Back to Bobby Pins: All You Need to Know and More

There are endless ways to achieve effortless hairstyles with bobby pins; however, it can be daunting when you discover how many options there are to choose from. Bobby pins are supposed to be a simple concept but each set has different uses and are designed to behave a certain way. How to use bobby pins depends on what you want them to accomplish; do you want to use them as an accent to add a bold new twist to your style? Or are you simply looking for ways to secure an all day hold? We’ve identified the most useful bobby pins to choose from along with the best hairstyles to try for each.

Curved Bobby Pins

These are the best bobby pins to accomplish any kind of side-swept look because they are made with a curved, flat design that contours to the side of your head and scalp to provide solid hold. Curved bobby pin is a great option for a variety of hair types, especially long, thick hair because it can hold a much larger section due to its length and shape as compared to traditional stick straight bobby pins.

Curved Bobby Pins

Price: $5.99 for 80 Count, Photo: Diane

The following example shows us how these curved jumbo bobby pins can be used. Let your inner stylist come out to play! Create an edgy half up half down hairstyle by combing back your front locks, and fixing them with bobby pins creatively. Try the chevron pattern or any other design that will come to your mind.

Spiral Bobby Pins or “Spin Pins”

Spiral bobby pins will be be mind-blowing for you; especially, if you’re searching for tight and secure all day hold for your updo or bun. Spiral bobby pins reportedly do the work of 20 bobby pins all in one. Whether you have thick or thin hair, they are ideal to secure the perfect ballerina bun. If you want to keep it loose and whimsical with a loose bun or updo all by using just one pin reach for a spin pin to get the job done. This pin is ideal for those with short hair, while those with longer hair may need three or four pins for a secure hold.

Spiral Bobby Pins

Price: $6.95 for 4 Pins, Photo: Twistie

Simply twist and spin the pin into the hairstyle and secure into your hair and that’s it! You can also easily create bobby pin curls by twisting your hair into multiple sections and secure with the pins for a period of time then release for natural curls; they also work well for securing curly, thick hair without experiencing breakage of your ends or the snagging that you tend to get with elastic hair ties.

U-Shaped Hair Pins

You can get an assortment of different lengths to achieve the type of vibe you want. The large, long U-shaped hair pins secure an updo by holding together smaller pieces of hair to create a loose but secure messy bun. Shorter U-shaped pins are ideal to maneuver unruly hairs and assist with more intricate styles.
U Shaped Bobby Pins

Price: $4.26 for 40 Pcs, Photo: uxcell

This is the perfect DIY hair pin to let your imagination fly with messy, undone looks and complicated, polished updos. U-shape is the widest of all bobby pins and are ideal for updos and more complicated styles like buns, chignons and twists.

Jumbo Bobby Pins

These jumbo pins are the longest type of bobby pins that can be made for creating elaborate styles that cover a lot of surface area on the head. These pins are ideal to confidently secure thick and curly hair into place.

Jumbo Bobby Pins

Price: $4.19 for 40 Pcs, Photo: Diane

Create a solid hold to secure thick braids and buns into place with jumbo bobby pins and hold big, loose curls created by bobby pins into place. Pin back one side of your hair to create an elegant and effortless effect; pair with Hollywood style waves to add some drama.

A Futuristic Way to Wear Bobby Pins

Instead of trying to conceal your bobby pins from showing, add an unexpected element to your most basic hairstyle by creating different geometric shapes and lines using metallic gold, silver and bronze bobby pins.

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Use your imagination to create modern geometric shapes like triangles, zip-zags and chevron patterns to hold back your hair anywhere you please.

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Form a V-formation chevron pattern by taking two pins at a time to create the “V” shape cascading from one side of your head down to a low, loose bun; or use the same technique to hold back a section of your hair for something like side bangs. For an effortless half-up, half-down style use a generous amount of pins to form a triangle shape to secure your hair into place.

Other Clever Uses for Bobby Pins

  • Discretely secure the ends of your braids by vertically wedging a bobby pin inside your braid for a discrete look.
  • Channel your inner Ariana Grande and give your limp ponytail a boost by using regular bobby pins to prop up your ponytail adding volume while your hair hides the pins.
  • Paint your neutral-colored bobby pins with bright colored nail polish to use for a bold look next time.

Whatever your chosen use or style, bobby pins provide an easy and effective way to switch up your look in an instant!