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Updated on May 05, 2021

Braids – or plaits – have been around for over 30,000 years. They are timeless – and so easy to recreate, which is why we’re going above and beyond and introducing you to the 5 strand braid. Great for work, for nights out, or casual weekends, these types of braids take practice, but they’re worth the effort every single time.

How to Braid a 5 Strand Braid?

Cross the 2nd strand over the 3rd one, the 4th over the 2nd, the 1st over the 4th, and the 5th over the 1st.

The 3rd strand is now the 1st from left to right. Take it and cross over the 5th strand. Next repeat the pattern.

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1. Crimped 5 Strand Braid

If you have long, thick hair, try this full and robust braid. 5 strand braids resemble challah bread and require both a steady hand and a little patience, but with just the right touch, you’re guaranteed an elegant – and dare we say – delicious look.

2. Long Side Braid for Thin Hair

The five strand braid can start at the roots and gradually cascade down the side of your head, pulling pieces little-by-little and making your hair appear fuller. All you need is an elastic band and you’re all set; no bobby pins required.

3. Partial Side Dutch Braid

You can create a dutch braid with 5 strands. Notice the braid looks like an inside-out french braid. Notice the center-braided strand; this cool effect makes it look like one braid is engulfing the other. Add some waves to the rest of your hair for a soft, subtle look.

4. Braided Twist on the Sock Bun

This one is hard to create, but the payoff will be worth your efforts. You’ll want to braid one side, then the other, before pulling all of the hair back into a sock bun. To finish off your updo, pull a braided strand around the bun.

5. Back Braid Meets the Side Bun

Start your 5 strand french braid from left to right across your head or vice versa, depending on your part – and keep going until you have no hair left. Once you’re done, you can wrap the braid around into a side bun.

6. Crown Braid with Textured Hair

To achieve this look, start by crimping your hair from roots to ends. Then you’ll focus on the braid, beginning at the top and slowly making your way down and around. Many girls want a big crown, and with five strands, you are sure to achieve an impressive one.

7. Upside Down Braid and Bun

From the front, you’ll see a high sock bun. From the back, a fun, creative braid. Be patient, when styling this look, which is easiest to create when you actually flip your hair forward and style it – yes – upside down.

8. Snake Braid

The 5 stranded braid can be snaked from the top all the way to the bottom of the head. For a bold look, consider coloring your strands a seafoam green shade. For a looser-looking braid, tug lightly at the strands once you’re finished.

9. The Adult-Version of Pigtails

Pigtails are back – and better than ever. Part your hair down the middle and create two 5 strand braids, stop them at the neck. To hide the elastics, wrap a thin strand around and tuck it under.

10. Side Braid Pulled into a Ponytail

When you want to pull your hair back, a braid is quick and easy. Also it prevents stray hairs from falling into your eyes. Braids like this can be thicker – or thinner – depending on what you want. It all depends on how tight you pull into the strands.

11. Criss-Cross Hairstyle

The five strand braid isn’t easy, but once you learn it, you’ll find there are so many versatile looks associated with it. These two braids are criss-crossed and finished with one chunky diagonal plait.

12. Cinnamon Swirl Braid

Braids are timeless and unforgettable. Why do you think brides love wearing them? This braid is beautifully designed. Before starting this style, make sure you have a whole pack of bobby pins ready to use.

13. Elegant Double Braid Updo

Notice the way these braids droop down like a pair of dangling earrings. Two 5 strand dutch braids are styled, side-by-side, to achieve this elegant yet lively updo.

14. Casual Side Braid

Sometimes, you want to switch up your casual look. The messy bun isn’t so messy-looking when you add a 5 strand braid to it. Make it dutch, make it french, whichever you prefer.

15. Full-Bodied Diagonal Braid

5 strand braids are very intricate and you will be using all of your fingers to accomplish this style. It helps to give each strand a number and to repeat the most important word: “over” or “under” as you’re manipulating the five strands, by number, in a repetitive manner, keeping track of which one comes next.

16. Braided Mermaid Hair

In order to complete this expanded braid, you’ll want to braid around, like you do with a crown braid. The style is more creative with an unusual pastel color.

17. Cornrows Meet French Braid

Always wanted to try wearing cornrows? Why not try to combine them with an intricate-looking braid? The cornrows are complimented with a large five strand braid styled down the back and tucked in.

18. Diagonal Braids Meet Ponytail

Ponytails are casual and cute, but they don’t have to be boring. Spice yours up with two diagonal plaits. These styles are great for casual outings, especially if you’re engaging in an activity such as hiking, biking, or performing yoga, and don’t want to worry about hair falling into your face.

19. Half-Up Braid

Straight hair looks very beautiful in this half-up braid, often called the Rapunzel Braid. Half-up braids are often casual, but you could dress this one up for a work day or even a night out with your pals.

20. Bubblegum Braids

The five strand braid can be manipulated in many different ways – like styling a braid inside a braid. Crazy, we know, but definitely doable! For a more impactful style, a bubblegum-pink shade makes this a feminine and playful look.

We know the 5 strand braid can be intimidating, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. Once you’ve mastered the basic steps – using five hair strands instead of the basic three – you’ll love the versatility that comes with it.

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