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Updated on January 19, 2021

The adage is as old as time, yet it is still constantly shoved down the throats of non-blondes everywhere: “blondes have more fun”. While there is no concrete evidence that proves this is true or not, the beauty industry certainly loves to make you feel like it. However, there is nothing wrong with embracing the sensual and sexy dark side of a luscious brunette.

The True Value of Brunette Hairstyles

Brunette hairstyles are just as enviable, beautiful and swoon-worthy as the strands that are in the Team Blonde. Short, long, medium, layered and everything in between, brunette hair has a richness that gives it a healthy look whether you use a solid color or utilize different hair color techniques such as highlights, ombré and balayage.

Opt for an edgy, modern way to style your dark tresses or choose a classic and romantic look — the most important thing is that you have fun and experiment with different styles to get the most out of your brunette locks. For further inspiration, take a look at the photos below and get ready to have severe hair envy!

1. Braided Downdo Style

Keeping the braided brunette trend alive, long brunette hairstyles like this are almost too perfect to be true. Starting in the lower middle part of the head, several interlocking braids are placed throughout the hair, all the way to the ends. The intricate details make this look a true show-stopper.

chunky braid formal hairstyle for long thick hair

Instagram/ @salonleah

2. Brunette Messy Updo

Sometimes the best updos are those that don’t look perfectly coiffed, such is the case with messy brunette hairstyles like this one. With the added texture of medium-length curls, this updo achieves a cute messy look with stray pieces of hair escaping along the sides.

3. High Brunette Ponytail

Let’s face it, when it comes to brunette hair, the ponytail will always be in style. This high dark brown ponytail is given a boost thanks to the waves placed throughout to create texture and a beautiful curl pattern.

4. Brunette Braided Crown

These days many medium brunette hairstyles and long brunette hairstyles feature the ever popular crown hair accessory. However, why not take it a step further and create a crown out of your own hair? The result is this lovely look that is punctuated by brunette ombre hair color.

5. Loose Chocolate Waves

Fortunately, loose waves look good with practically any hair type, but they are particularly welcome in brunette hairstyles. Here loose, messy waves are placed throughout, which enhances the subtle ombre hair color.

6. Sexy Messy Ponytail

Modern fashionistas love messy ponytails because of several reasons. First of all, it is a very quick`n easy hairstyle. Secondly, it doesn`t distract attention from your outfit, and, finally, it ideally accentuates your facial features. Add long bangs and creative highlights, and your hairstyle will create a furor!

7. Princess Jasmine Hair

In terms of jaw-dropping brunette hairstyles, it seldom gets any more fabulous than this. With a hairstyle that would rival any Disney princess, this look features a voluminous teased crown and an extra long single braid that cascades down the back.

8. Coffee Brown Waterfall Braid

In case you don’t exactly know what a waterfall braid is, this style is sure to answer your question and have you running to your stylist to recreate it. Basically, a waterfall braid is started at the side of the head and carried over to the other side, but left slightly unfinished, with the length of hair going through it, to achieve the waterfall look. This photo shows how beautiful it looks on long thick brunette hair.

9. Soft Buttery Waves

Soft, romantic waves are one of the most popular long brunette hairstyles, and with pictures like this you can see why. The two side braids are pinned back and secured, and the remainder of the silky hair is full of voluminous waves.

10. Brunette Pin Curls

If you’ve never dreamed that ombre pin curls could look so amazing, this style is here to prove you wrong. Placed all over the head, the pin curls provide a creative design of your updo, while the used hair color techniques of ombre and highlights are on full display too.

11. Brown Sombre Waves

A long brunette mane is classic, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. This wavy style combines loose undulations in caramel and espresso hues for understated glamour. A crisp center part and glossy finish provide pretty feminine touches.

Long Brown Balayage Hair

Instagram / @mizzchoi

12. Long Dark Coils

Want to ooze Old Hollywood vibes? Brunette hair is ideal for curling because it has a natural shine that is often missing from lighter shades. Parting to the side and lifting the face-framing layers adds chic while leaving roots straight offers a modern, beachy twist.

Curly Brown Hairstyle Long Hair

Instagram / @ellasbridalhair

13. Romantic Braided Updo

For those with thick hair, updos are a great way to manage their plentiful strands. A loose pull through braid embellished with flowers is pinned up to one side for a classy yet effortless-looking ‘do. It’s a beautiful choice for a casual brunch or an outdoor wedding.

14. Bob with Subtle Highlights

If you like a laidback look but despise shorter layers, try breaking things up with color. A scattering of tawny pieces gives a sun kissed effect to dark brunette locks. This softens the blunt edge of a one-length cut. Tousled, curvy texture enhances the easygoing appeal.

Wavy Angled Brunette Bob

Instagram / @allison_mable

15. Dip Dye with Braid

Braids are perfect for breaking out of your styling rut. They are especially cute in long brunette hairstyles with ombre or highlights. A fishtail on one side introduces a quirky asymmetry and incorporates light ends into the crown, creating an embellishment — no accessories required.

Medium Downdo With A Braid

Instagram / @goldplaited_

16. Double Braid Bun

For those with raven tresses who like woven looks, adding highlights shows off the intricacies of the weave. Lighter pieces can be blonde, taupe or bronde. In this cool design, two horizontal French braids are coiled and pinned.

Braided Buns Updo

Instagram / @hilightssalon

17. Long Black Bob

Deep shades have a dramatic feel. They make brown eyes appear brighter and light skin tones glow. They also create an illusion of thickness, a great trick for fine hair. The intense effect is amped up by a crisp center part and an A-line cut.

Curly Centre-Parted Lob

Instagram / @prephair

18. Romantic Curly Updo

Want to look polished but not severe? Unstructured shapes lend romance to brunette hairstyles. Start with a full head of bouncy curlicues. Rake through with fingers or a brush, then twist or coil and pin, leaving plenty of slack at the root.

19. Dark Brown Layers with Bangs

Deep chocolate has a luxurious quality that pairs best with refined cuts, conveying a touch of splendor to any simple hairstyle. Long layers enhanced with a voluminous blowout flatter the sumptuous color. Wispy bangs bring in a touch of whimsy and draw attention to the eyes.

Asian Medium Layered Hairstyle

Instagram / @salsalhair

20. Highlighted Loose Chignon

Thin ribbons of lightness scattered through the lower layers provide a gradual transition from brunette to blonde in this elegant style. If your mane is naturally fine, extensions are an easy way to add bulk that gives a bountiful feel.

21. Medium Length Balayage

In search of trendy hairstyles for brunettes? The latest looks fall just past the shoulder. This one features a gradual fade to bright tips, wavy texture, and au courant collarbone-grazing length with layered edges. Wear the shape slightly mussed for a sexy, just-woke-up vibe.

Choppy Brown Balayage Lob

Instagram / @mizzchoi

22. Easy Faux Braid

Dark tresses are ideal for creating extra large braids, and you don’t have to be good at plaiting to achieve them. This blousy look is made with a series of split ponytails (the so-called “pull through braid”. To create the flouncy finish, simply loosen your ’do with fingers.

Pull Through Braid For Long Hair

Instagram / @braidstudio

23. Ash Brown Long Bob

There’s something enchanting about smoky dark and light shades swirled together. Here the cool blend of colors accentuates shoulder length curves. A deep side part and high-gloss finish add to the demure vibe. It’s a perfect choice for a woman of mystery.

Curly Layered Lob

Instagram / @chrisweberhair

24. Sleek Red Brown

Ideas for brunette hairstyles can come from all sorts of places: types of wood, foods, or favorite beverages. A smooth mane is perfect for showcasing bespoke hues like this mahogany color. To achieve a straight finish without sacrificing volume, use a large round brush when blow-drying.

Medium Mahogany Brown Hair

Instagram / @chrisgreenehair

25. Coffee Colored Fishtail

This deep brown is as bold and strong as a shot of espresso. The saturated shade mutes the intricacies of complex styles, so even elaborate braids don’t look stuffy. Try pairing the color with a pretty fishtail and sweeping side bangs.

Side Fishtail Braid

Instagram / @alliedoeshair

26. Elegant Brunette Updo

If you like variety, keep dimension in mind when considering brunette hair color ideas. Highlights add points of emphasis to sepia strands, showing off braids, curls, or other arrangements. They don’t have to be bold to do the trick, a few strips are all you need.

Curly Bun Updo For Long Hair

Instagram / @ellasbridalhair

27. Dark Copper Highlights

To enhance your favorite shade of brown, try adding in hand painted highlights. A touch of auburn gives a warm glow to brunette hair. The freehand application provides a new take on dimensional color. It is natural-looking, soft and blended.

Brown Hair With Reddish Highlights

Instagram / @thehairnurse

28. Light Brunette Balayage

If you enjoy vibrant highlights, a softer shade of brown will offer a contrast that’s striking, but not stark. Big ripples add movement and reveal interior layers. The simple cut with textured ends lets the colored ribbons to travel down.

Caramel Balayage For Brown Hair

Instagram / @___phine___

29. Dark Pixie Cut

Crops in chocolate shades have a femme fatale vibe. Short brunette hairstyles emphasize silhouette over texture, enhancing crisp outlines and fusing disparate layers. The micro fringe draws attention to the eyes and cheekbones.

Cropped Brunette Pixie

Instagram / @fernthebarber

30. Braids and Bun Updo

You don’t need a mermaid length to pin your tresses up beautifully. Combining braids and buns is a clever way to achieve brunette hairstyles perfect for dates or special events. Dividing the hair into sections that are plaited or pinned provides control, even for layered hair.

31. Brunette Messy Braids

Great for long, medium and short hair, this dark brown hairstyle is the epitome of a modern updo. Being inspired by the trendy messy look, this brunette style also features interlocking braids placed throughout.

32. Sleek Bridal Chignon

There is something incredibly classy and romantic about a perfectly put together chignon that looks fabulous on a variety of hair lengths from long to short. This one is low on the nape of the neck and features a delicate beaded hair piece at the base for an added flair.

33. Brunette French Roll

If elegance is your middle name, then this chic dark brown hairstyle is a great choice for a formal event. Great with long hair or even slightly backcombed medium length locks, this sophisticated French roll is lovely for special occasions or nights out on the town.

34. Twisted Side Bun

Ditch wearing your brunette bun on the nape of your neck and opt for the low side location instead. Short, long and medium brunette locks all look incredibly cute when placed in a fuss-free side bun.

35. Brunette Braided Updo

For all the edgy girls out there who are longing to embrace their inner rockstar, this polished look is highly recommended. Brunette hairstyles that are this funky and modern are fitting for a variety of occasions where you want to shine and turn more than one head.

36. Natural Kinky Layers

The best advice how to become sexier is to be yourself. Try to free your locks for a while with one of the protective hairstyles and sew-ins, and visit your master at a salon to make a new layered cut. Believe us, your refreshed curls will give you a whole new look.

37. Dark Brown Side Downdo

Flattering for long, medium and short brunette hairstyles alike, ringlets create texture, depth and dimension. This look is low maintenance, classy and easy to recreate.

38. Brunette Bun & Beehive

Combining two winning hairstyles together to achieve the ultimate brunette updo is exactly what you see in this picture. Here, a classic beehive is paired with a large bun, while a few long braids circle the head to form a crown and a beautiful rim for the main hairstyle pieces.

39. Feathered Cut with Highlights

When you decide to rock an edgy haircut, it better be the best haircut ever. Textured brunette hairstyles like this one, look great because of the way they are cut and the addition of honey blonde highlights as a spice to the style.

40. Braided Updo with a Swirl

Talk about a jaw-dropper! These brunette swirl braids are unique, intricate and flat-out fabulous. Several long braids are created to form the swirl effect that eventually forms into a large bun. It’s truly the focal point of the look, and the ombre hair color is the icing on the cake.

Blonde and brunette hair colors don’t have to battle each other to determine which color and style looks best. Meanwhile, if you were born to be a sexy brunette, it’s cool to embrace your lovely dark locks, regardless of their length and texture by trying out various creative hairstyles. Brunettes can have just as much fun as blondes, and these hairstyle inspirations definitely prove it!