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Kelsey Rzepecki
Updated on April 28, 2023

You probably wonder how so many celebrities have the courage to switch up their hairstyles so dramatically, especially when they decide to wear those thick, bushy bangs. Lucy Hale and Gigi Hadid are some examples of celebs who have enjoyed experimenting with faux bang styles for an easy way to add a dramatic and fresh take on their look. Clip on bangs are exactly how they sound; hair extensions made specifically for bangs!

No matter how big or small, it can feel overwhelming committing to a new hairstyle. Clip bangs are a quick way to switch up your look and give your hair a new identity and personality; the best part is that bangs can be paired with nearly any hairstyle. Luckily, anyone can easily achieve natural looking fake bangs without making a major long-term commitment. Instead of googling ways to hide your awkward growing fringe, you can now be in control with bang extensions.

What is the right bang style for me?

The most important element when deciding on your unique fake bangs hairstyle is identifying your face shape. Even though you might be drawn toward certain celebrity bangs and hairstyles, their fashionable look may not achieve the same effect on your own hair. A common trick for anyone is to create an oval shape using the bangs.

For wider face shapes, choose clip on bangs with longer layered and textured pieces that fall at your cheekbones that form flattering face framing layers, making your face appear more narrow. For narrow face shapes, blunt bangs that fall above the eyebrow are ideal to make your face appear a little wider.

There are plenty of ways to make your bang extensions your own by identifying your face shape and also finding other celebrities with your same face shape to help determine the different lengths and styles to experiment with. Professionals advise purchasing bang clip ons that are made of 100 percent human hair for best results because they will be more manageable to style and overall more natural looking.

For direct guidance and advice if you are feeling uneasy taking this trend on yourself, schedule an appointment with your hair stylist and bring your clip bangs to customize a cut and style that works for you.

Common Bang Styles to Consider

Long side-swept bangs are the most subtle option because they blend in flawlessly with the rest of your hair. They are also an ideal option for those with wavy and curly hair to help blend in better with your natural hair texture as opposed to stick straight, blunt bangs which will be a lot more dramatic and make a statement.

Blunt bangs are the best option for a classic, yet bold statement; the bushier and thicker the better! You can create a completely different effect by shortening the length a bit for a retro look.

Channel your inner 70s bohemian hippie with piece-y and chunky shaggy bangs that are a perfect option for an undone, relaxed look.

How to Apply Clip In Bangs

1. Prep Your Hair

Tame your natural hair by smoothing it and making a center part. Before you begin putting the bangs in, give your fake bangs some life by using volume spray and use a curling iron to curl them forward, starting at the base to add volume. The bang extensions initially come out pretty flat when you get them which will make them look especially fake if you don’t fluff them up a bit.

Some people like to use dry shampoo or holding spray to tease the hair in the area where you are placing the bangs so they are more secure but it is not required.

2. Place Clip Bangs Near Crown of Head

Place bangs in the desired location and allow the bang hair piece to lay flat against your head. Use your own judgement on the most natural placement that looks and feels right for you,but placing them along or slightly above your eyebrows is normal.

3. Secure Clips to Hair

Apply the middle fastener first to secure the piece in place on your head, and then clip each of the sides to your natural hair.

4. Touch Up and Blend

Give the bangs a slight brush or finger style to blend into the rest of your hair. Layered and chunky bangs will usually have longer face framing pieces to make it easy to blend and look natural. You can touch up with a flat iron to smooth out the bulge the clip may produce at the top.

Remember to make sure to maintain the life of your extensions by taking care of them like the rest of your hair with regular trims and treatments. For more inspiration and new styles to try, look into a fake bangs tutorial to give you some visuals.

Remember, always be confident and have fun with it!

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