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Updated on December 14, 2022
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Ever felt down about yourself because of your “Plain Jane” brown hair? Well, we have some great news for you! There’s a simple solution. Mahogany hair color has everyone raving and running to the nearest salon to dye their locks and join the mahogany brunette crowd that’s waving its way through today’s trends. Take a look!

Mahogany Hair Color Inspiration

A rich blend of brown and red gives a saturated mahogany hue that is an excellent addition to a dark red-brown hair color palette. Many hair color charts also feature burgundy locks, which have brown and purple hues mixed in, as a variation of mahogany hair color. See them all in our gallery to ace the intricate deep color and select the best hue for your locks.

1. Dark Mahogany Hair

Dark Mahogany Hair Color

Instagram / @anne_hairdesign

If you prefer natural hair colors but want to tap into the mahogany hair color trend, you can go for a slight mahogany tint on dark brown hair. Subtle mahogany looks really elegant and chic, and can noticeably juice up your natural hair color.

2. Mahogany Balayage

This gorgeous hair color is the result of mahogany balayage on a dark brown base. The secret of this bombshell look is the mahogany hue with a cool plum undertone that suits virtually all complexions, from the palest to the darkest of skin tones.

Mahogany Hue with Plum Undertone

Instagram / @zoliloveshair

3. Red Tones Rock

This splendid combination of mahogany highlights of different shades is sure to turn heads. If you’re a determined redhead but are a bit sick and tired of your usual red, consider switching to a warm mahogany red shade, the more hues the better.

Light Mahogany Highlights

Instagram / @davinescolor

4. Copper Mahogany Highlights

Mahogany highlights may be your best choice if you want to enhance your natural shade with a bright, vibrant touch. Copper mahogany strands look absolutely stunning on long dark hair, soft waves adding a chic dramatic finish.

Rich Mahogany Shades

Instagram / @adore.makeovers

5. Dark Mahogany with Copper Highlights

Dark, rich mahogany shade coupled with soft waves is all about elegance and style. To make your mahogany hair color look more interesting and add a vibe of youthfulness, you can add a few copper highlights. Pre-lightening saves the day if you have darker hair, helping achieve the desired brightness.

Chic Mahogany Hair Color

Instagram / @fer.torrescolors

6. Mahogany Ombre for Curly Hair

The mahogany hair color is an awesome way to show off your bouncy natural curls. If you aren’t sure whether mahogany hair is really what you want, you can opt for a mahogany ombre that allows for easy growing out. This is a great example of a mindblowing curly ombre perfectly pairing bright red mahogany ends over an auburn base.

Mahogany Ombre on Long Curly Hair

Instagram / @madhushreee

7. Deep Mahogany

If you aren’t a fan of red tones, deep mahogany color with cool undertones is a decent way to embrace the mahogany hair color trend. However, remember that this hair color is far from low-maintenance. To keep your perfect shade of mahogany on the cooler side, you might need to reconsider your usual hair care routine. Using color-safe shampoos and protective products for heat styling should become your mantra.

Dark Brown Hair with Slight Mahogany Tint

Instagram / @ryleymegsbeauty

8. Light Mahogany Hair

The light red mahogany hue beautifully flatters a darker skin tone and the kinky texture of natural hair. Mahogany creates a totally different feeling on short curly hair, helping you achieve a bold yet sassy look.

Mahogany Hue for Darker Skin Tones

Instagram / @haircolorkilla

9. Messy Mahogany Balayage

This impressive dark mahogany balayage might be your best solution if you’re willing to add just a hint of color, without going too light or too bright. The mahogany streaks are distinctive enough to add some dimension, but still so subtle in their blending with the natural hair color.

Long Mahogany Hair with Soft Waves

Instagram / @haircraftbysteph

10. Red Mahogany Hair

Looking for ways to brighten up your naturally dark hair color? Consider mahogany balayage, which works exceptionally well on long hair, both straight and wavy. For a more informed choice, do research on which mahogany shades — cool or warm — will match your skin tone best.

Mahogany Ombre on Dark Brown Base

Instagram / @hair_by_nsantimaw

11. Deep Brown Locks

Reminiscent of dark bitter chocolate, these messy curls show off an elegant brunette color mix where the hues begin and where they blend so effortlessly. If you’re looking for something simple and sweet, look no further! We’ve got you covered. When it comes to brunettes, we know our hair.

Dark Mahogany Hair

Instagram / @modernsalon

12. Deep Aubergine

Deep, rich, vibrant, playful…Need we say more? These are all words that come to mind when this gorgeous head of hair walks through a crowd. Embracing the true meaning of mahogany, this look truly outdoes itself with a little bit of purple shading.

Dark Burgundy Hair with Highlights

Instagram / @modernsalon

13. Deep Wine Red Hair

Somewhere between overt and subtle, this style walks the line of rising in popularity…and fast! Where does the red start and the purple blend in? Who knows? Who really cares? All that matters is that this fresh look is all about being saucy and comfortable in your own skin.

Layered Burgundy Hair

Instagram / @modernsalon

14. Dark Mahogany

This color is so deep, and it pairs beautifully with black. The curls accentuate the shiny mahogany hue that takes on a glow and offers the desired dimension to very dark hair.

Black and Mahogany Long Balayage Hair

Instagram / @rustsalon209

15. Burgundy and Mahogany Blend

Things are definitely getting kicked up a notch with this mahogany hair color, as we leave the brown behind to fully embrace our crimson roots. Literally starting with the roots, the red violet hues cascade gently into a truly mahogany shade worth of all the admiration in the world.

16. Dark Violet on Black

This look is for an edgy girl who isn’t afraid of anyone’s unwarranted opinion. With a fresh bob toned by a perfect mixture of purple and red with a hint of blue, you’ll be leaving the salon gorgeous and ready to break down every wall that stands in your way.

Black Bob with Purple Balayage

Instagram / @amandasanti

17. Dark Chocolate to Chestnut

This beautiful balayage is a perfect transition from dark to light within one color without going too crazy in terms of modern style. Beginning with a deep mahogany brown hair color and flowing into a sweet chestnut is the perfect route to finding your favorite reddish brown look.

Mahogany Balayage for Dark Brown Hair

Instagram / @susanastouch

18. Winter Violet Curls

Ready to cool down the scarlet shades and head for a softer violet tone? Even hinting towards a bit of silver, this color is wintry enough to leave anyone frozen in admiration and awe. Just make sure you let them warm up, so you can share all your hair color secrets!

Burgundy Hair Color Idea

Instagram / @angelgtz650

19. Shining Chocolate

Shining with the glow of a fresh visit to the beauty salon, this mahogany hair color is truly unique. While upon first glance it may look like a classic chocolate tone, one may be surprised by the icy blue undertones that make the exquisite color even more intriguing.

Dark Brown Hair Color Idea

Instagram / @studio.mi

20. Sassy Medium Mahogany Color

The ultimate sassy hairstyle has just got better – a long bob paired with a reddish-brown color? Utter perfection! Leaning more towards the auburn side of the red spectrum, this look is guaranteed to leave you feeling free to be yourself with a hint of upscale sophistication.

Medium Layered Mahogany Hairstyle

Instagram / @herintoronto

21. Light Mahogany Brunette

This style is especially fitting for those in search of a hairstyle that is gentle, classic, and never out of style. Going with a light shade of mahogany, a girl can’t go wrong with this subdued shade that curls flawlessly.

22. Vibrant Merlot Curls

This mahogany red hair color is truly to “DYE” for. The gentle dark red color isn’t as in-your-face as other reds, partially due to the brown base. The mixture of the two colors brings this look to its height enhanced with soft, light locks that still satisfy the need for boldness.

Long Wavy Mahogany Hairstyle

Instagram / @modernsalon

23. Vibrant Crimson Curls

A mahogany hair color usually refers to a reddish-brown tone, but you can throw the brown almost completely out with this wild look! Embrace the passionate crimson in your life, and go for this brazen look that’ll empower your inner diva to let your red-colored flag fly.

24. Aubergine Waves

Wow, check out this beauty! For girls who are more interested in making a bold statement with their ‘do, this is the new look you need! This specific color is rich and vibrant, drawing out the purple aspects of the shade we are discussing here.

Long Bright Burgundy Hair

Instagram / @guy_tang

25. Mahogany with Raspberry Accent

A classic all-over mahogany color job, this look is spiced up with a few bold streaks of raspberry red that frame the face and set off the main color so beautifully. The very ends take on burgundy notes. Simply gorgeous!

Long Mahogany Hair with Face Framing Balayage

Instagram / @bossbritt_hair

The beauty of mahogany is here! Are you already itching to try a certain variety of mahogany hair color and dazzle the masses with your luscious locks? Never ever downplay your brown hair again. It’s time to strut about with confidence… because your hair is worth it!

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