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Updated on May 09, 2022

Bobby pins are supposed to be a simple concept but each set has different uses and is designed to behave a certain way. Thus, how to use bobby pins depends on what you want them to accomplish.

Do you want to use them as an accent to add a bold new twist to your style? Or are you simply looking for ways to secure an all-day hold? We’ve identified the most classy bobby pin hairstyles along with brilliant hacks and tricks all girls should know.

How to Use Bobby Pins

Let us start with a basic rule, hearing which can give you some my-life-will-never-be-the-same feeling. To make sure that your pin and hair stay in place, the ridged side of the bobby pin should lay against your scalp! If you style a hairstyle with exposed bobby pins, you slide them with the wavy side on the top, though. Before using bobby pins, spray them with dry shampoo or a hair spray to prevent slipping.

The correct way to insert a bobby pin will also depend on the type of pin you are using (yes, there are more than one, if this has been another aha moment). Here are the most common ones:

  • Curved Bobby Pins are the best to accomplish any kind of side-swept look because they are made with a curved, flat design that contours to the side of your head and scalp to provide solid hold. Also, it’s a great option for a variety of hair types, especially for thick hair because it can hold a much larger section due to its length and shape as compared to traditional stick straight ones.
  • Spiral Bobby Pins or “Spin Pins” reportedly do the work of 20 hair tools all in one. Whether you have thick or thin hair, they are ideal to secure the perfect ballerina bun. If you want to keep it loose and whimsical with a loose bun or updo all by using just one tool reach for a spin pin to get the job done. Those with longer hair may need three or four for a secure hold.
  • U-Shaped Hair Pins. Hair pin is a U-shaped cousin of a bobby pin. You can get an assortment of different lengths to achieve the type of vibe you want. These hair tools are large and long, so they secure an updo by holding together smaller pieces of hair to create a loose but secure messy bun. If you wonder how to use hair pins correctly, they’re ideal to maneuver unruly hairs and assist with more intricate styles.
  • Jumbo Bobby Pins are the longest type of bobby pins that can be made for creating elaborate styles that cover a lot of surface area on the head. These hair tools are ideal to confidently secure thick and curly hair into place.

Now, let your inner stylist come out to play and learn all the splendid and useful ways to use bobby pins!

1. Create Edgy Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

The following example shows us how these curved jumbo bobby pins can be used. Create an edgy half up half down hairstyle by combing back your front locks, and fixing them with bobby pins creatively. Try the any pattern or design that will come to your mind. And forget that you can always pin bangs back with bobby pins.

Using Bobby Pins for Half Up Style

Instagram /

2. Secure All Kinds of Updos

Simply twist and spin the pin into the hairstyle and secure into your hair and that’s it! You can also easily create bobby pin curls by twisting your hair into multiple sections and secure with the pins for a period of time then release for natural curls; they also work well for securing curly, thick hair without experiencing breakage of your ends or the snagging that you tend to get with elastic hair ties. This is the simplest answer on how to use a bobby pin.

Low Twisted Bun Secured with Pins

Instagram / @beautyasylum

3. Hide Ponytail Elastics

This is how you can add elegance to the simpliest hairstyle on Earth. Hide your rubber band with a strand of hair pinned around the base and enjoy your fancy-looking pony ready for big night out! You can also use this simple hack for casual ponytail hairstyles, because it’s easy as 1,2,3! Bent your pins if you need different shapes, these babes are flexible.

Long Wavy Ponytail with Hidden Elastics

Instagram / @mtlfashionistaaa

4. Hold Your Hair with a Cute Bobby Pin Triangle

This elegant and styling casual hairstyle is super easy to implement. If the process doesn’t look obvious to you, check out this YouTube tutorial for details. Insert subtle silver or golden bobby pins to imitate minimalistic hair jewelry. And nobody will guess the price of your hair accessories! Also you can watch how to pin hair back on the side.

Half Updo with Twists Created Using Bobby Pins

Instagram / @hairbykatelynd

5. Try Futuristic Design

Instead of trying to conceal your bobby pins from showing, add an unexpected element to your most basic hairstyle by creating different geometric shapes and lines. Exposed bobby pins are so popular among top hair stylists! The best part about this trend is that you can turn on your fantasy and create unique hairstyle using the cheapest hair tools ever — old good bobby pins! We love these tight curls with shining golden zig-zag accents!

Retro Bob with Finger Waves and Bobby Pin Design

Instagram / @bryannoahhair

6. Keep Loose Hair from Falling Out of Place

With the help of hidden bobby pins behind the ears, you can secure your loose hairstyle and avoid touching your locks all the time! This brilliant hack is great for those women who like to wear their wavy or straight hair both down and out of face. Everything is possible due to tiny bobby pins.

Brushed Back Silver Hair

Instagram / @hairologystudio_

7. Add Volume to Your Hair with a Bobby Pin Ponytail

Channel your inner Ariana Grande and give your limp pony a boost by using regular bobby pins to prop up your ponytail adding volume while your hair hides the pins. Check out this YouTube tutorial. It’s the best and the easiest way to lift a ponytail and this hairstyle is suitable both for office and red carpet!

High Pony Bobby Pin Hack

Instagram / @morganparks901

8. Secure the Ends of Your Braids

Discretely secure the ends of your braids by vertically wedging a bobby pin inside your braid. This is how you can get rid of annoying and unstylish rubber bands and elastics. This option looks is much more natural, effortless and elegant. So why don’t you use this brilliant hack every day?

Long Fishtail Braid Finished with No Elastics

Instagram / @balayageandbabes

9. Go DIY and Paint Your Bobby Pins

Paint your neutral-colored bobby pins with bright colored nail polish to use for a bold look next time. Actually, there’re no rules here. You can also attach sequins and different tiny stuff to your bobby pins and feel like a true mermaid. This DIY option is especially good for creative souls who need to always be in the center of attention. Just put on a fancy dress and you’re ready for the party!

Platinum Bob with Bobby Pins

Instagram / @laurenrennells

10. Create Posh Hairstyles from Nothing

If you need to look 100% awesome for a big night out, try to implement this easy and surprising idea. Just pull your hair back and create any shape. Golden or silver bobby pins will match any evening gown or cocktail dress. Moreover, this hairstyle looks really unique and interesting, so you won’t avoid numerous compliments. Curl hair ends for better result.

Pinned Back Brown Hair

Instagram / @bygorjess

11. Get Rid of Baby Hairs and Enhance Your Bun

Kim Kardashian loves wearing classy low buns with 5-7 exposed bobby pins from each side. These cute tiny details add so much chic to a simple sleek updo! We can’t believe all girls don’t use this hack! Remember to buy good looking bobby pins for buns, because they play the main roles here.

Ballerina Bun with Bobby Pins

Instagram / @onlocationglam

12. Control Bangs

All girls like changes, but if you have fringe to grow out first, things become not so interesting. But you can always hide bangs with the help of hidden or exposed bobby pins. Just pin your hair up or to one side. This process is all about inspiration and imagination. You gonna like this game. Optionally, you can spray each bobby pin with your dry shampoo to make it stay in hair longer.

Whatever your chosen use or style, bobby pins provide an easy and effective way to switch up your look in an instant!

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