20 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair to Do in Less Than 5 Minutes

Despite the variety of stunning hairstyles for long hair, your morning routine can be too complicated or overwhelming. After all, it takes more time and effort to style and manage long locks.

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But did you know that there are a handful of quick and easy ways to create a chic hairstyle for long hair? Just check out these 20 easy hairstyles for long hair by top stylists and hair bloggers. We’re sure you’d love to keep these in your back pocket!

#1: Easy and Secure Low Bun

The low bun style comes in handy when you’re short on time. The best part is that it’s one of the easy hairstyles for long hair. Plus, it’s timeless and looks elegant and stylish. How to make sure it won’t fall apart? Here is a hack to use.

Start by creating a center or side part and then pull your hair into a low pony at the back. Put an elastic band around the pony, separate it into two strands, and twist them around each other (a chic alternative to a braided bun if you want your thick hair to stay secure). Then, put another tiny elastic at the end. Next, twist the ponytail into the bun, secure it with a few bobby pins, and place some nice accessories for an elaborate look. Voila!


#2: Quick and Easy Updo with a U Pin

Easy Updo for Long Thick Hair

Instagram / @the_minimal_hair

Want to learn some easy hairstyles for long hair using claw clips and U pins? The Minimal Hair tutorials will finally teach you the hacks that will make your 5-minute easy hairstyle hold your long hair all day long.

Gather your hair at the back and buckle it around itself. Now, insert the U pin into the top center of the twist, do half a twist and insert the ends again pushing the U pin down the center. Pull the front layers, and your hair is styled to perfection.

#3: Easy Updo for Long Straight Hair

Easy Twisted Chignon Bun for Long Hair

Instagram / @pauljoneshair

Paul Jones has a handful of hacks to create showy yet super easy hairstyles for long hair. This chignon bun is stylish and coveted, and it’s an excellent way to style long thick hair.

Here’s how to create an updo: gather your long hair at the back into two low ponytails. Next, twist them and put tiny elastics at the ends. Now, bring both ends up and secure them under the elastics of each ponytail base. Then, bring one twist through the loop of another and secure your gorgeous chignon with hairpins. One of the best bun types to try, indeed.


#4: Two Topsy Tails at the Crown

Easy Top Topsy Tails for Long Hair

Instagram / @alexamcmanaman

Try one of the chic, trendy, and super easy hairstyles for long hair: two topsy tails at the crown! This cute half up half down hairstyle will help you take the locks away from your face while not compromising the beautiful look of long hair. By the way, you can eventually finish off the topsy tails with space buns.

Center part your hair and, leaving out the front face-framing pieces, make two ponytails on the crown as if you are going to create half up space buns. Then, turn these into topsy tails: use your fingers to make a hole under the base of your pony and bring the ponytail through this hole. That’s it — flaunt your beautifully styled hair or add some soft waves to bring the style to the next level.

#5: Quick and Easy Chignon

Chignon Hack for Long Locks

Instagram / @hair_by_mer

Chignon is a graceful yet easy hairstyle to pull off in just a few minutes. Perfect for all occasions! You can wear it sleek or keep some loose bangs at the front for face-framing.

Brush your hair, create a center part, and then pull the hair into a low pony at the back. Put an elastic around the ponytail. Next, create a hole on the side of your pony and pull the hair through. Use small elastic bands to hold the ends. Twist and secure the hair with bobby pins, and your simple chignon is beautifully styled.


#6: Faux French Side Braid

Easy Side Braid for Long Hair

Instagram / @jbraidsandbows

Want to pull your hair into an adorable and unique side French braid but lack time or skills to pull off the style? Try following this faux side braid tutorial! This is a super easy method to create a beautiful style for long hair within minutes.

Start with your hair side swept to one side. Gather a chunk of hair near the crown and, without even using any elastic, insert your fingers below the base and bring the ponytail through the hole. Repeat the same technique moving down and gathering new chunks, as you do when creating a classic French braid. After you reach the nape of your head, finish with a simple loose braid. If you have straight sleek fine hair, start with greasy hair or use a texturizing product for this cute hairstyle.

#7: Half Up Half Down with Simple Twists

Elegant Half Updo for Long Hair

Instagram / @kirstenzellers

Want to look more composed yet stylish? This half up half down hairstyle has your back! Brush your hair back, then bring two sections of hair from the right and left sides into two ponytails. Then, slide the elastics a bit lower and bring each ponytail into its loop several times to twist the strands. This lets you create an elegant half up half down hairstyle for long hair that is nothing but childish. It will also help you bring attention to your impeccable balayage color!

#8: Updo Using Kell Grace Bobby Pins Hack

Chick Hairstyle for Long Hair to Do in Minutes

Instagram / @kellgrace

Another winner among fabulous and easy hairstyles for long hair is created by a talented Kell Grace, the author of a renowned technique of loops with bobby pins, which is also featured in our selection of the best easy hairstyles for short hair. The beauty of these hairstyles is that you can achieve body without getting waves or curls first. Can you believe that this voluminous and sophisticated updo can be done in just a few minutes?


Pull your hair back as for a half up half down hairstyle and pin it in place, creating a small bouffant for the base. Then, take random pieces of hair around this base, smooth them vertically, insert a bobby pin into this strand at the distance, then insert it at the opposite side of the base, thus creating a loop. Move down grabbing new strands and looping them to the opposite side. Pin the lower strands at the bottom of your updo. Keep hair pieces on the sides for face-framing.

#9: Heatless Curls

Quick Blowout Look for Long Hair

Instagram / @fraya.beauty

Flowy loose waves and curls are super trendy, but we don’t always have time to curl your length with a curling wand or flat iron. The good news is that you can easily create this long hairstyle while you have your morning coffee or are busy with your make-up. All you need for this hairstyle are rollers for heatless curls and volume clips.

To get this style, make sure your hair is a little damp. Take large rollers and start wrapping individual sections of your hair around them. Leave the rollers in your hair until completely dry. Hide the volume clips under the top strands, and you’ll be amazed at your beautiful transformation.

#10: Curly Low Ponytail

Easy Ponytail Hairstyle for Long Hair

Instagram / @amanda__guido

This style looks lovely for both naturally curly and straight long hair, you may choose to curl your hair with a curling iron to start off too, though.


Leave out two front sections of hair at both sides of your head and pull the rest of your hair into a low ponytail at the back, securing it with an elastic. Then, braid the section or simply separate each section into two strands and twist them around each other. Tie the two twisted or braided ponytails together under your chin, bring them backward over your head, then twist once and bring the ponytail through the loop you have created. This makes a perfect base for your pony that won’t let it fall down during the day.

#11: Messy Bun with a Middle Part

Middle Parting Updo for Long Hair

Instagram / @jbraidsandbows

Sure, you’ve seen the messy bun, but did you know that it can be done with a middle part? A center part is surely a trendy twist to the common easy hairstyles for long hair such as messy and braided bun styles.

Leave out the front sections of hair and create a sleek middle part. Next, pull the rest of your hair into a messy bun as you usually do. Thus, bring each section backward towards the base of your bun, wrap it around the base, and secure with a bobby pin. This playful look is perfect for days when your hair just needs to be up and out of your face but you don’t want to miss out on your center-parted haircut.

#12: Low Pigtails with Easy Braided Base

Chick Quick Low Pigtails Style for Long Hair

Instagram / @kirstenzellers

This is yet another super-easy way to style your long hair, and it looks so interesting and lovely. Create a center part and gather hair into two loose low pigtails. Then, for each ponytail, take a hair strand and create little ladder braids to hide the elastics.


To do this, wrap the strand around your pony once and bring the end through the loop as if making the knot. Then, separate another strand and repeat. After a few rounds, tie an invisible elastic for the braid not to fall loose. Remember to leave out the face-framing bangs or layers and pull your hair a bit to add careless vibes. Your beautiful hairstyle is ready!

#13: Center Braid and a Bun

Simple Way to Enhance a Messy Bun Hairstyle

Instagram / @hairbysaretta

This messy bun with a mohawk braid is yet another beautiful addition to our list of easy hairstyles for long hair. It looks stunning thanks to the interwoven hair in the middle that gives your bun a sophisticated look.

To get this style, first part your hair into three sections and use clips to hold the side sections away. Now, create a French braid from the central section, starting from the top and working your way down till the nape of your head. Don’t worry, it is easy to French braid when you have just a narrow path and do not have to feed in from the sides. Next, blend the remaining sections with the braid tail and style a messy bun, using the technique for thick or thin hair.

#14: Easy Voluminous Updo for Straight Hair

Easy Party Updo for Long Hair

Instagram / @kellgrace

Here is a great hack to use on a straight hair type if you like the way curls and waves add structure and volume to your updo but do not feel like heat styling your locks. It is a quick technique to dress up your everyday bun, and it looks super cute.


This updo features loose twists on the crown that eventually swaddle into a beautiful bun. Starting from your parting, start twisting the sections, pulling hair out for volume and securing it with bobby pins every now and then. Once the twists are ready, gather the hair at the nape of your neck and pull it into a knot. The look will work great with middle-length hair, too.

#15: Flicky Retro Pony

This 90s hairstyle is back in trend! It looks sleek and chic with beautiful flipped ends. To achieve this style, create a deep side part and separate the front section. Now, create a ponytail at the top of your head, use one strand to hide the ponytail, and flip the ends using a straightener. Then, smooth and sleek the front piece to the side, pinning it at the back, under your pony. You’re now ready to rick with a beautiful flicky retro ponytail!

#16: One Minute Curly Ponytail

One Minute Protestive Style for Natural Hair

Instagram / @alexandra_nx

Natural hair type requires much gentle lowing care and protective styling. It doesn’t mean you cannot show off long hair styles, though, for Alexandra is here is to teach you her 5-minute styling hack that allows skipping the tedious routine of getting a perfect hair texture.

Simply create a center part, pull your hair back into a ponytail, and coil it into a bun. Then, secure a long ponytail extension on top, style the edges, and you are ready to go. Use ZALA’s ponytail extensions or any other good brand of your choice for your curls to look lustrous and shiny.


#17: A Perfect Messy Knot

Easy Knot Style for Long Hair

Instagram / @pauljoneshair

This hairstyle is simple and sweet and the messy vibe is sure to enhance your overall look. To create this messy knot bun, pull your hair back into a ponytail and divide the tail into four sections. Place a transparent elastic at the end of each section, bring the end in and out several times to twist it, and pull at the hair. Once done, twist the sections loosely and secure them around the base. Excellent for giving texture to one-process blonde or brown hair.

#18: Bubble Ponytail

Bubble Ponytail Hairstyle for Long Hair

Instagram / @kirstenzellers

This simple and trendy style is perfect for second or third-day hair. This method may seem intricate, but you can pull your hair into this style in minutes. It is very easy to achieve on curly and wavy hair; if you have straight hair, scrunch some sea salt into your hair to add texture and grip to your long locks.

Begin by gathering your hair into a regular pony. Secure the ponytail with an elastic band. Next, place another elastic an inch lower and tug the hair to the sides to create a bubble. Repeat this step down the length of your hair. By the way, the hair styled this way can be a perfect base for Halloween hairstyles – just spray the “buns” with an orange tint to imitate the pumpkins or place a spooky skull inside each bubble.

#19: Easy Bun with a U Pin

Simple Bun with no Bobby Pins or Elastics

Instagram / @the_minimal_hair

Minimalist buns for long hair look great and create a graceful, lovely look. The detail so many women appreciate about this technique is that you do not need any hairpins to secure the bun in place, and a large U pin is definitely harder to lose.


Simply pull your hair into a low bun at the back and insert the U pin into the bun from the right side. Pull the bun to the sides a bit and tug at the hair at the top to make your low bun more voluminous, and you’re good to go!

#20: Easy Hairstyle with a Scarf

Easy Hairstyle with a Scarf

Instagram / @amanda__guido

This scarf hairstyle looks terrific with a bright stylish print. The best part: it makes your long hair look super voluminous. Create a center part and pull your curly hair back into a low ponytail, leaving some hair free on both sides at the front. Now, braid the side strands.

Once the two braids are complete, join them together with an elastic band and pull them back to the ponytail base. Thus, tie a printed scarf over, creating a simple knot or a bow. Flatten the braids tugging the loops to the sides. Do not think that you need some gorgeous wavy or curly hair for this style, braids and a scarf work great for enhancing long straight hairstyles, too.

You do not need to spend an hour in front of the mirror or braid your long hair in an intricate way to turn heads. We hope we have managed to prove that there are many elegant and cute styles you can pull of in just 5 minutes, and you will save and use some hacks to do just that!

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