How to Make Cute Bubble Braids in Literally 5 Minutes

If you want to impress everyone at a party, just master the bubble braid pigtails! Want to look especially pretty for the first date? This hairdo is what you need! At first glance, the bubble braids seem to be complicated to create, but, in fact, they only look so. Let’s get down to a special tutorial we’ve created for you.

Why Master Bubble Braids?

Bubble braids suit absolutely everyone and require long locks. If you have rather short hair, it can be really hard or even impossible to get the desired result. But, you can always apply some hair extensions of choice.

This hairdo can become your favorite for all intents and purposes. Such a style would be most suitable for some special occasions, for example, celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, a wedding or a large-scale party. Bubble braid pigtails also look great with casual outfits.

Step-By-Step Bubble Braids Tutorial

So, you will need some elastic hair bands and a fixation hairspray. You can choose any color of elastic bands — close to your own hair hue or any bright color you like. Your hair should be clean to make the hairstyle look neat. Ready to start? Let’s go!

Step 1. First, brush your hair, starting from the ends and gradually moving up to the roots — in order to not damage the hair and to avoid tangles. Part your hair in the center, although the part may be different, depending on your taste.

Bubble Braids: Step 1

Step 2. Take two small, front bunches of hair at the left, twist them sideways toward the face, gradually adding in more hair.


Bubble Braids: Step 2

Step 3. Continue until you get to the end of the bunch.

Bubble Braids: Step 3

Step 4. As a result, you should end up with this nice braid.

Bubble Braids: Step 4

Step 5. Fasten the braid with a hairband. Remember that the elastic band should be strong enough to hold the twisted braid.

Bubble Braids: Step 5

Step 6. Brush the hair again then fasten it with another hair band just below. Now, you have to make a bun and put forward the rest of the ponytail in your own direction. Adjust the elastic bands and draw out a small portion of hair in a ready-made bun.

Bubble Braids: Step 6

Step 7. Continue the process. It’s up to you when to stop. Everything depends on your personal preferences and, of course, on your hair length.

Bubble Braids: Step 7

Step 8. Follow the same steps on another part.

Bubble Braids: Step 8

Step 9. As a result, you should get this beautiful and cute hairstyle. Affix it with a hairspray to prolong its “life”.

Bubble Braids: Step 9

Step 10. That’s it! Here is the finished look. Hope you like it!

Bubble Braids: Step 10

Watch the step-by-step instructions in our video.

If you invest a little time and effort and do bubble braids several times, in the future, you will spend only 5-7 minutes on it. So why not try it right now?

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