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Updated on December 14, 2022

Bright, high-contrast, and statement-making, e-girl hairstyles have flooded online spaces like TikTok and Instagram. Inspired by goth and anime subcultures, the trend has got a powerful boost due to the comeback of the 90s hairstyles, too.

So, besides earning female bloggers and gamers some – or lots of – extra points, e-girl hair color has become a trend to be heard out loud. Keep scrolling to see some signature e-girl streaks and other ways to rock e-girl hairstyles in 2023.

What is E-Girl Hair?

E-girls and e-boys are active internet users that, thanks to TikTok, have become one of the most popular subcultures nowadays. The most impressive look that immediately associates with e-girls hair color is black hair with bleached or dyed bright streaks framing the face. Other popular choices are block-colored bangs, split hair colors, and rainbow hues.

The preferred hairstyles are those from the 90s hair trends: sassy pigtails, space buns, and butterfly hair accessories. All that with a fearless eyeliner and bright lipstick for a well-rounded impressive look! Want to see this in action? Below are 20 awesome e-girl hairstyles to try out.

1. Platinum Blonde E-Girl Streaks

Black blunt bob with blonde streaks framing the face is definitely among the hairstyles every e-girl must have tried at least once. The trend will be prominent whether you style this e-girl hairstyle with a middle part or not.

Blonde E-Girl Streaks Hairstyle

Instagram / @ricky_aimee

2. Bold Neon Blue E-Girl Streaks

Just look at how this hot e-girl hairstyle lightens the face and brings attention to the eyes. Not bold enough to wear neon blue e-girl streaks at the front? Try some peek a boo highlights as a first step.

Wavy Long Bob with Blue Money Pieces

Instagram / @megumicolor

3. High Contrast Colored Hair

You do not always have to go for bright hair colors to hit e-girl hairstyles aesthetic. Trendy shaggy haircut paired with high contrast blocks of lowlights is nothing but statement-making.

White Blonde and Brown Block Hair Color

Instagram / @msnataliejean

4. Rosie E-Girl Highlights

A pink hair accent can freshen up your complexion and add cute Barbie vibes to the look. Isn’t it a beautiful idea to borrow from e-girls?

5. Long Hair with Purple and Green E-Girl Streaks

Emerald green and purple shades combine perfectly to give this jet-black hair an edgy framing. We love the way these contrasting highlights make women look young and naughty.

High Contrast E Girl Hairstyle

Instagram / @dropdeadkristi

6. Fantasy Half and Half Hair Color

The best thing about e-girl hairstyles is that you can never go too far with hair contrast. Whether this e-girl is getting inspiration from her own avatar or her style is a bold experiment, this ash blonde and fiery red split hairstyle is really head-turning.

Split Hair Color for an E Girl

Instagram / @dropdeadkristi

7. Pastel Pink Hair Color

Pastel pink hue is a powerful hair color trend that is all over Instagram now. If you want to give it a try, opt for shadow roots for a low-maintenance routine.

Trendy Rooted Pink Hair Color

Instagram / @amybcolor

8. Curtain Bangs Colored Neon Purple

Not sure how wide your streaks should be? Cut trending curtain bangs or face-framing pieces and then dye them in a preferred shade to hit the fashion.

E Girl with Colored Face Framing Bangs

Instagram / @jennyahammer

9. Chunky Purple E-Girl Steaks

If you have some natural curls, style them before dyeing the front highlights so that the new tone can rest in one curl clump and contrast with another. If you have dark or black hair, pre-lighten the locks you will dye to fully rock the e-girl hairstyles trend.

10. Rainbow E-Girl Hair

Can’t decide between the rainbow hair and e-girl hair aesthetic? The two hair color ideas can combine seamlessly in e-girl hairstyles. Just leave some hair dark as a background for rainbow-colored streaks.

Rainbow Streaks for an E Girl

Instagram / @krys_412

11. Black and Blonde Hair Color

The black and blonde combo has always been an edgy style to try, and many e-girls love it. A more subtle alternative to getting a half and half hair color would be to dye a chunky piece at the front. Styling a dark fringe over the light highlights will score you additional points.

Chunky Blonde Highlights Trend

Instagram / @megumicolor

12. Blocks of Mermaid Hair Color

No more boring office looks! Dare to be a sea beauty with these green and blue e-girl highlights. A wide piece of color at the front and the second one peeking from dark locks on the opposite side is an excellent way to wear the e-girl hair trend.

Block Coloring Hair Technique

Instagram / @manemisfit_

13. Anime-Inspired Mint Tea Hair

Remember those cute anime girls with mint tea hair color? Why not put on the role for a while! Mind that you will need to bleach your locks to achieve this kind of intensity, and hair color will fade soon anyway. Thus, don’t hesitate to style a wig for the Instagram photoshoot.

Anime Inspired E Girl Hair

Instagram / @suezochan

14. Middle Part and Blonde Streaks

The middle part and money pieces are two things TikTok trends made popular. No wonder so many girls choose to step up their straight bob with this perfect e-girl look.

Middle Part E Girl Streaks

Instagram / @amybcolor

15. Pink Face Framing Highlights

Shag hairstyles are all the rage now, and they make an excellent canvas for e-girl hairstyles. Dye your bangs with edgy green, blue, or pink, or simply style half up half down pigtails, and you are ready to go.

Blonde Shag with Pink Highlights

Instagram / @elyserox00

16. Vibrant Red E-Girl Streaks

Red and black hair color make you feel like a devil of a woman. Bold and showy, red e-girl highlights are sure to spice up any hairstyle.

Black Hair and Red Front Highlights

Instagram / @s.raexbeauty

17. Half Up Half Down E-Girl Hairstyle

Rooted pastel pink is a popular hair color idea that doesn’t immediately give away the e-girl aesthetic. But try one of the e-girl hairstyles from the 90s, put in a couple of butterfly clips, or make a suitable makeup, and here it comes – an e-girl in her full rights.

E Girl Look with Half Up Space Buns

Instagram / @ricky_aimee

18. Bubble Pigtails and Butterflies

Pigtail bubble braids make a perfect Instagram look. Do you want to pop in the thread with something extraordinary? Style your bubble braids with contrasting cute accessories to get an ultimate e-girl hair look.

E Girl Hairstyle with Bubble Pigtails and Butterflies

Instagram /

19. 90s-Inspired E-Girl Hairstyle

Pink fringe and money piece can look really chick in one of those 90s-inspired ‘dos. A subtle color makes this e-girl hairstyle wearable for any occasion. You can always do big styling some impressive makeup, though.

Retro Hairstyle with Dyed Bangs and Front Pieces

Instagram / @hairbylezleigh

20. Pigtails and Chunky Highlights

Purple hair color is a perfect shade to choose if you like e-girl hairstyles. While you might think about dyeing your fringe first, getting an all-over color and keeping the front pieces light is another great way to go about it. Style high pigtails to make a statement.

Purple E Girl Hair Pigtails Hairstyle

Instagram / @lacarmina

There is no right or wrong when it comes to e-girl hairstyles, but there are definitely some tips that will help you make the style immediately recognizable. Keep the highlights chunky, choose vibrant colors, experiment and have fun all the way through!

Blonde E-Girl Streaks Hairstyle Wavy Long Bob with Blue Money Pieces White Blonde and Brown Block Hair Color E Girl Hair Pink Block Color High Contrast E Girl Hairstyle Split Hair Color for an E Girl Trendy Rooted Pink Hair Color E Girl with Colored Face Framing Bangs E Girl Hairstyle for a Black Girl Rainbow Streaks for an E Girl Chunky Blonde Highlights Trend Block Coloring Hair Technique Anime Inspired E Girl Hair Middle Part E Girl Streaks Blonde Shag with Pink Highlights Black Hair and Red Front Highlights E Girl Look with Half Up Space Buns E Girl Hairstyle with Bubble Pigtails and Butterflies Retro Hairstyle with Dyed Bangs and Front Pieces Purple E Girl Hair Pigtails Hairstyle