Rachel Scott
Published on February 23, 2023

If you’re looking to change up your color this season, it can be tough to decide with so many choices out there! Before you choose a basic shade of blonde, brown or even bronde try a surprising pop of color with plum hair color. This juicy color is fantastic because it comes in any shade or depth imaginable and can compliment any skin tone or eye color. All you have to do is decide which one is for you!

Choose Your Shade of Plum

It’s important to remember to choose complementing colors, it’s best when they contrast. When you’re shopping around for that plum hair dye keep your eye and skin color in mind.

For blue eyes, you’ll want a shade of plum with warm undertones to complement that icy cool gaze. Hazel eyes are pretty lucky since it gives you the ability to choose from a variety of lush plums; it’s best to work with your skin tone. Warm up brown or dark brown eyes with cool undertones in the blue and purple family.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what to work with when it comes to choosing the right shade — we’ll highlight twenty different shades of plum so you can find one that works for you!

1. Black Hair with Plum Highlights

The best way to refresh your brunette hair is to apply highlights. We recommend picking one of those trendy eggplant plum dyes, extremely popular these days. A plum hue perfectly emphasizes darker hair and spices up delicately the whole look.

2. Blended Plum Highlights on Dark Mane

Light plum hair color is a great alternative to deep wine shades, in case you don’t want to make your hair too vivid. Such coloring will definitely make you look a few years younger! A perfect hue for those who wish to bring more romance to life.

Delicate Black to Plum Burgundy Root Fade

Instagram / @bobbiepiins

3. Vivid Plum Ombre Hairstyle

This is another look that is great for the girl who doesn’t want a full head of plum hair. These pretty highlights are light and fresh with just the right amount of plum. Enhance the beauty of your new hair color with a catchy hairdo like this braided half-down style.

Midshaft to Ends Plum and Burgundy Highlights

Instagram / @hairgoeschels

4. Glossy Plum Wine Tones

A deep dark plum hair color looks gorgeous on itself, but reddish hues make it even more intense and magnetic! Consider burgundy shade goes well with hair of any length and texture; thus, you may pair it with any hairstyle — from a short blunt bob to a long, wavy layered cut.

Burgundy Hair with Plum Highlights

Instagram / @hairgoeschels

5. Glossy Burgundy Red Shades

Women with a fair complexion usually avoid bright hair colors, fearing they might look ridiculous. However, with this shade of plum, you will look absolutely stunning! It complements lighter skin tones and creates a style impossible to tear yourself away from.

6. Juicy Plummy Red Balayage

This is another style that can be adapted to your skin tone and personal preference. Just make sure the different shades of plum complement each other, such as dark and light cool plum tones. Also, you can use this plum hair color on black strands.

Discreet Burgundy Waves with Plum Ends

Instagram / @mermeghair

7. Electric Purple Plum Shade

The vibrant plum purple with bluish is not for the shy or modest! It’s best if your skin is cool-toned to complement your look appropriately. If this bright color is for you, then grab the purple hair dye and give it a go!

Violet Plum Hir Color

Instagram / @zahsstudio

8. Chocolate Dark Plum Bob with a Fringe

Shorter hair can be a great canvas for your experiments and this plum brown hair color has definitely proved to be a successful one. You can dye the whole mane in a single tone or ask for highlights — it will look fabulous either way!

Dark Burgundy Chocolate Hair Color

Instagram / @ahappyjustin

9. Cool-Toned Plum Ribbons on Black Hair

This pretty take on plum relies on the cool undertones already present in black hair. Add cooler plum highlights for a sleek and eye-catching look. Black hair is best on olive skin, but you can try this style for fair skin tones as well.

Cool Plum Hair Shade with Violet Undertones

Instagram / @bre_does_beauty

10. Brown Plum Balayage for Warm Toned Skin

A mix of plum and brown is probably not the most common solution, but definitely one of the most delightful ones. Opt for warm tones of plum to accentuate your complexion and make your brown base more dimensional.

11. Alluring Black Cherry Plum Hairstyle

We love the idea of enhancing brown hair with a hint of cool tones of plum. The seamless blend of rich plum and burgundy highlights will add a flattering shiny finish to your dark locks, making the color deep and multidimensional.

12. Multi-Tone Plum Rose Gold Hair

It might be really challenging to choose one shade among dozens of mesmerizing plum hues, but why not mix some of them? For example, light plum ideally matches golden pink and brown hues.

13. Sparkling Plum Bouncy Curls

It seems that this deep plum hair color was made to embrace the dark skin tone. Posh and appealing, this shade will make you irresistible and help you captivate everyone’s view!

Glossy Plum Hair for Black Women

Instagram / @ya.qarah

14. Rich Merlot Highlights for Thick Dark Hair

This shade of plum looks spectacular! Red tones warm up the classic plum hair color and make it shine with burgundy undertones. Goes well with both dark brown and black hair.

Red Plum Hair with Black Roots

Instagram / @hairbylisamathews

15. Natural Brown with Reddish Plum Hues

Subtle burgundy-red highlights look very seductive on dark hair. They bring more movement to your wavy locks and make them glow even more than usual. Also, consider this chocolate plum hair color will emphasize the beauty of your hazel or blue eyes.

Bronze and Burgundy Partial Highlights

Instagram / @bobbiepiins

16. Multidimensional Plum Pink Hair

If you strive for this fantastic raspberry plum hair color, you’d better make an appointment with a professional colorist. Be aware this hue might be hard to maintain, as it may be washed out with time, but with the right shampoo and conditioner, you will enjoy the result for a long!

Ruby Red Ribbons on Plum Hair

Instagram /

17. Extra Long Wavy Hair in Plum Tones

Waist-length hair owners know how challenging it can be to take care of such a long hairstyle, especially with dyed locks. Yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t go for rich plum hair colors. Just wash your hair with a toning shampoo to achieve this classic plum shade that is never out of fashion!

Deep Cherry Chocolate Mane

Instagram / @joys_secrets

18. Gorgeous Smoky Plum Curls

Classy yet catchy, this ombre will definitely suit women of all ages! To emphasize the texture and dimension of your colored hair, curl your chocolate plum locks and slightly tousle them with your hands.

Dark Brown Plum Hair

Instagram /

19. Striking Raspberry Plum Locks

Plum hair goes well with red, pink, blue, violet, and purple tones, but why not mix a couple of them in one hairstyle? The results will surely exceed your expectations, as you get a plum burgundy hair color worthy of admiration!

Burgundy Lavender Highlights on Black Hair

Instagram /

20. Dark Brown Plum Wavy Hair

This dark plum hair color is perfect if your hair is already brown. Add plum with warmer undertones for a perfect color update.

Solid Purple Plum Hair Color

Instagram / @meganrodinohair

21. Classic Plum

The classic plum color is great for everyone, but it suits blue or hazel eyes best — warm-toned skin can pull this style off as well!

Classic Plum

Instagram / @off7thsalon

22. Deep Red Plum

A beautiful contrast for fair skin is a deep plum color with red hue. If you have green eyes, then ask your stylist for this lovely shade.

23. Eggplant Plum

Add some vegetable to your fruit-inspired hair color with a pretty eggplant plum color. This look has both dark and light colors, but the dark base stabilizes the look and is perfect for fair skin with pink undertones.

Eggplant Plum

Instagram / @lemo1993

24. Plum Ombre

Plum ombre hair is a stunning way to incorporate plum color into your already beautiful dark hair color. It’s pretty tricky for a blonde to rock a subtle ombre but brunettes can do this with ease. Try out this dark plum brown hair when you book your next appointment at the salon.

Plum Ombre

Instagram / @colorbylilly

25. Rose Plum

Rose-toned hair is totally hot right now, but you can keep it in the plum family by maintaining the purple undertones instead of red ones. This rose plum is multi-dimensional and can suit dark and cool-toned skin. Hazel eyes suit it best, but truthfully, any eye color can rock a fresh rose plum.

Rose Plum

Instagram / @ginaatkinson

26. Gray Plum

Stay on trend yet again with this light plum perfect take on gray! Dark eyes shine with gray plum hair and warm-olive skin tones act as a great base for this color.

Gray Plum

Instagram / @hairby_yami

27. Chocolate Plum

Plum has never looked so subtle than in a chocolate tone. Give any rich brown hair tonesan edge with touches of lavender highlights painted on. Chocolate plum is great for brown or green eyes.

Chocolate Plum

Instagram / @elyserox00

28. Plum Balayage

Keep your plum natural with a beautiful balayage paint job. Ideal on dark hair, especially black. If your eyes are blue, you’re sure to wow. However, any combination of plum and your natural color can be created with a beautiful balayage. Work with your stylist on this one!

Plum Balayage

Instagram / @glamiris

29. Icy Plum

This frosty color looks especially fashionable this season. You may want to steer clear if you have pink undertones. Icy plum is very fresh and on trend these days!

Icy Plum

Instagram / @colorbyalohi

30. Fuschia Plum

Like the electric plum, magenta or fuschia hair color is not for the faint hearted! If you prefer more pink in your plum and aren’t afraid to go bold, then magenta is for you! It’s perfect for warm skin and makes blue or hazel eyes pop.

Magenta Plum

Instagram / @annabiancahair

31. Fairy Plum

Fair-skinned girls should take note: this gentle fairy plum color is ideal for you! A soft lilac shade is cooler than warm and brings out the rose in pink skin beautifully. This hair is also very on-trend thanks to the unicorn look taking over Instagram!

Fairy Plum

Instagram / @donovanmillshair

32. Purple Plum

This true purple color is a cool way to try plum. It’s fresh and vibrant, glossy and rich. Be brave, because changes help us to learn ourselves.

Purple Plum

Instagram / @xostylistxo

33. Burgundy Plum

This beautiful burgundy plum hair color is subtle and chic if you want to test the plum red color style. It works great both on business ladies and street style icons.

Burgundy Plum

Instagram / @meredithabloom

34. Galaxy Plum

Bring out your playful side with this fun galaxy plum violet color. Adding blue highlights and several tones of plum add a whimsical touch. Brown eyes can keep this look pulled together best.

35. Plum Roots

Try a unique take on plum by coloring just your roots. The contrast is especially cool on blondes. Any skin tone can work with plum roots as long as you abide by the complementing colors rule of thumb.

Plum Roots

Instagram / @pinupjordan

Plum hair is one color trend that we’re going to see time and again this season — as you can see, it’s also an easy shade to pull off. If you like daring and creative styles you can choose a shade that works well with your free-spirited attitude, and if you’re modest and need something professionally appropriate for the office there’s a plum perfect shade out there for you to discover!

Delicate Black to Plum Burgundy Root Fade Midshaft to Ends Plum and Burgundy Highlights Burgundy Hair with Plum Highlights Cherry Chocolate Hair with Plum Roots Discreet Burgundy Waves with Plum Ends Violet Plum Hir Color Dark Burgundy Chocolate Hair Color Cool Plum Hair Shade with Violet Undertones Brunette with Plum Babylights Glossy Plum Wine Locks Light Plum Hair Color Glossy Plum Hair for Black Women Red Plum Hair with Black Roots Bronze and Burgundy Partial Highlights Ruby Red Ribbons on Plum Hair Deep Cherry Chocolate Mane Dark Brown Plum Hair Burgundy Lavender Highlights on Black Hair Solid Purple Plum Hair Color Classic Plum Deep Red Plum Eggplant Plum Plum Ombre Rose Plum Gray Plum Chocolate Plum Plum Balayage Icy Plum Magenta Plum Fairy Plum Purple Plum Burgundy Plum Galaxy Plum Plum Roots