associated with short styles, but that doesn’t really have to be the case. Long layers can be styled with a deep side part, and when they are swept to one side, you get an asymmetrical long hairstyle. Add in some fun bangs to bring out your eyes and soften the face.

37. Dramatic Front Sweep

African American hair is simply stunning when it comes to a shoulder length or longer asymmetrical cut. Comb in some bright purple to accentuate black hair, and don’t forget a fun, layered sweep of drama!

38. Dimension for Thin Hair

If your hair is thin and straight, chances are you deal with flyaways and a lack of style options. Short asymmetrical haircuts can remedy that. Straight is the way to go with this short style that maintains a steeply angled medium length section in the back.

39. Thin Hair Enhanced

For women, short hair can be incredibly discouraging. We all dream of long flowing locks, and yet many never experience them. The strategic styling of this cut brings dimension and body to the otherwise lifeless mop.

40. Hair Textures Combined

Straight and curly come together for this fun look that’s the little rebel of asymmetrical haircuts. If you like this style, it’s pretty easy to get – go for a straight top and a casual, finger combed bottom. Add in some wash out color to change your hue every few days.

medium wavy hair with short bangs

Instagram / @chelseamartinhair

Okay, this was my showy collection of the most beautiful haircuts with asymmetry. Don’t be afraid to introduce those cute asymmetric elements into your haircuts for trendier and catchier looks. I know you are gorgeous and deserve loads of attention.

asymmetrical hairstyle for wavy hair shaggy pixie bob haircut short asymmetrical layered haircut short pixie with extra long colorful bangs black asymmetrical haircut with blue balayage Medium Teal Hair With Cropped Bangs Black And Blonde Short Asymmetrical Haircut Choppy Asymmetrical Blonde Bob Brown Pixie Undercut With Blue Highlights Long Asymmetrical Haircut For Straight Hair Short Asymmetrical Red Hairstyle Straight Asymmetrical Purple Bob Long Layered Haircut With Bangs Asymmetrical Wavy Lob Short Asymmetrical Haircut With Bangs Asymmetrical Bob For Straight Hair Long Haircut With Asymmetry Short Asymmetrical Curly Undercut Short To Medium Asymmetrical Layered Cut Long Brown Asymmetrical Bob With Highlights Ash Blonde Pixie With Side Undercut Brown Balayage Bob Short Pastel Purple Hairstyle African American Short Curly Blonde Hairstyle Ash Blonde Asymmetrical Bob asymmetrical red bob with extra short bangs long asymmetrical bob short layered bob with angled front pieces funky asymmetrical haircut short pastel pink hairstyle short spiky asymmetrical haircut medium dark brown to teal ombre hair short asymmetrical haircut for straight hair short shaggy haircut with nape undercut chin-length asymmetrical angled bob long layered haircut with bangs medium asymmetrical hairstyle for black women short angled asymmetrical strawberry blonde hairstyle medium layered haircut with extra short bangs medium wavy hair with short bangs
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