Kim Kardashian Hair Evolution in the Most Epic Appearences

We have definitely seen an evolution when it comes to Kim Kardashian hair. She has tested the waters and been at the forefront as a style icon for many years! Who else could have made hair extensions and thick hair so trendy? That’s why we’ll be checking out twenty of her most epic hairstyles in this celebrity guide.

#1: Kim Kardashian Sleek Side Part (2006)

Kim Kardashian rocked her naturally dark locks with a side part and sleek straight hair. We can’t believe how much her style has changed since 2006!

#2: Luscious Curls (2007)

Kim Kardashian looked exceptionally pretty with her shiny hair in loose curls. It’s giving us some major long hair inspiration.

#3: Crimped Cutie (2007)

Remember way back in 2007 when the release of Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s was just taking place? If not, we definitely think that these sultry crimped curls shouldn’t be so easily forgotten!

#4: Superhero Style (2008)

Halloween means that we can dress up as anything we want-can we blame Kim Kardashian for choosing one of the most iconic superheroes? Also, we could never quite get enough of the original Wonder Woman (Linda Carter’s) beautiful, natural locks of hair tucked behind her crown. We think Kim did a nice job of recreating the look at her Halloween party!

#5: Brown and Gold Streaks (2009)

There’s a possibility that these are hair extensions but the best part about this trend was that Kim didn’t have to choose between any one color. In fact, she could have picked a rainbow of streaks and we would have thought it looked fabulous.

#6: Fishtail Braids (2010)

When Kim Kardashian went for a visit in Munich, Germany she had to make sure she looked the part with fishtail braids and a dirndl. We definitely know what style we’re stealing for our next Oktoberfest gathering.

#7: Mocha Color (2010)

We definitely think that this mocha hair color makes Kim Kardashian look bewitching! Maybe, it’s the bangs and the face-framing layers but this seems to be a match made in heaven.

#8: Ballerina Bun (2011)

There are few times that we think Kim Kardashian doesn’t look graceful and slender, but we absolutely adored the ballerina bun that she wore to the Teen Choice Awards. We’re also glad that we have ballerina buns to keep our hair neat and tucked away for special events.

#9: Brigitte Bardot-Inspired Bouffant (2012)

Kim Kardashian is a style icon, which is why we have to give her a break when she uses former icons like Brigitte Bardot as inspiration. If you want to copy this adorable look check out this Youtube video for tips.

#10: Messy Braid (2012)

We all want to be mermaids and a messy braid is our quick answer to getting the look. We could spend hours trying to do complicated styles, but who has time for that when we can throw together a style like this and have amazing second-day waves the next day.

#11: Bronde Color (2013)

We can’t blame Kim Kardashian for going with the bronde trend, especially when choosing between brown and blonde hair can be so difficult! The choice is over with this style and we couldn’t be more relieved.

#12: Braided Updo (2013)

Is that a princess or Kim Kardashian? We’re not sure, but what we do know is that this look needs to be replicated this instant. It can easily be copied if you check out this style guide for our favorite braided updos to make yourself look like royalty.

#13: Wavy Hair (2014)

Kim Kardashian wore this edgy style at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards, and we’re wondering if she should just stick to this style. We love the naturally dark and wavy locks.

#14: Slick-Backed Hair (2014)

If you’re trying to stand out in a crowd the slick-backed hair may be the perfect answer. We adore the chic and toned down look this gives Kim Kardashian and it definitely highlights her cheekbones and adds a slenderness to her appearance.

#15: Shaggy Lob (2015)

You may have had to stop and do a double-take, but that is indeed Kim Kardashian with medium hair! The tousled look of the layers gives this hairstyle a playful and fun vibe that we can’t say no to, especially with it being the summer season. The less hair we have to deal with; the better it will be for all of us!

#16: Platinum Blonde Color (2015)

Kim Kardashian may be the only one who can go to Paris Fashion week and steal the show! Especially with this pretty platinum blonde color that we’re sure turned quite a few heads in her direction.

#17: Asymmetrical Hair (2016)

If you’re tired of the same old haircut and you’re looking to do something a little out of the ordinary than why not try this Kim Kardashian haircut? It’s short, sweet and simple all you have to do is ask your hair stylist to give you an asymmetrical bob to spice things up.

#18: Neat Cornrows (2016)

Kim Kardashian could go outside in hair rollers and slippers and we would still be in awe of her awesome style-but we are definitely a fan of the cornrows she had in while traveling through New York. Now if only we could get them to stay in so tightly.

#19: Wet Hair Trend (2017)

If you’re running late for work and you just got out of the shower, you can stop worrying because it’s actually a trendy look. If you want to appear to be put together and relaxed try wearing the wet hair trend.

#20: Blunt Bob (2017)

We love Kim Kardashian’s new hair, although it’s not wise for everyone to run out and get this cut since it fits oval face shapes best. This cut can fall flat and appear to be heavy if you don’t have the right face shape to pull it off. Once you check out our face shape guide you’ll know if this is the look for you!

Kim Kardashian has had a plethora of looks throughout her hair revolution, and we are excited to try out a few ourselves! Are there any Kim Kardashian hairstyles that you’re desperate to have?