Choosing a Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

We have all dreamed of having a hair color different from the one we naturally produce. This dream encourages us to experiment with dye jobs, however, too many women go wrong with the hair color for skin tone choice. If you are very fair skinned, dramatically dark hair will wash you out. If you are dark skinned, going platinum blonde can be tricky. At the end of the day, any hair color is up for grabs regardless of your ethnicity – but naturally, there are some that will be much more flattering than others.

Hair Hues for Dark Skin

Finding a flattering hair color for dark skin is likely the most challenging. The key is to remember that the right color is not based on skin shade alone – you also have to keep your eye color in mind. Brown is by far the most preferred hair color for black women.

There is such a large range that you can really change up your look without going too wild. If you wish to go blonde, choose golden blondes hues and ensure that you have yellow undertones in your skin before opening up the peroxide (if you really don’t plan to play on the temperature contrast (which can be very tricky.)

If you absolutely want to go red, keep it dark – a deep, dramatic burgundy will look best.

Red Hair for Dark Complexions

Red hair for darker skin tones can definitely be a head turner. If you are in search of a hair color for brown skin, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. As mentioned above, a deep burgundy will come out beautifully. In fact, those with a darker than caramel skin tone can use a deep red hue in a variety of ways and come out with a stunning result.

Subtle dark auburn to bright cherry red is the color family you should stick with.

Avoid any hair color with an orange tint. If you are trying red hair for the first time, then go with highlights. They are the lowest maintenance and also understated enough to not be an embarrassment if you happen to choose hair colors for dark skin that end up looking tacky instead of lovely.

When you have a warm skin tone, it’s essential you use a brown-based shade. This will keep hair looking rich and natural.


Hair Shades for Olive Complexions

Some nationalities, including many with Asian heritage, get the luxury of living with a gorgeous olive skin tone. When you are looking for a hair color for olive skin, you actually have more options than you might think. Since olive skin covers such a range of shades, it’s important to formulate a basic skin tone chart before choosing a hair color.

Cool Undertones

Hair colors for cool skin tones include ash and platinum blonde. You can also go with blue blacks and brunette ash browns.

A girl with true olive skin should indeed stay loyal to her cool undertones when selecting a hue.

If you wish to go red, stick with dark copper, burgundy or violet.

Hair Shades and Eye Colors

Women with olive skin can have a variety of eye colors, and this is an important piece of the hair color puzzle. Hair colors for your skin tone cannot be properly selected without keeping eye pigment in mind.

Olive skinned ladies with hazel or green eyes can most easily take the jump to red hair.

A bright auburn will really make green eyes “pop”.

Green Eyes Red Hair

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Avoid light blonde – this will cause your eye color to pale out.

A medium skin tone with brown eyes is prolific among brunettes, but some also have pale olive skin. If your natural hair color is dark, go with an ombre style that leaves the roots dark and lightens on down to sandy blonde, for instance.

If you prefer to go with a cappuccino base and work your way down into sandy brown highlights, your skin will look warmer. This will enhance your brown eyes.

Hair Color for Light Skin

Fair faced ladies know the struggle. It can be agonizing to select hair colors for pale skin that actually look original, yet still lovely. The general rule is – the lighter your skin tone, the lighter your hair can be.


If you have warm undertones, you will look best with shades like butterscotch, honey or strawberry blonde.

You’ll see your skin radiate against the soft glow of these colors. If you tend to have a cooler skin tone, opt for blue-based hues like platinum and champagne blonde.

Neutral Skin

Having neutral skin means you may look light-skinned during colder months of the year and develop a tan in the summertime.

Just as you have to adjust your makeup shades for darkened skin, you will have to choose a new hair color for tan skin, too.

If you don’t want to spend the money on an entirely new color every 6 months, there are options.

Highlights are a great solution when you are selecting hair colors for tan skin that can also look good when both the warm weather and your skin tone fades.

Have your stylist strategically place lighter blonde strands throughout your hair while coloring the base a richer hue.

Working with Uneven Skin Tone

Complexions with cool undertones often have an uneven skin tone. So, how to choose a flattering hair color? The best method in dealing with this is to get your skin tone evened out with a high quality makeup. Then, and only then, select your hair color.

No matter what your skin tone or natural hair color, there are no limits to what you can pull off. From vibrant cherry red to pale blonde, any hair color can look well-done and beautiful. However, by following these rules based upon your God-given coloring, you are likely to incur a much more subtle yet stunning result. If you’re still unsure, work closely with a stylist – box dyes are great for a quick, affordable color change – but if you want something that complements your skin tone best and will sport some major lasting power, go to a professional.

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