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Updated on December 20, 2023

Reverse ombre is a great idea if you’re craving to spice up your look by adding something fresh and unusual to your hair. A bit more daring version of the regular ombre, this hair coloring technique features a light shade on top that transitions to darker ends. With the countless combinations of tones you can select, reverse ombre is an exciting way to get a drop-dead gorgeous, unique look.

Reverse Ombre Trend

Thanks to the impressive versatility of the reverse ombre, it’s easy to choose the hues that will best complement your skin tone. What is more, reverse ombre hair color works well on all hair types, so there is no wonder that many influencers and celebrities have chosen reverse ombre style for a cooler and edgier look.

If you want to join the reverse ombre army, here are ten stunning ideas to give you some major inspo for your next appointment with your colorist.

1. Red to Black Reverse Ombre

Bright red is already a statement, so why not take it further by going the reverse-ombre way? Jet black looks like the best match for the fiery hues on the top, creating that spectacular contrast that is sure to turn heads

Red and Black Hair Color


2. Platinum Blonde and Purple

Pastel reverse ombre with platinum blonde roots transforming into blue and purple ends looks absolutely mesmerizing. Delicate hues combined with subtle waves help to achieve a romantic look.

Blonde to Blue and Purple Reverse Ombre


3. Blonde to Red Reverse Ombre

Here’s a cool idea to switch up your long blonde hair. Light blonde and red will always remain a genuinely girlie combo, so take note of this look if you want to achieve a distinctive feminine vibe.

Blonde to Red Ombre Hair


4. Money Piece Version

This lady combined two hot hair color ideas – reverse ombre and money piece to get a stunningly glamorous look. Not to mention, the combination of strawberry blonde and berry pink is a really great choice.

Dirty Blonde on Top with Dark Pink Face Framing


5. Dip Dye Tips

Go bright with this eye-popping reverse ombre hair color featuring light blonde hair on top coupled with yellow and bubble gum pink tips. This lob is also a perfect example of a reverse ombre on medium-length hair.

Blonde Hair with Dip Dye Color


6. Mermaid Hair

We can’t take our eyes off that beautiful and deep ultramarine blue color. Without any doubt, the blue reverse ombre is a daring choice, but it’s worth trying, especially if you have a cooler complexion. Ash blonde hair on top is spiced up with subtle pastel blue strands for a smoother transition.

Ash Blonde into Deep Purple Hair Color


7. Icy Blonde to Pastel Blue Reverse Ombre

If you’re dying to try green or blue hues but don’t feel like intense ultramarines and vibrant neons, here’s an idea worth copying. Icy blonde melting into muted, pastel blue looks simply adorable.

Reverse Ombre Hair with Blonde and Blue Hues


8. Gorgeous Magenta

Another excellent example of blonde reverse ombre, this mind-blowing combo is sure to get heads turning! Ash blonde and juicy magenta work unexpectedly well together to create a daring yet feminine look.

Light Color into Dark Magenta Ombre


9. Awesome Purple Reverse Ombre

Why force yourself to choose only two colors for your reverse ombre if you can combine three? Actually, this coloring job is even more complicated than it seems. The top features different shades of purple on a rose gold blonde base that perfectly melts into blue and then down to jet black tips.

Multi Colored Reverse Ombre Hair


10. Orange Reverse Ombre

Juice up your long platinum blonde hair with this jaw-dropping orange ombre. If you find natural reds boring, neon orange might be what you’re looking for. By the way, this reverse ombre solution looks good both on straight hair and textured waves.

White Blonde with Bright Orange Tips


The amazing versatility of ombre hairstyles allows you to express your creativity and personal style. You can pick natural tones or try something more unusual like green, deep purple, or vibrant red ombre. The choice is really huge, and we’re sure that not all possible combinations have been invented, so there are chances that you’ll think up something entirely new and unique.

Featured Image by @nat_doeshair

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