25 Most Universal Modern Shag Haircut Solutions

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Today very few women opt to have their tresses cut in one-length styles. Shag haircuts look more modern, sharp and shapely, being at the same time easily-styled solutions. Modern shags vary the amount of layers and finishes for the edges. Every hair thickness and length has its ideal shag. Choosing a haircut for yourself, you should also take into account your face shape and life style.

Modern Shag Haircuts

Check out the ideas in pictures below to get inspired before your next head to the salon.

#1: Medium-Length Shag With Defined Locks

Here we are witnessing a haircut with a few layers through the length closer to the ends and fine grading for the tresses framing the face. This shag is not that unkempt and messy, although it features disconnected texture. Most locks are defined and treated with a silky finish.

#2: Golden Blonde Shag With Emphasized Layers

Pronounced layers providing showy jagged edges is the main attraction of this modern shag that is additionally upgraded with subtle highlights and downlights. The front tresses are flipped in to bring out the face oval, while the back locks are playfully flipped out.

#3: Long Centre-Parted Shag Haircut

Long centre-parted shags are good for oblong faces when you need to add volume on the sides on your face. This cute shag also offers incredible texture and eases your everyday styling. If your face is rather round and full, you can check this page for the most flattering haircuts and hairstyles for your face shape.

#4: Fantastic Modern Shag For Thick Hair

This wonderful shag haircut can boast of envious thickness and inimitable texture enhanced by glossy auburn ombre highlights. A shag that is neat and silky through the length and getting shaggier towards the ends is the highest class and one of the current trends. If you wish to view more prominent shag haircuts that are popular this season, please, visit this gallery.

#5: Modern Shag With Wispy Edges

Here’s a gorgeous A-line bob with razor cut wispy ends. These are wonderful to hold the shape of your updated modern bob and attract admiring glances. Very light and moderate honey streaks can easily sweeten the accentuated sharpness.

#6: Bangs and Waves

Shoulder length hair can rock a shag like none other. Add in some bangs and subtle beach waves, and you will have the most gorgeous style in town. The best part? This look is red carpet ready while still remaining casual enough for every day duties.

#7: Layered Shag for Fine Hair

If your hair is on the thinner side, you can opt for some layers throughout that will really add body. Short hair can quickly grow mundane, but with this tousled look, you’ll never grow weary of wearing it!

#8: Seriously Straight

A shag haircut is often associated with lively, messy layers – but you can also have your hair cut into a super straight style. Leaving your locks thicker up top and getting them thinner toward the bottom, you will achieve a great shape, dimension and seriously straight locks left over to graze your shoulders.

#9: Swept Layers for Medium Hair

If your hair is naturally straight but tends to be medium in texture or length, try some swept back layers that are styled to bring fullness to the sides and back of the hair. Add in some subtle highlights if you want to take your new look a step further.

#10: Picture Perfect

Multiple pronounced layers are lovely for shoulder length shags. Add in some waves with a large barrel curling iron to complete this sassy and fun style. If your hair is dark, consider some subtle highlights to lighten things up a bit. Think of some fun color to punch up the final look and brighten up your face.

#11: Curly Girl

While short shag haircuts are great, leaving hair to cascade down the back is stunning. For women, long hair has long been a symbol of beauty and romance. Let the shag add in the layers you need to keep hair long and strong.

#12: Long Pixie

Taking a cue from a standard pixie cut, this shag style calls for various lengths and cropped bangs. Go grey if you want a bold trendy hue that really stands out from the crowd.

#13: The Best Long Hair

Long hair can get heavy and dull – liven it up with a shag cut that keeps layers lively and allows for both gorgeous straight and curled looks. Your hair will appear longer, healthier and happier than it has been in years. If your hair is naturally thick and healthy, don’t forget the bangs for even more dimension.

#14: Long and Natural

A shag haircut doesn’t have to be perfectly coifed or follow any rules. Simply getting the layers put into thin or medium texture hair can let you skip the styling some days, leaving your hair naturally casual and so pretty.

#15: Long and Layered

Incredibly sexy and able to be worn on a variety of hair lengths and textures, this shagged style is punched up with chunky curls and strategically placed highlights. This is a job for a professional hair stylist who can then show you how to curl your hair later on to replicate the look.

#16: Cropped Top

Hair cut with high layers and thinned longer down the ends might seem a little too Carol Brady. However, if done by a professional, it can also take the weight off of heavy hair or give thin hair a new lease on life. It’s sure better to go to a salon. If you’re hoping to avoid the 1970s look – don’t try this at home.

#17: Sweeping Layers

With color, cut and personality working together, this long shag haircut is truly unique and beautiful. A quick contact with a small curling or flat iron will get the “sweeps” back into your hair post-shampoo.

#18: A Line Shag

This A-line cut leaves hair longer on the right side with plenty of body and bounce in the back. Get a layer of golden blonde highlights sprinkled throughout the top tier of your hair to really accentuate a beautiful contrast of dark and light, straight and wavy.

#19: Thin Hair Solution

If you’ve often found yourself wondering how to style your baby fine hair, worry no more. A simple shag can go a long way when it comes to hair management. To replicate the look post-salon, you will need nothing more than a blowdryer and a round brush.

#20: Patterned Locks

Did you know that a shag haircut can not only show off color, but patterns as well? Next time you’re at the salon, ask for a hair color inspired by animal print. Cheetah or tiger, contrasting hair colors really show off layers and the signature shape of your shag.

#21: Short and Layered

A graduated cut leaves room for body and style while still showing off the shaggy layers that are so popular right now. Add in some bangs or longer layers down the side. Be sure to complete the look with some bold lipstick and an outfit that shows off that gorgeous neck.

#22: Bold Color

Show off your shag with a fun color that will rebel against society. While today’s images and role models tend to be a little straight laced in the hair department, you can be your own kind of beautiful with a bold red, pink or aqua.

#23: Deep, Dark and Wavy

Shag haircuts can be worked into long hair. For this style, hair was layered and then curled to show off each different length. The shaggy yet pulled together beauty of this style is further accentuated with the deep dark purple hue colored into the strands.

#24: Vibrant Color

Shaggy haircuts show off a vibrant hair color like no other cut out there. Keep things stunning and beautiful with bright streaks of color throughout dark hair. Purple is very “in” right now, as is burgundy and aqua. It will look great in photos, too.

#25: Simple Curls

When you shag your hair, you don’t have to fully abandon a classic, traditional style. In fact, shag haircuts usually make classic locks even more gorgeous. After your hair is aptly layered, be sure to use a large barrel curling iron to experiment with different possibilities of styling for your bouncy layers. You will quickly find that your hair is more versatile and now also easier to manage.

Lately I invariably choose shag haircuts for myself. If you are like me and find shags irresistible, I Invite you to the paradise of shag hairstyles, welcome:)

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