20 Classic Bob Hairstyles to Flaunt This Season

Bob haircut has been around for decades, and it never seems to go out of style. This is likely due to the fact that this hairstyle looks great on women of any age, with any hair texture and hair color.  It’s a versatile, classy and convenient hairdo that can still be updated for a modern look. Some bob haircuts can be styled in a variety of ways including updos, meaning it’s a popular choice for women who want shorter hair but desire to hold on to their femininity.

#1: Sleek Straight Bob Hairstyle For African-American Hair

As actress Garcelle Beauvais shows us, African-American women can easily pull off any bob haircut done on relaxed hair. Garcelle’s hair is straightened and parted with an off-centered parting for the classiest lob look you would ever come across.

straight classic bob hairstyle

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#2: Classic Bob Haircut for Thin, Straight Hair

Nicole Kidman has rocked bob haircuts over the years, opting to straighten her naturally curly hair. When her hair is straight, it is much thinner – something curly-headed girls often rejoice in. This sleek, straight bob is classy without being too formal, and best of all – it’s a very quick, manageable look.

classic bob for fine hair

cinemafestival / Shutterstock.com

#3: Short Vintage Bob

Actress and director Angela Bassett sported a very classic bob haircut at a recent event. Her style is reminiscent of the original 1920s chin-length bob. If you have thick hair like Bassett’s, go for a center part and be sure to use leave-in conditioner and some setting spray to maintain a sleek, stay-in-place-all-night style.

classic bob hairstyle for black women

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#4: Classic Bob Hairstyle With Ombre

Dawn Olivieri showed off her ombre bob at the height of its popularity a few years back. However, this is a look that is still considered trendy and can be worn well on fair-skinned gals with medium textured hair. To get the look, ask your hair stylist to darken the roots of your hair down to the ears, and then use 1-2 lighter colors so the lightest color grazes the shoulders. The ombre hair color will frame your face and give you an edgy but sweet look.

classic ombre bob

Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

#5: Styled Volumized Bob

If you have enviable medium-textured hair like Brooklyn Decker, you can easily pull off this look. Brush hair into a deep side part, spritzing the underneath of the strands framing the face and forehead. Use a large barrel curling iron to lightly curl large chunks of side hair and then use setting spray to hang onto that well-executed volume.

classic A-line bob hairstyle

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#6: Classic Bob Haircut for Fine Hair

Kelly MacDonald makes the most of her finer locks by curling large sections with a curling iron. The smaller the iron, the tighter the curls, so go for a large-barreled tool for this look. Kelly’s hair is also center-parted, but she still sweeps some bangs to the right side, giving the illusion of more volume.

classic bob haircut

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#7: Faux Bob

Only want a bob haircut for a single night? Follow suit after Kate Hudson and use some spray and bobby pins to create this illusion. Kate has naturally curly hair, which deters from any harshness with this style, so if you have curls, too, then go ahead and let them flow free in choice places. Sweep the rest of the hair into a low side ponytail, wrapping and tucking the hair underneath the top layer. Secure at the nape of the neck with bobby pins and spray with setting spray.

classic faux bob hairstyle

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#8: Beach Wave For Classic Bob

Combine casual waves with a sleek chin-length cut like Rosamund Pike did at this year’s film festival photo op. Use a medium-barrel curling iron for smooth volume. A deep side part will create a more dramatic look without going overboard.

classic wavy bob hairstyle

Phil Stafford / Shutterstock.com

#9: Color Savvy Bob

Italia Ricci rocked a recent bob hair style by really utilizing every strand. Her multi-colored hair in various brown hues really framed her face and brought further dimension to the style. Bob haircuts often risk looking flat and unexciting, so adding a pop of highlight or color dimension is always a great option.

classic A-line bob hairstyle

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

#10: Casual Classic Long Bob Hairstyle

Keltie Knight brought a relaxed and modern style to her growing-out bob hairstyle at an autumn 2014 Hollywood gathering. Using a large-barrel iron and light hold setting spray, she opted to curl hair away from her face as opposed to towards it, as many bobs usually do. This provides the illusion of hair being longer than it actually is – a major plus for those who are currently rocking their bob haircuts in the often-awkward “growing out” phase.

classic chin-length bob

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#11: Wild Colored Bob

Katy Perry has never been one to stick with the mold, and this tousled bright purple bob is a perfect example of how she defines her own style. If you wish to catch this trend, the trick is to avoid all over color and instead incorporate bursts of surprising shades like – in Perry’s case – blacks and greys. For the tousled look, run some gel through damp hair, “scrunching” at the roots and tousling the ends.

classic wavy bob in a bold color

DFree / Shutterstock.com

#12: Sleek and Serious Classic Bob

Like Sarah Paulson showed off at a recent event, a sleek and severe bob goes a long way toward looking glamorous. Straight and slicked down with product, this sharp hairstyle brings a distinct formality without going overboard. This is great for those with a short enough bob that an updo just won’t happen – it’s a stunning alternative that only takes moments to accomplish.

classic blunt bob hairstyle

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#13: Bob Upsweep

Carmen Ejogo makes great hair look easy with this perky bob haircut that’s fairly simple to replicate. Thanks to her naturally thick hair, she squeezed her hair into handfuls while damp, using a medium-hold styling gel. The side part adds volume without going overboard. Take care to brush all bangs up and away from the face. Let your hair air dry for the perfect finished look.

classic bob hairstyle for wavy hair

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#14: Sweet and Straight Classic Bob Hairstyle

Going straight and feminine was the goal of Lauren Alaina when she arrived at an awards show, flaunting her long bob haircut. With side bangs positioned across her forehead and then curled loosely, this wind-swept look was paired nicely with her vibrant gown. The best thing about this hairstyle is its potential to be appropriate both for daytime and also formal evening affairs.

classic blonde bob

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#15: Pompadour Bob

Short doesn’t always have to be completely serious, as is exemplified by actress Margot Robbie. This slicked-back pompadour adds an edgy finish to an otherwise mundane straight shoulder length hairstyle. Finish with a strong setting spray so the bump stays up! This modern twist on the classic bob goes great with strapless dresses or other ensembles where attention should be drawn upward.

classic bob hairstyle with pompadour bangs

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#16: Simple and Straightforward Classic Bob Hairstyle

Sometimes women attempt to bring fullness to their fine hair by trying a variety of elaborate styles – which, in the end, almost cause it to look thinner. In the case of this bob hairstyle, Joelle Carter pulls off the perfect look for fine hair. Keeping hair chin-length and curling back just a front section, her stick-straight hair gets some great curve, volume and style.

classic bob hairstyle with swoopy bangs

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#17: Highlighted Bob

African American hair doesn’t have to be its natural hue at all times, as is shown by Laverne Cox, who rocked blonde locks at a recent photo op. Dark-skinned ladies look especially lovely with bobbed highlighted hair, as it brightens the face and can also cause rounder shapes to look slimmer.

classic bob hairstyle for thick hair

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#18: Classic Bob Hairstyle With Vintage Flair

Going with a very retro pin-curled ‘do, Rosario Dawson summoned the 1920s with this original bob design. Side-swept bangs combined with strategically placed hair pins were just enough to contain these throw-back ringlets. Pair with a simple neckline and statement-making earrings for the complete package.

classic curly bob hairstyle

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

#19: Youthful Elegance

Taylor Swift pulled off the simplest bob of all – or did she? Curly-haired Taylor actually blew out her locks so they were sleek and straight for this shoulder-length style that was perfect for awards night. Side bangs covered her entire forehead, accentuating the eyes and her gorgeously colored earrings.

classic bob hairstyle for blondes

DFree / Shutterstock.com

#20: Bleached Classic Bob

Coming in straight from the sunshine, Sunny Mabrey lives up to her name with this light blonde bob. Straight and bangless, she is casual in style but formal enough to pair this hairstyle with a formal gown. The style will work well for those with fine, light hair, but can also work for darkies, too. The trick is having thinner locks so they lay flat and graze the shoulders.

classic blunt bob haircut

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

A bob haircut is a great option for the upcoming summer season. Breezy and easy to care for, this short hairstyle still leaves enough hair to fancy up without having to worry about elaborate updos. It also tends to be a style that captures youth – wear it longer or chin-length – either way you’re sure to get compliments on your charming hairstyle that has been a Hollywood tradition for generations.


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