90’s Hairstyles That Made an Epic Comeback

Your favorite decade has come back-just like you always knew it would. The cyclical side of fashion and hairstyles gives us a chance to relive some of our favorite trends from the past. Luckily, 90’s hairstyles have taken over yet again. Here are the top 20 styles you should rock in a new, fresh way.

#1: Crimped Hair

If you didn’t rock crimped hair in the ’90’s-then you weren’t living! While the trend was definitely overdone back in the day, crimping just a few pieces of your ‘do is subtle and playful. It’s also a perfect nod to the best decade.

#2: Half-Up Bun

The half-up style was a big hit in the ’90’s, and it was often made complete with two thin strips of hair in front. Babes today are loving a half-up bun just as much as they were twenty years ago.

Half Bun Gray On Ombre Hair

Instagram / @evalam_

#3: Hair Scrunchie

One of the biggest ’90’s fashion trends was undoubtedly the scrunchie. You could find TV stars like Stephanie Tanner and Phoebe on Friends sporting the style. Nineties babes had to pull up all of that big hair with something. The scrunchie may have embodied cute hairstyles then, but today it’s sexy in a girl-next-door kind of way and perfect for a hot top knot.

90s Inspired Half Ponytail

Instagram / @eileencassidy_

#4: Super Short Bangs

This decade wasn’t all about sweet styles and cute accessories. The ’90’s was the era of grunge. It was a time when bands like Nirvana ruled the radio stations. Lip liner was dark, hair was spiky and being a punk was cool. Grunge darlings were not afraid to take risks and their bangs were no exception. An ever popular 1990 hairstyle was super short bangs and trendy babes today know how to rock the look with the perfect touch of pretty and moodiness.

Red Edgy Cut With Cropped Bangs

Instagram / @xelamack

#5: Rave Buns

Today we refer to them as space buns but in the 90’s women’s hairstyles revolved around rave buns, and they were all the rage! Popular beauties of the decade ranging from Baby Spice of the Spice Girls to Gwyneth Paltrow weren’t afraid to show off a playful side. The look is back now and in a big way, especially if you add funky neon or pastel colors to complete the look.

Black And Emerald Box Braids Style

Instagram / @braidingruby

#6: Pixie Cut

You can thank Indie babe Winona Ryder for this choppy boyish look. Nothing looks sweeter on a feminine face than a contrasting chop. The pixie is the ultimate ’90’s haircut, and it’s a trend modern women can easily rock fiercely!

Platinum Blonde Pixie Undercut

Instagram / @sarahb.h

#7: Flipped Out Bob

Punk queen Courtney Love wore this iconic cropped chop in one of our favorite decades. The bob is a timeless look that changes with each decade. In the roaring ’20’s it was a super short page boy style and in the ’90’s it was a layered, flipped out look. This decade is all about spiky, funky and edgy and women are still jumping on the signature 90’s bob with a modern twist.

Flipped Classic Bob

Instagram / @aitomine_nanuk

#8: Big, Natural Curls

As much as this decade embraced the playful-natural looks were still very prevalent. Naturally curly beauties like Mariah Carey, Nicole Kidman and Sarah Jessica Parker embraced their voluminous curls in an age where intense and sleek styling just didn’t exist. Girls today are enjoying that breath of fresh air in their looks and keeping curls intact and voluptuous.

Honey Blonde Curly Layers

Instagram / @rodrigovizu

#9: Tiny Braids and Bandanas

Pop stars like Brandy Norwood and Janet Jackson truly revolutionized the way girls wear braids today. Each braid was so tiny they really resembled a thick strand of hair and were worn very long for a sexy look. Choosing  something pretty and complex like braiding hairstyles is a classic way to wear your hair, and it means one of our favorite trends will continue to live on! Fortunately, we have a lot of braided hairstyles to choose from.

Chunky Box Braids With Bandana

Instagram / @mamaslaced

#10: Punk Pigtails

Let’s face it: if you weren’t a little ‘out there’ with your fashion in the ’90’s then you were doing something wrong. This decade was all about creativity and experimenting with your locks. Pigtails were trendy and a simple style go-to during this decade and have come back in full force.

Fiery Red Pigtails

Instagram / @internetgirl

#11: Layered Ringlets

It goes without saying that the Spice Girls were a part of ’90’s culture-in fact, we might not be stretching the truth when we say they were the heart and soul of most of our hairstyle inspiration. It’s only natural that Scary Spice’s ‘do was influential for short layered ringlets. The look not only caught on but has persisted through the decades. Women have been rocking their natural, voluminous ringlets and they can think a pop princess for making it all happen.

Layered Curly Haircut With Ombre Highlights

Instagram / @janibellrosanne

#12: “The Rachel” Haircut

“The Rachel” was perhaps the most iconic haircut of this entire generation, and it was all thanks to the popularity of Rachel portrayed by Jennifer Aniston on the television show Friends. The original version of this cut was a bit choppy with thick layers, but the modern approach has women blowing out their “Rachel” haircuts a little straighter for a fresher, more updated look.

Side Swept Medium Layers

Instagram / @jennimelear

#13: Butterfly Clips

Butterfly clips were one of the most important accessories of the ’90’s. Believe it or not, girls are wearing them today but in a fresher, less organized way. We’re excited to say that our butterfly clips held up over the years, and we can’t wait to dust them off and use them again!

Curly High Bun With Butterfly Clips

Instagram / @genvegaa

#14: Mohawk

Punk and the ’90’s go together like peanut butter and jelly, and that’s why we know that no look would have been complete without the mohawk. There are dozens of ways to wear one-whether you’re brave and want to shave your head or you prefer to go the faux route we’re right here cheering you on!

Bubbled Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Instagram / @niamhyxx

#15: Baby Ponytails

Baby Spice rocked the stage with her cute personality and sweet looks, and we can’t say that we’re not happy to see her signature baby ponytails have made a major comeback this season.

#16: Bantu Knots

If you went to a rave in the ’90’s you would have seen the bantu buns on a few girls. Gwen Stefani adored this playful look, and although it’s similar to space buns, bantu buns are all about having fun and revealing your wild side!

Bantu Knots For Natural Hair

Instagram / @the_braid_bar

#17: Middle Part

The decade prior to the ’90’s was all about sideswept and voluminous hair, which is why it was no surprise that a sleek middle part was trendy. (Even the guys chose to steer clear of crazy trends and stick with the sleek part).

Mauve Bob With Centre Part

Instagram / @chrisweberhair

#18: Pink Hair

Girls today might think that pink hair is a new fad-but tons of babes from the nineties like Angelina Jolie and Drew Barrymore rocked the baby pink hue first.

Long Pastel Pink Layered Hair

Instagram / @maridevogeski

#19: Pins for Days

The nineties were all about accessories as well as short cropped hair in a dark color as the perfect background to make them pop. Colorful bobby pins are very hot right now and lining them up like you used to with your butterfly clips is the perfect update to this former trend.

Brunette Bob With Colorful Bobby Pins

Instagram / @internetgirl

#20: Hair Jewelry

Hair jewelry was pretty outrageous in the nineties since you never knew what kind of look a girl would rock, but we absolutely loved the trend and we’re glad to see it make a comeback! Hair crystals used to be applied in meticulous fashion but modern girls choose to use crystal pins and place them throughout updos for a funky and creative look that we adore.

It’s nice to see all of our favorite ’90’s hairstyles have made a comeback. It gives our current styles a hint of nostalgia while also adding the ability to reinvent some of our favorite trends in a modern way. Have you been rocking any of these styles lately?