50 Cute and Easy-To-Style Short Layered Hairstyles

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Short layered hairstyles are really hot in the fashion and beauty industry at the moment! They can be sassy, sultry, sweet or chic! This article is going to give you an inside look at 50 different varieties of short textured hairstyles that are currently flourishing on the trend scene!

Pictures of Trendy Short Layered Hairstyles

Layers on short hair enhance texture and volume of your cropped locks, adding that extra amount of sass to your hairstyle that looks awesome in any age. Get inspired and think of how you can diversify your current short hairstyle!

#1: Classy Layered Pixie

For a style that is youthful and timeless all at the same time, try this gorgeous choppy pixie. This cut is the perfect mix of messy and sleek. You can slick it back for an evening wear look, or rely on a texturizing product for some bedhead-inspired styling.

#2: Textured Layered Bob

Who doesn’t love a classic bob? This version is perfect—it’s slightly shortened in the back to create a flattering shape and layered towards the ends to avoid a heavy, blocky look. The lack of bangs also works great for this haircut. Long pieces in the front give you a lot of styling options.

#3: Short Asymmetrical Crop

Short layered haircuts are so much fun! You’ll enjoy your morning style routine because it will go so much faster. If you’re curious on how to style this look, the key is to tuck some hair behind the ear, and leave some forward. Use a medium barrel round brush when you blow dry your hair to get the volume.

#4: Bob with Soft and Simple Layers

This short layered bob is so pretty! The soft feathery layers are very elegant and classy—but still modern. If you want a piecey, razored bob like this one, show your stylist pictures to more easily communicate the type of layering you want.

Layered Blonde Balayage Bob

Instagram/ @maxwellmathson

#5: Dark Pixie Cut with Layers

Some of the best short layered hairstyles are incredibly simple. This fuss free-look is all about shape. The side part and forehead-skimming bangs create a classic framing (especially when combined with the cute little sideburn pieces). If you’re looking for pictures of longer pixie cuts to show your stylist, consider this great example.

#6: Perfectly Layered Pixie-Bob with Volume

Short length hair can still have long layers. The differentiation between the voluminous pieces in the back and the long pieces in the front is what gives this style tons of personality. Wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and then blow dry hair straight up with a round brush.

#7: Inverted Bob with Brown Highlights

We love the soft, barely-there highlights in this short messy style. In fact, the haircut has a great mix of effortlessness and purposefulness. To master that deadly combo, create waves in the top layer of your hair with a medium barrel curling iron and then run your fingers through to separate.

#8: The Grunge Girl

Short layered bob hairstyles are quite popular now. This style is achieved by leaving the front longer and stacking the back. The bangs are kept extra-long and grazed with a lighter hue for a lovely detailed look.

#9: Stacked Pixie Bob

Finding short hairstyles for women is simple now! This stacked and layered bob is simple, convenient, and easy to maintain. Bangs are left longer in the front, and the back is short enough to show off the ears.

#10: Layered Crop with Piecey Bangs

Here’s a super gorgeous crop with bangs. This cut would not be nearly as fantastic without the piece-y, layered front, so if bangs are your thing, this might be an option for you. To style, rub pomade between your fingers then work it through the layers, pulling hair in different directions at the ends.

#11: Easy Styled Golden Bob

The back view of many haircuts can be forgotten when we spend so much time looking into the mirror. Take the stress out of your hairdo simply by creating lots of layers in the back that can be tamed easily!

#12: Thick Layered Bob

If you have thick hair (particularly with a coarse, wavy texture), don’t think that bobs aren’t for you! You absolutely can rock a short length with thick hair. You just have to find a stylist that understands how to layer the cut removing thickness in the ends (while preserving your natural volume).

#13: Short Silver Curls

The silver hair look is such a stunning trend. Even though it seems to be popular on the internet, it’s still rarely seen in real life, so if you want something unique, this could be it. Waves add to the glamour of this look. When curling short hair, work only on the top layers.

#14: Ash Blonde Angled Bob

Another brilliant short style idea is this angled wavy bob. For thin hair, a style with more depth and visual complexity can increase the appearance of volume significantly. Get the ends at the base of the neck chopped, and the face-framing locks angled downward.

#15: Flared Out Pixie Layers

Some of the best, all-time favorite short hairstyles incorporate flipped up layers. Curling some layers up and some under or to the side creates a very youthful, flirty style. To get the look, blow dry hair up and to the side to create volume. Then use a straightener to flip up some of the ends.

Long Layered Pixie Haircut

Instagram / @marcomauad

#16: Short Stack in the Back Bob

After seeing endless cute layered haircuts everywhere, this one is a fresh take on a classic style. Super short stacking in the back gives a messy texture, while the auburn highlights really pop next to the darker brown underneath.

#17: Twisted Balayage Layers

Short hair with layers offers great opportunities for experimenting with highlighting. These sandy highlights give the look a modern vibe while accentuating the curls and waves. To master the style, opt for imperfect, uneven texture by curling hair randomly with a straightener.

#18: Bettie Boop Shag

This modern Bettie Boop tribute creates layers on top, with bangs feathered across the forehead. The blue-black really stands out, and a bit of a texture all around the edges gives a playful look that can still be dressed up.

#19: Edgy Crop for Fine Hair

For the brave, and confident women out there, we present this easy to maintain choppy pixie cut. There are still layers involved, but they are just very short layers. A violet overtone makes this platinum style quite unique!

#20: Platinum Pixie with Undercut

For an adorable pixie cut with a punk edge, platinum or white is a no-brainer. This gorgeous haircut features tapered sides and nape topped with medium and long choppy layers. Pair it with a red lip and a cat eye for a killer look with short hair.

#21: Perfectly Imperfect Coif

This messy, graduated bob is the definition of “perfectly imperfect”. The benefit of keeping length near the face is that it gives you the look and feel of long hair without the extra maintenance of long hair. The airy texture and deep, smoky color just add to its stylish edge.

Tousled Pixie Bob

Instagram / @jamiekeikohair

#22: Straight and Sleek Strands

If you’re looking for short layered haircuts that are sleek and easy to style, consider this inverted bob. An angle for the front pieces and a few shorter layers in the back towards the crown help to add height and volume. The killer smoky grey hue is just an extra layer of cool.

Angle Brown Bob With Gray Balayage

Instagram / @polishedbypaigey

#23: Playful Blonde Bob

A style for someone who loves to run their fingers through their hair and whip it back and forth, this pretty blonde bob has it all: layers, length, volume, and texture. A quick round-brush blowout is all this cut needs to look this good.

Messy Ash Blonde Bob

Instagram / @joaofrancooficial

#24: Graduated Ashy Bob

Short hairdos take confidence, and this one takes double that! Because there’s no blending into the crowd with this sassy, textured chop, or the ashy pastel balayage. Are you cool enough to pull this off?

Layered Ash Brown Bob

Instagram / @muhamed_balasiev

#25: Choppy Blunt Cut

Talk about cute short haircuts, we’re digging this adorable yet sassy modern bob. If your aim is to make your hair look thicker, then ask your stylist for a blunt, choppy cut like this one – your strands will look twice as thick!

Choppy Brown Balayage Bob

Instagram / @salsalhair

#26: Stand-Out Shag

Even without the gorgeous pink pigment, this short and shaggy cut with bangs would draw eyes. Styling is easy, too. Just throw in a few alternating curls, blow out the bangs, and voila – a soft, sweet, textured ‘do.

Razored Magenta Bob With Bangs

Instagram / @hairbyelm

#27: Long, Layered Pixie

Short hair, long pixie! This style is long enough in the front to play with, but the neck length allows you to show off your beautiful décolletage and long neck…which is made to look even longer thanks to some short layers at the crown that add so much height!

#28: Naturally Wavy Bob

Short layered hairstyles don’t come much better than this. The barely there waves make this bob look super fresh, modern, and totally touchable. The warm, natural-looking color sums up its perfect simplicity.

Angled Brown Bob With Caramel Highlights

Instagram / @hairbyedwin

#29: Chrome Cut

Not your grandma’s grey hair, this sleek, chrome-colored cut with layers is a fresh option for women who are into rocking the modern grandma-chic look. Best part? It’s easy to style: run a little paste through with your fingers, and you’ll have plenty of time to knit that badass blanket.

Cropped Brown Gray Bob

Instagram / @frenchysbeauty

#30: Sophisticated Bob with Layers

If you’re after chic and easy hairstyles for black hair, consider this short, feather-layered look. Perfect for thick hair, one day of styling should get you through several days of sophisticated wear.

Black Layered Bob

Instagram / @ohdiane_hair

#31: Silver Fox

What’s short, sassy, and silver all over? This lovely coif. Proof that layered short haircuts can work for women with super thick hair, this big-waved style is a tousled, textured dream.

Layered Wavy Gray Bob

Instagram / @emmanuelkuthaus

#32: Icy Hot Pixie

If you’re wondering how to style short hair, here’s a great example. Short hair lends well to super-deep side parts, especially when full of angled layers, like this cut. Pair with an icy blonde color + dark roots, and enjoy a hot dimensional style.

#33: Lavender Mod Pixie

For girls with short hair who want to go shorter, consider this mod style pixie. The choppy cut is visually interesting and edgy, while the pastel lavender hue infuses a feminine feel. Plus, it’s a roll-out-of-bed-and-go hairstyle, and who doesn’t love that?

Choppy Gray Pixie

Instagram / @shagboston

#34: Thick, Layered Bob

When you have a ton of hair, it can be hard to find cute short hairstyles. Adding a lot of short layers will help remove some of the weight and bulk while retaining a full, lustrous look. This particular style boasts a lot of movement, while only requiring a round-brush and a blow-dryer to style.

Brunette Layered Bob For Thick Hair

Instagram / @salaosolimar

#35: Smoky Lilac Layers

Still considered a short length style, this is a cut for someone who’s ready to chop their hair off, but not ready to sacrifice too much length or the ability to pull their hair back in a pony (albeit a little one)! But the real standout here is the meeting of silver and lavender hues, resulting in a smoky lilac color that says “I might actually be a mermaid.”

#36: No-Fuss Pixie

This cut reminds us of pictures of Audrey Hepburn’s pixie: short, sweet, and highly sophisticated. The best perk is that this is one of those easy hairstyles that requires zero styling time. So if you’re a busy or low-maintenance gal who doesn’t have time to fuss before taking care of business, you’ve met your hairstyle match.

Short Boyish Haircut For Girls

Instagram / @___treschic___

#37: Curly, Layered Bob

The perfect short layered hair look for ladies with curls (or without, as long as you have a curling iron), this tousled style is totally adorable, totally playful, and totally achievable for most hair types! The added volume and length around the face will have a lovely slimming effect.

#38: Bright Blonde Shortie

Basically a grown out pixie, this bright blonde short hairstyle with layers is visually interesting. The shortest layer at the crown is about an inch, while other pieces of the ‘do are several inches long. This makes for a playful look with a lot of volume, made even more enticing by its bright color.

Short Layered Blonde Hairstyle

Instagram / @hairbyhaleyb

#39: Unicorn Mane

Some styles for short hair seem rather basic until you infuse them with killer color. This cut is adorable and chic, but it’s the hue that really sets it apart. At first glance you’d think it was white, but upon further inspection, you notice a subtle lilac tone underneath, poking through and giving an all over lavender hue.

Layered Lavender Bob

Instagram / @salaosolimar

#40: Sassy Shape

Volume on volume on volume! This sassy shaped coif is one of those hairstyles for short hair that boasts tremendous height, and amazing shape. The deep, rich color lends to the classy feel, and overall is a great look for taking years off your face.

#41: Short Layered Cut

If you have naturally straight or slightly wavy hair, this will be incredibly easy to style. The layers create the definition in the cut, so to keep it up, you’ll need to get haircuts every 4-6 weeks, at least. A leave-in moisturizing treatment applied after showering will enhance texture, while keeping the look soft.

#42: Short Ombre Locks

The key to successful layered short haircuts is finding the silhouette that goes with your face and your wardrobe. Having the bottom edge of the hair all one length gives this cut a grungy, urban feel.

#43: Soft Balayage Hair

If you want a neck length haircut that is very easy to style, look no further. This bob works very well with curls and waves because the layering gives structure and shape to thick hair. Women with curly hair often fear brushing their hair out, but doing so can actually create soft, flattering waves.

#44: Orchid Colored Layers

Short layers pair very well with bright, fun colors. What’s really cool about this style is that the short under layers are dyed a bright fuchsia while the longer hair on top is pastel. That makes the pastel colors pop. The bright-and-light idea can work with any color you like.

#45: Layered Blonde Bob

Some cheek-skimming side bangs and curled layers will look great framing any face shape. When it comes to styling, add a few quick curls and you’re good to go!

Wavy Blonde Bob With Bangs

Instagram / @marcomauad

#46: Curly Pixie with Highlights

This is a great way to show off your natural curl and dimensional hair color in a cute, textured curly do. The effortless short wave with a messy feel is set off beautifully with delicate caramel highlights.

#47: Sunrise Bob with Curls

Wavy, short layered hairstyles are great! We love this caramel-toned brown blonde chop job so much! Use a wide curling iron or rollers to set some loose waves, and don’t worry if the ends are uneven, that is what makes a trendy style!

#48: Platinum Layered Bob

A shaggy layered short haircut is perfect for women who are looking for low maintenance variants. This platinum blonde color is so bright, we are thinking of hitting the slopes! An oval shape to the wedge in the back accentuates the beautiful jaw line, being flattering for a more angular face shape.

#49: Tousled Bob with Layers

Having fine hair is not a downside when you want a short style. These longer side bangs are set up a bit higher to increase the height, and the platinum overtones brighten up the complexion.

#50: Layered Amber Pixie-Bob

One of our more traditional short layered haircuts is this cute style – it’s easy to care for and simple to update. The dark base color is brightened to a light rust hue, so each section gets a fabulous dimension and individual flair!

As you’ve seen throughout all the 50 of these hairstyles, short layered hairdos are great! When looking to spice up your look and try something new, considering one of these hairstyles is a wonderful option!

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