70 Cute and Easy-To-Style Short Layered Hairstyles

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Short layered hairstyles are really hot in the fashion and beauty industry at the moment! They can be sassy, sultry, sweet or chic! This article is going to give you an inside look at 70 different varieties of short textured hairstyles that are currently flourishing on the trend scene!

Pictures of Trendy Short Layered Hairstyles

Layers on short hair enhance texture and volume of your cropped locks, adding that extra amount of sass to your hairstyle that looks awesome in any age. Get inspired and think of how you can diversify your current short hairstyle!

#1: Classy Layered Pixie

For a style that is youthful and timeless all at the same time, try this gorgeous choppy pixie. This cut is the perfect mix of messy and sleek. You can slick it back for an evening wear look, or rely on a texturizing product for some bedhead-inspired styling.

#2: Feathered Stacked Bob with Voluminous Crown

Easy, cute and totally on-trend, the feathered bob is a must-try if you’re looking to change up your short hair. The wispy strands, blown back, let your beautiful face take the stage while also making a statement of their own. Layers bring depth to any haircut, but to add even more dimension, ask your stylist for a balayage and style your cut with a teased crown.

Short Inverted Blonde Bob

Instagram / @prettylittleombre

#3: Short Asymmetrical Crop

Short layered haircuts are so much fun! You’ll enjoy your morning style routine because it will go so much faster. If you’re curious on how to style this look, the key is to tuck some hair behind the ear, and leave some forward. Use a medium barrel round brush when you blow dry your hair to get the volume.

#4: Bob with Soft and Simple Layers

This short layered bob is so pretty! The soft feathery layers are very elegant and classy — but still modern. If you want a piecey, razored bob like this one, show your stylist pictures to more easily communicate the type of layering you want.

Layered Blonde Balayage Bob

Instagram/ @maxwellmathson

#5: Dark Pixie Cut with Layers

Some of the best short layered hairstyles are incredibly simple. This fuss-free look is all about shape. The side part and forehead-skimming bangs create a classic framing (especially when combined with the cute little sideburn pieces). If you’re looking for pictures of longer pixie cuts to show your stylist, consider this great example.

#6: Stacked Pixie with Dimensional Blonde Highlights

Short hair cuts allow you to try out different levels of layers. If you’re longing for extra volume, choose a pixie cut with stacked layers. Add in different shades of blonde highlights to enhance your new cut and amp up the depth of your hair. You can even try messing with your part to get the most out of layers.

Long Pixie Hairstyles With Highlights

Instagram / @amberkkbb

#7: Blunt Bob with Messy Surface Layers

Don’t underestimate short layered hair. It can be fun, versatile and sexy. Blunt ends dial up the edge, while tousled layers give it volume. Brighten it up with a blonde balayage. If you want a sleeker, more sophisticated look, just use a fine-bristle brush to lay your tresses down.

Straight Cut Short Bob

Instagram / @dillahajhair

#8: Chopped Undercut Pixie

Layers can take a pixie from average to artsy. Full of volume and movement, the look delivers ample personality. Even though it’s a very short cut, it’s still super feminine and sweet.

Very Short Choppy Cut For Girls

Instagram / @strctmachine

#9: Messy Razored Pixie Bob

Sometimes, messy is good. Take this voluminous bob for example – it wouldn’t be nearly as full if it weren’t for the teased and tousled layers. The flyaways and disheveled look are strategic and stylish.

Long Choppy Messy Pixie

Instagram / @shmoakin_hair

#10: Curled Under Sleek Brown Bob

Want something a little more smooth and polished? Cut a bob with very light layers that blend easily and give a flattering shape to your hair. When styling, curl your ends in to avoid them flipping out and form your perfect it-girl bob.

Short Layered Brunette Bob

Instagram / @thehairchapel

#11: Long Tapered Pixie with Messy Crown

When you want something cute and easy to maintain, you should opt for short hair with layers. It’s an easy length to style on a daily basis and is very chic, especially with a side-swept fringe. What you lack in length, you can make up for in height with a tall and teased crown.

Layered Pixie Bob For Straight Hair

Instagram / @shorthairbyshawni

#12: Jagged and Angled Blonde Balayage Bob

A modern bob is not all one length. Cut your hair at an angle, shorter in the back and longer towards the front, with irregular layers throughout. Alternate different colors between your short layers using the balayage technique for a dynamic duo-tone style. Use a curling wand to shape loose waves.

#13: Stacked Bob with Lifted Crown

Shorter in the back and longer in the front, this picture makes a case for the stacked bob. It manages to be sleek and, at the same time, full of volume. The fullness keeps the classic cut interesting. The bright blonde highlights elevate the hairstyle even more.

Short Layered Bob With Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @malenacreates

#14: Cute Black Pixie with Side Bangs

To get a cute easy cut, opt for a pixie with short choppy layers that help your hair fall where it needs to. Side-swept bangs will keep your hair in place and frame your face nicely. If you have dark hair, consider going even deeper with a bluish-black color.

Black Choppy Pixie Hairstyle

Instagram / @gustavoblesa

#15: Golden Blonde Layered Inverted Bob

Go for a sassy vibe with a neck-length bob. An inverted bob will perfectly complement that sass. Layers teamed with highlights bring ample depth so the bob never falls flat.

Stacked Honey Blonde Bob

Instagram / @hair_by_sweett

#16: Edgy Platinum Bob with Purple Tint

It’s never too late to switch up your length and color. Take a walk on the wild side and give a try to a short layered bob cut and a platinum blonde balayage. You can also add in a pastel purple tint at the bottom of your hair for an extra pop of color.

Long Choppy Silver Pixie

Instagram / @headrushdesigns

#17: Twisted Balayage Layers

Short hair with layers offers great opportunities for experimenting with highlighting. These sandy highlights give the look a modern vibe while accentuating the curls and waves. To master the style, opt for imperfect, uneven texture by curling hair randomly with a straightener.

#18: Sliced Tousled Bob with Bangs

There is a diverse and endless selection of cute short haircuts. Whether you want to look cool, casual, or sophisticated, there is something for you. Make your bob unique with bangs, wispy layers and a sun-kissed balayage. Add texture to really dial it up a notch.

Choppy Wispy Bronde Bob

Instagram / @salsalhair

#19: Tapered Textured and Highlighted Pixie

Pixie cuts can be sweet and charming but when you play around with color and angles, you can create something edgy. Maybe your style is more punk or rock and roll. A tapered cut brings crisp and clean lines to the coif, making it bold and daring, while high-contrast colors enhance that effect even further.

Pixie With V-Cut Layers

Instagram / @bymaggiekime

#20: Stacked and Steeply Angled Black Bob

Like the angled style? Go even more dramatic with one of the edgiest short layered haircuts. Cut the edges of your hair at an angle and finish off with stacked, but blended layers. Since this cut is so sharp with its shape, go for a solid color or subtle highlights.

Black Layered Angled Bob

Instagram / @priss_duarte

#21: Pearl White Pixie Bob

For women in search of a signature look, why not try a bold new color like this icy white? When you go with such light colors, however, layers are crucial. They help bring the volume and movement to the tresses. Otherwise it can be hard to see dimension with a solid platinum or silver shade.

#22: Layered Wavy Jaw-Length Bob

Texture can really make a difference in cute short hairstyles. Waves are always effortlessly stylish, and layers enhance the laid-back vibes. Such a short length looks especially good with a looser wave pattern. It gives your tresses just enough movement and volume without overwhelming the hairdo.

Short Wavy Blonde Balayage Bob

Instagram / @jackieepp

#23: Inverted Bob with Elevated Crown

Short layers in the back of an inverted bob will quickly build the volume of your hairstyle. Plus, having a neck-length bob is ideal if you want to display your nape tattoos. Apart from showing off your ink, the stacked cut is pretty and timeless.

Slick Stacked Brunette Bob

Instagram / @purroxidized

#24: Nape-to-Jaw-Length Layered Bob

Mix it up with different lengths in your bob. The varying lengths will keep things interesting. Not to mention, they will bring movement to your coif. A simple blunt bob may look awkward on certain face shapes, but a slanted cut is universally flattering and even has a slimming effect.

Short Ash Blonde Balayage Bob

Instagram / @elyserox00

#25: Wavy Bob with Peek-a-Boo Bangs

Short layered haircuts can always be made fun with bangs and with color. Let bangs fall into your face to create a hint of mystery. Highlights are a stylish addition to your tresses as well. When they are subtle, it keeps your look understated.

Inverted Bob For Wavy Hair

Instagram / @hairby_killak

#26: Short Rounded Bob with Root Lift

Finding the right shape of the cut for your cute short hairstyles is essential, especially if you’re in need of volume. A soft rounded bob with shorter layers cut at the top gives your roots the lift they need and also creates nice movement. In case your roots don’t lift easily, grab your favorite volumizing spray and you’re good to go!

Black Pixie Bob With Angled Layers

Instagram / @ri__reis

#27: Ash Blonde Layered Bob with Black Root

Pairing two vastly different colors with a cropped layered cut creates a really cute hairstyle that works for all hair textures. For example, an inverted choppy bob looks great on its own. However, add in a platinum color with exposed dark roots, and all of a sudden, you’ve got an edgy hairstyle like no other.

Choppy Platinum Bob

Instagram / @erin.boha_hair

#28: Side-Parted Voluminous Pixie Bob

Thick hair is sometimes a challenge. A short cut with layers is a stylish way to emphasize your hair’s volume. With a deep side part and choppy pieces throughout, the full-bodied, long pixie commands attention. A dark brunette flatters the style, but feel free to add color if you want to boost its wow factor.

Short Layered Brunette Bob

Instagram / @corynneylon_hair

#29: Stacked Rounded Pixie with Temple Undercut

All it takes to spice up a pixie bob cut is stacked layers that form a tapered shape and chocolate highlights scattered throughout your hair. Go for a temple undercut if you want to add a chic detail to your tried and true style.

Asymmetrical Brown Balayage Bob

Instagram / @katiezimbalisalon

#30: Asymmetrical Silver Pixie with Root Fade

Short length hairstyles make it super easy to play with asymmetrical cuts. Transform into a sparkly fairy with an enchanting pixie cut and a metallic silver shade that fades out from your roots. Cut a feathery front fringe that lightly wisps around your eyes for a nice face-framing effect.

Choppy Gray Pixie With Bangs

Instagram / @trishjamesinc

#31: Silver Fox

What’s short, sassy, and silver all over? This lovely coif. Proof that layered short haircuts can work for women with super thick hair, this big-waved style is a tousled, textured dream.

Layered Wavy Gray Bob

Instagram / @emmanuelkuthaus

#32: Two-Tone Rounded Pixie Bob

Emphasize your layers with dimensional highlights. The pixie cut has proven its ageless allure, but if you want something more modern, then this refreshing mix of color and texture is your answer. Make the hairstyle even more charming with swooping bangs.

Long Layered Pixie With Highlights

Instagram / @katiezimbalisalon

#33: Chocolate Bob with Subtle Caramel Balayage

Short hair styles can look full even with just light layers. If you’re not a fan of short layers, don’t worry! Cut a few longer layers into a bobbed style and enjoy some extra volume and lovely shaped hair. A faded caramel balayage adds a special touch to this cut for those with brown locks.

Wavy Chocolate Brown Bob

Instagram / @leighdoeshair

#34: Bronde Bob with Lots of Fine Layers

You should never have to choose between a few hair colors you really like. Get the best of both worlds with a bronde bob. Have the darker shades closer to your roots and the lighter ones closer to the top layers of your hair and tips. Cut multiple wispy layers to show off your unique color blend.

Choppy Blonde Balayage Bob

Instagram / @hairbybritny

#35: Dark Pixie with Top Layer Balayage

With cute short haircuts, it’s easier to commit to a partial balayage than a full color treatment. Opt for highlights on the top layers of your hair, leaving the underneath and roots darker.

Long Blonde Balayage Pixie For Brunettes

Instagram / @vipbodyhair

#36: Aerial Gray Layered Pixie

Cute haircuts come to life with color and layers. This picture shows the perfect marriage of those two elements. The grayish-blue tone is unique and exciting. Wispy layers break up the pixie cut and give it multidimensional appeal.

Short Layered Gray Hairstyle

Instagram / @mtremy

#37: Pixie with Long Piece-y Layers

Cute short hair can take its cues from what’s trending and combine it with your personal style. For instance, the balayage pictured here is totally current. But the long, choppy layers teamed with wispy bangs are what make this cut standout.

Choppy Layered Pixie Bob

Instagram / @paulolinn

#38: Rounded Bob with Dimensional Layers

When in doubt, add texture. It brings any cut to life, especially when it comes to bobs. A warm balayage makes this cut very on-trend, and the sleek lines keep it polished and sophisticated. That makes it ideal for any woman, whether you’re in the office running errands or attending any special event.

Short Haircut With Angled Layers

Instagram / @sandra.hairct

#39: Neat Feathered Pixie Cut

Short layered hairstyles still offer much leeway in choosing length and finish of your cut. The short pixie is a very confident choice. Feathered layers elevate its femininity, in case you are avoiding that school-boy look. Not to say, that isn’t cute too. There is something simply endearing about a pixie cut, however.

Women's Short Textured Tapered Cut

Instagram / @denyvir

#40: Sassy Shape

Volume on volume on volume! This sassy shaped coif is one of those hairstyles for short hair that boasts tremendous height, and amazing shape. The deep, rich color lends to the classy feel, and overall is a great look for taking years off your face.

#41: Short Wavy Dimensional Bob

Channel summer vibes with a beach blonde hue and salt-water waves. While the hairdo can be easy-going, it is still refined enough for formal occasions. The beauty of such a textured coif is that you don’t have to worry about every curl staying in place, because the freeness of the strands creates a lived-in look.

Short Blonde Bob With Beach Waves

Instagram / @katiezimbalisalon

#42: Angled Destructed Bob

A short to medium cut is a solution for women who can’t decide which length suits them. Experiment with layers and longer strands around the face and keep your tresses shorter at the nape of the neck. This graduated cut also creates a sleek angle that’ll give your hairdo a little edge.

Caramel Brown Layered Inverted Bob

Instagram / @philipwolffhair

#43: Soft Balayage Hair

If you want a neck length haircut that is very easy to style, look no further. This bob works very well with curls and waves because the layering gives structure and shape to thick hair. Women with curly hair often fear brushing their hair out, but doing so can actually create soft, flattering waves.

#44: Short Feathered White Hairstyle

A short layered bob can be simple and classic, yet still offer modern appeal. Even though a bob like the one shown here has retro vibes – that is ironically what makes it contemporary. With the white hue and layered top, this staple cut has been revamped and made cool.

Short Haircut With Feathered Layers

Instagram / @jonsewellhair

#45: Wavy Messy Bob for Fine Hair

Flyaways and even frizz can work to your advantage, especially with short cuts. Somewhat disheveled, the hairdo doesn’t skimp on volume. Take a fine tooth comb and tease the roots to breathe new life into your everyday bob.

#46: Edgy Brunette Pixie Bob

It’s not punk if it doesn’t have a dramatic bang swooping across the face. But if punk isn’t your cup of tea, you can still draw inspiration from the iconic style. Go dark. Go bold. Be edgy. This is what will make your not-so-sweet pixie cut something to remember.

Jagged Pixie With Long Side Bangs

Instagram / @_hairegan_

#47: Ash Blonde Pixie with Long V-cut Bangs

Easy short hairstyles are a favorite because of how little maintenance they require. Sure, colored bobs will need touch-ups, but even then you can let your roots grow out to increase the sass factor of your look. Wash, tousle and go. These will be the steps of your daily routine with a cool ear-length cut like this one.

Edgy Ash Blonde Layered Pixie

Instagram / @bymaggiekime

#48: Asymmetrical Blonde Balayage Bob

Texture gives this blonde bob a sexy finish. Very loose and subtle waves are its defining features. The short cut at the nape of the neck brings in an element of edge. Depending on your personal style, however, something as simple as a bright lipstick or lighter roots can make the coif seem softer.

Short Messy Stacked Bob

Instagram / @katiezimbalisalon

#49: Razored Pixie Bob with Long Layers

Wispy ends, courtesy of a razor cut, make the bob super cute. Short haircuts don’t get any easier than this. The jet black hue is truly stunning. While the hairstyle is simple, that’s what makes it appealing. The fine layers bring movement and sleek style. If you’re a minimalist, what else could you ask for?

Black Layered Bob For Short Hair

Instagram / @ro.hsiqueira

#50: Disheveled Side-Parted Pixie Bob

Short-length hairstyles don’t provide a long canvas to play with, but there is still a lot you can do with so few inches. The disheveled bob, for instance, takes the timeless cut and gives it a cool, carefree vibe. It’s still sleek and stylish, but has a certain ease to it, that the traditional blunt cut wouldn’t offer.

Blonde Wispy Pixie Bob

Instagram / @corynneylon_hair

#51: Dramatic Razored Brunette Bob

Edgy vibes and razor-cut bobs go hand in hand. Ask your stylist for a variation of short and long layers with edgy side bangs. A combination of blunt and jagged edges gives you a rougher life, but the classic nature of the bob keeps you looking polished.

Dark Brown Bob With Short Layers

Instagram / @ro.hsiqueira

#52: Nape-Length Layered Butter Blonde Bob

For those delicate blonde ladies out there, try a rich butter blonde shade and a short layered cut. You can even leave your roots a darker shade of blonde to put a little more depth into your style. Cut short layers in the back that gradually get longer in the front for the sought-after stacked effect.

Short Ash Blonde Bob With Layers

Instagram / @nelsonstylist

#53: Short Black Stacked Bob

Easy short hairstyles can look like they take hours to get just right, but with a perfectly cut layered bob, you can have a sleek hairdo anytime you want. Stacked, blended layers with longer pieces in the front create the right angled shape as well as an added lift to your roots.

Inverted Bob For Brunettes

Instagram / @ro.hsiqueira

#54: Gray and Blonde Metallic Pixie Bob

For women dealing with graying locks, take advantage of the natural changes in your hair by mixing in hints of metallic blonde and silver to make your gray shine. Pair the color with a modern pixie cut and long side bangs to complete your new flirty hairdo.

Silver Pixie With Bangs And Nape Undercut

Instagram / @chrisjones_hair

#55: Silver Bob with Pastel Purple Root

There’s a new way to wear the exposed roots trend. Cover them up with pops of light purple that subtly fades into the rest of your hair. Keep your layers soft and simple, as not to distract from your fun color.

Gray Bob With Lavender Roots

Instagram / @trishjamesinc

#56: Short Feminine Bob with Layers

There’s nothing more romantic and sweet than short layered hairstyles. A stacked, layered bob styled in wind-swept curls is perfect for any date night or fancy event you may have. Because of the nicely cut layers, a style like this is also great for everyday wear.

Curled Brown Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / @dillahajhair

#57: Tousled Brown Blonde Stacked Bob

A dramatic cut doesn’t have to be always sleek and straight. Try a stacked bob that has a little bit more texture and movement to it. Add in some highlights here and there for dimension and vibrancy.

Brown Blonde Angled Bob

Instagram / @amandafaganhair

#58: Very Short Rounded Textured Bob

A bend at the ends brings the blonde bob irresistible fullness. Tease the hair with a fine tooth comb and set it with a firm hold hairspray to keep it in place all day long. The volume is the focal point of a cut like this, and piecey layers emphasize it further. Proudly show off your voluminous coif.

Tousled Jaw-Length Bob

Instagram / @sandra.hairct

#59: Dark Brown Pixie-Bob with Copper Highlights

Short layered hair lends itself well to dramatic splashes of color. If you have dark brown hair, try a light copper as a complementary shade. Can’t decide between a pixie and a bob? Opt for a unique combination between the two.

Choppy Brown Pixie With Copper Highlights

Instagram / @latherhairstudio

#60: Ash Blonde Bob with Dimensional Layers

The layers you cut can be enhanced by any color of highlights you put in your hair. The pictures below show a perfect example of this, as the ash blonde color lightens and darkens in sync with the finely cut layers.

Bob With Layers For Wavy Hair

Instagram / @emrahdemircii

#61: Textured Layered Bob

Who doesn’t love a classic bob? This version is perfect — it’s slightly shortened in the back to create a flattering shape and layered towards the ends to avoid a heavy, blocky look. The lack of bangs also works great for this haircut. Long pieces in the front give you a lot of styling options.

#62: Brown and Gray Layered Bob

Short hair with layers works its best when done in the shape of the bob cut. Because of the style’s versatility, you get to decide how long or short you want your layers to be. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Leave longer strands of hair towards the front and cut shorter layers in the back.

#63: The Grunge Girl

Short layered bob hairstyles are quite popular now. This style is achieved by leaving the front longer and stacking the back. The bangs are kept extra-long and grazed with a lighter hue for a lovely detailed look.

#64: Easy Styled Golden Bob

The back view of many haircuts can be forgotten when we spend so much time looking into the mirror. Take the stress out of your hairdo simply by creating lots of layers in the back that can be tamed easily!

#65: Softly Layered Brown Bob

Anyone with thinner hair should take into account their hair’s natural texture before cutting layers. Short hair with light layers gains the right amount of volume and makes the style look fuller. For the brunettes out there, make your brown locks stand out even more with subtle highlights mixed in.

#66: Angled Layered Blonde Balayage Bob

An angled bob is perfect for anyone looking to switch up their current style. With the right layers, it doesn’t take much to style so that’s where you have not a strand out of place. Change your color too with a white-blonde balayage that transitions along with your layers.

#67: Straight and Sleek Strands

If you’re looking for short layered haircuts that are sleek and easy to style, consider this inverted bob. An angle for the front pieces and a few shorter layers in the back towards the crown help to add height and volume. The killer smoky grey hue is just an extra layer of cool.

Angle Brown Bob With Gray Balayage

Instagram / @polishedbypaigey

#68: Playful Blonde Bob

A style for someone who loves to run their fingers through their hair and whip it back and forth, this pretty blonde bob has it all: layers, length, volume, and texture. A quick round-brush blowout is all this cut needs to look this good.

Messy Ash Blonde Bob

Instagram / @joaofrancooficial

#69: Perfectly Layered Pixie-Bob with Volume

Short length hair can still have long layers. The differentiation between the voluminous pieces in the back and the long pieces in the front is what gives this style tons of personality. Wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and then blow dry hair straight up with a round brush.

#70: Inverted Bob with Brown Highlights

We love the soft, barely-there highlights in this short messy style. In fact, the haircut has a great mix of effortlessness and purposefulness. To master that deadly combo, create waves in the top layer of your hair with a medium barrel curling iron and then run your fingers through to separate.

As you’ve seen throughout all the 70 of these hairstyles, short layered hairdos are great! When looking to spice up your look and try something new, considering one of these hairstyles is a wonderful option!

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