Celebrity Hairstyles and Haircuts

When we want to see the newest hair trends and the most beautiful ‘dos, we commonly look through the recent reviews with celeb hair. All the showiest looks are always found on the red carpet. Some of them amaze us in a good way, while others are rather amusing and maybe even shocking, but we do want to know how our superstars wear their locks! Celebrity hairstyles are a source of inspiration for many girls. These ‘dos are actively copied by everyone who is not lazy, and it’s a good thing – you’ll never achieve the exact copy of a celeb hairstyle, but a try will help you to define your personal style. Celebrity long hairstyles is a kaleidoscope of styling ideas – gorgeous braids, exquisite twists, fabulous curls and dreamy waves make you fall in love at first sight! As for celebrity short hairstyles, these are always the sharpest looks which temp you to chop off your tresses and rock those cool effortless styles with ease and carelessness. Remember that a nice quality haircut in any length is a necessary base for a whole range of versatile hairstyles. View the following celebrity haircuts and hairstyles for inspiration!

Gigi Hadid knows how to catch both the attention of paparazzi and hair enthusiasts everywhere-she especially made a scene with her luscious bronde locks that we adored last season. So what makes us all inspired by Gigi Hadid hair? It has to be her easygoing style and the way she makes just about everything look fabulous-including just casually drinking a cup of coffee. We’ll be taking a look at some of Gigi Hadid’s most stylish and awesome hair moments to give you a little inspiration for your next hair appointment. [click to continue…]

Emma Stone hair is exactly what we need to welcome the spring season. She’s had plenty of fans wondering how they can achieve her effortless style, and she’s let us in on her best kept secret. Her solo songs in La La Land are almost as fabulous as her various hairstyles-she’s also one of the most famous redheads of Hollywood, although her natural hair color is blonde. If you’ve been wondering how to achieve Emma Stone’s style we’ll take a look at some of her most endearing hair moments. [click to continue…]

Taylor Swift is spotted with new hair almost as much as she makes up jaded love songs about her ex-boyfriends – but we have to admit that this girly girl is exactly the celebrity hair goddess we need to get a little hair inspiration from. We’ll check out 20 images that are sure to have us drooling for those summer months and shorter cuts, or longer ones – Taylor Swift wears both styles like the adorable pop princess that she is! [click to continue…]

Beyonce knows how to wow her fans with her fantastic voice and amazing style – but for a girl who grew up in her mom’s hair salon in Houston should we really expect anything less than hair greatness from Queen Bey? You may have noticed that Beyonce has started sticking to pretty natural hair after all of her hair transformations. Can we blame her? If you’re a fan of Beyonce then you’re going to love this guide showing you how to embrace your inner pop princess’ hairstyle. [click to continue…]

Blake Lively’s luscious blonde hair is something many girls wish to achieve but that guarantee of sultry golden locks is promised to few of us. Let’s be honest, Blake Lively doesn’t have a bad hair day, in fact she might be our inspiration for some of the best hair moments we want to have. So, we suggest taking a look at twenty images that can help inspire us to look as beautiful as a celebrity enchanting the red carpet paparazzi. [click to continue…]

Turn heads with this time-saving sultry bombshell hair style. Look like you’ve just emerged from the pages of a Victoria Secret catalog and make the street your catwalk. You don’t have to see your stylist every morning or spend a lot of money on expensive products and tools by following these effortless steps, you can achieve Victoria Secret model hair at home. [click to continue…]

Whether you’re growing out shorter locks, chopping off damaged ends or just prefer a lower maintenance cut, there’s a medium-length hairstyle out there for you. These 10 celebrities rock their own medium-length styles and have plenty of awesome looks we’d like to steal. [click to continue…]

I’ve never been more excited for the spring season to make an appearance, but especially now that the bronde trend is making a major move in celebrity style. Celebrities and stars were caught with bronde hair at the Oscars, New York Fashion Week and in their daily lives—so the real question is which celeb wore the style best? [click to continue…]

When it comes to the red carpet for any event, you can assure there will always be some over-the-top hairstyles that will push the envelope as well as some classic, glamorous hairstyles that are timeless. [click to continue…]

The model’s in Alexander Wang’s Fall 2017 show rocked a very specific hairstyle – the boys cut. The style gave homage to the early 1990s when the tomboy aesthetic first became mainstream popular for women.

Some of those boy cuts that the models were rocking were takes on the bowl cut, which hasn’t been in style for quite some time. There were also mushroom haircuts, messy pixie styles, and even a bleached out buzz cut. [click to continue…]