60 Classy Short Haircuts and Hairstyles for Thick Hair

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If you are gifted by nature with thick hair, you are the envy of so many women worldwide. You have never had to deal with the issue of limp hair or the lack of volume in hairstyles. Being clean and groomed, thick locks are the natural jewel that doesn’t need any sophisticated rim in terms of fancy hairstyles. At the same time, thick hair in longer lengths may feel heavy. In this case a short haircut is an excellent solution. This article with cool pictures will help you to make the right choice of a short haircut for thick hair.

Short Haircuts and Hairstyles for Thick Hair

So, you’ve opted for a big crop for your luxurious thick tresses? Most people won’t understand you, but we do. Short cuts often look much sharper than longer styles. And if you’ve mastered how to style your short haircut, you are the lucky one, who’ll always have an enviously perfect effortless look. Here are ideas for your bob, pixie or whatever short haircut version you’ve decided on this time.

#1: Short Layered Hair Style

Many women blessed with thick hair who have tried to go short have horror stories. Who wants to walk out looking like a triangle? Layers are key for short to medium styles. You don’t have to remove volume. The look just needs an overall appealing shape.

#2: Short Sassy Bob

Short haircuts for thick hair look great when locks are straightened. Opting for a sleek blowout when you style makes sure that any natural height and volume gets counterbalanced. The layers are shorter in the back and on the sides for a fun, flirty cut.

#3: Layered Haircut for Thick Hair

A layered bob haircut is a great way to keep thick hair tame. Instead of puffing out at the first sign of humidity, this style will only grow in a workable volume rather than in impossible frizz. Be sure to use mousse directly out of the shower to encourage the texture.

#4: Short and Classy Cut

With short hairstyles for thick hair, it’s best to have generous layering that molds the shape of your style. The front pieces that are a little longer than those around the ears keep it edgy.

#5: Smooth Bob

This bob looks beautiful on straight hair. Instead of bangs, opt for layers in the front that feather towards the back. This gives the style a lot of flow and movement. The bottom layer is kept all one length, making the haircut classy and sophisticated.

#6: Best Cut for Thick Hair

This popular a-line style is known for being great on thin hair, and hard to pull off with thick hair. But when layered right, it looks just as great on thicker hair. Straight hair in particular can adapt more easily to this style — which tends to create a lot of flattering volume.

#7: Angled Bob Hairstyle

This fabulous cut takes all the excessive thickness out of your short hair and turns it into a perfect rounded style with carefully cut layers. It’s gorgeous and modern, a sight to behold! While it’s short enough to be fun and easy, it’s also long enough to tie it up with an elastic if needed.

#8: Pixie Undercut with a Shaved Side

Edgy cuts are great for thick hair, as they remove bulk, bring drama and boost volume of strands that may otherwise feel heavy. Define a pixie undercut by creating a thin shave below it. Don’t forget to use hairspray when styling a chic pompadour like this; height will be your best friend!

Pompadour Hairstyle For Women

Instagram / @katiezimbalisalon

#9: Pixie Cut

With short thick hair, you don’t have to limit yourself. You just have to be certain you’re in good hands. This frosted look uses a razoring technique to keep the longer pieces smooth and slicked back. Plus when razored strands are falling on the super short nape, the style becomes sleek (not poufy).

#10: Short Stacked Bob with Subtle Balayage

Layers are quintessential to short haircuts for thick hair — add body around the crown by stacking a multitude of lengths together. The dimension of this classy thick short hairstyle can be enhanced by balayage coloring.

Brown Stacked Pixie Bob

Instagram / @more.to.c

#11: Cute Shaped Crop

A perfectly shaped short cut? Yes, please! This haircut is what short-haired dreams are made of. Easy and simple but at the same time stunningly sexy. The long side bangs create flattering face-framing layers, while the back is kept sassy and short.

#12: Stylish Grown Out Pixie

Short haircuts for thick hair are all about layers. When cut to a medium short length, there’s enough hair to experiment with different textures and show off a beautiful layering. If you’re struggling to pick between a bob and pixie, this look is your answer.

#13: Curly Bob with Razored Layers

Make your mane appear extra luscious by getting a razor cut. Curly short cuts benefit from layers and babylights, offering movement and visual intrigue. Whether your curls are natural or heat styled, keep face-framing strands longer and looser for a fun flair.

Short Layered Wavy Bob

Instagram / @hairby.jaye

#14: Asymmetrical Two-Tone Crop

Short hairstyles for thick hair can’t be just plain and boring. We mean, well, you should try something gorgeous if you have a good base for it. An asymmetrical pixie with one side long and colorful is a cute idea to try if you want a short style worth a double take.

#15: Angled Burgundy Bob with Voluminous Layers

Is there anything as sultry as a burgundy bob? Some women believe medium to short cuts don’t deliver the femininity that long locks ooze, but you’ll definitely have plenty of spunk with this bright angled ‘do!

#16: Chic Asymmetrical Cut

This look just might be an ideal mix of edgy and feminine. The short, shaggy cut definitely makes a statement, but the thick waves and long bangs bring girliness to the look. Pair this cut with strong brows, full lashes, and some big earrings—oh, but of course.

#17: Black and Ash Blonde Pixie Bob

Two-tone hair colors are a fantastic solution applied in short hairstyles for women with thick hair. Not only does it highlight your generous mane, the contrast complements every season! Make sure to stick within the same color undertone (warm, cool or neutral) for the most flattering and cohesive combination.

#18: Neat Layered Bob for Thick Hair

The old is new again! This neat ‘90s inspired short bob is easy to style and wear if you have thick straight locks. Simple and neatly layered, it eliminates stress about styling in the morning while still offering you an effortless stylish ‘do.

Short Bob With Layered Bangs

Instagram / @avalonsalonmiami

#19: Sexy Pastel Pixie

Get a real pixie with a fantasy-inspired hair color that can take you all the way to a fairyland. This multidimensional color is made all the better with creative waves. To style this look, first blow hair out with a round brush, then use a straightener to flip the front pieces at the ends.

#20: Classic Layered Bob for Thick Hair

What makes thick haired gals so lucky is they can crop the length while still maintaining all the luscious body in short medium haircuts! The richness of texture and color in this classic chin length style is a perfect example, and a bonus— it’s an anti-aging choice for more mature ladies.

Stacked Brunette Balayage Bob

Instagram / @simonepimble

#21: Short Wavy Cut with Messy Layers

Women who like to wear hair undone should consider messier short haircuts for thick wavy hair. Cut in haphazard layers, this style offers nonchalant, effortless allure, charming for all natural textures. To style this coiffure, use a sea salt spray on damp hair and scrunch it while it’s drying.

Short Messy Brown Balayage Hairstyle

Instagram / @anhcotran

#22: Pastel Pink Wavy Layered Bob

Add some fun tint to a medium short bob for a youthful touch. Even hints of colors like pink, blue or purple bring individuality to any haircut. Pro tip — select a hue that blends beautifully with your base shade; for instance, pastel pink works on blonde, tones of purple pair well with brown, and blue blends seamlessly into black…

#23: Voluminous Nape-Length Inverted Bob

One way to instantly update a traditional straight short to medium bob is by inverting it. Ask your stylist to lift up the back of the cut for a boost of volume and lovely back/side views if you have a beautiful neckline.

#24: Razored Pixie Bob with Irregular Layers

Layers are essential when it comes to creating structure within bob haircuts for thick hair, but don’t worry if you’re not into prim and proper ‘dos! Irregular layers bring in a flirty essence; especially when worn on curly or textured locks.

Curly Layered Pixie Bob

Instagram / @ethemdnmz

#25: Short-to-Medium Feminine Layered Cut

A short-to-medium layered ‘do is a timeless cut fit for women of all ages. This haircut is adaptable to any type of texture, and is sure to make you seem put together, stylish and unique. A minimalist wardrobe would suit this hairdo wonderfully.

Short Cur With Feathered Layers

Instagram / @nanidinizcabelos

#26: Undercut Bob with Jagged Ends

Undercutting your bob with choppy ends is one way to sassify your short length hairstyles. Making a bold statement by leaving the front strands significantly longer, pair them with an extra short dark nape. Don’t forget to tease the ‘side bang’ area to add some extra volume and drama.

Messy Inverted Bob

Instagram / @priss_duarte

#27: Short Bob with Piece-y Layers and Babylights

Sometimes highlights may be a little overwhelming on short hairstyles for wavy hair, while babylights are ideal. The understated streaks are cute and delicate, but if you want a bolder look, simply choose a highlight hue several tones lighter than the base color for a greater contrast.

Short Cut With Messy Layers

Instagram / @ash_layy94

#28: Stacked Copper Balayage Bob

Copper brings a lot of personality to a mane, whatever the haircut; but pair it with a stacked bob and boom! Your haircut won’t miss any attention whenever you enter a room. This ‘do is a little more high maintenance because you must keep the nape very short and perfectly trimmed, but the effect is well worth the upkeep!

Short Stacked Bob For Thick Hair

Instagram / @msclarahairstyle

#29: Stacked Blonde Balayage Bob

Another two tone bob that proves how striking women’s short layered cuts can be! Ranging from platinum blonde to the blackest black, this stacked haircut is seamlessly balayaged for a cool dimensional look. Maximum effect is achieved when styled straight.

#30: Straight Cut Bob with Layers and Subtle Highlights

Chic short hairstyles for thick hair don’t always feature steep angles and inverted cuts. Whether you’d like to have layers cut or not, here’s a contemporary twist on a more traditional bob. It’s straight cut and subtly highlighted.

One-Length Layered Brown Bob

Instagram / @hairmeroar

#31: Cute Boyish Pixie Cut

Masculine inspired haircut styles can be seen constantly, but they are especially prevalent now with the increased interest towards unisex style. If you like low maintenance short hair, make a statement with a boyish pixie cut (while still looking feminine and stylish!)

Layered Pixie With Side Bangs

Instagram / @jaydecollinshair

#32: Pixie Bob with Golden Blonde Feathers

Feathered cuts and feathered coloring techniques work wonders on pixies, as they really highlight the details, make your hairstyle dimensional and eye-catching. Try a tapered pixie cut with highlighted ends for a gorgeous look that is doomed to turn heads.

#33: Black Layered Bob with Magenta Balayage

Magenta balayage offers a dramatic touch, especially against short thick hair in dark hues. A teased crown with lots of volume amps up this style, and an edgier, rock n’ roll wardrobe is very fitting! Keep the magenta only on the top layers of hair for less maintenance.

Short Stacked Bob Cut

Instagram / @jj_stylist

#34: Asymmetrical Haircut for Thick Hair

The deep side part and asymmetry of this cut make for a modern look that is very flattering and suitable for thick or fine hair. You can show off your features while still having a little bit of hair to play around with. For the longer piece, you can curl it, straighten it, tuck it behind the ear, or pin it back.

#35: Perfect Layered Bob

For women with thick hair, short layered haircuts are not out of reach. If you prefer shorter ‘dos, you can get a cute layered bob with a length at the nape for a low-maintenance hairstyle.

#36: Short and Full Bob

This style has the appearance of no layering because the hidden under layers are shorter. For short to medium hairstyles that look flirty and feminine, be sure to blowout hair with a very large barrel round brush. This will create body and make short hair extra swingy and bouncy.

#37: Wavy Stacked Short Bob

An interesting and unique take on a stacked bob for wavy hair is cutting the top strands in a semi circle. They seem to reveal the short layered nape section that’s also a tone darker than the waves on top. Style the layers with a curling iron to create movement and flirty bounce.

Short Layered Brown Bob

Instagram / @riverthestylist

#38: Black Inverted Bob

In search of a neat, sleek do with an impact? A straight, inverted black bob is the way to go! This one looks like a pixie in the back and a bob in the front. A perfect blend of two styles is very in! Use a shine spray so that your mane is glossy and silky.

Black Bob With A Burgundy Tint

Instagram / @beauty_by_kendra_

#39: Adorable Pixie Cut

Channel the Kardashian matriarch with a style sure to show off high cheek bones and full lips. The subtle asymmetry of this cut adds some mystery, but it’s still easy to pull off. Blow dry the longer hair forward with a round brush. To dry the rest of the hair, you can just hit it haphazardly.

#40: Chic Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

Pixies are quite the statement — especially when you are dealing with asymmetrical short haircuts for thick hair. An excellent choice for creative, artistic souls looking to express their individuality through their hair and stand out from the crowd, try out this triple threat cut; straight bangs, teased crown, and a long layered side, wow!

Short Asymmetrical Stacked Cut

Instagram / @aarons_big_tease

#41: Pixie Bob with Tapered Nape and Layers

Here’s an example of how versatile pixie cuts can be; the effect is very different depending on styling. An uber feminine hairdo is achieved when you pair a short tapered nape with big wispy waves spiced with subtle highlights.

#42: Rounded Bob with Razored Layers

Just by changing the cutting tool from shears to a razor gives an edgier result! Juxtapose the softness of a rounded bob with sharply cut layers for a sophisticated hairstyle with a hint of intrigue. Leave front locks longer and wispy to truly bring in a flirty, feminine flair.

Brunette Wavy Angled Bob

Instagram / @headrushdesigns

#43: Platinum Bob on Thick Hair

Women with thick hair look great with medium short haircuts — as long as there’s room for layering. This generously feathered look is the right mix of punky and sophisticated. A simple cut looks best with a bold color, if you’re going for a statement look that’s still classy.

#44: Pixie Or Short Bob Haircut?

This popular Twiggy-reminiscent style is a great halfway point between a bob and a pixie. It’s short in the front with side-swept bangs and longer in the back and around the ears. It’s a perfectly elegant look for any special occasion and an easy way to keep it classy every day.

#45: Wispy Chin Length Bob Hairstyle

This haircut is a godsend for thick hair! You can keep your natural volume and thickness without all the bulk and accompanying frizz. The layered pieces work together to form the gorgeous wispy style. The only hair product you’ll need to create this look at home is leave-in conditioner.

#46: Pretty and Sleek Thick Hair

This straight hairstyle is perfection. Very wearable and flattering, the cut is striking the right balance between flat and voluminous. The simplicity of the styling makes it youthful. Ask your stylist for a bob that is subtly longer in the front with barely there layers.

#47: Long Pixie with Bangs

The best short hairstyles for thick hair always incorporate texture. By styling the hair in a messy, bedhead look, you can make any short cut appear playful and youthful. The products that can help you achieve a perfect bedhead are texturizing creams, dry shampoos, and tacky products designed for short cuts.

#48: Short Crop for Thick Wavy Hair

So, maybe you’re convinced that short cuts work on thick hair, but what about thick, wavy hair? Sure, it’s a challenge. But with short cuts becoming more popular for women of all ages, this is a challenge that more and more stylists are mastering. Lots of textured layers do the trick!

#49: Gorgeously Layered Balayage Bob

A short choppy bob is a longtime favorite option when it comes to layered haircuts for thick hair. For the shorter haircuts to work, the layering must start higher up on the head. This way, the stylist can create a flattering overall shape (instead of the dreaded triangular head).

#50: Short Length Haircut With Bangs

Longer pixies can give you plenty of volume if you style them correctly. Most importantly, they destroy the bulk created by excessive thickness. If you plan on keeping this style for a short amount of time, this lengthy pixie will grow out perfectly into a bob.

long pixie with highlights

Instagram/ @hairbykristenh

#51: Textured Pixie With A Deep Side Part

Parted pixies are a great way to tame short thick hair. Instead of letting the tresses run wild, a part can provide a more structured and classy look, best used for work or formal occasions where messy pixies might not be appropriate. In this picture, for example, the side sweep creates an elegant vibe.

#52: Adorable Wavy Bob

Short thick hair that looks light and effortless is not unattainable! This cut features piecey layers and soft wavy texture to create a covetable bob style. Ask your stylist for a choppy bob with slightly shorter top layers in the back and a short fringe.

#53: Angled Bob for Thick Tresses

Medium short haircuts are a great choice if you’re not into the idea of shearing off all your hair. This steeply angled bob is feminine, sophisticated, and fun all at the same time. Because the haircut looks especially gorgeous with highlights, you might want to consider getting a little bit of color work done too.

#54: Short Crop with Colorful Highlights

Short hairstyles for women with thick hair can sometimes skew a little frumpy. That’s definitely nobody’s goal! This hairstyle does the exact opposite, oozing that special fresh, youthful appeal. The bright girly colors pair well with the edgy, boyish shape of the cut.

#55: Soft and Flowy Bob

Short length hairstyles are often simple and classic, and the look in the photo is no exception. The keys to this sophisticated style are the hidden layers, glossy color, and soft, smooth hair. When hair is short, it’s easier to keep it in an excellent condition, so you might find that perfect ends are well within reach.

#56: Sleeked-Down Pixie with Texturizing

When you want a change for your funky-spiky pixie, a sleeked down style is a good solution. You don’t have to make it completely sleek and polished. Rough texture will give it a chic and little wild look, while subtle highlights add just the right amount of spice.

#57: Rounded Bob with Side Bangs

Shorter versions of bobs on thick hair risk acquiring a triangular shape. But if you ask your hairstylist to add some layering to the below-the-ear section and style your tresses flipped inside, you’ll get this simple and gorgeous look. Paired with side shattered bangs which blend with the layering of your cut, it’s getting one more step closer to the absolute perfection.

#58: Good Girl’s Pixie

With thick straight hair a well-cut pixie doesn’t require any particular styling to look awesome. Although you can always work through your tresses with a dab of mouse for an extra messy touch on the top. Style your bangs to one side and consider subtle highlights. They always give a charming sun-kissed feel.

#59: Textured Angled Bob

Younger women can make a bob haircut more creative at the expense of hair texturing. In such haircuts the locks vary in length and look jagged at the ends. The task is achieved by such haircut techniques as slicing, pointing and point cutting. Their usage is not recommended for fine hair, but thick hair will, definitely, benefit from the achieved effect.

#60: Thick Hair Bob

Bob haircuts absolutely do work for women with thick hair. Curling hair into modern little twists lets the layering really shine. The front pieces frame the face nicely and will look so cute tucked behind the ears!

It’s easy to look cool and stylish with a short style, if you pay attention to the details. The choice of the right haircut and proper styling products will ease your hairstyling life immensely.

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