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Updated on May 29, 2021
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Putting bright colors in your hair can be so much fun! Any color of the rainbow is literally at your fingertips, including all shades of purple! It was once a color of royalty, reserved only for the wealthiest and most revered, because the sources of the color itself were very rare (like pretty gross – snails and Sea Urchins!) But now, we have “animal free” versions of all shades available, if you choose to unleash your creativity and indulge in bold or soft and tender purple highlights!

Hair Colors Which Pair Best with Purple Highlights

It all depends on the shade of purple and the base color. The darkest and the brightest purples set off the depth and richness of dark brown and black hair, while pastel purple (like a lavender hue) can serve as an exquisite accent for cool toned blondes. Purples sprinkled through cherry red hair are another bright story for daring girls. Look through the following images for inspiration!

1. Purple and Violet for Black Hair

Having brown hair with purple highlights can be a bold (or shy) choice. Here, we love the brighter, radiant ends, with the deeper hues emanating from the top. If you want to have a sexy yet alternative look, these shades are right for you!

2. Burgundy, Purple and Indigo for Black Hair

Looking at pictures of different hair dye options, we noticed that most brightly colored dyes were considered less professional. But here is a way to add some color, both in burgundy and purple, in varying sections, without being over the top!

3. Indigo and Purple Bob

This blue and purple combination is perfect for any season! A set of blue highlights lead back to the purple streaks in this angled bob. A dark shade underneath brings out the prominence of the blue and purple quite well!

4. Purple Ombre Ringlets

Brighten up that dark hair with reddish purple ombre highlights. When curled with a medium-sized curling iron and worn loose around the shoulders, your locks get a totally magical and feminine look. It’s like a waterfall of purple waves!

5. Multi-Colored Purple Highlights

Brown and purple hair never looked so good! Combine shades of chocolate brown, golden chestnut and light honey with weaved-in lilac highlights and you’ve got yourself a hair masterpiece.

6. Purple in the Back

Life is too short to go through it with one hair color. You deserve to rock blonde and purple brown hair whenever you want. Mix sectioning and balayage techniques for an artistic ‘do. The style allows you to have your cake and eat it, too, so to speak.

Blonde And Brown Hair With Purple Highlights

Instagram/ @alix_maya

7. Dual-Shaded Purple Locks

Purple streaks can be bold without being overwhelming. Try dressing your long locks in purple at the bottom for a cool pop of color that doesn’t go overboard.

8. Pink and Purple Streaks

We’ll take blonde and purple hair, with extra purple, and hold the blonde, please! This all-color ‘do is great for upgrading your ash-blonde locks. Try throwing multiple shades of purple and pink into the mix and opt for a cool color to tone your roots (like navy blue or dark purple brown.)

9. Magenta Mane with Purple Pieces

Purple and plum highlights don’t work only with long manes. Short hair can get in on the fun, too. In fact, when completely covered with magenta and purple highlights, cropped cuts become cooler than ever.

10. Peach and Purple Perfection

Brighten up those locks even more with panels of peach, purple and pink. When worn with orchid-colored highlights, the cocktail of color will make your hair look like a lovely bouquet of flowers … on your head.

11. Neon Purple Highlights

In the market for purple hair ideas that venture outside the pastel realm? Try a super-bright fluorescent magenta shade with streaks of rich purple. It’s totally rockstar and totally unexpected.

12. Jet Black Hair With Flashes of Purple

If your jet-black pixie cut needs some added flare, throw in flashes of dark purple highlights. When strewn throughout, the weaved-in color looks amazing and shows people you’re a fearless flyer when it comes to your hair.

13. Two-Timing Purple

On the fence about which shade of purple to try out? Fulfill all of your purple hair dreams with a look that features a rich plum up top and a light purple on the bottom. It may seem a bit off-the-wall, but, hey, you only live once, right?

14. Angular Bob with Purple Highlights

Purple and blonde hair just hit the cutting edge … literally. Pairing a dark-to-light ombre look with an angular bob cut is about as cool as it gets. Oh, and if you only get glimpses of those blonde locks, that’s OK. The purple has you covered.

15. Holographic Highlights

Channel your inner rockstar with prismatic highlights that reflect shades of purple, pink and blue. Hey, you’ve always dreamed of singing your heart out on stage and feeling every bit the rock goddess, so why not look the part?

Dark Blonde To Purple Ombre

Instagram/ @redbloomsalon

16. Splendid Lilac Highlights

It’s that time of year when color is everywhere, so it’s time to get funky with your run-of-the-mill blonde highlights. Trade in those pieces of white-blonde and honey-yellow for an ethereal lilac. Be strategic about the placement of your highlights, as well as darker and lighter sections.

17. Dimensional Violets

Not sure if you can pull off black hair with purple highlights? Well, you can! Yes, the process is extensive and could involve some bleaching and processing, but the results are totally worth it. Amethyst-colored streaks lend a nice jewel-like look to your hair, and who doesn’t want that?

18. Blueberry Enhancement

Make your purple highlights shine bright like a diamond by adding a glossing effect to your hair-dyeing sesh. Ask your stylist about adding a gloss to make the colors really sparkle and shine as they were meant to.

19. Magical Magenta Highlights

Short purple hair doesn’t need to be, well, completely purple. In fact, even when it comes to purple, one uniform hair color can come off bland. Throw in streaks of fuchsia or red hair highlights to add some dimension and give the look some added “oomph.”

20. Pretty in Purple Balayage

Tired of your regular old brown locks? Try rocking a lilac ombre or brown hair with purple highlights for a psychedelic spin on your plain mane. Add dimension by creating a cool color transition that starts out subdued and ends vibrant and bright.

21. Braided Purple Highlights

Show off those violet highlights by styling them appropriately. And nothing beats a lovely plaited ‘do. The simple half updo showcases and weaves together each hair shade. It’s a look fit for a princess, and you know you’re all about that.

22. Short, Curly and Purple

Purple highlights on a short, textured pixie cut are very in right now. The look delivers high style with little upkeep and maintenance. Just make sure you have some color-friendly products on-hand to keep your hue and ‘do intact. The last thing about this gorgeous pixie you want is a faded color!

23. Wavy Magenta Hair with Highlights

There’s something about purple and blonde locks that are just so darn fairy-like. And when curled into perfect, luscious, voluminous waves, the look reaches new levels of ethereal, not to mention drop-dead gorgeous. Now all you need is some fairy wings and pixie dust.

24. Deep Purple Tips

This color is rich with deep red in its base tone. Pictures simply don’t do it justice! Some blonde highlights over the dark brown hair enhanced by the gentle curls give way to the wonderful dimensional locks which are further adorned with the deep purple red, covering much of the lower half of this stunning lob. Leave one strand blonde… just because you can!

25. Rosewood, Purple and Ginger Blonde

For blonde hair, you have much less processing time, because it takes color well. These dark and light purple streaks are a cute and creative way to have fun, without a huge commitment. Add the lighter rosewood streaks first, and then accent them with a darker purple.

26. Cherry Red with a Purple Underlayer

Adding purple highlights to red hair is a fun combination, and we definitely love this two-tonal look. Deep purple is hidden beneath the brighter shade of red but it definitely stands out. It’s a great way to get noticed…in a hurry!

27. Pastel Lavender Waves

Pink and purple is a great combination for something different and fun! These blended highlights give the impression of a misty fog and are definitely whimsical. Go for an all over pastel pink blonde shade, then add lavender highlights over top.

28. Wild Thing Purple Streak

Purple highlights can also be just a small detail, sneaking in under the radar. These chunks of lighter purple are hidden underneath the blonde base with a small amount of lowlights. Add them in various spots for a little extra fun!

29. Under the Sea Waves Ombre

These dark brown hair strands toned in a noble burgundy hue unexpectedly give way to a shocking shade of electric blue! The contrasting colors remind us of those red, white, and blue popsicles of long ago.

30. Purple Frost Job

For a hue in light purple that’s better than your Grandma’s toned silver locks, look for a purple with a blue base. It is softer than the red based purples, and it simply looks more interesting. Go for an all over lighter color with dark roots and just a bit of lowlights to really bring out your individuality!

31. Purple Mermaid Hair

If you have brown hair and want to adorn it with purple highlights, you probably want to become a mystical mermaid. Just kidding! This combination of some pink on top with an overwhelming electric violet is a gorgeous and multifaceted combination!

32. Bright Purple and Ashy Brown

In this case, the purple dye is distributed unevenly through the length, and it also varies in intensity, starting with the brightest roots, washing out to the soft purple highlights and finishing with a slightly darker purple tips.

33. Brown and Purple Color Combination

Dark hair is a little more difficult to add dark colors to, but we think this look is a perfect example of how to blend those elegant shades of brown and pastel purple together. The length of the locks needs bleaching, while the roots can (and should) stay the natural dark color.

34. Short Undercut Bob With Purple-Pink Highlights

Not all purple highlights are truly “purple.” Some are pinker, and some are bluer. These are base colors, and they mix in different proportions. This is a pretty pink toned color with very subtle nuances in shades.

35. Wavy Gravy Purple Curls

Covering dark brown hair can mandate a pretty strong lightener first. This bright set of wavy neon purple curls is set high with a short undercut. Keep the sideburns and add the lighter and darker purples all over the top section, leaving the rest natural…and gorgeous!

36. Ribbons of Purple Haze

These brown blonde streaks are a great base to use an additional unnatural color, and the light shade of purple (purple haze) is great! Blonde hair takes the dye well and provides a nice contrast to the base color. You can also mix in lowlights to achieve a more complex, sophisticated look. Style some tighter and some looser curls to support the complexity of the color solution with a more complex texture. Okay, now you’ve got a pretty set of locks for any season!

37. Purple Siren Song Waves

Looking for a bit more in purple highlights? This bold plum color is a step into the waters of freedom of expression. If your hair is very dark, you’ll have to take it to a lighter tone first, and then apply the color.

38. Long Bob With Purple Feathered Tips

This look for blonde hair is great for when you want to say, “Hey, I’m a pretty normal chick – until you get to my inner layers, of course!” Use purple as a dip dye to upgrade your brown blonde lob if you are not sure of how long you are going to like those purple feathers.

39. Bright Purple to Magenta Fade

Women with naturally dark hair look great in bright vibrant shades, because their skin tones often fall rather in the middle of the spectrum, giving a pleasant contrast. In this style indigo blue, vibrant purple and bright magenta blend into a rattling mix for bold brunettes!

40. Midnight Ocean Wave Curls

Black hair with purple highlights is quite stunning as it stands. But here, long curls cascading in an ombre pattern go from a dark cobalt hue to a mystical shade of violet. It’s literally breathtaking!

Now that you have expanded your view of purple highlights, what styles and shades are your favorites? Get ready to share these inspirations with your friends, and then check in with your stylist to ensure you get the full opportunity to fly free with color!

dark brown to purple ombre black hair with burgundy and blue balayage dark brown bob with blue and purple balayage Violet Balayage For Black Hair Brown Hair With Caramel And Purple Highlights Blonde And Brown Hair With Purple Highlights Long Brown To Purple Ombre Hair Burgundy Hair With Blonde Highlights Burgundy And Purple Hair Color Strawberry Blonde, Pink And Purple Highlights Bright Purple Hair Black Hair With Purple Highlights Magenta To Purple Ombre Hair Layered Purple Ombre Bob Dark Blonde To Purple Ombre Pastel Pink Hair Color Purple Ombre for Brunettes Black Hair With Purple Balayage Purple and Magenta Bob Brown To Lilac Ombre Hair Black To Purple Ombre Hair African American Purple Curly Pixie Purple Hair With Blonde Highlights long brown bob with blonde and purple highlights pastel pink and purple highlights for golden blonde hair Dark Red and Purple Two Tone Hairstyle pastel purple hair long blonde pixie with light purple highlights brown to teal long ombre hair light ash purple hair color purple hair with rosewood highlights ash brown bob with purple balayage light brown hair with lavender highlights pastel pink short bob short undercut hairstyle with pastel purple top brown blonde hair with lavender highlights dark brown hair with bright purple highlights purple dip dye for brown blonde hair blue and purple hair color for brunettes dark blue into purple ombre
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