20 Trend-Setting Crimped Hairstyles

Crimped hair is making a big comeback. But this post-80s go around is serving up some styles we’ve never seen before. What tops the list? Colorful crimped hair and crimped updos are the current new faves.

Crimped Hair Styles

Crimping in hair styling creates a fancy texture, builds up and helps to maintain volume of your hair. Fine crimping applied only to the roots is a nice solution for greasy roots – you can actually extend your time between shampoos this way. And here are ideas of hairstyles for crimped locks.

#1: Lavender Goddess Hair

If you’re looking to get big hair (AKA notice-me hair) but are into something edgier than the classic wavy bombshell, this is for you. While a crimping iron with ridges is a nice addition to your collection of hairstyling tools, you can also achieve this with a straightener. Make ten or more tiny braids and then run your straightener over them.

#2: Multi-Toned Crimped Updo

Depending on the texture of your hair, you can achieve crimped hair with braids and no heat (curly girls are more likely to have success). Try sleeping in mini braids, either in all of your hair, or just a few braids for accent. If you’re wondering how to style it in the morning, try a cool braided updo that shows off highlights.

#3: Unicorn Crown Updo

Looking through hair crimping pictures, we can also discover unusual hair color ideas. Have you seen anything this amazing? Probably not. A lot of work went into this look—from the five or so colored highlights through the mini crimping on long locks to the perfect fishtail crown. Dream hair, for sure.

#4: Textured Dutch Braid

What’s really popular right now is pulling out your crimping iron before starting an updo. Not only does the texture achieved look cool and unexpected, but you also get the texture that makes your hair appear thicker, so that any braid or bun has a lot more volume that it would otherwise.

#5: Cool-Toned Textured Updo

To discover how to crimp hair (but not spend all day on it), a hair crimper used on accent pieces will be the fastest way. Because the ridges are designed for crimping, the tool will work way faster than any other method. You can choose to do only certain layers or streaks that will show in your updo.

#6: Berry Bliss Textured Crowns

Textured updos are stunning with just about any hair color, but if you happen to be experimenting with unusual hues at the moment, you should definitely try a style that will make your look even more unique. Create two crown braids next to each other by sectioning off the top hair and working on the crown braid at the hairline first.

#7: Crimped and Braided Layers

Long crimped locks don’t have to be hidden in updos. If you love wearing your hair down but want to try something new, go for a half-up and half-down style that incorporates random crimped strands. This style has a voluminous topsy tail and a loose center braid.

#8: Mini-Crimped Fishtail Braids

These loose fishtail braids have so much volume. The micro crimped texture was added to the roots. Then after braiding, the hair was pulled and fanned to create the maximum thickness. The result is the soft, romantic look.

#9: Textured Fishtail Crown

Crimping all of the hair will result in a thicker braid with a cool-girl, modern vibe. Work in four or five sections to make it easier to manage. Do not brush your hair when braiding and styling it into this updo.

#10: Crimped Bubble Braid

If you want to know how to style crimped hair, don’t limit yourself to banal tricks and tactics. This unusual look starts off with a french braid in the front and then devolves into a bubble braid with each section wrapped to create poofs. Girls with long hair should definitely get creative.

#11: Colorful Crimped Bob

Crimping hair is an easy way to add extra style to a carefree look. For those with fun, lighthearted personalities, this is a must-try. Here, only certain sections of the hair have been treated with a crimping iron to create accents that stand out.

#12: Messy Textured Rainbow Bob

If you want to achieve a wild look without a crimper, that’s doable. Starting with naturally wavy hair, simply add face-framing micro-braids and leave in for a few hours (or run over them with a straightener). If your hair is straight, do a combination of super tiny braids and larger braids for a mix of textures.

#13: Micro-Crimped Tucked Braid

For maximum volume and elegance, try this style. Use a crimper with small ridges all over the hair. Next create a french fishtail braid with a loose tension and allow for some wispy strands. At the end, tuck the braid under or create a simple bun.

#14: Textured Braids and Ponytail

One styling option is a unique ponytail. After you crimp hair, make two zigzag parts. Then create three french braids that stop halfway. Next, simply grab a pony holder. You’ll definitely want to tease and pull the pony to get some cute, playful volume.

#15: Crimped Formal Updo

While most crimped hairstyles tend to be fun and funky, they can also skew more formal. These looks have evolved to cover basically every event. Here, crimping has only been added to the mid shaft and ends. Then three braids were created and wrapped around each other.

#16: Classic Crimp with Center Part

It’s really easy to learn how to crimp your hair. The best way to start is to take it slow and leave it down to show off all your hard work. Crimped hair looks really great with a center part. Do the bottom layers first, starting at the roots. Then work through the middle to top layers.

#17: Crimped Pigtail Braids

For short or medium length hair, crimping is not out of the question. This super cute style features all-over crimping, a center part, loose and girlish pigtail braids.

#18: Crimped Punky Pixie

Crimped hair also works on really short locks. This undercut-style pixie-bob gets a dose of urban chic with some shaved lines and micro crimping up on top. The texture definitely adds to the grungy appeal of the platinum hair.

#19: Knotted Textured Braid

This kind of crimping can be achieved with braids or with a hair crimping iron. If you want to do the no heat method, you’ll just have to plan ahead! Once the crimping is in place, create a ribbon braid that can be actually done without a ribbon!

#20: Textured Five-Strand Braid

This stunning five strand braid boasts micro crimping that needs an iron to recreate. Section hair off and run a crimper over the top layer of each section. Then make a five-strand braid that will have your hair looking even thicker and lovelier than it already is.

Clearly, we’re obsessed with crimped hair right now. How could we not be? So many creative hairstylists have invented completely new ways to think about crimping. Happy experimenting!