Kelsey Rzepecki

Kelsey Rzepecki is a mid twenties Pacific Northwest native and University of Oregon alumni. Her interests, lifestyle, and overall outlook on life have been derived wholeheartedly by the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Growing up in a small suburb of Seattle, she learned to embrace bare feet and grass-stained knees, found permanent comfort in the gloomy, rainy grey skies, and developed her love for local music that feeds her soul. Knows what`s trendy in hairstyling now, and how to choose the best products for your locks.

Bobby pins are supposed to be a simple concept but each set has different uses and is designed to behave a certain way. Thus, how to use bobby pins depends on what you want them to accomplish. Do you want to use them as an accent to add a bold new twist to your style? Or are you simply looking for ways to secure an all-day hold? We’ve identified the most classy bobby pin hairstyles along with brilliant hacks and tricks all girls should know.

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Lately, bleached blonde looks and bright highlights seem to be taking a backseat to a more natural dirty blonde hair color. A color that many women have spent their whole lives trying to hide at the salon is now making a serious comeback. Want this look too? This article is full of ideas and inspiration!

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If you feel like your hair is lacking life-a hair serum might make all the difference. It’s impossible to keep on top of all the newest products but taking the effort to assess and understand your hair type will lead you to the right product it needs. Taking the time to thoughtfully choose the right products will make all the difference and will hopefully make your routine less of a stressful process. We’ve chosen the best hair serum products to try right now that deliver a range of benefits. But first… [click to continue…]

The most buzzed about hair treatment to try in years since the Brazilian Blowout is Olaplex.
It’s a three step hair treatment system that is dominantly influenced and credited by scientific research that could prove to be the best hair treatment for damaged hair.
If you ever daydream about experimenting with a dramatic platinum or icy blonde hair color but hesitate because of the intense chemical processes and overall damage it takes look no further than olaplex. It could help make your dream a reality. Hair damage is inevitable, especially if you are getting it colored regularly but your damaged hair may not be a total lost cause after all! [click to continue…]

You probably wonder how so many celebrities have the courage to switch up their hairstyles so dramatically, especially when they decide to wear those thick, bushy bangs. Lucy Hale and Gigi Hadid are some examples of celebs who have enjoyed experimenting with faux bang styles for an easy way to add a dramatic and fresh take on their look. Clip on bangs are exactly how they sound; hair extensions made specifically for bangs! [click to continue…]