50 Best Variations of a Medium Shag Haircut for Your Distinctive Style

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Medium shag haircuts, what can be more popular these days? Today not only celebrities, but also every woman who wants to look modern and trendy opts for a shag haircut. If you still haven’t taken advantage of a haircut like this, it’s simply because you are not aware of an immense potential that stands behind it. You can create truly unparalleled looks, styling your shag. Our bright collection of photos will provide you with the right impression of a shag haircut and offer some brilliant ideas you can use personally for yourself.

Shag Haircuts: Special Features

The basis of shag haircuts can be bobs of varied lengths or pixies. For a more modern look they are shaggy-textured with layers and choppy ends. Shag haircuts never look the same, because, firstly, we all have different types of hair and, secondly, you can experiment with layering and ends. It can be loads of layers, starting on your crown, less layering, closer to the ends or something in between these two options. How your stylist works through the ends of your hair also determines to a great extent the final result and success of your haircut. For instance, you may come up with an elegant feathered finish, extra drama with spiky ends or create a visually effortless effect of a “bedhead”.

Shag haircuts look amazing on both thick and thin hair, naturally curly and straight. It will add volume, where it’s needed or, on the contrary, decrease it, offering you a beneficial texture and ease of styling.

Okay, enough words. Let’s see some of the best examples of shag haircuts for medium length hair in pictures.

#1: Shaggy Chestnut Locks

Warm chestnut hair color is the perfect canvas for a medium length shag. The light brown shade will add some dimension to the cut and keep it from looking too uniform or dull, while the layers allow for unpredictable movement and styling versatility.

#2: Balayage for Shoulder-Length Shag

Shaggy hairstyles with a side of balayage are your ticket to trendy this season, so get on board. Ask your stylist to add some feathery layers to that balayage hair. Then, to give the look a little “oomph,” wrap sections around a 1 ½ -inch curling iron, leaving the ends uncurled. Spritz the hair with finishing spray and fluff it a bit with your fingers. You are ready to rock and roll.

#3: Medium Loose Chocolate Locks

Wanna lighten up that thick, full hair of yours? Feathered hairstyles like this medium-length one, are the way to go. The layered, light-as-a-feather tips help take some of the weight out of your hair and give it some great shape and movement. So, kiss those days of being weighed-down by your hair good-bye!

#4: Beach Waved Shag

Shag hairstyles are not meant to be worn neat and tidy. It’s all about messing them up and making them look effortless and tousled. If you’re going to go the curly route, make sure you do beach waves. Curl the hair with a flat iron, leaving the ends untouched. Flip your head upside down and let it fall naturally around your shoulders once you flip it back up.

#5: Beach Blonde Medium Shag

Boho waves with two-tone hair color aren’t just for those rocking the long shag. Medium-length hair can get in on the fun, too. Just add some honey blonde balayage and loose, subtle waves to your hair. Heck, this style could last for a couple of days, so if you don’t feel like washing and repeating, spritz some dry shampoo on your roots and mid-shaft and be on your way.

#6: Blonde Medium Cut

If you’re tired of your lifeless, blonde hair, treat yourself to an upgrade in the shape of a cool, shaggy haircut. A honey blonde shag is very retro-chic and a great way to mix things up a bit. You can also get away with messy, haphazard styling of this cut, so running out the door in the morning just got a little easier.

#7: Dirty Blonde Shaggy ‘Do

Forget two-toned hair. Three-toned hair is the new frontier. More specifically, tortoiseshell hair is the new frontier. Ash, platinum and honey blonde hues come together in a lovely mosaic that makes your hair shine brighter than ever before. So, stop limiting your textured, shaggy bob to just two colors.

#8: Caramel-Colored Balayage Shag

The idea of shaggy hair may sound like a very old-school, ‘60s sitcom to you, but let us assure you, it’s VERY IN now. Look on any runway or magazine and you’ll catch endless sightings of shagged-up, layered ‘dos in all shapes, lengths and colors. The current favorite shag style is a two-toned shag that’s blended together with a nice ombre effect. Try it for yourself!

#9: Pretty Pink Medium Shag

By now you’ve been bombarded with pictures of fearless women rocking cotton-candy hair colors and funky, brightly hued locks. Well, if you can’t beat them, join them. If you’re not onboard with dyeing your entire head pink, take baby steps and add sporadic pink panels throughout your hair.

#10: Banged-Up Shaggy Bob

Nothing works with medium shag haircuts like a little fringe. Blunt bangs and wispy short layers look great on those with oval or longer face shapes. They minimize the forehead and square-off the face a bit so it looks more symmetrical. Not to mention, this haircut is just plain cool. So take yourself to “It Girl” status with bangs.

#11: Highlights and the Medium Shag Unite

If your dirty blonde shag haircut is looking a little dull, it might be time for some chunky highlights. This is an easy and relatively quick way to brighten up your hair and give it a recharge. Start the highlights just below the crown and make sure they are well-blended and transition naturally. You’d be surprised what a difference a few streaks of ashy blonde hair color can do.

Brown Blonde Wavy Balayage Hair

Instagram/ @ashdoescolor

#12: Flipped Shaggy Hair

Switch up that blowout and add a little flip to your shoulder length ‘do. When blow-drying your hair, blow the strands outward as opposed to inward. You’ll still get body and fullness, but your hair will just have a little added bounce and buoyancy that’s incredibly fun. And that’s what hair’s all about, right?

Medium Flicked Hairstyle

Instagram/ @maxwellmathson

#13: Long-Layered Medium Bob

An angular, layered lob looks amazing with a side of shag. Try throwing it over to one side and wearing it in a side-swept fashion for extra cool points. People will admire your effortless, natural style and you’ll be perfecting the shag game in no time.

#14: Medium Bed-Head Bob

Yes, shaggy hair is unconventional. But it’s also totally on-trend and chic, especially when worn the right way. Give your medium-length layered bob a seriously cool bedhead look by twisting your wet hair into two buns or braids and letting it dry. Then, undo the braids/buns and shake your locks free. This will create more subtle looking waves. So, you’ll literally look like you woke up like that.

#15: Fuchsia Chin-Length Shaggy Hair

Sometimes even the cutest medium shag hairstyles need a nice burst of light and color. Make your bright blonde hair even brighter by adding some framing pink highlights. When colored in the front and bottom layers of the hair, the dye creates a cool frame for the face and illuminates your overall look. Yes, please.

#16: Hot Highlighted Shag Layers

Show off your choppy layers by trying a little to-and-fro action with your curling iron. Take your curling tool and switch off curling sections of hair inward (toward the face) and outward (away from the face). Once the whole head is curled, shake out the curls. See how vivacious and full your hair looks!

#17: Wind-Swept Shag

Hairstyles for fine hair should always aim to add some body and life. Look like you just stepped out of a wind tunnel by blowdrying your hair outward. After flipping out the hair, spray it with hairspray while fluffing it with your fingers so it dries and molds in a fuller formation.

#18: Shaggy Auburn Waves

Ombre hairstyles often feature dark to blonde color transitions, but you shouldn’t limit yourself. Play with this cool color-melting technique and try it with different color variations like browns and auburns and bronzes. You’ll be surprised how amazing it turns out and the looks you’ll get from passers-by.

#19: Shaggy Silvery Style

Do not let this year go by without trying silver hair. If you’ve got naturally blonde hair, this look is even more of a no-brainer, since it won’t be as extreme for you as it will for someone with brown, red or black hair. Also, the color transition process won’t be as impactful or stressful on your fair locks. So, what are you waiting for? Go for the silver!

Medium Ash Blonde Layered Haircut

Instagram/ @josievilay

#20: Blunt Medium Cut

Don’t let yourself fall into a rut with your medium-length hair. It’s easy to let it just hang there— this is especially true for thick hair ladies. Mix things up and take advantage of the versatility of this style. Try drying your hair with a diffuser so it dries wavy and full. Then, curl the top layer of hair with a curling iron away from the face. Voila, you’ve got an effortlessly lovely hairstyle on your hands.

Wavy Brown Blonde Hairstyle

Instagram/ @maxwellmathson

#21: Grungy Pastel Shag

Pastel hair that’s too perfect is boring. A medium length shag is the coolest way to go pastel. So, say goodbye to your long curls and all that morning prep time in exchange for some texturizing pomade and a little bit of attitude.

Pastel Pink Shag With Bangs

Instagram / @joeltorresstyle

#22: Medium Cut with Subtle Balayage

Medium shag haircuts are all about you: your style and your best facial features. These fuss-free haircuts are so sexy because they look like they were made for you. So, be sure to find a master stylist who can craft a personalized cut that will hit at all the right points on your face.

Shaggy Brunette Bob With Highlights

Instagram / @salsalhair

#23: Long Layers for Medium Hair

This beautiful blowout makes the long layers shine. Lots of layers in a medium haircut are a really cool way to jazz up the length. Perfect for thick hair, this cut creates a lot of shape and body. To keep it looking sharp, plan for regular trims.

Medium Auburn Shag For Thick Hair

Instagram / @kateeclaire

#24: Shaggy Dark Blonde Waves

For a really effortless style, think wavy layers and feathered bangs. Textured side bangs are the perfect addition to a layered cut. The key to styling this look at home is to create separation. After blow drying, scrunch layers using a bit of tacky styling cream.

Long Shag For Fine Hair

Instagram / @hugosalon

#25: Medium Length Choppy Layers

To add some grunge vibes and extra sex appeal to the classic beach hair, go for choppy, shaggy layers like these. Keeping the front pieces long and adding short pieces in the back creates a really cool shape with a lot of lift. A clipless curling iron is a must to style this look.

Shaggy Blonde Lob

Instagram / @brendakamt

#26: Sexy Texture and Rockabilly Bangs

A short fringe of bangs is a natural pairing to a shag hairstyle. Bangs like these are not for the faint of heart, and if your hair isn’t straight to begin with, they can be a challenge to style daily. That said, it’s a notice-me look that’s undeniably cute and fashionable.

Medium Brown Shag With Cropped Bangs

Instagram / @cutyourhair

#27: Neon Sunset Shag

Electric hair colors are the shaggy bob’s best friends. Upgrade the natural punk factor of any shag haircut with some bright, in-your-face hues. This sunset balayage is perfect for your inner festival goer. Move over unicorn hair, these shades have a lot more spunk.

Pink Shag With Orange Highlights

Instagram / @hairgod_zito

#28: A-Line with Soft Waves

Medium shag haircuts are a great opportunity for trying not only different colors but also different lengths within one haircut. Really drastic a-lines tend to look too dramatic (best reserved for divas), but a slight a-line like this is way more wearable. Ask your stylist for a mostly one-length shag with longer pieces in the front.

Shaggy Brown Bob With Subtle Highlights

Instagram / @anhcotran

#29: Shaggy Face-Framing Layers

For shoulder length hair that’s full of volume, ask for layers that start at cheekbones. Choppy layers are the best starting point for modern waves. When you curl layered hair in a variety of directions, you can achieve the best shaggy texture.

Mid-Length Brown Ombre Shag

Instagram / @mizzchoi

#30: Modern Platinum Shag

A long shag haircut follows the same principles as any shag: tons of texture and lots of layers. To put a California beach girl spin on the haircut, try a center part, effortless waves, and (of course) platinum locks! Gradually working a bright shade of blonde into dark hair is super sexy.

Wavy Blonde Shag Hairstyle

Instagram / @salsalhair

#31: Dark Shaggy Cut with Violet Highlights

Shaggy hairstyles should never take too much time or consideration. Practice? Maybe. If your hair naturally has body, you can let it airdry and then haphazardly add waves with a curling iron. For flat or stick straight hair, you’ll want to blow dry. As with any shag, the use of products is essential, namely mousses and texturizing sprays.

Black Shag With Bangs

Instagram / @katiezimbalisalon

#32: Cute Medium-Short Shag

This cute shaggy bob is made all the better with a soft blonde balayage. Working the light color at the tips (instead of most of the way through) gives this style more of the punk appeal—and less of the beachy look that’s so common with balayage. Straight across bangs give off a rocker vibe too.

Razored Bob Cut With Bangs

Instagram / @anhcotran

#33: Effortlessly Cool Caramel Waves

Do you remember shoulder length hair ever looking so good? This tiger’s eye inspired combo of caramel, brown, and blonde is enviable for sure. To style it, wrap sections around a large clipless curling iron. Next, spray with a texturizing product and run your fingers through the loose waves.

Medium Brown Blonde Shag

Instagram / @prettylittleombre

#34: Textured Waves and Center Part

Shaggy hair and a center part go together so well. For a seventies inspired rendition, skip the bangs and go for front layers that hit just above the chin. To get waves like these, apply a medium-hold mousse before creating pigtail French braids. Keep them in for a few hours et voila.

Blonde Shag For Fine Hair

Instagram / @kccarhart

#35: Black and Tan Curls

Mixing dark hair and blonde streaks (with little to no transition color like copper or caramel) is certainly bold. It’s a super sexy look that’s perfect for women with cool-toned skin. Combine this hair color with a medium length shag and you’ll get a style that’s effortless and glamorous all at the same time.

Medium Dark Brown Hair With Blonde Balayage

Instagram / @rachelringwood

#36: Bright Red Shag

Choosing an all-over bright color is a fun, modern way to stand out. Long colored hair is a ton of work, but a short cut is much easier to maintain or transition to a new color. Plus, a bob cut gives shape and volume to the hair.

Wavy Orange Bob

Instagram / @hairbyac_alcorn

#37: Medium Length Cut with Full Bangs

This shaggy haircut takes on a retro feel with thick, full bangs. Long eye-skimming bangs like these are super sexy and flattering—something every woman should try at least once. Paired with textured layers, these bangs are totally adorable.

Medium Shag With Full Straight Bangs

Instagram / @craigpiatti

#38: Gorgeously Glam Curls

Not every shag haircut has to be grungy. There are tons of options for medium shag hairstyles. Go for beach hair, rocker hair, or something like this: soft and romantic. When styling loose curls, make sure to use high hold products in low doses.

Mid-Length Messy Wavy Hairstyle

Instagram / @cris_cobucci

#39: Grown Out A-Line Style

If you’ve ever felt torn between a medium length haircut and an a-line, have no fear. You can have both! Not every a-line haircut is short. These cuts look really great at the shoulder length as well. Big loose waves and subtle highlighting give a modern edge to this longer rendition of the a-line.

Shoulder-Length Blonde Shag

Instagram / @lizhaven

#40: Hipster Chic Fringe

For a Portland-inspired look, don’t be afraid of a fringe. Short, choppy bangs are adorable in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way. Super short layers with tons of texture help keep the bangs from feeling out of place. To style this cut, you’ll want to let hair airdry and pile on the products.

Medium Razored Cut With Cropped Bangs

Instagram / @immortalbeloveddc

#41: A Vibrant Feathered Look

A layered haircut can look very neat when it has fine delicate grades like in the photo. Those cute feathers create sufficient volume and a splendid visual effect.

#42: An Excellent Razor Job

This is a sort of a perfect razor job, meaning literally. Yes, sometimes the best layers in medium length shag haircuts can be made only with a sharp razor for a sharp look like this.

#43: Thin, Fine And Divine

Those thin layered strands are fantastic: shattered, yet compact and moderately voluminous. This is a perfect medium-length haircut for active ladies.

#44: Neat Feathers

This is a gorgeous short-to-medium haircut with an elegant feathery finish providing a good control over thick hair that is yet not as long as you’d like.

#45: Adorably Languishing

When a gorgeous shattered shape of your haircut is enhanced with reverse ombre, the effect may surpass the boldest of your expectations.

#46: Shoulder-Grazing Shaggy Bob

Hilary Duff’s blonde highlighted locks with dark roots have gained fabulous volume and texture thanks to the shaggy bob haircut with the length above the shoulders. Scrunch-and-go style works perfect with it.

#47: Are You An Angel?

This question you are going to hear often if you try on an image, blending curls and a shag style. In general public opinion this is exactly how angels look, so do not be surprised.

#48: Mussy And Messy

This one is currently a very trendy look, created on the basis of a shag haircut. A-line, a long side-swept bang, a tousled effect… you couldn’t do better to get into the trendy stream.

#49: Black Shag With Side-Swept Bangs

Leigh Lezark experiments with cuts and hair colors to diversify her looks. Her hairstyles on the base of shag haircut are always exceptionally chic. This one dressed up with neat flicks bears the right amount of sassiness and a tint of glamour.

#50: One Of The Sweetest Shags Ever

There’s a disputable opinion that a shag hairstyle makes it more difficult to control your hair, especially if it’s unruly. In this case you can opt for fewer layers and have them closer to your ends.

Well, these were the brightest medium-length shag haircuts you may come across today. As you see in these pictures, being made according to the same principle, they look very versatile. So, be free to mimic any ideas you like to create your own distinctive style.

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